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Igor Burtsev, director of the International Center for Hominology, is leading a team of researchers who are setting out on a 10 day expedition in the mountains in Southern Siberia in the hope of finding evidence for the existence of the Yeti. The head of the Tashtagol District, where the search will be conducted, says that the creatures seem to have become especially active over the past three years. And across the Pacific, we have the Search for the North American Ape, Part 2 The Great Hoax of the 1800s.

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Roger Knights - Pure Genius!!!

Zenescope's Expert "Monster Hunters"

Washington Sasquatch Research Team 2009 and 2010 in review
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Bill Munns, a professional researcher, comes to the conclusion after a deep examination that Bigfoot is not a fake.
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This video show you the location marked in a map from Roger Patterson book. The location this map shows match the film site he filmed his Bigfoot ...
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those who would use the film as a personal vehicle. I hope that you enjoy. ... "Patterson film" Sasquatch Bigfoot Paranormal "Bluff Creek" "willow ...
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terrible . But if they are edible then I guess they would do in a pinch . ... bigfoot sasquatch grassman timbergiant tree man wild yeti yowie ...
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'Bigfoot' thriller to begin filming in Kalamazoo soon
Kalamazoo Gazette -
Milt Kligensmith / Gazette News Service Dreams destroyed: Gazette staff writer John Liberty will not, despite his efforts, be cast in the role as Bigfoot in ...
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Kalamazoo Gazette -
10 day Expedition Set For The Yeti
Ghost Theory
If you don't remember him, he is the Russian researcher that is convinced that Janice Carter (AKA “The Bigfoot Lady”) is telling the truth about her long ...

Night of the Howler From the Shadows
At age ten, a New York boy hears a frightening howling from outside his window in the night while a thunderstorm rages. He rushes to his grandmother's room to find her also awake, but denying the sound is anything more than the wind. With morning, however, his grandmother is mopping away small, muddy footprints from the porch outside her bedroom window. And two years later the small prints return in fresh fallen snow. Are the little people of Indian legend prowling the Hudson River Valley? And another presence could be howling, too, making it even that much more important that you have the directions handed out by Brad Steiger in his Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters and Beasts from the Darkside and listed in 12 Fool-Proof Ways to Detect a Werewolf.

Is This the Flatwoods Monster? There's Something in the Woods
Nick Redfern reveals evidence that seems to suggest a human hand was involved in the September 12, 1952, encounter between a few residents of the tiny town of Flatwoods, WV, and a 12-foot tall entity that emitted flashes and loud noises. Redfern points to the World War II exploits of British officer Jasper Maskelyne and members of a secret unit known as the Magic Gang. Was the Flatwoods Monster an updated version of one the Magic Gang's World War II creations, deployed by the U.S. Air Force to test reactions of the unsuspecting residents of the small town in Braxton County, WV? Elsewhere, Rick Phillips is promising something different for his blog and offering some recent UFO evidence in A New Beginning for UDCC, while Joseph Capp offers a suggestion for updating MUFON symposiums, including a sample video of what he means, in Changing MUFON's Symposium.

Chinese Lake Monster Cryptozoology Online
A video posted on YouTube purports to show a lake monster from the Zankejiang River as it flows through the small city of Liupanshui in southwestern China. Could it be a giant python? Meanwhile, Oll Lewis presents an Internet mystery of sorts as he continues to expose Crypto Cons. And there's quite a bit of cryptid humor, as well as Jon Downes and Nick Redfern, in the video presentation of Cassie Morrison's Cryptofilm Redux.

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An exploration into the nature of the Sasquatch in the light of the Patterson Sasq...
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I know it's been a while since I have had anything to upload. But I just started g...
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recovered a clump of hair and my wife found several foot inprints near by . ... bigfoot sasquatch timbergiant grassman wild men tree yeti yowie ...
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Nite Callers Bigfoot Talk Radio is resuming their Search for the American Bigfoot ...
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Bigfoot and the Trolls
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Klamath Views: Bigfoot Jamboree left imprint
Siskiyou Daily News
Bigfoot's Favorite Jams and Jellies are sold here. Of course there's zucchini bread, and Rene's homemade fresh pies. The tomatoes and peppers are beautiful ...
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Search for Bigfoot begins in Kemerovo Region
The experts are determined to find irrefutable evidence the Bigfoot (also known by the names of Sasquatch and Yeti) does exist. ...

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Here are some clips that didn`t make it to video.Bad lighting,out of focus,camera ...
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Bigfoot Sex & Me There's Something in the Woods
Nick Redfern has written a penetrating piece for Penthouse, the international scientific review magazine, about sex of the Fortean variety, including the sex life of Bigfoot. While it's hard to imagine when Bigfoot has time for procreation recreation with a gazillion "researchers" beating the bushes, bogs and forests looking for the North American cryptid superstar, Redfern must have some kind of inside knowledge that it actually happens. He doesn't let on how he found out about the monster's horizontal hijinks, but he does give a link to a blog post by one of the experts he interviewed for the article, Loren Coleman, who reveals more about Redfern's article, but little about Bigfoot's big score, in Penthouse: Sasquatch & Sex, featuring some titillating images. Then, apparently because he had no eye bleach handy, Coleman turned his attention to what he refers to as "eye candy" in Yeti Hits India, which also features images of a hairy hominoid, but with attendant automobiles and suitably dressed auto attendants. By the way, Coleman also has news and photos from the jungles between Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia where German scientists say a New Ape species Has Been Discovered, and from a fisherman off the coast of Washington state he has a report that wonders New Stellar's Sea Cow Sighting? Elsewhere, skeptic Cal Booker looks back at a story from a few summers ago in The Montauk Monster Eats My Cat Food, which we post here both because Booker makes some very good points and we like the title...a lot!

On this day in Bigfoot History...

September 22, 2000-The famous (or infamous) Skookum Cast was made at this time 10 years ago at Skookum Meadows in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest between Mount St. Helens and Mt. Adams in Washington State. The Bigfoot Field Researchers' Organization was the group that found it and cast it, and it is in the possession of Rick Noll. It has left scientists and Bigfooters scratching their heads for a decade now, and will continue to do so for years to come.

New Ape Species Discovered

New Sasquatch Artwork

Sept. 21 MonsterQuest Marathon

“Real and Chance: The Legend Hunters” ~ First Ep Review

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bigfoot Believers

Sasquatch still looms large, and scientists are intrigued

Statement by John Green on the Skookum Cast

'Sasquatch cast' makes a big impression on anatomists, TV

The Search For Bigfoot: Men in Bigfoot Research; John D. Pickering

In Search of SasQuatch |

The Legendary Sasquatch: Mysterious Creature Seen All Over Canada

Frame 352: March 2008

Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science facts - Freebase

Forensic Expert Says Bigfoot Is Real

Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science - VisWiki

Bigfoot a extant north american mammal -

National Geographic – Lousy Reporting | Oregon Bigfoot Blog

Animal X Episodes and Clips - Watch Animal X Videos Free Online ...

A Guide to Bigfoot Hunting - Evidence Regarding Bigfoot


Scientific Inquiry Into Bigfoot

Mysterious Creatures-A Guide to Cryptozoology

StrangeArk: January 2007

Almas: No Different Flesh Cryptozoology Online
Dale Drinnon continues his look at "wildmen" around the world, concentrating here on the reports of such creatures from the Caucasus, Pamir and Himalayas mountain ranges, as well as the steppes of Siberia and the western and southern wilds of China. With many reported instances of contact between modern man and the wildmen and plenty of images, Drinnon makes the case these creatures are human despite their hirsute condition and should be treated as such. Of course, mystery creatures are reported around the world, a point made by Scott Corrales in Mystery Animals: Yesterday and Today. Meanwhile, Linda Godfrey gives an excellent short review of Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters, and Beasts from the Darkside, the latest effort from prolific author Brad Steiger, in Steiger's Monsters, Critters and Beasts.

So if the Thylacine can be classified as extinct since 1936 on an island smaller then Texas why is it so hard to believe that an unclassified ...
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The Freeman Bigfoot footage

Bigfoot Patterson Footage Analysed


Bigfoot Hoax

Bigfoot Full Press Conference Video,15…

Weird True and Freaky: Bigfoot Hoax

10 Ways to Meet a Monster: Bigfoot

Recent Bigfoot Prints Found

Bigfoot: Man Or Beast? (1972)

Bigfoot Interview


Ben Matine Bigfoot Doc

Bigfoot Nocturnal Visit (Mysterious…

bigfoot and wildboy intro



Bigfoot Field Guide-Dangerous Creatures:…

The Everglades Bigfoot

Georgia Bigfoot Hoax Aftermath 8/20/2008 -…

Search for Sasquatch

Canadian Broadcasting Clip of the Manitoba…

sasquatch watch of va fox 5 news shoot

Sasquatch history 2.2

Sasquatch Mountain - Best Scenes

Strange Creatures Bigfoot Kentucky…
Tell Us What You Believed As A Kid

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We did a project on the four main selective processes of perception. Selective Perception, Selective Exposure, Selective Perception, Selective ...
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Brian Cundle

The Chehalis Project

Enchanted forest Bigfoot" Vancouver Island 2006

6 min - 3 days ago - Uploaded by darkwinglh
The MABRC is posting this video on YouTube for posting on the MABRC Forums for discussion by it's members. This video was ... - Related videos

The Secrets of Isis: Bigfoot

21 min - 3 days ago
Isis answers a boy's questions about Big Foot, while saving the life of a very large man in the forest. - Related videos

what would a Bigfoot be?

2 min - 4 days ago - Uploaded by GRandom187 - Related videos

Bigfoot in Siberia? - Buscar Videos

8 hours ago
Bigfoot in Siberia? - Related videos

The Thing In The Garden Trailer

1 min - 3 hours ago - Uploaded by moviemaestroten
Book trailer for "The Thing In The Garden." Put together using After Effects. ... trailer book thing in garden bigfoot amish horror ... - Related videos

Russian Cliff Sasquatch, 2008

3 min - 3 days ago - Uploaded by darkwinglh
discussion by it's members. This video was found on Facebook by the user "Bigfoot", the MABRC does not endorse this video ... - Related videos

Peguis Backroad Sasquatch, Manitoba March 2007

4 min - 3 days ago - Uploaded by darkwinglh
The MABRC is posting this video on YouTube for posting on the MABRC Forums for discussion by it's members. This video was ... - Related videos

Six Million Dollar Man vs. Sasquatch.flv

8 min - 5 days ago - Uploaded by poetabsb
série dos anos 70 aos 80 - Related videos

Bluetracker Searching For The Answers


Bigfoot Researcher, Matt Moneymaker - Founder of BFRO
Mike Green Interview
North Coast BF Trip-Vocalization Part 2 no music.mpg
Washington BFRO in the field
Reconyx Adventure Part 4 .mpg
Reconyx Adventure Part 3 .mpg
Reconyx Adventure Part 2.mpg
Reconyx Adventure Part 1 .mpg
Wenatchee Part 2 with Paul music
North Coast BF Trip-Vocalization Part 3 no music .mpg
North Coast BF Trip-Vocalization Part 2 no music.mpg
Wenatchee Part 4 no music.mpg
Bluff Creek Area Research -no music
Discovery day - Bigfoot The Living Legend
Short version of Mike Greene's "Squeaky" footage.
Witnesses have "psychological problems"
Daegling and the "Giant Hairy Monster"
Three Legged Bear
Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show: Episode102
Mike Green Interview
Washington BFRO in the field
Bigfoot Researcher, Matt Moneymaker - Founder of BFRO
Great North Figure on Blu-Ray, shown on large LED screen. 39,513 views - 8 months a
Please join us on Bigfoot Truth N Lies on Wednesday, sept. 22nd 2010 @ 8pm eastern...
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Froggy Dales Video From PA with aduio 50% louder
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An apparently recent (no dating appears with the article) addition to the Creation Ministries International website asks Theropod and Sauropod Dinosaurs Sighted in PNG? The website has sparked commentary elsewhere over the past month and has several photos, although none show the creatures islanders claim to have sighted. The site also includes a map of the region. In his commentary, Mike Gray, quite reasonably, says he would like to see something more credible, such as "a skeleton or other hard evidence." Elsewhere, Oll Lewis has the history of what he calls "probably the most famous cryptozoology-related humbug ever created" in The Feejee Mermaid Part One and The Feejee Mermaid Part Two. Meanwhile, scientists have uncovered something so large it's hard to believe they didn't know of it before now, as seen in Gigantic Spider's Web Discovered in Madagascar. How much silk would a spider have to produce to weave a web that spans more than 75 feet? And what other devious things are spiders up to the arachnologists haven't told us about?

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This video is a short version of at least 2hrs.of footage from my research area.That`s why there are still pics mixed in.The audio portion was ...
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Slowed down and magnified bigfoot footage in the forest.
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I'm back after a short abscence from research , and we are out looking for dens and any structures that could be used as a winter home by ...
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