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Jason Offutt begins a tour of what is described as a haunted location, one of the halls of academia that reportedly exhibits all the signs of spectral presences. Key quote: "Like at any school, students have died while attending Northwest (Missouri State University), but here some still walk down its majestic halls." Jason Offutt should know what paranormal activities are underway at Northwest Missouri State University, though, because that's where he teaches Reading, Writing and Ghost Sightings. Elsewhere, Lisa Lee Harp Waugh reports on what she calls her Haunted Days with Kerry Von Erich.
It Was Just a Little Thing The Paranormal Pastor
The Arnone family moved into what they expected to be a quiet Cleveland, OH, suburban neighborhood. But the quiet was quickly shattered by the parties in the basement and the "evil squirrel" in the back yard. What caused the Arnone's new home to be the center of some highly strange activity? The Arnone's Ohio home isn't the only one experiencing the unexplained, as you'll see in Haunting Suspected in McCloud.

German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt is convinced the Turkish site known as Gobekli Tepe was constructed by primitive people 11,000 years ago. He's also convinced the site is the world's "first human-built holy place." Originally, the site was believed to be a medieval burial mound. Elsewhere, a World War I commemorative structure gets compared to ancient burial mounds In Memoriam.

Monsterquest: Legend of The Hairy Beast/Bigfoot in New York/China's Wildman/Giganto: The Real King Kong

MonsterQuest | Legend of the Hairy Beast

MonsterQuest | Bigfoot in New York

MonsterQuest | China's Wildman

MonsterQuest | Giganto: The Real King Kong

Monsterquest: Ohio Grassman Parts 1-5

MonsterQuest | Ohio Grassman

Monsterquest: The Real Hobbit Parts 1-5

MonsterQuest | The Real Hobbit

Monsterquest: Russia's Killer Apemen Parts 1-5

MonsterQuest | Stalin's Ape Man

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Monsterquest: Swamp Beast Parts 1-5

MonsterQuest | Swamp Beast

Monsterquest: Bigfoot Parts 1-5

Sasquatch Attack II Parts 1-5

Season 3 Episode 8 - Sasquatch Attack II

Sasquatch Attack 1 Parts 1-5

Review: Beyond The Edge Radio 11-14-08

This was a pretty good show, with a guest originally scheduled, but the guest never showed, so it was Sean and I for the first hour (with James Baker premiering the Bake Shop on BTER, now that it seems the SE has gone the way of the dodo), and basically Sean and I (joined by Monica before the second hour) did some discussions on different topics. Strange and Unusual from the chat called in, as did Bill Green, and also Ernie, a research partner of Sean's who discussed his paranormal research and his game cams set up in different areas. He and Monica traded ideas on game cams and how to set them up effectively. Dunno what is planned for next Friday, but it begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review; HBM's Crypto-Corner 11-14-08

This was a pretty good show, with Bill and I discussing the Year In Review and also recent events, such as the Georgia Hoax, the new Monsterquest, Lost Tapes, that horrible new Yeti movie which aired on Sci-Fi last week and the Montauk Monster. Jordan Warner called in and discussed his trip to Point Pleasant, West Virginia tomorrow to shoot for his Mothman episode of Cryptid Hunt, and also discussed upcoming episodes he is planning, as well as answering questions from Bill Green (who seemed to take over the show for a bit, LOL). The show will return in January, Friday nights, at 7:00 EST/6:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

New NY Panther Sighting

Baby Ogopogo?

Sasquatch Attack II

Stone-Throwing Sasquatch or Poltergeist?

Stomping Into Town Soon!

Franklin Phantom? The Mercury
Franklin Square in Hobart, Tasmania, is a busy place during the day. It's also said to be haunted--at night, when "it is quiet enough for people to see, hear, smell all the unusual things going on around them." During a recent ghost tour, a tourist snapped an intriguing photo. Mary Poppins? A fuzzy photo of a painting? Elsewhere, Forgetomori expertly deconstructs another "ghost photo" in Long Exposure Ghost.
Library hosts Legendary Critters of the Hudson Valley
Pawling News Chronicle - Pawling,NY,USA
The audience of about 20 people enjoyed learning about new critters as well as some old time favorites like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster. ...
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Cannock Chase Bigfoot has paranormal origins as far back as 1879
Sunday Mercury - Birmingham,West Midlands,UK
CANNOCK Chase’s very own Bigfoot has been with us since 1879, documents have revealed. And as sightings of the creature continue to flood in, ...
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HBM's Crypto-Corner/Beyond The Edge Radio Tomorrow...

The Season Finale of HBM's will be our Year In Review, beginning at 7:00 Eastern/6:00 Central.


Then, on Beyond The Edge Radio Sean and Monica welcome a demonologist, starting at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: Sasquatch Triangle 11-13-08

This was a GREAT show, with Diane Stocking of Mims, Florida, live from Cliff Olson's living room in the Estacada, Oregon area. She discussed such things as the Skookum Cast, the Memorial Day Footage, The Redwoods Video and other things she thought to be hoaxes or misidentifications. She took a call from me, and I asked her how things were out there. She said fine of course, and I also got some possible inside information on possibly the 21st Ohio Conference-Don would like to get Dr. John Bindernagel, Doug Hajicek, Bobbie Short (who also called in) and Diane to speak at the Conference if Don can get them as guests for the Conference. Dunno what Don has planned for next Thursday (and it might be back on Blog Talk Radio), but it starts at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. Meanwhile, you can go to This Link to download past episodes. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
A Canadian judge has refused to dismiss a civil lawsuit brought by a British Columbia man who is seeking $2-billion in damages from Microsoft, Telus, Wal-Mart, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and other defendants over alleged brain-wave control, satanic rituals, and witchcraft. The lawyer representing Microsoft said: ""I think this is akin to someone saying they sustained injuries because their boat fell off the edge of the world." Meanwhile, in Sharing Their Demons on the Web, The New York Times provides interesting insight into online communities of people who believe that they are being subjected to mind control.

Yes, again. Found: the seventh detached foot to have washed ashore on the West Coast since last year. The left foot New Balance running shoe, thought to be a woman's, has been turned over to the Coroners Service of British Columbia, so that any tissue inside can be processed for DNA tests. This is one mystery we should be able to get to the bottom of.
Remember that story about two young Brazilian girls who were hospitalized with “serious burns” after their encounter with the Chupa-Chupa” – meaning “Suck-Suck”, those alleged balls of light that burn and suck blood? Well, behind this tale about the return of the Chupa-Chupa are attacks from real suckers--the two girls in question were actually attacked by bats. Also, New NY Panther Sighting

Doug Hajicek Bio
Doug Hajicek (pronounced high-check), president of Whitewolf Entertainment Inc, is a television documentary veteran. He has produced over 200 TV features ... • Found on Google,

Doug Hajicek
Director: "House of Babies". Doug Hajicek has had a very successful Television ... Discuss this name with other users on IMDb message board for Doug Hajicek ... • Found on Yahoo! Search

Doug Hajicek Cryptozoology Filmography

Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science-2003, Discovery Channel (Available on DVD)

Mysterious Encounters (13-Week Series)-2003-2004, Outdoor Life Network (Available only as bootleg on VHS and DVD)

Giganto: The Real King Kong-2005, History Channel (Available on DVD)

Monster Quest (Season 1, 13 Episodes)-2007-2008, History Channel (Available on DVD)

Monsterquest (Season 2, 20 Episodes)-2008, History Channel (DVD available in January 2009)

Monsterquest (Season 3, ?? Episodes)-2009, History Channel

Dr Gregory Bambenek Psychiatrist Duluth, MN
Free Doctor report on Dr Gregory Bambenek, Psychiatrist of 314 W Superior St, Duluth Minnesota (MN)
BFRO's Skookum Meadow Expedition
Dr. Gregory Bambenek, Duluth, MN. James Henick, Washougal, WA. Alan Terry, Vancouver, WA. Derek Randles, Belfair, WA. John Mort, Perth, Australia ... • Found on Google, Windows Live, Yahoo!

Jeffrey Meldrum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
D. Jeffrey Meldrum (born 1958) is a tenured Associate Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology and Adjunct Associate Professor of the Department of ... • Found on Google, Windows Live, Yahoo! Search
D. Jeffrey Meldrum
D. Jeffrey Meldrum. RESEARCH. Primate Functional Morphology ? Paleontology ? Cryptozoology, TEACHING. BIOS 474/574 Gross Anatomy ... • Found on Google, Windows Live, Yahoo! Search

Esteban Sarmiento - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Esteban Sarmiento is a functional anatomist. His main field of study involves the biology of hominoids and their fossils, but he is also an African ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search,
Finding civility online
Electric City - Scranton,PA,USA
It’s all as imaginary as Bigfoot and the abominable snowman!” Well, first of all, Bigfoot is totally real, as is the Yeti, so you’re going to need to come ...
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";Bigfoot" giant slug discovered in Canada
KARE - Minneapolis,MN,USA
He's named "Bigfoot," and he's almost five inches long. Scientists are studying him at Edmonton College. Bigfoot is the first of his kind to be found in ...
Lindsay Wagner's bionic hands have the power to heal
The Star - Sheffield,England,UK
By Sarah Dunn SHE'S fought off Bigfoot, escaped from swamps of quicksand and used her specially enhanced hearing to find out more than her fair share of ...
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';Bigfoot' rescued near Canmore
Calgary Herald - AB, Canada
Christened Odo, after the shape-shifting being in the Star Trek series Deep Space Nine, and then later renamed Bigfoot, a 12-centimetre fat, black slug was ...
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Bigfoot Times
I have been told Doug Hajicek and company are on the case. When I found out the news I phoned and left messages with Chris Murphy (British Columbia) and Dr. Jeff Meldrum (Idaho). • Found on
Paranormal News
Scientists Kurt Nelson and Jeff Meldrum spent five days with a video and audio crew at a cabin in the utterly remote Snelgrove Lake, pulling DNA samples from the trap and exploring ... • Found on Windows Live, Yahoo! Search,
DNA of American Bigfoot
Scott Mosbeck owner of the Snelgrove Lodge, 250 miles north of Ottawa, Ontario, .... Jeff Meldrum gave such answers to Dmitri Bayanov's questions: ...
Scientists Kurt Nelson and Jeff Meldrum spent five days with a video and audio crew at a cabin in the utterly remote Snelgrove Lake, pulling DNA samples from the trap and exploring ... • Found on Windows Live

Bill Green's Review of tonight's Monsterquest episode

sasquatch attacks 2 was great very informative just as good as part 1 if not better. thanks bill new_thumbsupsmileyanim.gif yes i agree i hope monsterquest does a sasquatch attacks 3 in near future. new_specool.gif - Exploring the reality of the Bigfoot Sasquatch ...
... sasquatch mystery ... a remote Canadian fishermans cabin located in Snelgrove Lake, ... Snelgrove Lake is situated in the last untouched wilderness ... • Found on Yahoo! Search

Sasquatch Attack in MonsterQuest in History Channel
Sasquatch Attack: That was a great episode!!! Thank you to the History Channel ... lake ... but I believe that the location was Snelgrove, Ontario. ... • Found on Yahoo! Search

YouTube - Bigfoot Sasquatch Snelgrove Lake Ontario
Video accounts of sasquatch in Northwestern Ontario.Ontario Bigfoot - Sasquatch Sightings - Snelgrove CanadaFor More Facts and Videos visit us ... • Found on Google, Windows Live, Yahoo! Search

Bigfoot Sasquatch Ontario Sightings - AOL Video
Bigfoot Sasquatch Snelgrove Lake On... From:YouTube: 00:59 ... Snelgrove Lake has some very interesting findings. Sasquatch Ontario sightings up north have ... • Found on Google

Sasquatch DNA found claims History Channel - NESRA
NESRA > General Discussion > Bigfoot/Sasquatch Discussion ... Although publicity to sell bigfoot trips to snelgrove lake? hmm...interesting. Exactly... • Found on Yahoo! Search
Here, there be monsters
... to uncover the truth behind paranormal creatures like Bigfoot, vampires (thankfully, no sign of Alan Ball), and, in tonight's season finale, Sasquatch. ...
Houston Today Three more Bigfoot sightings reported
Houston Today - BC, Canada
Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO research is still trying to verify three sasquatch sightings in Moricetown. “Since I got the initial call, ...

DVD Review: Beowulf: Director's Cut

Great action film!!!

This movie, directed by Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future trilogy, Forrest Gump, The Polar Express) is really well-done and well-acted, done in the same style as TPE, the CGI animation which reads the actors playing the roles and makes the animation very lifelike. We all know the legend of this story-Beowulf (Ray Winstone) goes to assist King Hrothgar (Oscar Winner Anthony Hopkins) to battle the evil monster Grendel (Crispin Glover). He meets the Queen, Wealtheow (Oscar Winner Robin Wright Penn) and falls in love with her, but she belongs to Hrothgar. He battles and defeats the monster, but Beowulf's credibility is questioned by the King's most trusted advisor Unferth (Oscar Nominee John Malkovich). However, this is not totally unjustified, as Beowulf is prone to telling tall tales. Beowulf's closest ally is Wiglaf, and he and Beowulf work together to defeat the evil monster. Then, the hero confronts Grendel's mother (Oscar Winner Angelina Jolie) who seduces Beowulf and they have a dragon child, who later comes back to haunt Beowulf and his men. Hrothgar commits suicide, making Beowulf King, but not before a golden drinking horn is presented to Beowulf and he admits he did not kill Grendel's mother, and he does eventually kill the dragon, but loses his own life. I would give this one 4 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed it.

Review: Monsterquest 11-12-08

This was a 4 1/2 star episode out of 5. Some highlights:

The Monsterquest crew returns to Snelgrove Lake to investigate the attacks on a remote cabin. Doug Hajicek and Jeff Meldrum are part of the crew. The Sasquatch is 7-10 feet tall, the size of a Kodiak bear, with 17-Inch feet and long arms. There is a short recap of the initial episode from last year. The first segment seems to be recapping the previous Sasquatch Attack episode, leaving the viewer wishing they would get to the new material. Apparently further DNA samples from the last trip to Snelgrove were sent to another lab. Dr. Gregory Bambenek is also along to investigate, as is Dr. Esteban Sarmiento. Doug Hajicek's son Blaine is also along, as they set up a camera system-infrared, camera traps and cameras inside the cabin. They also set up a blind to make observations and use camera systems. The infrared cameras are installed on the eaves of the cabin so as to not alert an animal to their presence. The blind is set up inside the cabin. The attacks apparently continued into 2007 on the cabin. Dave Regel was a member of the fishing party staying at the cabin, and they were the target of things being thrown against the cabin. Apparently, a hair was found on Regel's rod case, and it has been sent for analysis. Microscopist Jason Beckert is commissioned to examine and identify the hair. The first night at the cabin reveals nothing. Bambenek has put out radio transmitters contained in between pheromone chips. Sarmiento determines that there is a good deal of food sources in the surrounding area of the cabin. One technique being utilized is gorilla scent. More extensive DNA testing is being done on the Snelgrove Lake samples. A molecular biologist is doing the examination, and says even DNA a century old can be examined and amplified.The Dr. is using a different technique than that used by Dr. Curt Nelson. A local bush pilot brings news of a sighting nearby to the cabin, 115 miles away. The creature may be following a blueberry supply. The WIlliam Roe story is recreated very well by the MQ team. After 8 days, the float plane pilot gives the team information about the sighting at the location 115 miles away at Grassy Narrows. The team decides to move there. The hair collected at Snelgrove is being examined by Dr. Beckert at Microtrace, while the team at the cabin heads to Grassy Narrows to interview the witness (the place is an Ojibwa reservation). Helen Pahpasay and her mother see a large black hairy creature walking down the road, 8 feet tall, close to a blueberry patch. Helens mother refuses to ever return to that area. Randy Fobister, Helen's brother, examines the area and finds where sticks are broken off. Footprints were also found in the area, but the cast shows six toes, which Meldrum believes may have been made by a bear. However, after examining a bear paw print compared to the print, it is difficult for Meldrum to determine if the print is of a bear or of something else. There appears to be a flattened area made by a large animal of some sort, but no determination as to what made it. The hair found at the cabin is deternined to be a human head hair, bleached,
and the DNA samples are determined to be fungi and bacteria, with no animal or primate DNA. It could also mean the sample is too degraded to amplify DNA positively.

Sasquatch Triangle Tomorrow...

Don welcomes back to the show the lovely and talented Miss Diane Stocking, starting at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Poltergeist Girls Cryptomundo
Loren Coleman goes off the path of cryptozoology for a day to deal with poltergeists, since he is, after all, writing from the haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Remember The Shining? Were fire poltergeists at the root of the origins of the fire insurance underwriting in the United States? WE also bet you didn't know that Dead People in 1700s Were the First Celebrities.

Greg Taylor comments on a recent talk by Robert McLuhan (of Paranormalia) who points out that while there is usually much discussion about the dysfunctional psychology of the "believer" in the paranormal, not as much attention is given to the psychology of the skeptic. Ever notice how a number of skeptics seem to have had a Damascus-like conversion to skepticism after one of their beliefs was refuted?
More than 1,000 people claim to have seen the Loch Ness monster since a mysterious shape was first photographed 75 years ago. With photos and an audio story with interviews, including Adrian Shine.

Is 'Bigfoot' on the Loose in Woods? Waltham Forest Guardian
A fitness instructor says he was “stunned” when he saw a “hairy, dark creature” during an evening fishing trip in the Hollow Ponds area of Epping Forest in the UK. Not surprisingly park officials deny that a bigfoot-like creature is on the loose in Wanstead’s woods. Elsewhere, Bigfoot/Sasquatch Truly Exists, Says Team of Explorers.

A TV documentary crew in search of Ogopogo has found an unknown biological specimen in the depths of Okanagan Lake. Could it be a baby Ogopogo? The unidentified specimen has been shipped to the University of Guelph in Ontario for DNA tests.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monsterquest Tomorrow...

Season Finale!!!


Something has been attacking a remote cabin in Northern and it may have left behind a blood trail. DNA analysis suggested that the creature is a non-human primate. Now a follow up test will confirm or deny this, and the results could change history. Meanwhile, a new expedition, outfitted with the most advanced surveillance and detection equipment, will set up camp at the cabin and wait for the creature's imminent return.

9:00 EST/8:00 Central on History Channel. Check local listings for time and channel.

Review: Alien From Earth 11-11-08

This was a pretty interesting and entertaining special on the Hobbits of the island of Flores. Some notes:

Ebu Gogo, the Grandmother who eats anything.

First evidence came to light in the 1990'S, a tem of Dutch and Indonesian scientists.

Chris Stringer

Mike Morwood, archaeologist, examined ancient tools found by the Dutch and Indonesian teams. Tools that ancient should not exist on Flores.

A natural wall would keep animals and humans from getting to the island.

Liang Bua (cold cave) was a limestone cave where Morwood and his team searched for more evidence of the ancient toolmakers.

Bert Roberts of the University of Wollongong

A tiny arm bone was discovered 20 feet down in the cave.

Another year of digging yielded a possibly human tooth.

A prehuman skeleton was also found, suggesting a female child which turned out to be a miniature adult.

The skeleton was labeled LB1.

Fragments of others, 12 in all, were found. Pygmy elephant bones were also found.

Expert in paleoanthropology Peter Brown examined these remains and was taken aback.

The Homo Floresiensis has a smaller brain than a chimpanzee, and certainly smaller than modern humans.

Carbon dating was done on the remains (actually luminiscence dating) to determine that they were less than 30,000 years old.

Radiocarbon dating was also used, via Chris Turney, an expert in the field. This was done in an effort to give an absolute approximate date-10,000-12,000 years old!!!

There is a possibility of the hobbits being related to Hominins.

Ralph Holloway of Columbia University is skeptical of the Hobbits being a new species.

Tekeu Jacob asked to examine the hobbit, basically taking it away from the scientists.

He determined that it was most likely a modern human pygmy.

He eventually returned the bones, but the excavations at Liang Bua were suspended.

The skeptics offered that the small brain was the result of pathology which retards the growth of the brain (microcephaly).

Anthropologist Dean Falk is examining the Hobbit's and the skull of an individual who had the pathology to compare to see if indeed the disease could apply to the hobbits. The two brains are found to be completely different.

Paleoanthropologist Bill Jungers examined the skeleton to see if the pathology might affect the skeleton.

James Phillips of the Field Museum of Natural History also discusses the brain being the important element.

Mark Moore has examined the tools found in the cave, and is skeptical that they were the ones who made the stone tools.

The Controversy Continues. More on this special can be found Here.