Saturday, December 24, 2011

The never-ending quest for Bigfoot
In a recent phone interview, Matt Moneymaker, president and founder of the four-man team Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO)—the leading scientific research group that investigates Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch) sightings—said they go ...

Have A Yeti Yule!
North American Bigfoot: Finding Bigfoot - The Game!

North American Bigfoot: Sneak Peek at Season 2's New York Expedition


Snowshoe WV Bigfoot, first ever 3D video breakdown of Bigfoot footage

Executive producer of "Call Out: Search and Rescue" show says Todd Standing's episode probably ranks as one of the most outrageous

This Finding Bigfoot ad in Entertainment Weekly probably costs Animal Planet around $160,000 U.S. dollars

Book Review-Raincoast Sasquatch by Robert Alley

Special Christmas Present For All My Readers!!!!!!

Presenting The Mysterious Monsters, the documentary that got me started on my 35-year interest in Cryptozoology and Sasquatch in particular. Enjoy, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Intellect vs. emotion
Tim Fasano starting Florida Bigfoot Organization, says his expeditions will be FREE

Jim LeBus says his team of survival experts can get the job done and prove once and for all that Bigfoot is real

Is this a Bigfoot grave? Arizona Bigfoot researchers think it's possible they bury their dead in these things

Just before Thanksgiving, two women headed to North Carolina say they spotted North America's favorite cryptid in West Virginia. Terri Bessler and Crystal Krieger say they sighted the creature heading up into the wooded mountains. So, would the Bessler/Krieger sighting involve the Eastern Bigfoot? Dale Drinnon has all you need to know about the Eastern Bigfoot, the possibility of relic populations of the Neandertal, the Almas of Eastern Europe, the Minnesota Ice Man and lots more, all dutifully illustrated, in Alexandr Fedenyow and The Face of Almasty is The Face Of the Eastern Bigfoot. And that leads to what's going on in the realm of television searches for the huge, hairy hominid, revealed by Oliver M. Pulumbarit in Still Unraveling the 'Bigfoot' Enigma. As an added treat, we'll throw in some natural history filmed by Thomas Shahan and posted by Greg Taylor at The Daily Grail as Aliens on Earth: The Arthropods.

Happy Coelacanth Discovery Day!

HorrorPulse – The Hammer Vault and The Abominable Snowman
Inside Pulse
by Robert Saucedo on December 23, 2011 What happened to the Bigfoot horror movie? Once upon a time, an entire sub-genre thrived on a healthy fear of a race of hairy ape-men that lived just beyond civilization. From The Legend of Boggy Creek to the ...

Reality show captures Bigfoot hunter's rescue
Calgary Herald
But his crew's experience with Todd Standing, Calgary's notorious “Bigfoot hunter,” which will be seen on the show Monday night when the program airs on the Knowledge Network, has to rank as the most outrageous. “What's happening in the rescues can ...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bigfoot Folklore & Forensics - Harvey Pratt

Still unraveling the 'Bigfoot' enigma
In the Animal Planet show “Finding Bigfoot,” the group searches for the elusive titular creature (also known as Sasquatch, Yeti or Abominable Snowman) and goes on a cross-country expedition intended to answer questions posed by the old, ...
Local Residents Spot Bigfoot In West Virginia… and 2012

Matt Moneymaker: If a live Bigfoot were to be discovered, caught and studied... [Finding Bigfoot]

Tim Stover finds dead deer with broken neck near tree [Bigfoot Kill]

P.S. Hopkinsville Twilight Language
More thoughts about the temporal links for August 21st involving Hopkinsville and Budd Hopkins. The other people links and "coincidences" include Bud Ledwith, the old CSI, Dover Demon, Hopkinsville, Isabel Davis, J. Allen Hynek, Jerome Clark, Kelly, Ted Bloecher, and Walt Webb. Elsewhere, despite a dearth of publicity, Champ still incites imagination and piques curiousity over the depths of Lake Champlain. A video report is posted at Legend of Loch-Ness-Like Monster "Champ" Endures. Most young anomalists caught the bug watching In Search Of... while the next Loren Colemen will cite Peter Grave's pronouncement of "This May Be The Most Startling Film You Ever See...." from David L. Wolper's classic The Mysterious Monsters. The topic at hand is the recurring imagery of the beloved hairy hominid, including a link to some Rule 34. Rounding out the bunch are a pair of reviews expounding upon Animal Magic: Paul Trout's Deadly Powers: Animal Predators and the Mythic Imagination and Pat Shipman's The Animal Connection: A New Perspective on What Makes Us Human. The books also touch upon predators of the imagination and other liminal creatures.

Title To Be Available As eBook

Bigfoot Expeditions: Who's the cheapest?

Watch Dr. John Bindernagel explain why the Cowichan Valley is an ideal place for Bigfoot

Monday, December 19, 2011

Todd Standing appearing on "Callout Search & Rescue" TV show on Boxing Day in Canada

First Episode of Finding Bigfoot Season 2 Featuring a Baby Bigfoot [2 VIDEOS]
Big Hairy Anecdotal Evidence
Man who spotted gunshot wound and ponytail on Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot quits website

AWOLNATION and the Yeti

The story of Saint Patrick driving the serpents from Ireland remains strong to this day. He couldn't have picked an easier place to perform his miracles because stories of those emerald shores being the antithesis of ophidians can be traced to the dawn of history and Richard Muirhead has the story. Loren Coleman continues with his 'best of' entries as he remembers the Top Ten Cryptozoology Deaths of 2011 whose invaluable contributions are recalled. Update: One more, Alexandr Fedenyow, 46, has died suddenly: Russian Hominologist Dies. Dale Drinnon, Finding Lost Letters From the Mailbag, decides it's time to catch up on readers comments regarding Makara, the Ozark Holwer, the Dobar-chu, and more. And at the Doubtful Newsblog, Sharon Hill contacted three bloggers who run popular Bigfoot-focused sites and asked them how and why they do what they do. Find out in Sasquatch watchers following Bigfoot blogs for the latest news on their favorite subject.

2 Events Coming this Winter and Spring!!!


Saturday, February 25
11:00am – 5:00pm Mountain Time (1:00 P.M. Eastern Time/12:00 Central)

Exclusively Online at

Speakers-John Bindernagel, Jeff Meldrum, Jaime Avalos, Jason Valenti, John Mionczynski, William Dranginis and William Allen Barnes, with a special guest for the Roundtable Discussion.

Pacific Northwest Conference on Primal People (Sasquatch) May 4-6th, Shiloh Inn, Richland, Washington

Speakers and guests-Bob Gimlin, Jaime Avalos, Thom Cantrall, Arla Collett Williams, Derek Randles, Kelly Milner-Halls, Igor Burtsev, Alex Evans, Paul Graves, Dr. Melba Ketchum, Ron Morehead, R. Scott Nelson, Ben Vasion and David Paulides.

All speakers are subject to change without notice.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Photo of the Day: Early stages of the Yeti [Humor]

What Randy Brisson is known for (and it's not his hair)

New Footage: Bigfoot in slow motion knocking a giant tree down

Sharon Hill's article about Bigfoot bloggers and why we what we do talks Bigfoot, Mormons, and Cain

Janet Winikoff starts off with a look at the Memorial Day experiences of some Bigfoot searchers in California - a video of the Sanger Paranormal Society's claims of Bigfoot evidence from the foray is included - before going on to document the responses, pro and con, concerning the possibility Bigfoot is real. Winikoff winds up citing the remarks of two heavyweights in the field of primate research, Jane Goodall and Dr. Jeff Melgrum. Dr. Melgrum was recently interviewed on a National Public Radio outlet, KUER and its "Radio West" program, and his responses were criticized by Brian Switek in an article entitled "The Squid and the Ape." The hour-long interview and an excerpt from Switek's critique can be found in Meldrum is Interviewed by NPR and is Criticized by Wired Magazine. Meanwhile, the Australian version of Bigfoot is back in the news, beginning with Revisiting the Mt George Yowie, a replay of an incident that was inspired by law enforcement claims Yowie May Have Been 'Most Wanted' Fugitive. Elsewhere, Roland Watson, author of The Water Horses of Loch Ness, continues to keep a close eye on events on the Scottish lake, like the September photography offered by fish farm worker Jon Rowe, with Watson's latest offering on the photography and the legendary beast of Loch Ness appearing in Final Thoughts on the Jon Rowe Photograph.

Retired USA Forest Ranger Knows Sasquatch is real.

Monster In The Woods (DVD Trailer 2010)

Bigfoot Territory: A Bigger Picture