Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sasquatch Experience Tomorrow...

Dunno what Sean, Melissa and James have planned, but it begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Update: No Show tonight.

Cryptozoology at the MOS: October 29, 2008

A follow-up investigation has solved the mystery of the photograph of an apparent unknown cat taken earlier in 2008, at a golf course at Snodland, a small town in the county of Kent, England. Also, a new DVD, Chasing Discovery: The Struggles of Cryptozoologists, profiles the men and women of cryptozoology, including Loren Coleman, Gary Mangiacopra, Jeff Meldrum, and others. Elsewhere, A Room 101 Interview with another cryptozoologist, Neil Arnold, the author of Monster! The A-Z of Zooform Phenomena.

Oct. 24, 1968. Patrick McCaslin and his B-52 crewmates were practicing maneuvers in the skies above Minot, N.D., when officials at the nearby Air Force base asked them if they could see anything unusual. "You’ll know it if you see it," they said. Recalls McCaslin: "I think one of the pilots said, ‘Are the missile crews seeing things again?’ ’’ Then they saw it, hovering just above the ground. Also, if you are in New Mexico this weekend, check out the Gallup’s UFO Film Festival: UFOs Cover up or uncovered.

Bigfoot, October 1958 & Kerr-Breazele

Chasing Discovery: The Struggles of Cryptozoologists">Chasing Discovery: The Struggles of Cryptozoologists

If Bigfoot Were Real - Cryptozoology - Bigfoot

Cryptozoology And Bigfoot by Robert Benjamin
Murphysboro Mud Monster

Scape Ore Monster



Fouke Monster

Honey Island Swamp Monster

Jersey Devil

No HBM's Crypto-Corner this weekend...

I have decided to hold off on the next HBM's till next Friday evening, beginning at 7:30 EST/6:30 Central for our first-annual Halloween Special, where we encourage people to call in and tell us their scariest stories, even if you have to make something up. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: Beyond The Edge Radio 10-24-08

This was a great first hour (I will catch the second hour at my earliest convenience), celebrating the one-year anniversary of the show, with Eric Altman, Sean and Monica. I called in along with Bill, and we talked about various subjects, including that d*&ned Georgia Hoax (Bill and I debated over that), and also about Paranormal subjects and future guests. The talk also did get into a bit of rather adult humor, but still pretty funny. Dunno what is planned for next week, but it begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Friday, October 24, 2008

2008 has already seen two sightings, both at a considerable distance from the Pine Barrens, New Jersey area. The first was January in in Litchfield, Pennsylvania, where a farmer saw the creature in his barn. The second was in Rising Sun, Maryland on August 18th, where three people observed the creature flying past their car, landing in a field a short distance away.

A big bold look at the year's "best" ghost photos, with a Queen Mary ghost photo taking first place. And which book placed first in Haunted America Tours' list of The Ten Most Haunted Paranormal Books 2008? Answer: Otherworldly Affaires!

Now that cryptids worldwide are getting the documentary treatment, one that hasn't gotten the attention it deserves is the Honshū Wolf of Japan. And in Feeding The Mermaids, read about Loren Coleman's great adventure with mermaids and manatees at the new Homosassa Springs State Park in Florida. Also, Austin Cryptozoology Art Exhibit, and Lost Tapes: Preview of Sneak Preview. Will this TV show confuse reality with trickery?

The 14th annual Unexplained Conference will be held in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on Saturday. Find out about phantom elephants wandering Brackett Avenue, a ghost jogging near Vine Street, and vanishing werewolves and other mysterious reports from Eau Claire residents --all presented by a roster of experts that include Chad Lewis, Terry Fisk, and Linda Godfrey.

Home » Celebrities » Bigfoot » Dude we found a yeti!
News Groper (satire) - New York,NY,USA
By Bigfoot You guys are not going to believe this! So on Tuesday some buds and I were illin’ it up in the Dhaulagiri Mountain range; if you haven’t been, ...

Bigfoot Evolved
Discovery Institute - Seattle,WA,USA
"Skeptical" atheist Steven Novella has a blog post on "Mande Barung," an Indian version of the Himalayan Yeti and the North American Bigfoot. ...
Kathy Moskowitz Strain - - All things bigfoot and sasquatch

Book Review: Giants, Cannibals and Monsters: Bigfoot In Native Culture by Kathy Strain

EXCELLENT overview of Native American Legends!!!'

This book, which only took me about 3 1/2 days to finish, is chock-full of Native American Legends of the Sasquatch from all over the United States and even a bit into Canada, and Strain writes the book so well that it is a breeze to get through. She has obviously painstakingly searched different databases and historical records and found all kinds of really interesting legends. The result is many tribes having essentially the same legends (with some variations in each), with characteristics such as giants with baskets on their backs collecting wayward Indian children; usage of fire from all the giants; taking Native women as their brides; cannibalism and other traits which match up quite well with each other. I would give this book not 3 or 4 or even 5 stars, but 10!!!!!! I highly recommend this one, which is available at Amazon and also at
Page Title
Bigfoot leaves his tracks at Lepper Library - Salem News

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beyond The Edge Radio Tomorrow...

Sean, Monica and Eric will be celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of their program beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: The Sasquatch Triangle 10-23-08

This was a great episode, with guests Eric Altman, Mike Feltner and Dustin and Scott Albaugh, who discussed a recent spate of activity which occurred at Salt Fork State Park about two weeks ago, where Eric said he had a sighting of SOMETHING, but he is not saying it was a Sasquatch. He saw a large individual which had blue eyeshine and threw rocks at the party. Mike, Dustin and Scott also contributed with their own thoughts on what happened that night, and were just as puzzled at what was out there that night. I called in and asked Eric and the group about their thoughts on the activity, and they said that they were not absolutely saying a Sasquatch was responsible for the activity, but that it was SOMETHING unusual. There were also apparently tracks found in the vicinity the morning after this activity, and that was also profiled. Next week, Don welcomes Bigfooter/Paranormalist Rick Fisher, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
They Call Him Sasquatch (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

They Call Him Sasquatch (2003)

DVD Review: They Call Him Sasquatch

This direct-to-DVD feature is largely composed of relative unknown actors, but a few familiar faces are also seen in this film. Neal McDonough (Boomtown, Medical Investigation, Desperate Housewives, Walking Tall (2004) stars as reporter Ned Dwyer, who is sent to the wilderness to investigate reports of Sasquatch sightings after two hunters obtain footage of one, but accidentally erase it. Ned's boss, Stu (played by Garry Marshall, creator of Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley and Mork and Mindy) is the one who sends Ned out on this seemingly wild goose chase. Ned meets with several individuals in the woods, including two dueling old-time Bigfoot experts (comic actor Chuck McCann and Warren Belinger), a family with a matriarch who can supposedly call in a Sasquatch with her voice and have psychic connections with it; the two hunters, a camera man and a scientist and his wife, along with a rock band called the Bigfeet. A local forest dweller, Buzz Schott, attempts to warn the group to leave, a real mountain man. The search goes on, and hilarity ensues. Does the group find the legendary beast? I recommend renting this one to find out. I would give it about 4 stars out of 5. It is pretty funny.
It was inevitable that one of the world's most visible "skeptic" media would eventually react to the Electric Universe hypothesis. Debunker Robert Shaeffer steps up to the plate and promptly mischaracterizes the evidence. Also, the lowest spot on Earth has been the scene of literary cataclysms involving the destruction of cities in rains of fires. Could electric discharges have inspired those stories? See The Dead Sea.
What fossil candidate fits best with the reportedly upright, hairy, 6 feet to 8.5 feet tall forest giants of North America? Everyone seems to favor Gigantopithecus, but what of the other major fossil choice, Paranthropus? See also, It Starts With Animals and Cryptozoologists and ghost hunters gather in Watertown, MA.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sasquatch Triangle Tomorrow...

Don will have a roundtable discussion about some events which occurred two weeks ago at Salt Fork State Park, with guests possibly Eric Altman and Mike Feltner, at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: Monsterquest 10-22-08

This very interesting episode is about Monster Spiders, including a reported species up to 5 feet across!!! The search takes us into the Amazon Rain Forest with Arachnologist Rick West. Other places around the world have giant spider sightings, such as the Congo, where one the size of a small dog was allegedly spotted in the 1930s. The leg span of this alleged giant was 4 to 5 feet. A very large sea scorpion reported from millions of years ago was 8 feet in length which suggested arachnids grew very large. A giant claw was found in 2007 of the scorpion. In Venezuela, the expedition with West continues. A shaman claims that he saw a large spider kill a small dog, one which was alleged to be absolutely huge, bigger than a basketball. The possibility of mistaken identification is also examined, with monkeys or three-toed sloths as culprits. Another species, known as a camel spider, is also profiled, from Iraq, which are alleged to eat camels and are well-known to the soldiers over there. A species of camel spider is also found in Texas, where another expedition is underway. An underground camera is placed in Venezuela because spiders are known to burrow underground. Soldiers are interviewed regarding the camel spider in Iraq. The expeditions find...well, watch and see for yourself. Next week is about Jaws in Illinois, where bull sharks swim up the Mississippi River into the Land of Lincoln, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. Check local listings for time and channel.

It Starts With Animals

World Famous Bene-Foot Artists

Does the ghost of a young woman haunt the Country House restaurant in Clarendon Hills, IL? What's the significance of the restaurant's Table 13? And what's responsible for the orbs photographed around Table 13? Elsewhere, Lisa Lee Harp Waugh makes some claims about an all-too-common fetish and its impact on the spirit world in Real Foot Fetish Ghost Stories - Haunted Feet. Meanwhile, the votes are in, and the results say Ghosts of Gettysburg Voted No. 1 Ghost Tour.

More Bigfoot Videos

BIGFOOT, Malaysia Proof 02:31 BIGFOOT, Malaysia Proof

Bigfoot or Bear? ( A Possible Bigfoot in Pennsylvania) 01:25 Bigfoot or Bear? ( A Possible Bigfoot in Pennsylvania)

Bigfoot - Eyes In The Dark 00:25

Bigfoot - Eyes In The Dark

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Cryptozoology: Creatures of Myth and Legend 05:58 Cryptozoology: Creatures of Myth and Legend

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Yeti Bigfoot 01:15 Yeti Bigfoot [13+]

Bigfoot - Sasquatch Evidence Analysis 04:40 Bigfoot - Sasquatch Evidence Analysis

A Nice Slideshow About BigFoot 01:17

A Nice Slideshow About BigFoot

Bigfoot Watching Researchers In The Forest ! 00:23 Bigfoot Watching Researchers In The Forest !

Bigfoot Proof Not a Frozen Gorilla Costume - Real Evidence 07:46

Bigfoot Proof Not a Frozen Gorilla Costume - Real Evidence

Bigfoot Videos

Monsters of Legend: Bigfoot thumbnail

DVD Review: The Legend of Sasquatch
The Trades, OR - Oct 17, 2008
by RJ Carter "The Legend of Sasquatch" may have the Dove stamp declaring it Family Approved, but that doesn't necessarily mean families are going to want to ...

Legend of Sasquatch, The - Oct 20, 2008
It makes sense, in certain ways, for "The Legend of Sasquatch" to use the same techniques to create its world, yet when placed next to other recent ...

National Ledger
Bigfoot Who: Abominable Snowman Prints Found (Photos)
National Ledger - Apache Junction,AZ,USA
By Gene Byrd Move over Bigfoot hoaxers there is a new game in town and it is the Abominable Snowman and some prints that were found in the folds of the ...
See all stories on this topic
Bigfoot Leaves Footprints
Oneindia - Tamilnadu,India
A team of Japanese scientists has discovered footprints they believe were made by the legendary yeti said to roam the Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet. ...
See all stories on this topic

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monsterquest Tomorrow...


In 2006 an American soldier in Iraq was photographed with what appeared to be a three foot long arachnid. Meanwhile in the forests of Peru there are reports of spiders big enough to eat an entire chicken. A MonsterQuest expedition into the wilderness of South America goes on the hunt for a monster-sized predatory spider and examines man's fear of these creatures.

9:00 EST/8:00 Central. Check local listings for time and channel.

Review: Bigfoot Quest 10-21-08

This was a pretty great show with guest Bob Chance, who discussed his research in Maryland and Pennsylvania, as well as his own encounters and collection of casts and hair samples. I called in and asked Bob about the Native American Legends in Maryland, as well as about a woodcut or painting of a bipedal animal pictured with other animals native to the state from the 1800's. There were also several questions from the chatroom. Dunno what is on the agenda for next week, but it starts at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
A team of Japanese mountainclimbers, on an expedition to Nepal in search of the legendary Abominable Snowman, also known as the Yeti, are claiming that though they haven't been able to secure film of the creature, the footprints in the snow they have measured and photographed are "proof enough." Do footprint photos and measurements bring enough authenticity to this claim to satisfy you? With photo. There's more on this story in Explorers Claim to Find Yeti Footprint in Himalayas.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bigfoot Central/Bigfoot Quest Tomorrow...

Not sure what is scheduled for Bigfoot Central but hopefully there will be a minimum of talk on the P/G Movie, and it starts at 8:00 EST/7:00 Central.
Then, on Bigfoot Quest Bob and Mike welcome Maryland researcher Bob Chance, who recently spoke at the 2008 East Coast Bigfoot Conference, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: Sasquatch Watch Radio 10-20-08

This was a great show, with Kentucky researcher Bart Nunnelly, who discussed his research and sighting of a Sasquatch in the Bluegrass State, as well as his research of the Dogman in the Land Between The Lakes area and the murder which occurred there which may or may not be connected to the Dogman (a family of four was found ripped apart, as if by an animal). The show actually began with a major announcement-Steve Kulls says that will re-premiere on January 1st, 2009, and Squatch Detective Radio returns January 5th. I called in and asked about the Dogman and the murder, as well as the Beast of Seven Chutes photo. Bill asked about sightings and footprint finds of Sasquatch, and also about the Dogman in Kentucky. Bruce the Creature Seeker called in and asked about the murders as well, and what the difference was between the Dogman in Kentucky and in other areas of the U.S. There were a few other callers who asked mainly about the Dogman. Billy and DB welcome next week Richard Noll to their program, starting at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Got some new books today...

I will be writing full reviews for all three of these as soon as I finish them.

Book Review: North America's Great Ape: The Sasquatch by John Bindernagel

This is a really excellent book, a scientific tome which does not bog down in scientific jargon. Bindernagel writes about the parallels between Sasquatch and Great Apes, including similarities in behaviors and food habits, as well as theories on behaviors and their reasonings. Bindernagel also includes detailed Appendixes on the different aspects of the parallels of the behaviors and food habits and comparisons with the Great Apes. There are several illustrations of sighting encounters, mostly drawn by the witnesses themselves, as well as photographs of footprints and areas of activity. This book may be over a decade old, but I highly recommend it, and Bindernagel is writing a sequel which will be coming out sometime late this year or sometime in 2009. Bindernagel writes in a comfortable style, without getting bogged down in scientific jargon. Get this one if you can. It is available at
Melissa Alvarez reviews Dr. Melvyn Willin's new book of spectral photographs, noting the images have been investigated by the Society for Psychical Research. How believable are the images Willin has assembled? Meanwhile, Susan Sheppard invites you to listen for the Cry of the Banshee.
Bigfoot Fans Attend Conference Marshall News Messenger
In Marshall, TX, Saturday, the 2008 Texas Bigfoot Conference took place as believers and skeptics met at Jefferson High School to discuss the legendary creature and compare notes. Meanwhile, one of the best-known cryptozoologists in the world, author and lecturer Loren Coleman, has come under fire from the duo who perpetrated the year's biggest hoodwink, as disclosed in New Outrage of the Bigfoot Hoax Jerks. Elsewhere, Nick Redfern reveals the new edition of a classic cryptid book in The Lair of the Beasts: Mothman Resurfaces.

New Book From Robert W. Morgan...

Buy new: $16.00 $10.88
Usually ships in 1 to 3 weeks
Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping.
Bigfoot fans attend conference
Marshall News Messenger - Marshall,TX,USA
Skeptics and believers from around the country, gathered at the 2008 Texas Bigfoot Conference to listen to experts discuss the possibility of Bigfoot, ...

Update on HBM's Crypto-Corner...

The next few weeks on my show will be interesting, as next week, Bill and I (if he is not sick or busy) will be doing our First-Annual Open-Mic Halloween Special, where we ask our listeners to call in with their scariest stories (and Bill and I might have a scary story or two ourselves). Then, on November 2, we welcome David Paulides and Harvey Pratt (The Hoopa Project: Bigfoot Encounters In California) to the show. Then, finally, on November 9th, we are still up in the air for a guest to round out or Authors' Month and a Half. It will either be Kathy Strain (Giants, Cannibals and Monsters: Bigfoot In Native Culture) or Daniel Perez (Bigfoot At Bluff Creek). Next week, the show starts at 4:30 Eastern/3:30 Central; for the special shows on the 2nd and 9th, they will begin at 3:30 EST/2:30 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

New Series Premiering in January 2009 on Animal Planet...

The series is called Lost Tapes, and it focuses on videotapes of Cryptozoological events and animals. The preview episode, however, airs on Thursday night, October 30th, at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central on Animal Planet, with a focus on Bigfoot and Chupacabra. Check local listings for time and channel.

3 Birthdays Today...

The Bigfoot Community's own Autumn Williams was born on this day in 19?!. She's 29 (again! LOL) Happy Birthday, Autie!!!!!! HUGS and a love ya. Also, two actors who have passed on (Jerry Orbach and Earl Hindman) were born on this day.

41 Years Ago Today...

The Patterson/Gimlin Movie was shot. Roger Patterson, unfortunately, went to that great hunting ground in the sky over 35 years ago, but Bob Gimlin is still living in Yakima, Washington. We celebrate this extraordinary piece of footage today and every day.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sasquatch Watch Radio Tomorrow...

Billy and DB welcome Kentucky researcher Barton Nunnelly, starting at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Reviews: HBM's Crypto-Corner/The Sasquatch Experience 10-19-08

On HBM's my guest was Thom Powell (The Locals: A Contemporary Investigation of The Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon), and we discussed several things, such as the Battle Mountain Case, the Skookum Cast, the case of Rocky Bounds, who was given advice by Thom on not being distracted by Sasquatches in back of you when there is one or two in front of you, and also how he saw one belly-crawling towards a fruit pile. He also discussed the Dora Bradley habituation case, as well as the camera operation he is part of. He also took questions from callers Steve Summar and Thomas Hughes. Next Sunday, is an open-mic First-Annual Halloween Special, beginning at 4:30 EST/3:30 Central.

On The Sasquatch Experience, Sean and James were live from the field, doing call-blasting at an area where ordinance was stored during WWII, where there are also some bunkers. They were doing some call-blasting while we were on the air, and were also answering various questions about some of their techniques and methods. Bruce (Creature Seeker) called in and gave a full report on the 3rd-Annual Mass Monster Mash, which was held yesterday in Watertown, Massachusetts. There was a bit about the Texas Bigfoot Conference as well, but not as much about that. Next week, the SE airs at its normal time of 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
2008 Texas Bigfoot Conference
Missionaries in the Philippines relate the tale of Pharell, a hermit who lived in the forest and gradually changed in appearance and demeanor until the villagers who had once traded with him wondered if a Hantu-Rimba had taken possession of him. Was Pharell the being that ripped apart a Filipino guerrilla and absorbed a fusillade of bullets unscathed? Elsewhere, a soldier relates a strange incident at Ghostsamongus in True Ghost Stories - Part Two. Meanwhile, there are more things going bump in the night around Britain, as explained in A Gaggle of Ghosts: Part Five.

Glenn Gould spells out some concerns about the possibility of a full disclosure of the UFO phenomenon by the world's governments or the extraterrestrials themselves. Would "these prospective traumatic for all humans"? Elsewhere, the October 14, 2008, UFO arrival that failed to take place is the subject in Video: Blossom Goodchild Gives an Explanation - What Happened to ET?
Indisputable evidence
Glens Falls Post-Star - Glens Falls,NY,USA
I tried to tell him the evidence that a Bigfoot lives in Whitehall is indisputable. But as soon as I brought up the article in last week's Post-Star about ...

An e-mail I got from a listener of HBM's Crypto-Corner

Hi Henry:

I've gotta hand it to you, your show with Dr. Meldrum was outstanding, great job in getting him on. And you did what every good host should do - you let your guest do most of the talking! :) I think Dr. Meldrum really respected your knowledge on the topic and in turn offered detailed, thoughtful answers to your questions. Maybe I've missed it before, but I've not heard him on a blogtalk show before so it was a real treat for me. Once again congratulations truly for a job well done and a most enjoyable show.

Since I live in the Boston area I'll be meeting Nick Redfern tonight at the Mass Monster Mash. I'm really looking forward to that!


aka JT67

Thank you very much, John!!!

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