Friday, March 07, 2014

News Items 3-7-14

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Sasquatch Sighting on Vancouver Island?

Even Sasquatch takes a load off every once in awhile and when he does, people notice. When an Ahousaht man caught sight of Sasquatch taking a breather on a log in the Canadian wilderness recently, he was more than a little startled. Fortunately, he returned with other fellow villagers to find footprints that the resting Yeti had so thoughtfully left behind. Photos were taken and the elders of the village simply commented, "We saw what we saw; we'll just leave it alone now." which is quite a refreshing attitude. The First Nations people of Canada have a long history with the Yeti, the existence of whom they have woven into their own mythology: mythologyand legends. Meanwhile, The Professor digs even further in his files and uncovers a rare treat on the subject of linguist and researcher Rinchen Y-Byambyn and the Central Asian Wildmen, including a 1958 article Rinchen wrote detailing the existence of the almass, Mongolia's wildman. Not only did the Mongolians encounter the almass on a regular basis, they also had different names for males and females, considered them a normal part of life and oftentimes a threat which resulted in Almass being shot and killed.