Saturday, May 26, 2012

US TV crew claims Bigfoot-type creature is roaming the Aussie bush
FOX 4 News
BRISBANE, Australia -- A US television crew has recorded what it believes is compelling audio evidence of the existence of a Bigfoot-type creature in Australia. The four-member team from the Animal Planet "Finding Bigfoot" series was on an expedition ...
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Scientists to Start Hunt for Bigfoot
French Tribune
It is being doubted by some scientists that Bigfoot is still alive and thus, a new project has been planned to be started by them so as to begin the hunt again, a report has uncovered recently. As per the report, previous evidences about their survival ...
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This is why so many Bigfoot photographs are blurry

Finding Bigfoot casts its net over the outback. They've announced, and Geoff Shearer reports, they've caught Australia's elusive ape man's cry on tape. The episode is still in production, so no sneak peeks, but James "Bobo" Fay of the BFRO declares this to be their most successful expedition to date. It's all well and good that Finding Bigfoot is bringing a new generation into our fortean fold, but will the show have the same longevity as the best sasquatch film? Rejoice, or wonder where the time has gone, as The Legend Of Boggy Creek Turns 40. One part anomalous documentary, one part Manos: The Hands of Fate, and two parts of awesome, Charles Pierce's opus stands out to this very day. Plus the Fouke Monster still makes appearances, but refuses to give autographs. Considering the sensationalism behind Boggy Creek, mainstream scientists like to deride cryptozoology, despite the fact if it wasn't for our field we wouldn't have Top 10 New Species Of 2011 Named By Conservation Group. Not as sexy or fantastic as lake monsters, hairy hominids, nor tropical goatsuckers, new species are being uncovered every day underscoring the validity of our field. Plus they're plenty weird too. No stranger to the strange, Dr. Karl Shuker gives a peek at his investigative process when he confronts tales of new creatures. Recently, he's come across tales of theGooseberry Wife - Or Caterpillar Collective. Drawing upon his formidable knowledge of biology and zoology, Karl eliminates the impossible, and whatever remains, however improbable, must be worthy of further investigation.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Finding Bigfoot has "compelling audio evidence" of Yowies in Australia

A while ago we reported on Stephen McCullah's Kickstarter project to hunt mokele mbembe for a documentary. They've hit their goal and the expedition will start soon. Thing is that Brian Switek looks askance upon it, giving a case for the beast's non-existence in addition to the non-existence of a scholarly approach. Instead it looks like a cash grab to produce yet another cable documentary that will be unsatisfying for mainstreamers and mavericks. Speaking of cable documentaries,Mermaids: The Body Found has piqued Dr. Beachcombing's fancy. Consulting his collection for the origins of mermaids, Beach discovers The Problem With Sea Apes. He finds three hypotheses which need addressing on how they entered humanity's consciousness. More deserving of our hard earned cash, if only to cover his library late fees, is The Professor. His third installment of the fascinating "DRAGON": A Mass Of Confusion continues apace. From lindworms, lungs, and leviathans, The Professor looks at legends and lore for the source of inspiration for dragons. Cryptozoology isn't all about academic research, there's field work to be done. One encounter in Florida has delivered enough to make anyone exclaim "Wow!" Florida Retired Wildlife Officer Gives Enough Detail Of Bigfoot To Make You Doubt It Was A Bear. The witness proves his mettle after speaking with David Bakara from the BFRO, laying the ground for this convincing case.

35 Years Ago Today, A Movie Phenomenon Began...

I remember seeing the ads for this new movie that was coming out called Star Wars, and I wanted so badly to go see it in the theater. Unfortunately, we were not fortunate financially, and my Dad's work schedule did not allow for trips to a theater. So, I waited until 1982, when it premiered on VHS to see it, and I absolutely LOVED it!!!!!! However, I collected several items connected to Star Wars, including the action figures and vehicles from Kenner. I would play out my own adventures with Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and all the other indelible and iconic characters. I eventually got to see The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi as well (seeing Jedi in the theaters). In 1997, when the Special Editions came out, I jumped at the chance to see the original trilogy in theaters, with newly enhanced special effects and new scenes. It was so great to see the movies on the Big Screen for the first time, and it led the way to the Prequels, which depending on your point of view, were either really great or ruined Star Wars for all time. I still maintain that the original trilogy is the best, with Empire being my favorite, followed by Star Wars at number 2 and Jedi as third. The Prequels were, well, OK, but not nearly as good as the original trilogy. I own the entire saga on DVD, as well as the soundtracks, with great music by John Williams (some of it Oscar-winning), and it is always great to go back to that Galaxy Far, Far Away. Oh, and one more thing-May The Force Be With You!!!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012
This day in history: May 24, 1966
Vancouver Sun
Village commissioners in Harrison Hot Springs ordered the removal of a neon Sasquatch sign because the resort area was too elegant for the hairy giant. "I want that honky-tonk Sasquatch with the top hat removed from any signs welcoming visitors," ...
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An open letter to Animal Planet and the Producers of "Finding Bigfoot"

"Finding Bigfoot" resident skeptic Ranae Holland answers some questions from After Ellen and discusses how difficult it is to be the only skeptic in the "family" of investigators on the show. She gives her theories on the Patterson-Gimilin film, the possible origins of Bigfoot and reveals the few times that she experienced something unexplained while on the hunt that made her question her skepticism. Loren Coleman discusses another very different sort of Bigfoot hunter with Swarzak¹s Squatching. Anthony Swarzak of the Minnestota Twins may be the most well known MLB Bigfoot hunter, and as a matter of fact may be MLB's only Bigfoot hunter and cites a lifelong fascination with the subject. Nick Redfern takes us on hisChupacabra Adventures in Puerto Rico while filming the show Proof Positive for SyFy channel. He reveals that the hunt for chupacabra turned into something far more stranger. Over on The Big Study, The Professor turns his attention to dragons once again, this time focusing on Chinese dragons and then moving on to Greek dragons of myth and lore, in "Dragon": A Mass of Confusion, part two. The depiction of dragons is oddly similar across the cultures and centuries.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Project to Examine 'Yeti' DNA Launched
eNews Park Forest
They are variously known as the 'yeti' or 'migoi' in the Himalaya, 'bigfoot' or 'sasquatch' in America, 'almasty' in the Caucasus mountains and 'orang pendek' in Sumatra, as well as others. Professor Bryan Sykes, a Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford, ...
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 Scientists seek big genes of bigfoot
Fox News
Rumors of the hairy humanoid known variously as the yeti, bigfoot and sasquatch have persisted for decades, despite little hard evidence beyond grainy photographs and plaster casts of giant footprints. Now scientists are hoping to make more of a case ...
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New Blog.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum

London Tracks Update









Finding Bigfoot on the Colbert Report






Bigfoot searching for Sasquatch- Rick Noll in Beyond Invention 





Bigfoot Sightings Common In Ohio
A group of researchers claim that Bigfoot is real, and say there are have been sightings of the creature in Ohio. Curiosity surrounding the Bigfoot phenomenon has persisted for centuries, 10TV's Ashleigh Barry reported. There have been reported ...
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Instructions For Submitting Bigfoot DNA Samples To The Oxford-Lausanne Collateral Hominid Project, With Timetable





University-Backed Bigfoot DNA Study, "Oxford-Lausanne Collateral Hominid Project" Now Accepting Samples





Watch Ohio Bigfoot Researchers Like Doug Waller, Show Off Bigfoot Evidence On TV News





BFRO Revisits Fish Lake Thermal Creature Scene Because Researchers Were Too Afraid To Get Close [Video]




Its Official, Oxford University's Bryan Sykes is asking for Bigfoot DNA Samples





Bigfoots Are Big and Kidfoots Are Small





WATCH: Bigfoot Veteran Peter Byrne is Interviewed by Ohio Local News





BFRO Releases 2011 Fish Lake Thermal Videos





Loren Coleman celebrates the 20th anniversary of the discovery of the saola, an animal that has only been spotted once in the wild in the past 20 years and may be in danger of extinction once again. The saola is goat-like creature that lives in the forests of Vietnam. Another cryptid creature often reported, but never captured may have some evidence to back up the claims of its existence--a body. Pumas may be on the loose in Scotland as cat corpse is discovered. The big cat corpse seems to be that of a juvenile black panther, a creature long rumored to roam the Scottish Highlands and other locations in the UK. Further testing will give more information as to the true identity of the mystery cat. 

M.K.Davis has new photos from the Whitey's run site.mp4

New photos from the Whitey's run video site provide new perspectives on size for the video subject.
Greenwave2010fb Greenwave2010fb uploaded 


WBNS | Bigfoot in Ohio




Monster Snelgrove Bigfoot DNA BS 





Is this Bigfoot caught on tape 





My thoughts on what yowie's are and bigfoots..wmv 





Bigfoot Scientist deploy genetics in the search May 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

Animal Planet's Monster Week Will Air 'Finding Bigfoot' This Week





Watch This Awesome New Sasquatch Documentary Trailer Featuring: Derek Randles?!





David Shealy's Skunk Ape Show Gets "Greenlight" On Travel Channel





BFRO Releases 2011 Fish Lake Thermal Videos





Author Thom Powell Talks Bigfoot Spying in Richland, WA Part 1/4





Man Says He Talks To Sasquatches and Aliens, John Lloyd Scharf Says He's Staying As Far Away As Possible From The Guy





Incredible Account Of Freshly Killed Deer Ripped In Half (Possibly By Bigfoot)





Kewaunee claims to be in constant telepathic contact with both Bigfoot and ETs and says he was "shocked!!!" when Bigfoot first contacted him in 1979. We suspect that the local Bigfoot population would have been shocked to hear that also. Nick Redfern tells us that a lot of true believers hold on to the motto: I (Don't) Want to Believe, when it comes to subjects like Bigfoot and UFOs when their iconic cases are threatened with alternative and more mundane explanations, like Roswell being the work of humans rather than aliens or giant eels being mistaken for cryptoid beast Nessie. 

Willow Creek Follow up Visit: Face Anomaly and Dark Figure

but it is a curious anomaly. Thanks for pointing these out to me lita. ... Sasquai Nation ... bigfoot sasquatch longview alberta face anomaly lita9281 ...
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Bigfoot Country by Helicopter 2.wmv

us on Bigfoot Ballyhoo. We enjoy comments because it promotes "talking bigfoot." ... Erbag 46 ... bigfoot ...
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Willow Creek- Video before Pt. 2 from Last Week 





In Search Of... Trolls [Humor]





Tim Fasano Is The #1 Bigfoot Researcher On YouTube, But He's Still Unhappy





Creepy Canada: See the Worst Bigfoot Costume Ever





Why You Should Give "Some" Skeptics A Hug





BFRO Expedition And Further "No-Kill" Reasoning





"Blair Witch" Director Talks About His New Bigfoot Trilogy





New Clues to SyFy Bigfoot Movie Starring Danny Bonaduce





Our resident cryptozoologist Loren Coleman is pleased with a recent article in the Relict Hominoid Inquiry dealing with similarities between Bluff Creek and Shennongjia footprint casts. There's more to cryptozoology than shaky cameras and egregious contractions like 'squatch'. In light those erudite papers, Benjamin Radford complains that the Annual Bigfoot Conference Once Again Lacks Proof. The gathering in question is the Ohio Bigfoot Conference, and Ben takes an unsurprising skeptical tack which is more constructive than scathing. Take the time to jump into the comment section and give your two cents. And trailing the pack has us reflecting, "Ah, spring. When a sasquatch's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love". Way down Florida way, the subspecies known as the skunk ape are in the mood 'neath the heavy green canopy. Local cryptozoologist Dave Shealy has details, demographics, and discusses the dangers to female hikers in the Floridian outback since Bigfoot Mating Season Underway In Florida Everglades.

Award-Winning Musical Composition Inspired by the Sasquatch





Dr. Meldrum's Relict Hominoid Inquiry Publishes Article On "Footprint Evidence Of The Chinese Yeren"