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Deepsea Species Discoverer Dies

New BC Sasquatch Sightings

Flashback/forward: America Goes Cryptozoology Crazy

HBM's Crypto-Corner Tomorrow...

Bill and I are tentatively scheduled to have David Paulides and Harvey Pratt, beginning at 3:00 EST/2:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Sasquatch in New England
In addition to investigating alleged sasquatch activity in New England, one of our goals is to help the general public realize that there is a history of ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search,

Bigfoot in New York There is a history of Bigfoot & Sasquatch

Bigfoot - forums - sightings - encounter - NEBFRO
Bigfoot field research and investigations - Bigfoot forums ... Bigfoot/Sasquatch Research & Investigations. Bigfoot Forum. Jerry Jingles. Voice Chat ... • Found on Yahoo! Search,

On May 25, 1995, an America West airliner passing over the Texas panhandle experienced a UFO sighting, but the object wasn't visible on Federal Aviation Administration radar. The next day, the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) revealed its radar had tracked an unidentified object in the vicinity of the airliner. What did Flight 564's crew see that night? Elsewhere, Billy Cox of De Void checks in on the UFO phenomenon twice with The Triumph of Ostriches and Tired of Givin' it Away.

Four leathery white eggs from an indigenous tuatara were found by staff at the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary in Wellington, New Zealand's capital, as workers performed routine maintenance work Friday. There's more on this tory at 'Living Fossil' Confirmed in New Zealand.
Chris LoPinto of Laytonville, CA, had an encounter with a Bigfoot-like creature as fires raged and smoked billowed across Highway 101. The incident took place during the height of the recent "Mendocino Lightning Complex fires" and was investigated by Bigfoot field researcher Tom Yamarone. Meanwhile, from Vermont comes more on the elusive hairy hominoid, reported, with video, in Bigfoot: Man, Myth or Monster?

Ron and Cyndy Schwartz and their three daughters have become accustomed to the weird happenings that take place on a highly regular basis in their Tledo, OH, home. Cyndy has been experiencing the antics of "it" since she was four-years-old. That's when her parents moved into the home following warnings to the previous occupants, by a priest, that what may be a poltergeist appeared to be occupying the structure. What activities have the Schwartzes and others convinced the house is haunted? Elsewhere on the haunted real estate scene, actor Nicolas Cage has his 'Most Haunted' French Quarter Home for Sale, and there's a three-part video report showing Spirits Lurk at Caledonia Wine Cottage.

Alan Boyle examines biologist and author Bill Shutt's True Blood, but it's not all about vampire bats. There are other bloodsuckers out there, and you'll meet some of them in the story of Napoleon's soldiers' horrifying fate as they marched from Egypt to Syria in 1799. There's also the tale of the most common bloodsucker, one that may be lingering in your home, and a South American fish that can ruin your life, literally. Of course, there's the vampire bat, too, but with qualifications. Meanwhile, Boston's Museum of Science thinks it has The Truth Behind the Myths.

Saber-Tooth Terror The Lair of the Beasts
Nick Redfern tells the tale of Jenny Burrows' remarkable adventure in the dense woods near Seattle, WA, last January. Did Burrows have an encounter with the famed "Saber-toothed Tiger" believed to have been extinct for 10,000 years? Elsewhere, there are tales of monsters, ghosts and more in Spooky Stories Based on True Events and Over Decades, Ongoing Tales of the Billiwhack Monster of Santa Paula Cast Long Shadows of Doubt.
Bruce Springsteen's Ode to the Jersey Devil
Popeater - New York,NY,USA
Here, Bigfoot allegedly appears on what's known as the Patterson-Gimlin film in California in 1967. The creature, also known as Sasquatch and the Yeti, ...

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Watch Jay Michael and M.K .Davis' Honey Island Swamp Monster AND Conundrums here!!!

Honey Island Swamp Monster


Watch Jay Michael's Swamp Apes For Free!!!

Swamp Apes available for free here!!!

DVD Review: Halloween (1978) Restored Edition

An absolute masterpiece of Terror!!!

This DVD, released last year, is an absolutely terrific representation of John Carpenter's vision of terror in a suburban setting. The picture is nice and crisp, thanks to THX, the sound and video system developed by Lucasfilm, a great restoration of this true classic of horror. In the film, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is terrorized by the man who later is found out to be her brother, Michael Myers, an unstoppable juggernaut of a masked killer. Myers is pursued by his Doctor, Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasance in a very memorable role), who seems to encounter hints of Myers' evil as he chases him down to attempt to apprehend or kill him. 30 years later, this film still does not disappoint to frighten everyone. But hey, as Sheriff Leigh Brackett points out, "Everyone's entitled to one good scare." Plus there is a terrific behind the scenes featurette, along with cast bio and behind-the-scenes photos. Get this one if you can. 5 stars!!!

Review: HBM's Crypto-Corner Halloween Special 10-31-08

This was a pretty good show, with myself and Bill discussing different aspects of Halloween, as well as the latest Bigfoot and Cryptozoology news. Our prize book, The Hoopa Project, was given to Bluetracker, who called in and told us a really scary story (a true story at that) about a man without a face. We discussed scary movies as well. The next program is this Sunday at 3:00 Eastern/2:00 Central, with guests David Paulides and Harvey Pratt. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Birth of Bigfoot Times-Standard
Do you know how the name "Bigfoot" came into being? Here's the history of the first application of the appellation to the hairy apelike creature also known as Sasquatch. And you'll find some history (maybe) of Bigfoot's southern cousin in A Chilling Remembrance: Swampee the Skunk Ape. Is Eddie Ayers telling the truth about an encounter in North Carolina?

San Bernardino County, California, is the home of the high desert areas of Apple Valley and Victor Valley, two sites supposedly teeming with ghosts. What's happening, apparitions-wise, in these high desert areas? Elsewhere, Greg Taylor at The Daily Grail tells you what he and a team of researchers think it takes to make a real haunted house: The 'Haunt' Project.

Mac Tonnies says, "We should all strive to be skeptics." Before you get all worked up in outrage, read Tonnies' definitions. There's much truth in what he has to say about these three divisions of researchers. Elsewhere, contrast Tonnies' remarks with those of ghost hunter Tonya Hacker in Paranormal Phenomena and Skeptics.
Bigfoot Man, myth or monster?
Rutland Herald - Rutland,VT,USA
This description is similar to Bigfoot reports today. During the latter 18th and early 19th centuries, European settlers in what is now northern Vermont ...
See all stories on this topic
10 Unusual Places in Oklahoma - Oklahoma City,OK,USA
This part of Oklahoma, rich in streams, creeks and vast tracts of dense, uninhabited forest, is prime Bigfoot territory. Numerous expeditions have been ...
HowStuffWorks "How Bigfoot Works"
Bigfoot, also known as sasquatch or the yeti, is a persistent phenomenon. ... Halloween Channel. Prices: BigFoot Movies. Sasquatch ...

Bigfoot and Halloween … What do they have in common?

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Happy Halloween!


HBM's Crypto-Corner Tomorrow...

Bill and I are having our first-annual Halloween Special, where the caller with the scariest story (fact or fiction) will win a free copy of David Paulides' The Hoopa Project. The show begins at 7:30 Eastern/6:30 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

2 Reviews: Sasquatch Triangle/Lost Tapes 10-3-08

Don's show was great, with Paranormalist Rick Fisher, who discussed his research into the Paranormal, such as ghosts and a strange being he saw a few years ago he cannot explain, walking in the middle of the road. I called in and asked Rick about moving statues at cemeteries he had heard about (he has heard of a few cases). Another caller also called in and asked Rick some questions about his paranormal investigations. Rick also talked about his investigations into Thunderbirds. Next Thursday, Don welcomes Center For Bigfoot Studies founder Daniel Perez, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Lost Tapes is a bad example of what NOT to do with a cryptozoologically-themed show. This show wasn't worth the videotape it was shot on. They had two half-hour segments, the first on Chupacabra, which showed some real footage of news reports of the Goat Sucker and a really bad story "inspired" by true events. Same thing with the Bigfoot segment which followed. This show was horrible, and I do not plan on being a regular viewer when the show begins in January. What a waste of an hour. Bad combination of the Blair Witch Project and Scare Tactics.

DVD Review: Horror of Dracula (1958)

Classic Hammer Horror!!!

This British-produced film, the first Dracula film from Hammer Studios, is brilliantly directed by Terence Fisher and is a true classic in the long-standing tradition of Hammer Horror. The story is slightly different from the original novel and also from the Bela Lugosi 1931 version, in that the budget only allowed for the story to take place basically within the same area of land. Arriving at Castle Dracula, Jonathan Harker (John Van Eyssen) meets the Vampire Prince (played wonderfully by Christopher Lee), but does not survive his experience unscathed. His undead corpse is found by friend Professor Van Helsing (Peter Cushing, once again turning in a strong performance and playing off Lee very well), and Van Helsing releases Harker's soul. He then travels to the town Harker lived in and informs Arthur Holmwood (Michael Gough) and his wife, Mina (Melissa Stribling) as well as Holmwood's sister, Lucy (Carol Marsh). A series of occurrences bring Dracula to the town, where he vampirizes Lucy and she is found out and released also by Van Helsing. Then, Mina begins acting strange, and Van Helsing begins to suspect the Prince of Darkness has something to do with it. A climactic chase, the confrontation between Dracula and Van Helsing and the terrific ending really highlight this stellar production. The DVD of this production is a bit bare-boned when it comes to special features, with only a trailer and cast and production biographies, but it is still a true classic 50 years after its original release. I do highly recommend seeing this one and getting it if you can find it. 4 3/4 stars out of 5.
Culture & Celebrity Blog:

Cryptomundo » Sex and Bigfoot in Texas

Bigfoot In The Media’s Mouth: An Editorial

Braking News: Bigfoot Crosses Hiway 101

Liger Attack

New Series Preview Tonight...

Lost Tapes on Animal Planet debuts tonight, with a look at Chupacabra and Bigfoot, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. Check local listings for time and channel.
Just in time for Halloween, researchers have discovered a "previously unknown population of vampire Siberia." With photo. And right on the heels of this newly discovered terror, Nick Redfern reveals the terror expressed through the centuries at several locations around the world in Beware of the Black Dog. Meanwhile, there's something in the water at Cyprus' Kouris Dam as Officials Search for Mystery 'Monster' and there's The Enduring Reign of the Jersey Devil. Elsewhere, in a time sensitive announcement, Cryptomundo has revealed the limited sale of the Big Gama-Go Yeti.

Marc W. Miller, psychologist and cryptozoologist, continues the tale of his search for a giant aquatic lizard legend says lives in the swampy reaches of India's northeastern provinces. The cryptid column continues, in sequence, here and here. If you missed it, you'll find the initial installment of this true adventure tale here.

The Haunted Home of Joan Crawford The Alien Seeker News
From their vast store of files on the paranormal, well known paranormal research team Brad and Sherry Steiger reveal another haunting tale from Hollywood as the adopted daughter of movie legend Joan Crawford speaks of her experiences with a presence in the star's home. Is the presence in Joan Crawford's home real, or the product of Christina Crawford's severely abused childhood? There's more evidence of notable specters in Hotels Haunted by Celebrities. Meanwhile, Public Parapsychology continues its instructions for ghost hunters with Temperature in Haunting Experiences: A Basic Primer for Paranormal Enthusiasts (Part 2), and at Skeptico, in a downloadable podcast, Alex Tsakiris interviews Dr. Jon Klimo on Channeling and Consciousness.

UFO Caught on Camera? First Coast News
Two men say they videotaped three lights flying in tandem, zig-zagging across the Austin, TX, sky the night of October 8. Could these lights have been connected to whatever witnesses have observed over recent days above Stephenville, TX? And, from the UFO news of today, we go to The UFO Chronicles for a headline from yesteryear in Nation Is Swept by Hysteria Over 'Martian Invasion' 10-31-1938.

BOOO (Bellingham Observers of the Odd and Obscure) is an organization formed in Bellingham, WA, to seek out the paranormal. They think they may have found just that in Bellingham's Eldridge Mansion. With slide show. And Haunted America Tours offers The Top Ten Very Best Ghost Photos of the Year 2008 and The Real Fear of Halloween: "The Season of the Witch Can Be a Real Bitch".

Birth of Bigfoot
Times-Standard - Eureka,CA,USA
But Bigfoot strode into the picture just 50 years ago this month. Born in the pages of the Humboldt Times by columnist Andrew Genzoli, the word Bigfoot was ...

Bigfoot sighting on Highway 101
Willits News - Willits,CA,USA
After finding no help from official sources, LoPinto began researching the internet to find answers and found groups devoted to tracking big foot. ...
See all stories on this topic
Malaysia's Jungle Spirits
Global Voices Online - Cambridge,MA,USA
Fascination on the matter has grown in recent years, with the sighting of a creature, similar to the North American Bigfoot, in the jungles of peninsular ...

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Bigfoot Lives - Close Encounters with Sasquatch - Video

Hominoids: 20 Million Years of Suppressed History - Video

YouTube - Sasquatch: The Legend Of Bigfoot 1of10

Bigfoot-like All Over The World - Video

Lost Tapes - Close Encounter with Bigfoot...? - Video

Sasquatch: Dr. Jeff Meldrum T.V. News Coverage - Video
YouTube - Is It Real? Bigfoot (2005) (Part 1 of 5)

Sasquatch DNA Video Evidence - Video

Sasquatch Triangle Tomorrow...

Don will have Bigfooter/Paranormal Researcher Rick Fisher as his guest, starting at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: Monsterquest 10-29-08

This was a fairly interesting episode, about sharks being seen in freshwater settings such as rivers, including the Atchafalaya River in Louisiana and the Mississippi River as far as Illinois. Apparently some witnesses in the Sportsman's Paradise caught a bull shark in 2007-actually, more than one. Apparently, they also witnessed a larger shark, about 10 feet long. Some bull sharks live in Lake Nicaragua in Central America. Marine biologist and author Richard Ellis also describes the aggressiveness of bull sharks. The MQ crew heads to Louisiana to search for the 10-foot shark witnessed in 2007. Local wildlife expert Lee Hales leads the expedition, joined by local fisherman Jacob Seagrave. They are using the Didson Sonar system to search for shark activity in Atchafalaya. Dean Fessler, a shark expert, is also interviewed on his expertise. He mentions that a bull shark will take and kill a deer in a river. In Canada's St. Lawrence River, the Greenland Shark, the size of a Great White, lurks. Chris Harvey-Clark is also interviewed (he is a Greenland Shark expert). He and diver and author Jeffrey Gallant get together north of Boston to dive in the river, in cold, dark water. The expedition in Louisiana does get some possible sonar bounces of bull sharks, and the expedition in Canada runs across the Greenland, which of course means there is the possibility of sharks in freshwater. This was a fairly interesting, but not quite as satisfying, episode. Next week, Real Dragons, namely the Komodo Dragon, are profiled, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central on the History Channel. Check local listings for time and channel.
The good pastor has been regaling us with tales from his days as a gravedigger, true tales related by those he worked with. Today's hair raising ration features a tale that is a little on the heartwarming side, and another that may send a chil through your heart. Read the tale of the ghost that supervised his wife's encryptment and the tale of the "mold man" who just wouldn't stay put. Elsewhere, a Pennsylvania woman can draw on life experiences to explain how Living in a Haunted House Drew Her into a Job as a Ghost Chaser.

Jason Offutt, author of Haunted Missouri, continues the true story of Sheryl Rackliff of Rockland, ME. What followed Rackliff home after a ouija board session at a friend's home? Is Rackliff's tormentor a ghost or a demon? Meanwhile, at Public Parapsychology, one of the most oft-mentioned factors of spectral presence is examined in Temperature in Haunting Experiences: A Basic Primer for Paranormal Enthusiasts (Part 1).
A photograph from Ecuador has biologists wondering if a new species of cat, about the size of a domestic feline, has been spotted. The new photograph is remarkably similar to a cat spotted two years ago in Peru, and the new sighting is close to the Peru/Ecuador border. Elsewhere, New Reports of the Black Tigers of India. Also, remember the 200-pound Russian wild boar that was euthanized after being struck by a vehicle on a road in Lancaster, Massachusetts, last week? Well, "It Looked Like A Werewolf!” Finally, don't forget to check out Loren Coleman's talk "Bigfoot, Sea Serpents, and Cryptozoology" tonight at the Museum of Science in Boston: Fact or fiction?
Fact or fiction?
Boston Globe - United States
Then check out Loren Coleman's talk "Bigfoot, Sea Serpents, and Cryptozoology" tonight at the Museum of Science. The cryptozoologist will discuss the study ...
Creationism and evolution debated - Gainesville,FL,USA
"No, I can't prove there's no God, but I can't prove there's no Bigfoot either," he said. The duo debated before an overflow crowd of more than 1000 people ...
Greenland shark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Greenland shark, Somniosus microcephalus, also known as the sleeper shark, gurry shark, ground shark, grey shark, or by the Inuit Eqalussuaq, ... • Found on Google, Windows Live, Yahoo! Search,
Richard Ellis Gallery: Greenland Shark
Somniosus microcephalus -- known as the the sleeper shark, Greenland shark, or gurry shark -- lives in polar waters all year round. It is a large shark: ... • Found on Google, Windows Live, Yahoo!

Greenland Shark
Description. The Greenland shark is a large coldwater shark often found at great depths. The teeth on the upper jaw are narrow, pointed, smooth edged and not particularly large ... • Found on Windows Live, Yahoo! Search,
Greenland Shark
The Greenland Shark is still somewhat of a mystery for biologists. Growing to over 6.5 meters (21 feet) in length and weighing up to 900 kilos (2000 lbs. • Found on Google, Windows Live, Yahoo! Search
Greenland shark
Sometimes known as the sleeper, gurry or ground shark, a drawing of this species , its description, habits and range.
Polar Seas: Greenland Shark
Put a description of ... The flesh of Greenland Sharks is highly poisonous to warm ... More about: Arctic Sharks | Greenland Shark parasites. A Sea Change ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
Bull shark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The bull shark, Carcharhinus leucas, also known as the bull whaler, Zambezi shark or unofficially known as Zambi in Africa and Nicaragua shark in Nicaragua, ...
Bull Shark, Bull Shark Profile, Facts, Information, Photos ...
Get bull shark profile, facts, information, photos, pictures, sounds, habitats, reports, news, and more from National Geographic. • Found on Google, Windows Live

Bull Shark, Carcharhinus leucas at
Bull Shark, Carcharhinus leucas, Elasmobranchii, Carcharhiniformes, Carcharhinidae, Description and Fascinating Facts, World Range and Habitat, ... • Found on Google, Windows Live

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Monsterquest Tomorrow...

Are dangerous ocean predators prowling American rivers? Few people realize that the bull shark can tolerate fresh water, swimming hundreds of miles upstream from the ocean. History suggests it has at times penetrated up the Mississippi River as far as Illinois. The episode will examine the behavior of the bull shark and dive in the St. Lawrence Seaway to uncover another giant, the Greenland Shark. It can grow longer than the Great White and has been known to head inland and eat land animals like caribou.

9:00 EST/8:00 Central. Check local listings for time and channel.

Review: Bigfoot Quest 10-28-08

This was a great show, with guest Tom Lancaster of Virginia, who discussed his research, his research with Billy Willard, geo-patterns in the sightings and also about patterns in the sightings. I called in and asked Tom about how footprint casting would be affected by a substrate, also referring to the dermal ridges. I also mentioned about the Thomas Steenburg incident where he was attacked by a grizzly bear in the '80's. There was quite a bit of talk on geothermal patterns, as well as infrasound. Dunno what Bob and Mike have planned for next week, but it begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Vietnam’s Gecko King

Comedy Benefit Reminder

New Wild Cat Species in Ecuador?

A prestigious science magazine reports on paranormal activities attributed to military bases. Are ghosts haunting places where the nation's heroes have served? Elsewhere, the same journal reports on investigations into reports of manifestations in Ghost Lusters: If You Want to See a Specter Bad Enough, Will You?

Well-known UFO investigator Bill Knell expands the reporting on the newest round of UFO sightings above Stephenville and Dublin, two small towns in Texas. Was the US Air Force Reserve exercising training flights in the area when a huge UFO was seen by several eyewitnesses? Are there radar records of the unknown object? What's the possibility the object is a secret US craft? Elsewhere, Alien Casebook Frontier offers a gallery of footage from one individual in Alberta, Canada Man Films Boat Like UFO Sighting.

On Sunday, a long time, avid outdoorsman saw two giant birds, probably 10 to 15 feet above the ground. The birds had a wing span of at least 10 feet. What were they?

Our Very Own Haunted House Haunted America Tours
One of the deans of high strangeness writers and researchers is Brad Steiger, author of the acclaimed Otherworldly Affaires and many other works, tells the tale of experiences he and his family had when they moved into an Iowa farmhouse still occupied by the spirit of the man who built it. Meanwhile, reports are coming out that Lisa Lee Harp Waugh Will Attempt to Astral Project Her Living Spirit Form on Halloween.

Micah Hanks reviews the work of Ann Druffel and D. Scott Rogo, The Tujunga Canyon Contacts, an examination of the true stories of five young women who resided in or near Tujunga Canyon northeast of Los Angeles, CA. The abduction experiences continued for over twenty years, having begun in 1953. Meanwhile, Bruce Duensing examines the receptiveness of those who experience abductions or other paranormal events in Down on the Farm of Intermediate States.

A television news report from Shreveport, LA, shows an unknown object above that city, and, thus far, no one has been able to identify the object satisfactorily. With video.

Massachusetts has developed a reputation for ghostly presences due to the state's antiquity. It has also developed a reputation for its mysterious Bridgewater Triangle. But the Isaac Winslow house may take the paranormal cake as the stomping grounds of the ghost of Penelope Winslow, a widow who died in 1704. With photos. Elsewhere, there are more spooky occurrences to examine in 'The Haunting' at Caledonia Wine Cottage, and there's a follow up report in Shadow Figure, Unknown Voices, Flying Objects...

The Search for the Buru Lancaster Eagle-Gazette
Marc Miller is a psychologist and cryptozoologist in Ohio. After reading Loren Coleman’s book, Cryptozoology A to Z, he became interested in the Buru, a large, unknown lizard thought by some to have lived in the remote valleys of the Himalayas of Assam in the northeast corner of India. Coleman mentioned that the journalist, Ralph Izzard, among others, had led an expedition in 1948 in search of the Buru. After obtaining Izzard’s journal, Miller attempted to follow his exact expedition. The first in a five-part series. Elsewhere, Filming Migo, the monster of Lake Dakataua.

Derek Bartlett of the Cape and Islands Paranormal Research Society, and Keith Johnson of New Anomalies Research go on record as having warned people to take caution when delving into the paranormal. According to Johnson, "If you call for something to come in, it might answer. It might not leave when you want it to. There are forces beyond our control." Do you still want to be a ghost hunter? If the previous story leaves you undeterred, you need to read up on how you can stay safe and still have fun, as explained in Halloween: Season of the Spontaneous Investigator.

From the "maverick science" files: Research has shown hydrogen sulfide, the gas that gives a rotten egg smell to flatulent emissions, relaxes blood vessels, lessening blood pressure. No doubt we all know some people whose blood pressure must be approaching dangerously low levels. And, in a far less frivolous sounding project, Professor Wallace Thornhill attempts to make sense of the formation of our planetary system around a seemingly unrelated star in Assembling the Solar System. With many images.

Werewolf Radio There's Something in the Woods
Nick Redfern, author of There's Something in the Woods, and Tim Beckley, author of The Big Book of Werewolves, talk about one of their favorite subjects with Captain Jack at Paranormal Radio. Downloadable online broadcast. Meanwhile, in England, Witches Pardon Petition Launched

Links on David Paulides and The Hoopa Project

The Hoopa Project
The Hoopa Project is the first book by the Executive Director of North America Bigfoot Search (NABS), David Paulides. It is being published by Hancock House ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search,
The Hoopa Bigfoot Project
Oct 26, 2008 ... Review of The Hoopa Project, a Bigfoot book by David Paulides. ... The Hoopa Bigfoot Project Last summer I was working in a local restaurant ... • Found on Google

Bigfoot Encounters in California: The Hoopa Project - REI Saratoga ...
Bigfoot Encounters in California: The Hoopa Project An avid outdoorsman, former police officer and professional investigator, David Paulides spent two years ... • Found on Google
Bigfoot Encounters in California: The Hoopa Project at REI ...
Bigfoot Encounters in California: The Hoopa Project David Paulides spent two years living among the members of the Hoopa Tribe in Northern California, ... • Found on Google
Bigfoot: Dave Paulides: "The Hoopa Project" 2008
"The Hoopa Project" by David Paulides is the first major research report of North ... about NABS or to buy "The Hoopa Project," go to ...
Bigfoot - The Hoopa Project :: Harvey Phillip Pratt
"The Hoopa Project is the first book by the Executive Director of North America Bigfoot Search (NABS), David Paulides. Paulides has spent the last three ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search
David Paulides - Upcoming Shows & Peformances - Zvents
David Paulides: Schedule of performances and events; photos, biographies, ... The Hoopa Project is his first book, based upon his experiences in the Bluff ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search
@MetaDescription ... (Home) (Current Cart) Hoopa Project. Bigfoot Encounters in California. By: Paulides, David ... NEW: the Bigfoot Sightings Map' lists all ...
Tracking Bigfoot no small feat for local detective - San Jose ...
Jul 15, 2008 ... Los Gatos resident David Paulides is photographed at his home holding ... of research is detailed in Paulides' new book "The Hoopa Project: ...
Bigfoot: Dave Paulides, Los Gatos detective writes impressive book on ...
Dave Paulides is the author of "The Hoopa Project," an excellent read....Click HERE. ... longtime private investigator David Paulides, the legendary creature ...
Required Reading? - NESRA
... book my mentor sent me from out west called The Hoopa Project, by David Paulides. ... In fact, David is a retired law enforcement officer and investigator - who ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
Books - - All things bigfoot and sasquatch
The Hoopa Project: Bigfoot Encounters in California. David Paulides. Not Yet Published ... David J. Daegling. ISBN 0759105391. 2005. The Best of Bigfoot ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
Our Strange World
... longtime private investigator David Paulides, the legendary creature ... is detailed in Paulides' new book The Hoopa Project: Bigfoot Encounters in California. ... • Found on Yahoo! Search