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What? Yeti nests found in Russia?! Not so fast...
By Benjamin Radford Bigfoot researcher and biologist John Bindernagel claims his research group has found evidence that the Yeti (a Russian "cousin" of the American Bigfoot) not only exists, but builds nests and shelters by twisting tree branches ...

Researcher: 'Yeti Nest' Found in Russia
By KSEE News (Life's Little Mysteries) Bigfoot researcher and biologist John Bindernagel claims his research group has found evidence that the Yeti (a ...

Wilkeson Washington Sasquatch elk killing 1980 [Government Involvement]

Who is Richard Stubstad and what does he know about Bigfoot DNA?

Robert Lindsay reveals information about Bigfoot caught in conibear trap incident and a breakdown of Larry Surface's Bigfoot footage, plus details about Bigfoot nuclear DNA results

Good Advice from Ghost Hunting Theories

The Most Refreshing Bigfoot Research

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hiking the Redwoods with California's 'Squatchers'
Spiegel Online
"I am convinced that the Sasquatch exists," says British Columbia wildlife biologist John Bindernagel. For years, Bindernagel has put his academic ...
Cowboy-hat-wearing cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard explains why we can't find Bigfoot's body

Canadian Bigfoot Hunter found blood on a tree twist and he ain't calling Dr. Ketchum [Video]

Sasquatch charges witness after son fires shotgun near Blackstone in Brunswick County, VA (Audio included)

Erickson Project founder legal woes and how much he spent on Bigfoot DNA testing with Dr. Melba Ketchum

Detroit Lakes Online: the Hunt for the Illusive Bigfoot

Despite the discovery of tens of thousands of new species each year around the world - albeit most are insects or molluscs - it's a wonder one lone order of hairy hominoids has eluded earnest dedicated searchers. Brian Wierima, who thinks Patty was filmed "running through a clearing in the forest" when Roger Patterson unlimbered his camera in 1967, had the opportunity to sit down with Bigfoot hunter ken Gerhard who describes his quest in some detail, including why no Bigfoot body has ever been found. And one of the most respected investigators of the Sasquatch question is spotlighted in the report Review: Dr. Jeff Meldrum Presents at Utah Valley University. Meanwhile, another North American cryptid is the subject of Dale Drinnon's report of Thunderbirds in Indiana where respondents have added new accounts of the large birds in the Hoosier State. And Drinnon offers a report from Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun that tells how a team from Tokyo University of Technology joined other researchers to document a 2nd Coelacanth Population Found off Tanzania Coast. Also, a new effort from a series he has been compiling leads Neil Arnold to release comments on The Subject of His New Book, while Nick Redfern laments that "breaking stories on sightings of big-cats, Bigfoot-style entities, werewolves, and unusual water-based beasts, on the Cannock Chase will be no more" due to the cessation of publishing an area newspaper revealed in The End Of An Era. Elsewhere, a collection of 15 of the World's Weirdest Museums includes Maine's International Cryptozoology Museum, now nestled in a new location in Portland and continuing under the able directorship of founder Loren Coleman.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Between the Lines – Sasquatch Culture: Part Three

The hunt for the elusive Bigfoot

DL-Online - Brian Wierima - 6 hours ago
... including one of the most sought after “cryptid” which goes by many names — Yeti, Sasquatch, B'gwas or the Skunk Ape. JERRY ECKLUND Cryptozoologists Ken ...
Ask a ScientistPress & Sun-Bulletin

Saturday, Nov. 19: Legend of Bigfoot

Weekly Volcano - Matt Driscoll - 13 hours ago
It was mid-summer when Legend of Bigfoot returned from dormancy, and - quite simply - Tacoma's scene has been a whole ...

Watch these beautiful videos from Utah featuring an interview with two witnesses who had an encounter with Bigfoot [Video]

Skeptics are listening to claims that Bigfoot is real and that proof is on the horizon

William Jevning needs your help in uncovering government conspiracy to cover-up Bigfoot [Video]

'Letters From the Big Man' is a good movie for Pagans [Bigfoot Film]

This is why Matt Moneymaker is president of the BFRO and you're not

A Taos Terror Mysterious Universe
Nick Redfern reveals what a Taos, NM, resident reported to him over dinner in 2002 - the strange report of the dinner companion's 1997 trip into the nightime desert to view the stars, the growling approach of something large and menacing circling the man's truck and the appearance of an unlighted military helicopter that seemed bent on pursuing what the helicopter's switched on spotlight revealed as 'a seven-to-eight-foot-tall, hair covered creature that “looked just like what people say Bigfoot is.'" Did Redfern's amateur astronomer friend Salvador, intent on gazing at the stars from the New Mexico desert, gaze, instead, on a clandestine United States military effort to capture a Bigfoot? There's more possible Bigfoot news today in Lon Strickler's report that includes two eyewitness accounts of Possible Juvenile Bigfoot Sightings - Lackawanna Co. / Wayne Co., PA. And Dale Drinnon weighs in with a book review that may show what is claimed in the book is a misidentification, as indicated in the artwork included in Burunjor, an Aboriginal Tyrannosaurus? There's artwork featured in Dr. Karl Shuker's report today, too, and it's some very famous artwork seen in Gauguin's Magical Mystery Koao. Meanwhile, Mike Hallowell tells of a shocking apparition that has roots in stories from around the world, but for folks around South Tyneside in England it's known as The Bede Horseman. And, at Cryptomundo, the recent passing of the Sumatran guide who paved the path for the Centre for Fortean Zoology expeditions pursuing an elusive manlike creature of the rainforest is remembered in the video presentation of Sadar Dimus' 2009 Orang Pendek Encounter.

Bigfoot part 2

Part 2 of the Hunt for Bigfoot in southeast Oklahoma

by NewsbyBenLatham 4 hours ago 0 views

Bigfoot part 1

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just sad: Thief makes off with Bigfoot banner at Renton History Museum in broad daylight

Bigfoot Video Roundup: Bigfoot hiding in tree, Bigfoot spotted in woods, Young Bigfoot, Bioluminescence Of Bigfoot

Midnight Walk'n: The Things That We Sometimes Miss

Audio and Commentary within ... bigfoot research sasqautch yeti paranormal creepy scary speech pictures artwork ...

by BFResearchSE 8 hours ago 31 views

We have removed all references to Larry Surface's 'Bigfoot' video

Chilling encounter! 'I Touched Bigfoot' [VINTAGE]

A report out of Hillsboro, IL, indicates a crew from Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) have been in the MOntgomery County town looking for anyone who can report sighting Bigfoot in the area last month. It's believed the hairy biped was seen in the area in 1993, and two people reportedly had a daylight encounter with North America's favorite cryptid in the area in recent days. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman, co-author of The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates with Patrick Huyghe, is searching for information about possibly "found footage" being advertised for sale as The Capture of Yeti. And Coleman has unearthed something from the archives, but not found footage, that goes back to 1937 to report about the capture of the Latvian Ape Man. That leads us to a challenge mounted by Sharon Hill that points a finger directly at supposed Bigfoot DNA research and the tantalizing announcements being leaked from the enterprize, as seen in The Stage is Set for Big Bigfoot News. Now Produce It. Elsewhere, the passing of a noted member of the search for Sumatra's Orang Pendek was announced two days ago, and the leader of the Centre for Fortean Zoology Sumatra Expedition 2011, Adam Davies, author of Extreme Expeditions: Travel Adventures Stalking the World's Mystery Animals, expands on his tribute to his lost teammate in Sahar Didmus Passed Away Today.

Hitler, Thanksgiving and Bigfoot

Sasquatch Cinema List – Updated!

Sadar Dimus’ 2009 Orang Pendek Encounter

The Capture of Yeti

Finding Bigfoot All Over the Place in Willow Creek

Dr. Jeff Meldrum discusses possibility of Bigfoot at UVU
  1. In praise of … Bigfoot.

    Herald Scotland - 3 hours ago
    I RISE to defend Bigfoot, a large hairy creature found – or, should I say, not found – in out of the way places. Top nutters in Russiashire have been ...
  2. Bigfoot Banner Stolen From Renton History Museum - Jenny Manning - 7 hours ago
    A large banner advertising the 'Bigfoot is Probably Real” exhibit was stolen from the front of the Renton History Museum around 11:45 am on ...
  3. Promise 'em Bigfoot, give 'em science

    PLoS Blogs (blog) - Bill Lattanzi - 10 hours ago
    As one of my Nova mentors told once told me, “Promise 'em Bigfoot and give 'em science.” It's not a bad formula. Our job is to build a bridge to our ...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sasquatch: legend meets scienceUVU ReviewThe room was overflowing with people sitting in the aisles as students, professors and community members gathered to listen to Jeff Meldrum discuss the possibilities of Sasquatch being more than a myth. The lecture sponsored by the Humanities ...See all stories on this topic »

Win a Give-Away if you follow us and post a comment on Autumn Forest Ghost Hunter blog

Is DNA evidence enough to prove the existence of Bigfoot?

Matt Moneymaker says he's frightened of mountain lions [VIDEO]

TV producer vows to promise 'em Bigfoot, give 'em science

Witnesses saw possible juvenile Bigfoot jumping from one tree to another, near Mt. Cobb, PA

Utah Valley University Reviews Dr. Jeff Meldrum

While the claim was made during October's conference in Russia about the existence of large, hairy hominoids in the world's wilderness areas, it has cropped up again in various news reports about findings in the forests of Siberia, revisited in this report. Though the Yetis of Kemerovo, Siberia, have not been proven, tree twisters though they may be, not much proof of existence was required for park rangers in New Hampshire to put the clamps on a Bigfoot-costume-wearing man in 2009 while he was filming an amateur video in New Hampshire's Monadnock State Park, an event that led to the New Hampshire State Supreme Court and Jennifer Athas's biographical sketch of filmmaker Jonathan Doyle and his trials and tribulations put forth in A Big, Hairy Court Fight Erupts Over Bigfoot Shoot. There's also sad news today in the world of cryptozoology as a member of expeditions into the rainforests of Sumatra, most recently during the Centre for Fortean Zoology Sumatra Expedition 2011, has passed on. The memory of this expert and integral member of the team searching for the Orang Pendek is put forth in the words of expedition member Richard Freeman, Death of Cryptid Tracker Sahar Dimus, and expedition leader Adam Davies, Orang Pendek Tracker Has Died.

Finding Bigfoot: Our Extreme Animal Phobias

Is the Yeti nesting in Siberia? Strange twisted tree arches 'prove legendary ...Daily Mail'Twisted trees like this have also been observed in North America and they could fit in with the theory that Bigfoot makes nests.' Sightings of the Yeti have been reported in France, North America and the Himalayas but Dr Bindernagel said these are ...See all stories on this topic »
Twisted Trees 'Proof Of Bigfoot' (PHOTOS) Building Homes In Kemerovo?Post Chronicleby Jack Ryan Bigfoot experts are pointing to new evidence that they say claim the mythical creature exists. The evidence is in twisted trees. Bigfoot aka Yeti, Sasquatch, is supposedly roaming the Kemerovo region building homes the same way orangutans ...See all stories on this topic »
Bigfoot nests found in Russia?Zee NewsLondon: Experts from Russia, Canada, the US and Sweden went on an expedition to Siberia and reportedly found nests of the elusive Bigfoot or the legendary creature yeti. The experts said they discovered "strangely twisted" trees in the remote part of ...See all stories on this topic »

Monday, November 14, 2011

blogger's case against the existence of a North American ape, claims some people
believe Bigfoot is a giant sloth

Lindsay insists the Erickson Project's footage of Bigfoot will be released,
quotes Bigfoot sample smells like wild boar

Dr. Melba Ketchum requesting Larry Surface to remove night-vision footage of
Bigfoot from his website and others (Updated)

Surface responds to critics with enhance photo comparison of the 'Bigfoot' and

Video: Shocking Close Up of Bigfoot? Update Added Ghost Theory
Scott McMan presents a proprietary video captured on a
camera arranged to catch Bigfoot emerging from the woods. Apparently the
creature filmed didn't approach the camera from the angle southern Ohio resident
Larry Surface expected. Is this Bigfoot? While the new evidence of something
close to the camera in Ohio is making its rounds, a popular television program
that searches for the huge hairy hominoid has been on the scene at a fabled
location for those seeking Bigfoot answers, as seen in Steven Streufert's report
Finding Bigfoot All Over the Place in Willow Creek. And
another type of mystery creature is being addressed in the report of a sighting
over the summer on Scotland's storied Loch Ness, revealed in The Latest Nessie Sighting (August 2011) and in the report
from CFZ -New Zealand that asks if there is A New Zealand Lake Creature?
  1. Team Investigates Bigfoot Sighting Here - 39 minutes ago
    Investigators from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) were in Montgomery County near the end of October, looking for evidence of the giant, ...
  2. A big, hairy court fight erupts over Bigfoot shoot

    Boston Herald - Jennifer Athas - 17 hours ago
    The Keene, NH, resident was before the state's Supreme Court this past week, defending his right to don a Bigfoot costume and cavort around the summit of ...
  3. Bigfoot? We've found the best evidence Yeti

    The Sun - Dan Sales - 6 hours ago
    BIGFOOT hunters are hailing the strongest evidence so far to show that the legendary Yeti really does exist. Experts discovered strangely ...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Bigfoot Breakdown
Yet, the hunt for Sasquatch continues intensely today, among experts and folks in Southern Oregon. Bigfoot has a dedicated research organization, the "Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization," that documents sightings across the nation. ...
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Video: Shocking Close Up Of Bigfoot?
Ghost Theory
This could be the first video of it's kind depicting the elusive Sasquatch. Larry had his camera set up to catch Bigfoot in the tree line nearby but was shocked by what happened next as he got the close up of his life. I'm sure many of you just want to ...
See all stories on this topic »
Pennsylvania woman tells how she defended her dog from a bear attack [Video]

Cliff Barackman demonstrates how to hide a game camera like a pro [Bigfoot Cam]

Matt Moneymaker chimes in on Larry Surface's Bigfoot footage

Dr. Matt Johnson and Bigfoot in Oregon Cryptomundo
A three-part series of videos tells of the efforts of an Oregon psychologist and parenting expert who has followed up his family's personal contact with Bigfoot by leading a mission to document the creature. More on Dr, Matt Johnson's efforts can be found in Part 2 and Part 3. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman refers to a letter that a Bigfoot researcher posted online in 2006 purporting to be from a military veteran who described an alleged 1969 sighting of a bipedal hairy hominid during a firefight in "North Two Corp in North Vietnam" that has now been revealed to have been a vengeful prank, as described in Viet Nam Nguoi Rung Letter Hoax Revealed. Should the reference of North Two Corp being in North Vietnam have alerted readers to the lack of authenticity of the letter? And in a programming note, tonight at 8:00 ET, Eric Altman and Lon Strickler welcome another expert in the quest for hidden animals to their popular online broadcast, as announced in This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio: Cryptozoologist - Author Matt Bille.

Lytle Creek Monster