Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bigfoot Roommate an Original Web Series

June 23rd hopsSquatch Features Dr. Meldrum and Cryptomundo Founder

Hypothesize This! On Hamlet and Bigfooting

North of Hadrian’s Wall, War Rages Among Loch Ness Monster Researchers

Unlike Noah, who left the unicorns and dragons behind, Dr. Karl Shuker is on the track of some odd beasties found in And To Every Beast... and their possible origins. From frogs with horns, leucrocutas, and FAB-ulous rhinos, Karl's got his work cut out for him. Next on our itinerary, Nick Redfern shares the tale of The Monster Of The Old Hall, a confluence of grail legends, hairy hominids, and some unfortunate geese. And if you thought ladybug dudes have it rough, Lee Arnold ponders Why Do Mermen Get The Short End Of The Trident In The Public Eye?. Considering their prevalence in myths and legends, it's time for mermen to have their fifteen minutes of limelight without hoots and catcalls from the peanut gallery.

Cloaked Bigfoot Encounter?

Cloaked Bigfoot Encounter, or infrasound, or just some natural stuff going on in the forests of Connecticut?
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Rick Dyer Gets Vehicle "Wrapped" For Showing Bigfoot Body

Rick lets guy see Hank and in return gets his ride wrapped.
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Professor: Evidence points to Bigfoot's existence
Nisqually Valley News
Professor: Evidence points to Bigfoot's existence. Idaho State University Professor Jeff Meldrum, Ph.D., compares the purported sasquatch of the famous Patterson-Gimlin film with a man in a gorilla suit during his lecture at the Triad Theater last ...
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Flag Day from the Southeast Sasquatch Association

May she forever fly.

New Destination America series looks for "Mountain Monsters"
On the heels of Destination America's series "Monsters and Mysteries in America" is the new series "...

Here's an early look at a mock-up version of the Aurora MK II airship that Jeff Meldrum hopes to launch in search of Bigfoot. It's more than a little Star Trek-ish in appearance but hopefully it won't be as loud as it looks like it might be, as a large buzzing, brightly colored airship hovering overhead isn't going to encourage Sasquatch to act naturally and pose for photos. Meanwhile, YNN explores the depths of Cayuga Lake and theLegend of the Cayuga Lake Monster, a distant cousin of Nessie who is just as elusive.

Bigfoot on Vimeo
May 5, 2013
Paranatural 2 : Sasquatch Planet, National Geographic, 2013 Is it real, or a hoax, an overactive imagination ...

Snowman: Unfound and unfounded

Scientists from all over the world meet in Russia's Siberia to hunt for the Yeti, also known as Snowman or Sasquatch, and say they ...
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Bigfoot identification

So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just" -Matthew 13:49 In the ...
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Finding Bigfoot's Vietnam Episode Submitted for an Emmy Consideration

Bizarre Zoology: Exciting Updates on the Oxford-Lausanne Collateral Hominid Project
Feel free to comment with your own ideas regarding this post! Please refrain from crude behavior suc...

Trucker's Secret Pact Regarding Bigfoot (Top 10 Trucker Sightings)

A 55-Million-Year-Old Monkey with a Human Face and Feet

Speaking of: Ape Canyon…

eBay Activity Board, RIGHT NOW
 Bigfoot Times, July 2013
 Bigfoot Convention

Man Kidnapped By Bigfoot Speaks Out

Albert Ostman talking about how he was kidnapped in 1924 by a family ofBigfoot on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Sightings: Bigfoot

A segment about Bigfoot on the early 90's show "Sightings."
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Two Bigfoot Events coming this weekend and next weekend!!!!!!

Bigfoot-hunting blimp? Symposium in Portland later this month
Bigfoot hunters who want to use a helium-filled airship to comb the woods for sasquatch plan a day-long symposium in Portland later this month. The event is a fundraiser for the Falcon Project, billed by organizers as “the most penetrating search for ...
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Estately: 11 Best and 5 Worst States for Bigfoot to Live

The Walking with Bigfoot Convention will be held Saturday.
Idaho State Journal
The Latest. Bigfoot convention to be held over Father's Day weekend. The Walking with BigfootConvention will be held Saturday. icon Posted: 12:55 am | Comments (0) · TV show selects local woman. POCATELLO — Sue Frasure has been a fan of the game ...
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DIMENSIONS: Bigfoot in Vernon County: The story goes on
Christian County Headliner News
Quite some time back I wrote a column concerning three Bigfoot sightings that had taken place in Vernon County over a period of less than a year, between November 2011 and September 2012. Recently two additional reports have been reported to the ...
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Bigfoot News: Sasquatch Footage has INTERNET BUZZING – Breaking NEWS (blog)
Ground control to Major Tom, come in Tommy Boy…. It's the “Real Queen of England” here and my flat has become Bigfoot Central. Today, my husband, Herol, and his assistant Jonas, sifted through five billion and two emails from my Emperor account that ...
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Searching for Bigfoot in Eucha
Over the years the public has always been intrigued by the unknown. One of those creatures possibly in existence is known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot. This week, researchers from a number of states will be at Lake Eucha to try to find evidence of a ...
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