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Patty" Is Not a Man in a Suit Cryptozoology Online
Recent claims that the figure in the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Sasquatch footage is a man in a gorilla suit evoke a challenge from Dale Drinnon. Comparing images, Drinnon argues there are anatomical differences between the image of "Patty" and images of a man in a costume created for motion picture purposes. Most telling among Drinnon's arguments may be the difference in brain case between Patty and a human. Elsewhere, Centre for Fortean Zoology Australia has a report of the possible sighting of an extinct "marsupial lion" carcass in Thylacoleo Roadkill in NSW? And the Australian team has another report that is an eyewitness account of a Mystery Beast Sighted in Hunter Valley, NSW.

Reservoir run off
short time.Humans tracks also show a straddle (gap in between steps) created by the hip structure of humans. ... bigfoot "sierra sasquatch" "jaime ...
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Willow Creek China Flat Museum
A slide show of the Willow Creek China Flat Museum created by Gail Packard. Includes the Bigfoot Exhibit. ... bigfoot museum ...
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11/13/10 Update-Salt Fork State Park
Weekend research at Salt Fork State Park. ... Tcsjrbigfoot Sasquatch Sightings Evidence ...
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Hair Sample For Dr. Melba Ketchum
a tree and it was about 40inches above ground level. I will be sending this sample to Dr. Melba Ketchum. ... Tcsjrbigfoot Sasquatch Sightings ...
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My top Bigfoot Books

5. The Discovery of the Sasquatch, by John Bindernagel
4. Know The Sasquatch/Bigfoot, by Christopher L. Murphy
3. (Tie)Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, by Jeff Meldrum /The Hoopa Project and Tribal Bigfoot, by David Paulides
2.(Tie) Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us, by John Green /Soul Snatchers: A Quest For True Human Beings and The Bigfoot Observer's Field Manual, by Robert W. Morgan; Valley of the Skookum, by Sali Sheppard-Wolford
1. (Tie) Enoch, by Autumn Williams /Bigfoot-Sasquatch Evidence, by Grover Krantz

Friday, November 12, 2010

Skookum - House from the woods.

The Bigfoot Tavern

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11/13/10 Update-Salt Fork State ...
11/13/10 Update-Salt Fork State Park

Weekend research at Salt Fork State Park.
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"Bigfoot" Profile and Eye Shine
Reviewing video taken from last year I discover a couple things I missed.
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Compilation: Fake Pics and vids from 100+ Bigfoot sites & Blogs [HQ]
Night-Ravens - Or What's in a Name? ShukerNature
Dr. Karl Shuker has been seeking the facts around both literary and mythological references to what has been variously referred to as the "night raven" or "night-crow," finding more than a little information from Swedish cryptozoological artist Richard Svensson, whose illustration accompanies this article. Known in Swedish folklore as the "nattravnen," the creature's call is supposed to be a harbinger of doom for those who hear its cry in most of Europe. But in Sweden, the monstrous night creature is believed to devour hapless travellers who encounter it at night. Svennson describes the monstrous night creature in this report. Meanwhile, Jon Downes of the Centre for Fortean Zoology shares a communication from the field as the organization's team searching for India's Mande-Burung struggles into the Garo Hills, reported in News from the Indian Expedition. And CFZ India Expedition isn't the only group seeking answers to the appearance of strange animals on the sub-continent, as Lindsay Selby reports in Indian Neighborhood Terrorised by Cat-Dog-Mongoose Cryptid, the Bhootbilli. Elsewhere, Nick Redfern, whose cryptozoological book Monsters of Texas addresses the chupacabras, travels to Oklahoma to film a news segment on the creature, as seen in Chupacabra Sighting in Oklahoma.

Episode 168: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show
In this episode, Mike talks a bit more about some of the latest news in the Bigfoot community
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BIGFOOT - Caught on tape with thermal technology
Bigfoot caught on a thermal image camera They exist, my uncle and many people I have talked to witnessed this stinky creature.
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Fisher-Price Imaginext BIGFOOT the Monster
A demonstration of the Imaginext BIGFOOT the Monster remote control toy from Fisher-Price. This video was created to accompany a product review ...
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Bigfoot Research on the McKenzie River
The McKenzie River, home of Bigfoot? Sasquatch Researchers descend on the McKenzie River Valley in search of the elusive beast.
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the messin with sasquatch collection
all media rights belong to their respective owners
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Skookum - In the trees.
... skookum the movie ...
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a November to Remember - from 1870 to 2010

Bigfoot Love
Fact Or Faked-S1E09 1/4by ParanormRUs2200 views

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Review: Fact Or Faked: Paranormal Files 11-11-10/Overview of upcoming shows

Overview of upcoming shows

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New Bait Pics.wmv
New Bait Pics.wmv
Here are some more pix guys with a top sound track to boot...enjoy my friends
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New Bait Ideas pt3.wmv
New Bait Ideas pt3.wmv
..................................................hell yea
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New Bait Ideas pt3.wmv
13 views - 4 hours ago
New Bait Idea,s pt 2
21 views - 4 hours ago
New Bait Idea's.wmv
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The RAMPAGE: Fact or Fiction You Decide Bigfoot

BIGFOOT'S bLOG: Brief Conversations Regarding Bluff Creek and the P-G Film Site, with JOHN GREEN and

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stories of the Vietnam Vets' Rock Apes Cryptomundo
Today is the day Americans honor their military members, past and present, with Veterans Day. And Loren Coleman has assembled two timely reports, complete with images, about what our fighting men have seen in recent theaters of combat. Beginning with the reports of hairy hominoids in the jungles and mountains of Southeast Asia, Coleman reveals how these cryptids impacted soldiers already on edge in fierce combat situations. And moving on to the current battle scenes that find American men and women "far from the customary skies," as Robert Louis Stevenson put it, Coleman tells of the large spiders of myth and reality, including those that our troops have faced in Iraq, and others from Africa, South America and the woods of Louisiana, as seen in Camel Spiders and Other Alleged Giant Spiders.

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Revelation 13 Podcast Episode 25 Bigfoot Encounters 1 pt2
This program looks at accounts of experiences with large hairy man like creatures
by grimrod71 16 hours ago 3 views
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Revelation 13 Podcast Episode 25 Bigfoot Encounters 1 pt3
This program looks at accounts of experiences with large hairy man like creatures
by grimrod71 16 hours ago 2 views
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Revelation 13 Podcast Episode 25 Bigfoot Encounters pt1
This program looks at accounts of experiences with large hairy man like creatures
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Bigfoot Busters Radio 11/14/2010
Please welcome our special guest on 11/14/2010 ! Link:
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1980 KCST 39 Alive Movie Promo Sasquatch
Promo for the movie "Sasquatch" that aired on KCST, San Diego on Saturday February 2, 1980
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...and a special Thank You not only to our veterans, but also to Golden Corral Restaurants for sponsoring a free Veteran's Dinner this Monday the 15th of November.

American Flag and U.S. Marine Corps Flag Pictures, Images and Photos
Correction for MNBRT.wmv

Interesting Note From Keeping The Watch Volume 2

Feed Station Video 11 11 10 Burger Patties taken, no ripped Foil 001

The Ultimate Throwdown

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Do Sasquatch Feet Show Celtic Toes? Cryptomundo
Loren Coleman examines the feet of some of the visitors to his Portland, ME, International Cryptozoology Museum and exhibits some Neandertal and Bigfoot tracks, as well, in an explanation of a peculiarity among toes. What can these toes tell us about our ancestry and the possible ancestry of North America's best known cryptid? Meanwhile, the depridations of a mystery feline continue to make news in India, as revealed in Bhootbilli, India's Ghost Cat, Strikes Again. Another mystery big cat makes the news today, too, in the United Kingdom, as seen in 'Unmistakable' Fen Tiger Spotted on Country Road. Elsewhere, Dr. Beachcombing brings up a letter posted to a New Zealand newspaper in 1878 that makes a claim to having encountered two extinct giant birds, but some evidence indicates the letter wasn't quite on the up-and-up, as explained in The Moas of Cannibal Gorge. And, a creature seldom seen in Nevada has made its way there for its first such appearance "in modern times" according to the report Rare Moose Turns Up in Nevada High Desert.

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Squatch-D TV Episode 1 (Bigfoot ...
Squatch-D TV Episode 1 (Bigfoot Ballyhoo)
Squatchdetective Steve Kulls takes on the Bigfoot Ballyhoo
40 minutes ago 4 views stevekulls

DVD Review: Keeping The Watch Volume 2

MNBRT Show.wmv
MNBRT Show.wmv
Great Show Guys check it out.....
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Lost Woods Reveals Another Killer Bigfoot

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Pedro Mountain Mummy and the Mysterious Dr. George Gill Cryptomundo
Here we have the story of the little people, the famous Pedro Mountain Mummy, and the shadowy Dr. Gill, who turns out to be a real forensic anthropologist and professor of anthropology at the University of Wyoming. Gill's comments on Bigfoot first appeared in paperbacks the 1970s, long before Grover Krantz published his first book on the subject. Did Gill have an influence on Krantz? More on little people in Peru: Spirited Away by the Faerie Folk? And more on 1970s Bigfoot sightings in in Bigfoot in Lincoln County? And if you are in London on Wednesday, check out Gef The Talking Mongoose Tells All.

A Better View of the Creature in Question .
What I saw is what has been caught here in the video . ... bigfoot sasquatch grassman timbergiant female treemen forest people yeti yowie ...
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Episode 167: Bigfoot Discovery M...
Episode 167: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show
In this episode, Mike talks about the Bigfoot Observer's Field Manuel.
49 minutes ago 1 views BigfootMuseum
Review: MNBRT Radio 11-8-10/Overview of upcoming shows

Lost Lake

Bigfoot Times, October 2010

Scare Tactics Bigfoot Returns
Scare Tactics Bigfoot Returns Episode.
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Something Interesting Looped .
. Watch the original video , and you'll see how this all happened . ... bigfoot sasquatch grassman timbergiant treemen wildmen skunkape yeti yowie ...
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Awesome or Off-Putting: Bigfoot Eating A Candy BarhecklersprayWhen most people see Bigfoot he's generally lumbering across a road, staring from a distance or getting really upset with John Lithgow after finding dozens ...See all stories on this topic »
Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO Bigfoot CasebookUFODigest... Gordon's Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook, which looks back at the year 1973 and the events that occurred in the Keystone State. ...See all stories on this topic »

Monday, November 08, 2010

Talking Squatch with Gene
background. It was a blessing to me to find out about his interest in bigfoot and his association with Dr. Grover Krantz. Gene is a very ...

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Kallana, the Cryptid Dwarf Elephant CFZ India Expedition
While the Centre for Fortean Zoology field team is trekking to India's Garo Hills and headquarters awaits word from the explorers, Oll Lewis presents other reports of cryptid creatures said to exist among the wilds of the sub-continent. Among these is the dwarf elephant claimed to exist by the nomadic Kani tribes of India's Western Gnats, a creature that has been investigated by cryptozoologists, but never found. According to Lewis, a photo of such a dwarf elephant, about 5 feet high at the shoulder, was taken in either 2005 or 2010. So where is this photographic evidence? Meanwhile, the cryptozoology world is all abuzz with news of a possible Tasmanian Tiger pelt having been purchased at a garage sale in the United States, and Loren Coleman has the latest update, with images, in Garage Sale Thylacine Skin Worth Thousands. Coleman also has a possible new perspective on a postcard photograph featured at his International Cryptozoology Museum following a visit from Fisheries Biologist Dr. Jason E. Kahn, with photos, in Mystery Fish Reconsidered, and features an archaeological find of historic importance, for more than one reason, in First Jefferson's Ground Sloth Discovered in Colorado.

Bigfoot Research outing 06/07 No...
Bigfoot Research outing 06/07 Nov 2010 Camp Postcard

2 day/1 night research outing at Camp Postcard. More stick formations discovered.
1 hour ago 8 views TheMojo1963

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Episode 166: Bigfoot Discovery M...

Reviews Nite Callers and Bigfoot Busters 11 7 10 Overview of upcoming programs