Friday, December 21, 2012

Bigfoot And The Christmas Star Linda Godfrey's Blog
Taking a break from lycanthropes and cynocephalids, Linda Godfrey checks in with the neighbors of her favorite beasts. She has the heartwarming tale of a Wisconsin tradition crossing paths with an American icon. Having warmed your cockles, Guy Edwards has noticed PEMCO Insurance Takes A Sasquatch Poll. Check the results and while you're at it, give your 2¢ for this rigorously scientific survey. Amidst the hubub behind hairy hominids, there is hard science going on and we're not going to touch Dr. Ketchum with a ten foot pole. Instead, acquaint yourself with Robert Muckle who discusses the intersection between Bigfoot And Archaeology. What Bob's found is Bigfoot can be a formidable teaching tool to engage young minds. Perhaps, together, both fields can also figure out If The Piltdown Man Hoax Will Finally Be Solved. Micah Hanks knows motive must be understood and finds parallels twixt Rick Dyer's claims and this notorious paleoanthropological discovery. Of course Bigfoot can't hog the limelight all the time. Karl Shuker has been busy Unearthing The Earth Hound - A Corpse-Devouring Cryptid From Scotland. There may be a prosaic explanation for this necrophagous mustelid, but Karl finds the truth to be weirder than most can imagine.

Behind the Scenes of Finding Bigfoot: “Bigfoot and Wolverines” with Cliff Barackman

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Because he got tired of pancakes? The Verge is alluding to DNA samples obtained by Melba Ketchum in her study that supposedly came from a nibbled blueberry bagel. The article covers no new ground but it is a nice overview for anyone who needs a refresher course in the ongoing saga (and soap opera) of Ketchum's DNA study. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman shows his Top 10 Times 2 Best Hotspots to See Bigfoot.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Conducts research in Western Canada. Contains recordings, sighting map, news, and links.

    Credit: Henry Franzoni. I met Gayle Highpine, a Kootenai Indian, at a monthly meeting of the Western Bigfoot Society. She had published the following paper in a very ...
    Find latest news in "Sasquatch Symposium" News from KVAL News.
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    Nov 21, 2010 · Best Answer: I don't know about "top" ten, but here's a few... Harry And The Hendersons Legend Of Boggy Creek (1&2) …
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    Non-Kaiju > Movie Chat ... As per Raptor's request I have posted a movie list of one of the if not the most ... There are also rumors of the graphic comic book made ... day ago
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    hoax ... yes they exist. As does the chupacabra. ... who / what issasquatch? i am going to go google it now. ... He's real I tell ya.. …

Survivorman Bigfoot? Ghost Theory
Les Stroud is an experienced outdoorsman, very well-spoken, well respected and above all, level-headed and practical. If he says he heard Bigfoot (twice, once in Australia and the in Alaska) then we believe him. His account is one of the most believable and credible we've ever heard. Glasgow Boy shares reports of another equally elusive creature, but this time he thinks it's Nessie venturing out of her usual area into nearby bodies of water and is convinced that The Beast of the Beauly Firth reported decades ago is actually her. Giving a Fortean mystery a personal touch, Karl Shuker shares the story of The Griffins And The Frog Rain, a 1902 incident involving his own grandmother and a rain of frogs seemingly out of nowhere in England. Loren Coleman gives us his list of Top Ten Cryptozoology Books of 2012 and we would add David Paulides' Missing 411book to that list, although he insists it's not a cryptozoology book. Paulides' work on the hundreds of unexplained missing people cases across the US in National Parks kept some of us late at night and disturbed us so much that at times we simply had to put the books down and walk away for awhile. We consider them a must-read.

Bigfoot investigators search for Sasquatch in upstate New York and ...

New York Daily News-8 hours ago
Bigfoot sightings have long been thought to be a phenomenon regulated to the Pacific Northwest. A group ofSasquatch investigators, however, ...

Fayetteville area's Michaux State Forest seen as bigfoothabitat

Chambersburg Public Opinion-5 hours ago
The piece uses information from Matthew Moneymaker, president of theBigfoot Field Research Organization and host of Animal Planet's ...
  1. Bigfoot visits Michigan

    Michigan Radio-13 hours ago
    You may not have seen it in the latest Pure Michigan ad, but the state would be a great place for any Bigfoot looking to relocate. So says, Cliff ...
  2. Survivorman Bigfoot?

    Ghost Theory (blog)-13 hours ago
    Last month on The Joe Rogan Experience, Survivor expert Les Stroud talked about his two experiences with what he believed to be a Bigfoot in...

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Our favorite resident Bigfoot video debunker, Phil, shares his take on the latest Bigfoot video, one that supposedly shows Bigfoot crossing a stream in the San Juan Mountains. Phil points out all the obvious problems, including the fact that the person behind the camera stops filming abruptly, as most faked Bigfoot videos do. We also would like to point out that not only does he not zoom in on the strange figure, but he also doesn't jump in surprise when he first spots it either. It's almost as if he was expecting it...Karl Shuker gives us the details on a mysterious water monster whose name doesn't rhyme with "Essie": The Gourock Sea Serpent - Metaphorically Exhuming A Long-Buried Crypto-Mystery.

In honor of the Christmas Season, Now Through Christmas Eve, I present...The 8 Days of Squatchmas!!!!!!

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Witnesses report confusion, fear when seeing asasquatch

Asbury Park Press-21 hours ago
Top right, a sasquatch model by designer Lee Murphy. Bottom right: Joshua Blu Buhs, author of 'Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend' ...

  1. TV show looks at reported sightings of Bigfoot in Michigan

    Noise-10 hours ago
    The four TV hosts in northern Michigan trying to scout forBigfoot in 'Finding Bigfoot.' / Discovery Communications...
  2. Bigfoot Lives … in Idaho

    Idaho State Journal-19 hours ago
    Just wanted to touch base, and say how much I appreciate the believers. that look ay all the evidence and see it with open minds have been a ...