Saturday, October 16, 2010

From 'Jaws' to 'Gums'!! ShukerNature
Dr. Karl Shuker revisits an account from explorer Percy Fawcett, the British Lieutenant-Colonel who disappeared in 1925 while exploring the vast jungles of Brazil. LTC Fawcett reported on many strange creatures from South America in his books about his adventures, and one of those odd creatures, a huge toothless freshwater shark reported to swallow people whole, is the subject of Dr. Shuker's remarks. Is it possible the "shark" Fawcett reported is actually a giant catfish, perhaps so advanced in age it has lost its teeth? Elsewhere, Joanne Bourne proceeds in her efforts to bring the findings of a Gallic investigation of reports of huge, hairy hominoids in the Caucasus Mountains to the English-speaking world with Translation of French YouTube Documentary on the Almasty (Part Two). And Loren Coleman announces the celebration of the first anniversary of his Portland, ME, establishment dedicated to cryptids large and small in Free Halloween Open House: International Cryptozoology Museum. The Sunday, October 31, 2010, celebration features free treats and, for those who come dressed as any cryptid creature, Coleman will be giving away free copies of his own Tom Slick: True Life Encounters in Cryptozoology or Patrick Huyghe's Glowing Birds: Stories from the Edge of Science. With images. Meanwhile, the trek to Halloween Jim Miles calls October Weird continues on day sixteen with another true tale from Georgia that starts with the discovery of 24-inch footprints in a swampy, rural area, as Miles relates in Skunk Ape in Paulding and Douglas Counties.

Nite Callers Radio Halloween Fright Fest
experiences. Thank you for supporting Nite Callers Bigfoot Talk Radio! ... Bigfoot Sasquatch Ghost Ghouls Research Paranormal Halloween ...
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My son and i out with TCSJRBIGFOOT
noise off to our right and i went up to 2000x zoom,Tim was nice enought to give me soom pointers on videoing in the field ... bigfoot wildlife ...
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Harry and the Hendersons intro (English)
in the Pacific Northwest who owned an unusual pet: a real live Sasquatch. While on a camping trip, the Hendersons found Bigfoot, and brought him ...
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Bigfoot Sighted on Taibai Mountain People's Daily
Taibai Mountain is part of the Qinling mountain range in the People's Republic of China, and it's the source of two odd reports today. The first report comes from a reliable news source and examines varying reports of campers encountering a Bigfoot-like creature on Taibai Mountain. The report is accompanied by what is claimed to be a photograph of an obviously female Bigfoot. The other report from the Qinling mountain range is a bit more dubious, having originated with an online tabloid, Sohu News, that could just be using the hoax story, if it is a hoax, to increase its online views. The story was picked up by UFO Digest and appears there as "Inexplicable Disappearance of a Village in the Qinling Mountains", with video.

The Strange Cases of Half Cat Mutilations Chris Holly's Paranormal World
Ongoing reports of feline corpses, severed cleanly in the middle and separated so usually only the front end is discovered, continue to baffle law enforcement officials and animal lovers across North America. As Chris Holly points out in this article, many possibilities offer themselves for the reasons behind these mutilations, but the fact that the corpses are found so far and wide around the continent would make it seem there must be several perpetrators. And, since there appear to be several people involved in this cruel practice, Holly ponders whether the mutilations are the work of a cult or gang. She also notes the similarities between the cat mutilations and cattle mutilations reported from many locations worldwide and the belief of some that the cat mutilations are the work of extraterrestrials, particularly given the surgical incisions and lack of blood and gore. Who - or what - has decided to sever cats, carry away the posterior portion of the corpse and leave the more easily identified front end of these housepets for their owners to find? Much more about the cat mutilations can be found in Serial Feline Partitioning.

Interview with Alexa Evans - Wildlife/Bigfoot Artist
Interview with wildlife and bigfoot artist Alexa Evans. Alexa is an oil painter, and wildlife artist, who has assisted numerous individuals who ...
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Footsteps Following Me .
me , off to one side . I never did see the source of the sounds . ... bigfoot Sasquatch grassman yeti yowie timbergiant skunk ape wildman treeman ...
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Enigma Research Group Survival Tips - Cattails
Survival Tips - Cattails ... Cattails survival "Enigma Research Group" "Lost Monkey Productions" "bigfoot field research" ...
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Don't Mess With Bigfoot, From "Success Stories"

Can you believe in Bigfoot and the Bible?
CNN (blog) - ‎12 hours ago‎
Carson Mencken, one of the book's co-author's, says more conservative Christians, for example, tend not to think too much about UFOs and Bigfoot. ...

People's Daily Online
Bigfoot sighted on Taibai Mountain
People's Daily Online - ‎1 hour ago‎
The striking news on the appearance of a Bigfoot on Taibai Mountain in Xi'an, Shaanxi Provnice recently spread among local residents of Mei County located ...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Black-Winged Things: Monsters, Myth, or Madness? The Gralien Report
Micah Hanks observes the similarities between the famous Mothman reports that issued from Point Pleasant, WV, in the late 1960s and other tales of winged beings that accompanied disasters. The particular event Hanks points to is the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster in the Ukraine, an event also accompanied by tales of a large birdlike creature with no neck and large red eyes. Were the Chernobyl reports influenced by book and movie depictions of the Point Pleasant cryptid and its link to the Silver Bridge disaster? Elsewhere, Loren Coleman presents commentary from Igor Bourtsev, PhD, Director of the International Center of Hominology, about some specific Russian and American Bigfoot incidents and research in Russian Hominologist Speaks: Exclusive Update, with illustrations. And Bourtsev responds to Craig Woolheater's request for information following the report of Bigfoot warring with bears in Igor Bourtsev on the Russian Bigfoot Expedition.

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Saltfork Trip Research122_000
Saltfork Trip Research122_0001.wmv
we were out on a mission to Research this park tim nat and myself as friends. we w...
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BIGFOOT$$$ Are You Ready ?
This is what the creature called Bigfoot's purpose is at salt fork state park,to protect the land of the original owners.The farmers that worked ...
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BIGFOOT$$$ Are You Ready????
Here is what Bigfoot is protecting at Salt Fork State Park.This is some of the places that the State of Ohio has taken from the residents of the ...
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July 3rd-4th Over Night PT 2
to the end and listen to the sounds we recorded ... Bigfoot Sasquatch Jeff Froggy Hawk Alabama Southeastern Crypto Society ...
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The mysterious deaths of cats across North America in which the pets are sliced completely in half continues to puzzle authorities. This report on the grisly killings originates from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, where three cats suffered this fate between June and September, and nearby communities had six such mutilations reported. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating the latest cases, saying the cuts that halved the animals were "surgical, very clean cut." There are numerous links to other reports of cat mutilations and other mutilation events in the collection presented on Craigslist as Serial Feline Partitioning.

A recent expedition into the Siberian taiga searching for evidence of Bigfoot-like creatures villagers claim to have witnessed has returned with little evidence to show for their efforts. The expedition to Siberia's Mount Shoria, according to expedition member Igor Burtsev of the International Center for Hominology, was doomed to failure due to the forest fires that swept Russia over the summer. Burtsev says the fires forced the "yetis" to move to another region where they are displacing the bear population. The competition between the bears and yetis could lead to bears invading villages in search of food, according to local authorities. Elsewhere, Jeffery Pritchett and Guy Weddle get the Native American view of Bigfoot as a magical creature, UFOs and Bigfoot, the cover up of findings, shamans and Bigfoot, plus much more, in the online broadcast of The Church of Mabus: Joe Fex Breaking Bigfoot. Meanwhile, the expedition preparing to launch October 31, 2010, in search of the Mande Burung has opened a new blogspot for those who'd like to follow along at CFZ India Expedition.

Facts on the Patterson Bigfoot film (Walk Sequence)3:57
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Lost Tapes Bigfoot

A trailer for the bigfoot episode of lost tapes. SUBSCRIBE and rate.

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MonsterQuest - Sierra Sasquatch. pt1

Monsterquest heads to the Sierra mountains of California in search of a Bigfootlike creature and uncover some potential video footage of the beast. ...

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    MonsterQuest - Sierra Sasquatch. pt2

    of a bigfoot like creature and uncover potential video footage of the beast. ...monsterquest monsters yeti bigfoot sasquatch mystery creature ...

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      MonsterQuest - Sierra Sasquatch. pt3

      MonsterQuest heads to the Sierra mountains in California in search of a Bigfootlike creature, along they way they uncover potential video footage ...

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        MonsterQuest - Sierra Sasquatch. pt4

        MonsterQuest heads to the Sierra mountains in California in search of a Bigfootlike creature along the way they uncover potential video footage ...

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        Facts on the Patterson Bigfoot film ( the Pathway the Bigfoot walked)

        This video shows the true pathway the Bigfoot walked in the film. BBI copyright 2007 to 2010

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        Looking at the facts (Frames from the Patterson Bigfoot film)

        In this video you will see frame by frame of the two men images they took out of the film. BBI cpyright 2007 to 2010

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        McKenzie River Footage Investigation

        Footage site to take measurements and do an on-site investigation. ... McKenzie River Footage Investigation Barackman bigfoot sasquatch field research ...

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