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Micah Hanks writes of the interesting findings over the past few centuries of very large humanlike remains that could only be described as the bones of giants. American Indian legends often told of such people and such noted bastions of enlightenment as the Smithsonian Institute have reportedly recovered such giant remains, although the remains don't appear to be on display anywhere. Did these giants represent a separate race of humans that once inhabited Earth along with Homo sapiens sapiens? Meanwhile, more excavating news, this time from the annals of Egyptology, comes to light with Dr. Greg Little's Bats Chasing Zahi Hawass: An Amazing Adventure Into an Underground Cave System at Giza that Doesn't Exist.

were identified to be from the same individual per Dr. Meldrum. That cast comparison will soon follow. ... "jaime avalos" "sierra sasquatch" bigfoot ...
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Search for Bigfoot Opens Soon

Lair of the Beasts: Here Come the Hairy Giants

This video you will see pages from Roger Patterson book done in Oct 31, 1966 and things from the film he also shot in Oct 20, 1967. Somethings in ...
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are discussed - for more information visit ... "Loyd Pye" Bigfoot Sasquatch Yeti "Abominiable Snowman" Alma Kaptar Agogwe Sedapa ...
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, but the Silhouette is huge. Hiding behind a tree in the same video is a 9-10 foot Bigfoot. ... Bigfoot "Bigfoot Trail Cams" "Bigfoot Research ...
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(Please stop mistaking slow-moving old men with canes for sasquatches. Thanks. More at ... sasquatch bigfoot not ...
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Friday, September 03, 2010

A staff report from a current edition of this Georgia newspaper revisits an edition of the same newspaper dating to September of 1820 when a headline simply announced "Sea Serpent." That followed a sighting in the Savannah River of a creature no one could identify. Less than a week later, the newspaper ran the headline "Sea Serpent Caught!!!" and told how citizens found the "monster of the deep" stranded on a sand bar. After the creature was "rolled into town 'alligator style'" efforts were made to identify it. Several "Naturalists" attempted to identify the creature and a "Doctor Mitchell" in New York City was contacted about it, but no identity was ever announced. Elsewhere, the continuing reports of large out-of-place cats wandering the countryside of the British Isles have brought forth Scottish encounters revealed in Black Panther Back on the Prowl and Police Issue Warning After Highland Big Cat Sightings. Meanwhile, big cats in the United States are making the news, too, as Loren Coleman explains, with photos, in Servals in NY and Ohio ~ Perhaps Montana?

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Join Nite Callers Bigfoot Talk Radio as we go live from the field in East Texas with Laurie, Lauren, Rhonda and Ricky as they investigate an ...
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around Time mark :44 !! It Looks pretty clear on Froggydale's video !! WOW !!! ... "A Family of BIGFOOT" "baby Squatch" Froggydale 73roadrunner1 ...
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footprints have been found at this location. This area also has a history of pretty bizarre audio encounters as well. ... stymie02 sasquatch bigfoot ...
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in with his natural inviroment ... Bigfoot sasquatch Yeti observing Myth "monster legends" "real bigfoot" "real sasquatch" yt:stretch=16:9 ...
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(Please stop mistaking slow-moving old men with canes for sasquatches. Thanks. More at ... sasquatch bigfoot not ...
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Was out to new wildlife area in southeast ohio very nice lake and park to visit ....
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NEWS FLASH: Willow Creek's BIGFOOT DAYS, 2010. "Bigfoot's Nifty Fifty" Anniversary

Overview of upcoming Crypto Programming

Mckenzie River Bigfoot Analysis: No Bigfoot Here

Bigfoot to arrive in Willow Creek on Saturday

Double DVD Review On The Fringe Fouke Monster and Bigfoot

Bigfoot Bash and Bounty, 2010

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Wased Out Guy's, not Bloody Happy....... ... yowie bigfoot investigations blue mountaind feild use ...
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Two holes punched through a PVC drainage pipe may have enabled an unknown creature, believed to be a Bigfoot, to trap a skunk, slaughtering the animal to rip out its scent glands and viscera, but not eating the flesh. Investigator J. C. Johnson of Crypto Four Corners investigates the incident in a field near or on the local Navajo Indian reservation where tribespeople have allegedly spotted more than one Bigfoot in recent months. Johnson and tribal members believe the incident with the skunk is the work of a Bigfoot, and Johnson beleves the skunk's scent glands were removed to be used to protect juvenile Bigfoots suposedly seen in the area. As Johnson notes, no scavengers mess with a skunk carcass, even vultures, due to the odor. Hair samples were gathered at the site for further analysis as the investigation of incidents first brought to light in the report New Mexico 'Furry Ones', 'Skin-Walkers' and 'Shadow Man' continues. Elsewhere, Lon Strickler reveals surprising results of a recent survey along with some well-documented references to possible Bigfoot cadavers, on the way to discussing the nature of this oft-reported creature in TCI - SP6 - The Bigfoot Paradox, with links and images. Meanwhile, the threat of a large and powerful tropical cyclone currently menacing the eastern seaboard of the United States gets Loren Coleman's attention in Hurricane Earl and Cryptozoology. Also, another amalgamation of video footage is ready for viewing in the latest presentation of Cryptozoology Online: On the Track (Of Unknown Animals) Episode 36.

Bought this at Walmart for $50.Seems to work ok.Now if I can catch something else ...
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A VERY Good Possible picture of a Yowie !! ... Yowie research "bigfoot Aussie" Rickrocket2010 73roadrunner1 ...
Pennsylvania has been the source of giant bird reports before, as Stan Gordon, a longtime researcher of the high strangeness incidents reported in the area and author of Really Mysterious Pennsylvania, reminds us in this review of the latest sighting of an inexplicably large bird flying over a residential area on August 26, 2010, just before dark. There were multiple witnesses to the latest sighting, and the witnesses described a bird with a wingspan of about ten feet they estimated would stand 4.5' to 5' tall if standing on the ground. The last reported sighting of such a large bird in the area took place on September 25, 2001, on heavily traveled Route 119 in South Greensburg. Does a small population of these "Thunderbirds" inhabit the forests near South Greensburg? And there's more about something similar to be found in an archived newspaper report from 1883, as seen in Paul Cropper Sent This Story of a Thunderbird Killed in Canada. Elsewhere, Sherri Brake tackles the story of The Mothman West Virginia's Winged Wonder. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman reviews a recent Forbes column about the plight of many publications and television news programs in Will Cryptids Save the Media?

Here is some footage from the 2nd annual, "A Day of Music and Art to Benefit the B...
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Responses to the video summarized and then we move on to some analytical thoughts ...
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Jesse hears a growl possibly from a Sasquatch while researching at Salt Fork State Park in eastern Ohio. There are two growls that can be heard ...
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Enhanced segment from YouTube video, "Upper McKenzie River fly fishing Olallie to Paradise" which appears to show more than one unknown creature ...
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Responses to the video summarized and then we move on to some analytical thoughts and observations. ... bigfoot research sasquatch yeti ...
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Responses to the video summarized and then we move on to some analytical thoughts and observations. ... bigfoot research sasquatch yeti ...
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Editorial Is there now DNA Evidence for Sasquatch

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Modern Monster
Review MNBRT 8 30 10 Overview of upcoming shows
Candace Talmadge wraps up her series about BlogTalk Radio host Thomas Hues' claims of interactions with what he prefers to call "the hairy folk" near College Station, TX. Hues claims to be able to visit with groups of Sasquatch which have come to accept his presence after a long series of gifting in which he left food items for them and they responded with gifts for him in exchange. In this final instalment of Talmadge's report, Hues reveals his understanding of "infrasound," the reported ability of Sasquatch to influence humans with some low level, inaudible sound projection technique. Hues also reveals his affinity for the "hairy folk," stating that he could see himself going to live with them, leaving civilized society behind. Elsewhere, the "Environmental Editor" who files the report Man Eating Giant Squid Devouring Fish Stocks about Humboldt squid in the Sea of Cortez and along the Pacific coast, takes a few lumps from knowledgeable readers in the Comments section following his article. Meanwhile, Scott Corrales translates Lucy Guzman's report of a new cryptid menacing the area of southwestern Puerto Rico in Puerto Rico: The Gargoyle vs. The Chupacabras and Pedro Morales' report that follows the decapitation of over 300 goats, as seen in Mexico: Chupacabras in Puebla and Guanajuato? Also, the new book from Loren Coleman and Bruce G. Hallenbeck receives some praise in Jason Stroming's review of Monsters of New Jersey: Mysterious Creatures in the Garden State. Date: 08-29-10 Host: George Knapp Guests: David Paulides, Dr. Melba S. Ketchum
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queue Date: 08-29-10 Host: George Knapp Guests: David Paulides, Dr. Melba S. Ketchum
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queue Date: 08-29-10 Host: George Knapp Guests: David Paulides, Dr. Melba S. Ketchum
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queue Date: 08-29-10 Host: George Knapp Guests: David Paulides, Dr. Melba S. Ketchum
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queue Date: 08-29-10 Host: George Knapp Guests: David Paulides, Dr. Melba S. Ketchum
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queue Date: 08-29-10 Host: George Knapp Guests: David Paulides, Dr. Melba S. Ketchum
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yowie bigfoot research , review things found in Mr x 's area ... yowie bigfoot ...
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fi space dinosaur science fiction humor trailer analysis funny film horror television show 50's 1950's B-movie bigfoot yeti sasquatch swamp ape skunk ...
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Stare Into the Eyes of 40 Ape Faces

Monday, August 30, 2010

Nick Redfern joins the ongoing discussion of large cats in Great Britain, a place where such animals are not supposed to be. But Redfern is taking a different look at the beasts than what is usually seen in reports of the creatures. Among the reports of big cats in Britain Redfern notes in this report is one from 1996 that occurred in the always mysterious area of central England known as Cannock Chase where a woman spotted what she said was a "big black panther" in a cemetery only to have the beast disappear while a sound "like an electricity cracking noise" was heard. And there are more tales of big cats, usually black panthers, that don't present the large felines as exactly flesh and blood creatures. Are both flesh and blood and spectral big cats prowling the English countryside?

Just 3 weeks after removing the trail cams that were monitoring this area the rock start getting moved around and new ones added. I also had ...
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making it only a few feet before being stung. The trackway noted goes through smoothly without disruption. ... "jaime avalos" "sierra sasquatch ...
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  • ... book, "The Search For Bigfoot: Monster, Myth or Man" in 1975. Byrne seemingly dropped out of sight after that project ... Man,just to see Peter Byrne once more head up a research ...​peter-byrne.html · Cached page
  • I’ll always have a soft spot for Peter Byrne. By the time I got interested in Bigfoot he had already ... I never met PB personally but I did hang out at the Bigfoot Research Project ...​bigfoot-report/​speaking-of-peter-byrne · Cached page
  • Story Title: Featured Interviewees: Sasquatch: FEATURED IN STORY: Peter Byrne - Director, Bigfoot Research Project Scott Herriott - Bigfoot Researcher · Cached page

  • The Bigfoot Research Project is financed through a grant from ... for the animal," he says. "If I were Bigfoot and had to have someone find me, I'd want the person to be Peter Byrne." · Cached page
  • Jul 30, 1995 · "The Search for Bigfoot: Monster, Myth, or Man?" by Peter Byrne, a former African safari guide who currently heads the Bigfoot Research Project in Hood River, Ore., is ...​sasquatchology.html
  • The Bigfoot Research Project, headed by veteran Bigfoot hunter Peter Byrne and funded largely through Boston's Academy for Applied Science, describes itself as "a benign ...​slug=2337926 · Cached

  • Peter Byrne: Killing Bigfoot would be tragic — "Suppose it's the last one." ... Meanwhile, after four years of research at The Bigfoot Project, Byrne says that computer ... · Cached page
  • Ancient Mysteries...Bigfoot..Part 3 (Bigfoot Research Project/ Peter Byrne/ Human Face Not Ape Face/Migration/Nest/ Social Network/Rogue Male/ Dr. John Crane/ Footprints)​bigfootvideo.html · Cached page

Peter Byrne, a British Air Force veteran of World War II, is a former hunter ... American Yeti expeditions in the 1950s and directed the 1990s research projects into the Bigfoot ...​shaawanoki-the-mystery-of-the-swamp-apes ·

  • (Pocket Books), Byrne established the Bigfoot Research Project. For several years, this outfit ... Northwest was the closet of America," says one current tracker, "then Peter Byrne ...​bigfoot · Cached page

  • And there's Peter Byrne, who, with his khaki ... For five years beginning in 1992, Byrne led the Bigfoot Research Project, the most technologically advanced search for Bigfoot in ...​3 · Cached page

  • And there's Peter Byrne, who with his khaki clothing, field vest and silk ascot ... For five years beginning in 1992, Byrne led the Bigfoot Research Project, the most ... · Cached page

a blast talking & meeting to everyone saturday nite ! Thanks for the invite Tony !! ... bigfoot skype talk sessions research 73roadrunner1 ...
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I have some other videos recorded two days prior that I will post . soon . ... bigfoot sasquatch grassman timbergiant treemen wildmen yeti yowie ...
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to see were I was standing from this spot . That is unnerving . ... bigfoot sounds sasquatch grassman timbergiant yeti yowie skunkape wildmen treemen ...
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suggest something was standing or squatting there . ... bigfoot sasquatch timbergiant grassman yeti yowie treemen skunkape wildmen outdoors ...

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Chupacabra Attack! Cryptomundo
Craig Woolheater presents news footage and text from a Saturday incident near Dallas, TX, in which a woman was bitten on the hand by a creature the residents of Texas have come to identify as the legendary Latino-world cryptid known as the Goat Sucker or chupacabra. The question remains, however, if the creature widely reported in Texas and elsewhere within the Southwestern United States is the Latino terror or an unfortunate cross of coyote and domestic dog. And another attack that happened recently in the U.S. echoed another tale of a similar attack, pointed out by Jim Miles, author of Weird Georgia, in Killer Goats. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman gets questioned about the whereabouts of a Bigfoot hunter he once worked with and stumbles upon interesting information about the folks who asked Who Is Lee Frank? With photos. And John Kirk reveals a film production is underway about the life of another important figure of cryptozoology in Lost in the Amazon - The Percy Fawcett Story. There's also lots of film footage available today from a recent event in England, to be seen in Weird Weekend 2010: Richard Freeman in Sumatra and Weird Weekend 2010: Oll Lewis.

Expedition & Skype.wmv

i hope this will help you to stay comfortable in the field ... bigfoot research davaoci2 prepared equipment water repellent rain ...
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On way to interview, southern Ohio ... Bigfoot Sasquatch Sharonlee ...
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That little Pink F***er wont be Humping my Leg Anymore.......