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Fangoria Movie Review - Willow
Considering that the Patterson-Gimlin film clip of a wandering Bigfoot is perhaps the most famous bit of amateur monster footage in history, it's surprising that a ...
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Today in Bigfoot History | Aug 1st 1989 | Chimpanzee Pheromone Attracts Abominable Snowman

Bigfoot and the Bionic Man

Posted by: Nick Redfern on August 1st, 2013
“…What is this unnatural creature of primal instincts and mechanical parts? What role does the Bionic Man play in the monster’s origin? If one such Bigfoot exists, could others still roam the wilderness… or be manufactured on an assembly line?”

C. Thomas Howell to Lead Bigfoot Wars

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 1st, 2013
Origin Releasing is proud to announce the principal cast for its in-production feature film BIGFOOT WARS! The film – based on the series of best-selling Bigfoot War books by Eric S. Brown – tells the story of a small town that becomes the focal point of a brutal clash between man and a legendary beast.
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Meldrum on Fox & Friends

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 1st, 2013
Fox News host Brian Kilmeade is pretty sure that Bigfoot is real but he still can’t understand why the legendary creature doesn’t “come out and greet us.”
In a Wednesday segment on Fox & Friends, Kilmeade spoke to Idaho State University Professor Jeffrey Meldrum about a plan to use drones to find the elusive Sasquatch.
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Loren Coleman wants to know what you think about the Chinese tourist Sasquatch video and the footage of the supposed Bigfoot walking along a ridge. Loren Coleman suspects viral marketing and we just might agree. The first one has a very produced look to it while the second seems almost like a scene out of a movie. And both suffer from the stopping-the-video-too-soon affliction. Why would you stop filming when you've just spotted a Bigfoot? Wouldn't the natural reaction be to film until it's out of sight? At least those two videos show the subject relatively clearly, unlike this photo from China of...something, supposedly a Suspected 'monster' appears in Tianchi Lake. That's not what we see. In fact, we see nothing at all, other than a very blurry blob that vaguely resembles the outline of Mickey Mouse. Thankfully, this next photo of a cryptid beast is not at all blurry, but the answer to the Daily Mail's question, " Has the legendary chupacabra turned up in Belarus?" is a very firm "No." The "chupacabra" is actually a wild raccoon dog, a type of dog that was once bred in the area before World War II.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fantasia 2013 Review: WILLOW CREEK Makes Found Footage ...Twitch
Specifically, they are headed to Bluff Creek where the infamous Bigfoot footage in the Patterson-Gimlin film was taken. Jim is a believer; has been since he was ...
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'Bigfoot Wars' Rounds Out It's CastingScience Fiction
Bigfoot War Last month Origin Releasing picked up the film rights to the cult classic novella series 'Bigfoot War' and fans of the Sasquatch the world over ...
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First Bigfoot Discovery Days coming to West Branch this weekendOgemaw County Herald
WEST BRANCH — One of the largest bigfoot conferences in the state will be held in West Branch this weekend, as the first Bigfoot Discovery Days will take ...
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Today in Bigfoot History | July 30 1995 | The New York Times Reviews "Where Bigfoot Walks"

Karl Shuker shares a mysterious sketch and description of a Nessie sighting that was passed along to him by Loch Ness researcher Tim Dinsdale shortly before his death in 1987. Shuker is hoping someone will come forward with more information on this remarkable sighting...New Page Books shares a impressively detailed and comprehensive report on theirCreature of the month: Sinuous sea serpent, which includes everything from giant sea serpents encountered by ancient sailors centuries ago to modern-day captures of the elusive oarfish. And finally, Nick Redfern (who must be writing in his sleep to be so incredibly prolific!) takes a closer look to another deep-sea mystery: Cult of Mermaids.
We'd need just a little more evidence than smokey smudges on a cave wall to prove that this indicates proof of the "red headed giants" of ancient legend. And what happened to the giant bones supposedly found in the cave also? And while we're on the subject of anomalous giants, UFO Iconoclasts shares some tall tales about sightings of giant aliens, which were rather popular before the 1960s and the experiences of the Hills introduced the now-familiar "little grey alien". Also pre-"little grey aliens" were the sightings of foo fighters during World War II. Kevin Randle gives the details on a not so well known encounter between Foo Fighters and the USS New York, during which foo fighters were sighted and confirmed on radar and subsequently fired upon. However, it was later revealed that they were firing on the planet Venus. Or was it a Japanese balloon? It seems no one really knows what went on that day back in 1945...

Finding Bigfoot Returns Sunday, November 10, at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central on Animal Planet!!!!!!!

Check local listings for time and channel.
Sasquatch squad: Cast members of 'Finding Bigfoot' visit Bigfoot ...San Jose Mercury News
FELTON -- Of all the bigfoot museums James "Bobo" Fay has visited, the Bigfoot Discovery Museum and its founder, Michael Rugg, stand out. "It's the best one," ...
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Sasquatch squad: Cast members of 'Finding Bigfoot' visit Bigfoot ...Santa Cruz Sentinel
Excited young Sasquatch fans meet with the cast of the popular Animal Planet television show Finding Bigfoot at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton on ...
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Sasquatch videos create buzz for BC app
Two videos of apparent sasquatch encounters near Mission, B.C., are capturing media attention, but they might just have more to do with the marketing plans of ...
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Aliens, Bigfoot and the best of CryptozoologyHouston Chronicle (blog)
This week even more news surfaced that there could be intelligent life on Mars. A recent NASA photo showed what looked like a half-human/half-animal like ...
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Video: Is it Bigfoot or a bear hunter?
Bradley Manning? Anthony Weiner? Obama's tax proposals? Sure there's plenty of talk about all of that Tuesday, but what's really got KTTH and nationally ...
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Real Or Not Real (7/30/13)
Real Or Not Real (7/30/13)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Art Bell Returns to Radio September 16th

A Federal Law Enforcement Agency That Investigates Bigfoot Sightings?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 30th, 2013
Real life X-Files?

Sasquatch Captured on Video in Mission, BC?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 30th, 2013
But whether you believe this figure caught on camera by hikers in the Canadian wilderness is actually the legendary Bigfoot, or just a man in an ape suit, is all a matter of opinion.

Either way the sighting of the figure, which appears covered in thick black hair and is seen lumbering across the mountain top, has sparked plenty of excitement among Bigfoot fans.

We really don't see anything about this video that screams "Bigfoot!" to us. What we see is what appears to be a person walking around, scratching his head and jumping down into a hole. The way this figure moves indicates this is a human being and even more telling: this video suffers from the same early ending as a lot of paranormal videos of dubious evidence. The video simply stops before the "Bigfoot" leaves the scene. Why? If it were us, we'd continue filming as long as we could see the figure and a good 5 minutes after that, just in case. What would make these folks just stop filming so abruptly? Did they get bored? Another fact to consider is that this video was shot in a supposedly very remote area of BC. There seems to be quite a bit of what looks like clear cut trees all around, so the area's not that remote...meanwhile, Nick Redfern explains the The Problem with Werewolves, a cryptid creature that's had a somewhat undeserved bad reputation throughout history. Redfern says that the problem is that there are two extremes--either people believe werewolves are humans with the ability to shape-shift or people think the whole idea of werewolves is too silly to discuss. Redfern thinks both sides of the argument need a good "slap in the face" because the truth lies square in the middle somewhere.

Episode 218 - Bigfoot Discovery Project Show