Saturday, March 17, 2012

Photos From Finding Bigfoot Town Hall Meeting In Oklahoma

Cliff Barackman's Thoughts On The Kentucky Eye Shine Video

SnowWalkerPrime's Parody Of Melissa Hovey [Humor]

Celebrity Bigfoot Hunters Head to Kentucky Woods for Public Event (press release)
SyFy and A&E Channel Bigfoot Hunters host a Public Event in Kentucky with Exhibits, Presentations, Lectures then a Live Bigfoot Hunt. Lexington, KY, March 17, 2012 --( Have you ever wanted to go on the hunt for proof of a Bigfoot?
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Before Justin Smeja, There Was This Moose Hunter Named Peter [Bigfoot Shooting]

Loren Coleman is stoked after watching the latest film, The Hunter, and gives an overview of the Tasmanian and Queensland tigers along with a much needed geography lesson. He then goes out on limb with a best guess prediction for the probable site of where the Thylacine will be rediscovered. Elsewhere those much talked about tracks of sasquatch are providing hints of its behavior: Video Of Three Mile Trackway in Northern MN by FB/FB Confirms Bigfoots Like to Walk Sideways on Downed Trees. Continuing our trek through the world of cryptids, Glasgow Boy takes a second look at the supposed Loch Ness Monster photo of William Jobes and calls it inconclusive in Follow Up to the William Jobes Photo. Either Nessie has become very adept as posing as a log, or once again we have to dismiss evidence of the elusive loch dwelling creature. In the meantime, while we wait for Nessie to finally show herself, here is a lengthy list of Books on the Loch Ness Monster, from classics to recently published. The books range from the scientific and skeptical to the downright odd, like the privately printed 1984 book I'm Sticking my Neck Out! which poses the theory that the Loch Ness Monster is actually a type of elephant-like animal. Tinier yet no less fascinating are the fey who keep unorthodox historians up at night. This time Dr. Beach looks at the nature of Fairies and Vegetation and how they reflect our relationship with the Earth and growing things.

Tom Slick and Cryptopolitics

Design Toscano’s Giant Bigfoot: Almost Ready to Ship!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Photo Of The Day: This Is Why Bigfoots Like To Hunt Near Power Lines

Mike Rugg Talks About The Current Field Of Hominology [Video]

Dr. Melba Ketchum Opens Up Platform To Discuss Sasquatch Species


Ken Gerhard gives a detailed report on his efforts to track down an elusive ABC (alien big cat) sighted in Tate’s Hell State Forest in Florida. While the big cat was not sighted during the investigation, Gerhard is convinced that one does prowl the area. Meanwhile, Cryptozoology Online presents a collection of recent ABC sightings from the UK in Down the little wooden hills again... Switching crypids and places, we arrive at the question on everyone's mind: Is Bigfoot in Cache County? Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" turns up in Cache County, Utah, in search of the big guy. Local opinions range from believers to skeptics and as usual, no Bigfoot was found. However, a search of the local archives turned up 50 reports of sightings, so it seems perhaps Bigfoot is just a reluctant recluse who doesn't like to be caught on camera, especially those of a camera crew.

E!’s The Soup: Even Squatchier Than Before!

Bigfoot claim brings Animal Planet TV show to Utah
Deseret News
A YouTube clip showing a shadowy figure behind a bonfire helped draw the Animal Planet TV show "Finding Bigfoot" to Cache County as part of the hunt for the elusive Bigfoot. Dr. Lynne McNeill, professor of folklore at Utah State University, ...
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Video Of Three Mile Trackway In Northern MN By FB/FB Confirms Bigfoots Like To Walk Sideways On Downed Trees

Update to the attempt to steal this photo.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Censorship in the Bigfoot community?

The Soup: Bigfoot's Big Appetite

KSL News: Is Bigfoot in Cache County, Utah?

If you do what this man did, you will suffer the wrath of Melissa Hovey

In The Future, Google Will Make Searching For Bigfoot Much Easier

Cliff Barackman And Bobo Does A Good Job At Acting Like Actors Who Can't Act On The Soup (Update: Official version)

Hobbits hit the mainstream almost a decade ago, Denisovans just two years ago, and now paleontologists have come upon another one of our ancestors. This specimen has a little bit of the new and a little bit of the old, leaving experts scratching their heads over the newest branch of our tree. Of course this pales in comparison with tales of potential relatives still among us. Now you can Watch How One Of The Most Significant Bigfoot Evidence Was Discovered with the best footprints to date found in London, Oregon. Short of blurry photos and video, no one can definitively describe a sasquatch, but there's a Hunter Who Once Owned A Pet Bear Swears What He Saw Was No Bear with a colorful account like no other. Speaking of videos there's some New Footage: Bigfoot Sighting In Idaho from last Tuesday. If only it wasn't standing behind a tree. Had this taken place on a reservation, there are some Native American officers who always get their beast. Set your DVR to record the next episode of Navajo Cops on March 19th, where a Skinwalker Is Caught on Tape, an episode that reportedly thoroughly spooked the cameramen and producers.

Animal Planet Finds Mammoth-Sized Ratings For “Finding Bigfoot”

True Believers Have No Place In Cryptozoology

Is Bigfoot in Cache County?
The Bigfoot hunters made a trip to northern Utah in search of that elusive Sasquatch. While it may be the first time Animal Planet has been searching here, it's not the first time that someone has seen the creature nearby. "It turns out our archives ...
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rick Dyer Challenges SnowWalkPrime To Survivalist Competition In Florida Everglades [Humor]

Newly Found Stone Age People Discovered To Have Lived 11,000 Years Ago

New Footage: Bigfoot Sighting In Idaho

Hunter Who Once Owned A Pet Bear Swears What He Saw Was No Bear

Black cats are commonplace, but melanistic tigers and leopards are rare, despite assumptions otherwise. Karl Shuker is leading the hunt for clues for these cats that remain at the periphery of popular culture, and he needs your help. One theory that may have currency is they walk among us in another form, bringing us to Jeffrey Pritchett's Review: Brad Steiger's The Werewolf Book Encyclopedia of Shapeshifting Beings, covering such diverse subjects as wild children, yeti, serial killers and more anomalous apocrypha you can shake a stick at.

Red Deer Cave People: Another New Hominid!

E!’s The Soup Just Got a Whole Lot Squatchier

Watch How One Of The Most Significant Bigfoot Evidence Was Discovered [London Tracks]

Watch Episode 2 Of Extinct: The Search For Little Foot [Documentary]

Like Rick Dyer, Finding Bigfoot Will Also Be Looking For Bigfoot In Oklahoma On March 17th

News Station Follows Up With "Gorilla" On The Loose In Hale County, Bigfoot Evidence Is Seen On TV

Animal Planet episode seeks Bigfoot in Cache County
By Nancy Van Valkenburg That is the question that brought an Animal Planet film crew to Logan last fall to shoot an episode of "Finding Bigfoot" that airs tonight. Producers interviewed Utah State University folklore lecturer Lynne S. McNeill for the ...
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Animal Planet Squatches Viewership with "Finding Bigfoot" Ratings
The Futon Critic
(New York, New York, March 12, 2012) - Animal Planet's FINDING BIGFOOT concluded a strong nine-episode run this past Sunday with the second season averaging more than 1.3M P2+ viewers, up 15% vs. season one (1.38M vs. 1.2M). It now ranks among Animal ...
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The Colonel: Finding bigfoot: He lives
Tree knocking is a common form of communication for a bigfoot. By Sophie Kruse Step Three: Bigfoots also communicate through grunts and screams. Give a loud bigfoot call to the woods and listen for a response. By Sophie Kruse Helpful hint: More bigfoot ...
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Animals bring home many a book's message
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
As legend has it, the Sasquatch is a manlike woodland creature that lives in North America. "In Search of Sasquatch" (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $16.99, age 9 and up) by Kelly Milner Halls, compiles the history of Sasquatch folklore.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

News Station Follows Up With "Gorilla" On The Loose In Hale County, Bigfoot Evidence Is Seen On TV

Larry Surface Clay Model Of Sasquatch From Night-Vision Footage Suggests Homo Sapien Features

Watch Cliff Barackman And Bobo On "The Soup" This Wednesday

The Best FB/FB Breakdown Video Ever!

On MNBRT Radio Tonight: Listen To Man Who Was Touched By A Yowie

We note the passing of a true fortean, the woman, who with the help of her husband, Al Rosensmyle, kept The International Fortean Organization alive for decades after the passing of the Willis brothers, who founded the organization in 1965. For 30 years, Phyllis Benjamin ran the various FortFests, FortNites, and FortScapes in the Washington, D.C. area. In her honor, we note a fortean event of sorts, in Spider Web Forest Is Beautiful And Terrifying. The land down under is plenty weird with their deadly creepy crawlies, pouched mammals, and bunyips, but here some sheet-web and wolf spiders have conspired with the rain and flooding in the eastern Australian city of Wagga Wagga to put on a spectacular show.

Witnessed by several people, a mysterious horned cat-like creature with glowing eyes and the ability to disappear into thin air roamed the streets of London in 1943. Shuker wonders if it could have been a cryptid creature or perhaps even an elemental spirit in disguise. In other strange creature news, another horned beast gets a new theory as Dale Drinnon wonders if the mythical unicorn may in fact have been a Pristichampsus Procamptocerass.

Details On Alabama “Gorilla” Sighting

Finding Bigfoot: Media Coverage and Town Hall Meeting

The Fur - Photo Update.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Finding Bigfoot-S2E10

Shooting Sasquatch: A long-term witness perspective

A brief report from Hale County, Alabama, about sheriff's deputies and the fire department searching for "at least one gorilla" with the surprising statement that "it is unknown how many are loose or in what direction they are headed." A hoax? A zoo runaway? A Bigfoot? Loren Coleman has some past examples of “gorilla” sightings from Alabama in Breaking News: “Gorilla” Seen In Alabama. In a story about the other 800 pound gorilla in the cryptozoology world, Nessie, some details on The Yellow Submarine and the Loch Ness Monster. When it comes to the pursuit of the unexplained people will go to great lengths, or depths, regardless of the dangers. Such is the case of Dan Scott Taylor, who combined his love of Nessie with his admiration for The Beatles. But, sadly, the two never did meet.

My face to face encounter with two Sasquatches

Wished This Crazed Sasquatch Would Show Its Back

Dude Says He Will Open Man-Size Rainier Beer Bottle Once Bigfoot Is Found

Hale County Sheriff's Office Searching For Possible "Gorilla"

Breaking News: “Gorilla” Seen In Alabama

Gorillas In Alabama

Email and Discussion with John Healy of Healy FX Studio - The Unknown Photo Update.

UPDATE to Healy Phone conversation and Email

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Bigfoot" captured near Elliston during annual hunt
KRTV Great Falls News
The annual hunt for Sasquatch - also known as Bigfoot - was held in Elliston over the weekend, and scores turned out to try to capture the legendary (and mythical) beast. Bigfoot hunt organizer Bill Henne noted, "This is all of Elliston, you know, ...

Review: Finding Bigfoot Season Finale 3-11-12

The team heads to Utah, where they investigate a piece of footage allegedly of a Sasquatch. Some of the team thinks it is a bit ambigious, but of course Ranae says it is most likely a person (which does make sense considering the supposed 'Squatch is too close to the party on the tape). They meet with the videographer who believes it is a 'Squatch, and even Matt asks could it have been a person, one of the group there at the fire. Bobo recreates it, and he of course looks bigger than the figure in the footage. Moneymaker thinks the explanation might be it is a ghost rather than a 'Squatch given the reputation of the valley supposedly being haunted. Well, Matt seems to have changed his mind about what the entity in the footage is (he believes it may be a 'Squatch). The team conducts night investigations the first night, and Matt does a howl. Cliff also lets out a whoop and they hear some sort of a howl and growl. Coyote and/or bear, perhaps? Bobo finds some sort of structure, with a fire put in front of it. It was most likely built by a human, but Matt and Bobo believe a 'Squatch could possibly get under it. Matt decides to stay in the field, while the rest of the team goes to meet with witnesses. So far this episode seems a bit of a let-down, but we will see what happens in the future moments of this episode. The town hall meeting is held, and several witnesses are interviewed and they tell of their sightings. Later on, they do howls and get some sort of response which could possibly be a Sasquatch and not anything else, though it is important to keep in mind what John Green has said in the past, that unidentified sounds are just that, unidentified sounds. All in all, kind of a disappointing end to the season. About a 3 out of 5 stars.

Listen To Damian Bravo And SnowWalkerPrime On Bigfoot Tonight Radio At 7PM Tonight

This Footage Will Be Shown On Tonight's "Finding Bigfoot: Holy Cow, It's Bigfoot" Episode

New Experiment Suggests Patterson-Gimlin Creature Was Probably Only 4' 8" Tall, 115 People Agree (Update: Height probably around 6 ft)

Clawed Costume Maker Confirms For The Second Time That The Creature In Melissa Hovey's Photo Is Not His

Modern-day cryptid creatures may be shaking, rattling, and rolling too. The Illiamna volcano in Alaska is rumbling with recent activity and Loren Coleman suspects that the unstable conditions may be disturbing the local monster population, including giant sturgeon and whales in nearby Lake Illiamna. Also on Cryptomundo, the question is asked: What really killed off the Ice Age megafauna 12,900 years ago? Scientists and researchers have debated the subject for years, and as Loren Coleman reveals, new evidence suggests that the giant asteroid impact theory may have caused the Mammoth Megafauna Mammal Massacre after all. He suggests that Ivan T. Sanderson's theory of a quick-freeze death of Alaskan mammoths found quite literally with their last meal in their mouths may have gained merit where it was once scoffed at. Sanderson's quick-freeze theory along with the 2007 findings of ancient bison with meteorite material imbedded in their bones lend even more credence to the asteroid impact theory.

Finding Bigfoot: “Holy Cow, It’s Bigfoot” Tonight

Bigfoot Times, March 2012
Amazon Kindle Book With A GREAT LOW PRICE!!!

2nd Meeting of Bay Area Bigfoot group this Sunday