Friday, August 15, 2014

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It's time for another round of "Bigfoot or Tree Stump"! This time it looks like a Tree Stump is the clear winner in this Lake Tahoe video but hang on, take another look. That stump seems to have arms and a head. It's hard to tell because the glimpse is only a couple of seconds at most. So now it moves on to "Bigfoot or Creepy Guy Standing In The Woods"! Results are inconclusive. We await Phil's breakdown for more clarity. Let's move on from the woodsy mountains to the depths of the ocean and take a look at the mystery monsters of the deep, dark sea, where the creatures get stranger and stranger the deeper we explore. We've only explored a small fraction of the vast ocean floor and there could be anything down there, including whatever made the infamous "Bloop" sound back in 1997.

News Items 8-15-14

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