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Bigfoot and UFO Cattle Mutilation





Chick Holds Up Sasquatch Poo For Camera [Nature]





M.K. Davis Incredible Breakdown of White Bigfoot, FB/FB Frowns At Davis




Nearly 50 years ago Billy Mills and Harlan Ford stumbled upon the Bayou Beast. Vicki W. has found that the case is under new scrutiny in a new documentary by Harlan's granddaughter. As a bonus Vicki links to vintage In Search Of... footage focusing on this cryptid. Meanwhile up in Wisconsin, the Department of Natural Resources has bagged and tagged a supercentenarian sturgeon, tickling Loren Coleman's fancy. Indeed, Coleman wonders Chaousarou: Champ Or Not? From the ancient account of Samuel de Champlain and modern photographs, there may yet be an explanation for one lake monster in our weird world.!

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Poll results: Readers say Bigfoot is a myth
Other accounts from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization detail Bigfoot sightings in Michigan in the 1970s and 1990s. Readers shared their opinions on Sasquatch after learning Animal Planet's 'Finding Bigfoot' crew was in Gladwin, Houghton Lake ...
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Bigfoot files: 'Hairy brown man-like creature' startled family in ...
The Saginaw News -
By Justin Engel | View full sizeAP File PhotoPhotographers Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin made this image Oct. 20, 1967, ...

New Footage: Bigfoot Watching Little Girl Near Campsite





An $80,000 House In Fayetteville, AR Will Be Yours, If You Drag In A Bigfoot




A skeptic's group in North Carolina is offering a free house in "livable" condition to anyone who can produce an actual Bigfoot. It's not all that impressive when you really think about the definition of "livable". On Bigfoot Evidence, there's quite a dust-up going on between Damian Bravo, Tim Fasano and Rick Dyer. All three went on a Bigfoot hunt and now all three are crying hoax on each other: Hoaxers: What A Tangle Web They Weave. We have no idea what's going on here and we're just going to leave it alone to let someone else sort it all out. Meanwhile, Bigfoot sightings bring Vt national attention with the debut of a new local show that will feature Bigfoot sightings. One of the sightings is a game trail photo that shows a large blobsquatch directly in front of the cam. The camera's owner claims it's proof of a Sasquatch stealing apples from his orchard, and not just one, but a mother Squatch and her offspring. Unfortunately, the photograph is shown only for a few seconds on the news report, so hopefully we'll get a better look after the show airs. We weren't aware that Bigfoot is fond of apples, we would have thought pancakes would do the trick.
Searching for Bigfoot in the mitten state
But the mitten state is not without its share of alleged Bigfoot sightings. According to the Detroit News, some high-profile Bigfoot hunters are paying visit to Michigan with camera crew in tow, hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive cryptid.
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 'Finding Bigfoot' Takes Search To Houghton Lake, Mich.
Huffington Post
Animal Planet's 'Finding Bigfoot' is looking for Bigfoot in Houghton Lake, Mich. Flickr: JD Hancock The stars of a popular cable show are combing the woods around Houghton Lake, Mich., for signs of the the giant bipedal ape-man known as Bigfoot.
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Bigfoot Evidence: Please Leave Dr. Melba Ketchum Alone, She's Doing Her Best

 Bigfoot Evidence: The Legend of the Honey Island Swamp Monster

Paul Bartholomew shares his video with Local VT News 





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Video response to Henry May Part 2 





MonsterQuest Season 3: Episode 3 - Swamp Stalker 





Skunk Ape - Myth or Reality? 





FB/FB Explains Sasquatch's Key Role In The Development of Mankind





Are You Up To Speed On Bigfoot History?





Hoaxers: What A Tangle Web They Weave





Cryptomundo gives a likely explanation of the profileration of "conehead" Yeti that have cropped up since the 1950s. Loren Coleman points out that the conehead Yeti never made an appearance until the 1954 Yeti scalp discovered in a monastary in Nepal. After that, Yeti coneheads spread into popular culture and were illustrated many times over the next few decades. Examining Bigfoot skulls from another angle, Tyler Stone starts off a series comparing Neanderthals, Eastern Bigfoot, and the Minnesota Iceman (Part One): Big Noses and Hairy Bodies. It's interesting to note that Stone is a high school student. We are suitably impressed and await more from him. In other crypto news, SnowwalkerPrime and Robert Lindsay tackle the much-maligned subject of Exposing Bigfoot Habituators. Yes, habituators-- those rather, umm, interesting folks who claim to have an ongoing relationship with a Bigfoot or even entire tribes of them. Their criticism is rather harsh but in the face of some claims complete with UFO sightings and reincarnation and apparently inter-dimensional herons, it's hard to keep an open mind let alone a straight face. Easter Bunny vs. Bigfoot is not a phrase one often hears but it's being flung around in this lively skeptic vs. Bigfoot believer argument between physics professor Martin Hackworth and Professor Herber Maschner. Hackworth rather grumpily attacks Mashner's recent newspaper column on the subect of Bigfoot. Mashner pronounces Bigfoot within the realm of "fringe science", Hackworth scoffs and compares Bigfoot to the Easter bunny. We hope that Hackworth does not have access to dueling pistols. 
Bigfoot files: 'Screaming' creature scared Midland County hunters in 1972
The Saginaw News -
By Justin Engel | One website, hosted by The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, keeps a database of national sightings and categorizes them by region. At least one report details a “screaming” Bigfoot within Midland County about ...
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 Bigfoot show seeks close encounter of a hairy kind
The Detroit News
By Tom Greenwood Producers from the Animal Planet TV program "Finding Bigfoot" have been filming in the Houghton Lake area this week, looking for signs of Sasquatch. Phil Shaw, a member of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, said there have ...
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 Group sets up fall search for Bigfoot in W.Va.
Marietta Times
(AP) — Judging by the number of people willing to spend up to $500 to look for him/her/it, Bigfoot appears to be alive and well in West Virginia. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, a group that sets up hunts for the legendary creature, ...
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 Animal Planet's 'Finding Bigfoot' cast hunting for Sasquatch in ...
The Saginaw News -
By Lindsay Knake | AP file photoPhotographers Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin made this image Oct. 20, 1967, purportedly showing a female ...

Why The Finding Bigfoot Show Is Good For Your Town's Businesses





Poll: Is there a Bigfoot in Northern Michigan?





Reported Bigfoot Sightings Likely Trending Upwards Says Mike Rugg





Exposing Bigfoot Habituators




Award-winning columnist compares Bigfoot to Easter Bunny





BBC writer Brian Wheeler tags along with Kentucky Bigfoot hunters in a search for Bigfoot in the Kentucky woods. While nothing significant was found in that particular hunt, Wheeler admits that he's gone from complete skeptic to injecting a "probably" into his opinion of the existence of Bigfoot. Finding Bigfoot found something! Just not a Sasquatch. Finding Bigfoot Producer Reportedly Catches Rare Glimpse of Elusive Black Panther In Michigan. Finding Bigfoot has been in Michigan for the past week and as the Bigfoot chasers film TV episode in Houghton Lake area over 350 people turn up in a town-wide meeting to tell their own stories of encounters, including one woman who claims to have recorded Bigfoot howls. We sincerely hope that one day soon they can change the name to FOUND Bigfoot, but we aren't holding our breath. Bigfoot has never seemed all that camera-friendly. Loch Ness Mystery shares news of another camera-shy cryptid with the possibility of a Forthcoming Book on Frank Searle, the well-known "notorious" monster hunter.


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Episode 205: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show 





User Disappears After Posting Image of Bigfoot On





BBC News, Brian Wheeler Goes Bigfooting With Kentucky Bigfoot Hunters





Finding Bigfoot Producer Reportedly Catches Rare Glimpse of Elusive Black Panther In Michigan





Bigfoot Evidence passes along a short video clip purportedly showing "Bigfoot" moving along the shoreline a good distance from the cameraman. The blobsquatch is framed conveniently in the middle of the video and there's even a Bigfoot scream off in the distance to lend to the creepy atmosphere. There's really nothing we haven't seen before except this video introduces a new element: fog. This could be Bigfoot...but it could also very easily turn out to be Jason stalking the shores of Crystal Lake. We give it 50/50 odds. As is almost always the case with Bigfoot evidence, the background of the famous Shipton cast is confusing and murky and filled with misidentification and errors like this: Shipton Yeti Created Cast: Keel's Misstatement. Loren Coleman sorts it all out in a detailed timeline in A Short History of the Shipton Snowman Track Photographs and the Tchernezky Cast. The Shipton photographs from 1951 are especially impressive and a genuine pleasure to see. 
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Bigfoot hunters in Kentucky hope to save 'beast'
BBC News
Bigfoot is big news again in the United States. Not since the late 1960s, when grainy footage first emerged of a giant, ape-like creature walking upright through the woods, has there been so much interest in proving its existence.
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 Iowa Turkey Hunter Says He Saw Bigfoot
Outdoor Life Magazine (blog)
by Steve Hickoff In a report filed last April with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Association, a man says he doesn't know what he saw but that it shouldn't have been there. “I have never told my story due to I feel people will not believe me,” he wrote.
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Animal Planet's 'Finding Bigfoot' series investigates Gladwin area Sasquatch ...
The Morning Sun
By Holly Mahaffey Animal Planet's cast and crew were in mid-Michigan today to investigate alleged area sightings, as part of filming for the third season of Animal Planet's “Finding Bigfoot” series. Interest was piqued among the regulars at the Mt.
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Damian Bravo Investigates Tim Fasano (More To Come Later)





Minnesota Bigfoots Running Wild Recently





New Footage: Minnesota Lake Screaming Bigfoot





The Platypus Problem Frontiers of Zoology
Beyond looking like a stitched together science project of discarded spare animal parts, the platypus had another problem for many years. The odd animal was only rumored to exist for decades before one was captured and its existence confirmed, and after that happened the platypus was hunted to near-extinction both for food and fur and also simple curiosity (Platyburger, anyone?). Lisa Hardcastle worries that the same thing may happen if Sasquatch finally emerges from the forest in full view, with the added conundrum of deciding if Bigfoot is more human or animal. Adding fuel to the ape/human debate is William Jevning giving us a great comparison of The Sasquatch and the Great Apes with side by side views of ape, human and Sasquatch foot and hand casts. In other non-Bigfoot related crypto news, Panther sightings are causing a stir and elude capture or clear photographic evidence much like their crypto buddy Bigfoot. At Cryptomundo, Loch Ness Celebrity Visits Museum and Loren Coleman tells us about the surprise visit to the International Cryptozoology Museum from Marty Klein, the inventor of the side scan sonar that was used in obtaining some of the clearest photographs ever taken of Nessie. 


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What Makes a Bigfoot Researcher Credible?





ISU Professors Argue About Sasquatch Funding, Critical Professor Invokes the "Easter Bunny Argument"





Watch Tom Biscardi Discover a Bigfoot Lair on a Choctaw Reservation





Richard Stubstad: Sasquatch Proof Requires 100% Certainty, I'm at 97%





Vermont Paper Critical of Finding Bigfoot and Matt Moneymaker





Some More From Salt Fork Ohio Oct 2008 





The Beast Of Boggy Creek





Why A National Bigfoot Organization





There's more than cats on YouTube, as Vicki W. discovered when she found this choice clip. A woman recounts her nephew's unusual playmate 'Sildred,' among other sasquatch encounters. Heaven only knows what in Louisiana spooked them back into Arkansas. Approaching cryptozoology as folklore by interviewing witnesses is just one approach to our science, as Peter Rogerson will attest. He's reviewed five new books dealing with Monsters of the Shadows which succeed in their own rights yet taking divergent paths. Scott Marlowe's The Cryptid Creatures of Florida takes sightings in a scientific context. Yet Linda Godfrey's Monsters of Wisconsin: Mysterious Creatures in the Badger State and Troy Taylor's Monsters of Illinois: Mysterious Creatures in the Prairie State are more travelogues of their respective states. One standout is Lyle Blackburn's The Legend of Boggy Creek, which discusses the notorious film, the legend behind it, and the colorful cast of characters surrounding both. In a similar vein, Michael Newton's When Bigfoot Attacks: A Global Survey of Alleged Sasquatch/Yeti Predation attempts to separate substance from sensationalism. If there's a name you can trust, it's Nick Redfern, who gives the ins and outs of ABCs and the Government. As you'll discover the Crown is well-aware of these moggies roaming the countryside, but keep it quiet so their subjects can retain their stiff upper lips. Closer to home, Loren Coleman's caught wind of a New Black Panther Sighting In Michigan. Most curious about this sighting is the small size of the beast.

The Beast of Gretton





Bigfoot Evidence: Bigfoot Hunter Tom Biscardi Says He Has Found A "Lair" And Has Contacted Authoriti
Bigfoot Lunch Club: Even Titanic's Centennial Celebration Can Not Escape Bigfoot