Friday, March 05, 2010

Either Loren Coleman is attempting to inject even more science into his stellar blog posts on all things cryptid, or it's ratings week. Whatever the case, here are the comments of Dr. Jeff Meldrum, professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University, as he carries on a discussion with California registered nurse Bobbie Shortt. The exchanges that led up to the revelations by Dr. Meldrum, with diagrams, are linked in the post to bring you up to speed on the subject. A relevant question that appears to be only hinted at in the exchange is whether or not Neandertal Man had a bone in his penis? Elsewhere, an expedition is getting underway to ferret out information on the "Texas Blue Dogs," also known as the "Texas Chupacabras," and Nick Redfern has an update in CFZ in the USA.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Link to BFRO Page on Bob Gimlin and Bob Heironimus
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MNBRT Radio for 3 5 10
The Blogsquatcher shares some firsthand experiences in the search for the elusive manlike creature many people report having encountered around North America. One of the notable effects of a Bigfoot encounter is under review in this report, the effect referred to as "infrasound," the supposed ability of Bigfoot to project various sensations to witnesses, often clouding the witnesses abilities to make any sense of what's happening due to such things as overpowering sensations that don't seem to account well with the level of the encounter. Does Bigfoot have an ability to affect the mind and the sensations of witnesses? Elsewhere, Craig Heinselman of Peterborough, NH, is called on to serve as the guest blogger at Cryptomundo and offers up a look at the strange creatures that are reported from the northeastern corner of the United States in Maine Cryptids.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Mike Dash revives one of his favorite tales of Forteana, which, as a proud Welshman, he posted yesterday, March 1, in honor of St. David's Day, the national day of Wales. The tale Dash brings up from the archives of Fortean Times appeared in 1987, but it referred to an occurrence said to have happened in Wales in 1928. Were there dragons in Wales in those days? Elsewhere, Lindsay Selby resurrects a newsclipping about A Skeggy Sea Monster and reports on a A Lake Creature in Michigan, while Dale Drinnon writes about The Ugly Mermen.

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Paranthropus at ICM">Paranthropus at ICM

Another Bogus Bigfoot Blobblehead?

Bigfoot & Folklore on Coast To Coast AM Tonight

Monday, March 01, 2010

Recommended Bigfoot Documentaries

"Bigfoot", "Steven Titchenell"
"Oregon Bigfoot", "Steven Titchenell"
"Sasquatch Oddysey", "Steven Titchenell"
"Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science", "Steven Titchenell"
"Eyes In The Dark", "Steven Titchenell"
"Bigfoot's Reflection", "Henry May"
"Southern Fried Bigfoot", "Henry May"
"Bigfoot: A Beast on the Run", "Henry May"
"American Paranormal: Bigfoot", "Henry May"
"Monsterquest-Mysterious Ape Island", "Henry May"
"Monsterquest-Critical Evidence", "Henry May"
"Bigfoot: Man Or Beast?", "Steven Titchenell"
"Bigfoot: The Mysterious Monster", "Henry May"
"Bigfoot: Man? Myth? Monster?", "Steven Titchenell"
"Bigfootville", "Steven Titchenell"
"Monster Hunters", "Steven Titchenell"
"Monster Quest: Bigfoot Curse", "Steven Titchenell"
"Monster Quest: Bigfoot", "Steven Titchenell"
"Monster Quest: Saquatch Attack", "Steven Titchenell"
"On The Trail of Bigfoot", "Steven Titchenell"
Richard Freeman continues a series on the unprecedented number of monster and strange beast tales that have originated in the ancient city of Prague. This time out, Freeman concentrates on the tale of a successful spiritualist, well-known in his day, who teamed up with a medium in an effort to conjure up one of the most fascinating beasts of legend. Did the pair manage to bring forth a unicorn? Key quote: "The unicorn has not been seen in recent years." The unicorn isn't the only legendary beast making today's news, though, as we see in Mike Dash's retelling of The Strange Tale of the Warsaw Basilisk. Elsewhere, perhaps emulating Teddy Roosevelt, Loren Coleman is on the lookout for Vermont's Old Slipperyfoot? Meanwhile, a very entertaining short video series celebrates an important milestone for the Centre for Fortean Zoology with reports on the Texas "Blue Dogs," Britain's unexpected avian visitors and more, as seen in On the Track - Episode 30. And Glenn Vaudrey has a remembrance of a North American bird that once blotted out the skies with its vast numbers, but now is seen no more, in Another Visit to the Savage World.

Reviews-Nite Callers Bigfoot Busters and Coast to Coast A

Editorial Heironimus Gate 6 Years Later.wmv

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sasquatch Watch Radio Tomorrow
A truly Fortean event in an Australian town has Loren Coleman posting the news story as it originally appeared, along with images and a segment of the television program "Animal X" showing other incidents from around the world where similar events have occurred. So what's the explanation for fish and other animals falling from the sky? Elsewhere, tales so bizarre they entered the realm of the Fortean are covered in a review by Sean Casteel that you'll find in Exploring the "Hidden World" Series of Richard Shaver: Giving Evil a New Name.