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July 2

By now you've likely heard all about Dr. Bryan Skykes' DNA results on the two "Yeti" hair samples that have finally been traced back to their source--not a gigantic bipedal primate but to a species of polar bear assumed to be extinct. Loren Coleman rounds up a lengthy collection of article excerpts that show for once that mainstream media is treating Sykes' discovery with respect, something that's usually lacking in the tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic approach they usually take. Of course, there are plenty of the former, including this less than informative report from Discovery that gleefully states, 'Bigfoot' Cases Solved, But a New Mystery Surfaces. No, Discovery, you've missed the entire point here. All of the Bigfoot cases have not been solved, only the mystery of the two hair samples that Sykes tested. While it is disappointing to still not have much in the way of concrete, scientific evidence that Sasquatch exists in the form of indisputable DNA, this study is still extremely significant because it indicates that it is entirely possible for an entire species of large animal to thrive and live almost completely undetected, even as hunters regularly tramp the forests and mountains looking for it and locals report occasional encounters with the creature. Over the years, this animal has left behind only trace evidence of its existence in the form of footprints and hair...sound familiar? The mere fact there's a huge species of polar bear living in the Himalayas and no one has detected it until now is astounding. Not only is it an interesting find in and of itself for a myriad of reasons, but it also reaffirms the possibility that Bigfoot is also roaming the mountains and forests of remote regions all over the world. If a polar bear can do it, what's stopping another creature from remaining virtually invisible to us, especially if that creature is sentient on a near-human level and able to actively avoid detection. And while we're on this subject, let's not forget that other DNA study conducted by the infamous Melba Ketchum. Bigfoot Evidence shares a "damning report" on Ketchum's study by 'Dr. Haskell Hart. As an added bonus, there's also an interview with David Paulides on the subject of the DNA study and also his own opinion on whether or not Bigfoot is more human than primate. 
Determined to solve the huge mystery once and for all, Dr. Greg Little set out on a trek throughout the United States to investigate the late 19th century claims of giant skeletons, particularly at sites in West Virginia. Were there really 7-8 feet tall human giants roaming the earth thousands of years ago? We still don't know, but Dr. Little is convinced that the skeptics are on the wrong track in their theories also.