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News Items 9-26-14

BFRO Investigator Records Bigfoot Howls in Michigan


Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Right Around The Corner!



Ohio Bigfoot Lecture Series 2014



Indisputable Proof of the Rougarou



Little Bigfoot: Pennsylvania’s Albatwitch



ThinkerThunker – Timbergiantbigfoot – New Discoveries!!!




Igor Burtsev on New Russian Yeti Footage



What’s Dr. Meldrum Up To?



Exists Opens on October 24th



SasWhat: Sasquatch Movies!



Analysis of Bigfoot Evidence from Summer 2014



Insane New Footage from Exists Bigfoot Movie



Strange how something that began like a horror story and ended in a tragedy is now the subject of a town festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, but then this seems to be a pretty typical human response to tragedy. Yes, this is the annual Mothman shindig and Nick Redfern, who was one of the speakers, tells all of us who could not make it just how lively an event it was. Unfortunately, there were no reports of the ghost of John Keel being seen, and no MIBs either…except for no-other-clothes-but-black Nick himself. Of course you would have come across a few wannabe Mothmen there, just as you can come Face to Face with Bigfoot at the International Cryptozoology Museum!.
Bigfoot Evidence is pretty damned excited and so are we after taking a closer look at this new enhancement from MK Davis. He's isolated a frame in the Patterson-Gimlin film that very clearly shows the bottom of Patty's foot and her very detailed toes. It would have been next to impossible to engineer a costume with such detail back in the 1960s. It seems highly unlikely that a costumer designer would pay such great attention to the bottom of the feet of this costume, since all the attention would be drawn to Patty's upper body and head. The debate over the validity of the Patty footage has raged for years but this new enhancement definitely strikes a huge blow in favor of the "it's real" camp. On a less serious but no less fascinating note, here's a list of North American monsters that need their own horror movies, including the Wendingo, Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp, Jersey Devil, and the Pope Lick Monster--all of whom have been woefully neglected in the monster movie genre. (Caution: This site is an addictive rabbit-hole of time suckage so don't blame us if you lose an hour or two here reading "just one more article.") 
Cloaking Bigfoot Bigfoot Evidence
Barb Shupe (Sqauatchin' With Barb & Gabby) and friends have a perplexing encounter with something in a Sasquatch-heavy area of the Cascade Mountains that was captured on video. As is often the case with Sasquatch videos, the results were even more confusing as the footage does not show the same thing they saw live. Barb and her companions saw a small, black "monkey-like" creature climb down out of a nearby tree and dart away. On video there's nothing but a strange shimmery disturbance in the air which reminds us of the movie Predator's invisibility cloaking method. Cloaking isn't the only talent Sasquatch uses in its close encounters with us dangerous humans, however. According to Australian Yowie researcher Tony Duffy, the creatures are sometimes very chatty...or at least in the Gympie area of the Outback, as he claims that "They're out there and I've spoken with them." Duffy not only had a sit-down conversation with one but also met the friendly Yowie's mate and offspring! Tony Duffy is not alone in his experiences-- researcher Jack Lapseririts claims that Sasquatch are advanced humans with UFO connections and are not only friendly and talkative, but are also here to help us. He also says that Sasquatch have two separate groups, the typical creature with hair covered faces and also another type with hairless, very human-like visages that Lapseririts calls the "Ancient Ones". Whether you believe him or not, at least folks like Duffy and Lapseririts are on the right track with urging people to begin conservation efforts to protect the endangered Yowie/Sasquatch, which is a lot more than we can say for these so-called "men" determined to kill Bigfoot in an effort to protect the public from this giant menace...that would never "threaten" humans if said humans didn't wander into their territory deep in the woods in the first place. This is an upcoming show on Destination America that we will share no more information about. Consider this a public warning to avoid it. 
Hairy hominins go by many different names, bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti, yowie, and Elizabeth Armstrong Moore wants to introduce us to Russia's almas. Andrei Stroganov says he has proof, and an admonition that these giants need to be protected from humans, rather than the other way around. Twice as startling is the tale of Sujith Lakmal Jayaratne, a Child Who Curses Like A Bootlegger, his purported past-life incarnation. Datapoints include anachronistic, and salty, language, his phobias, and pretending to be a drunk. Does this mean he was the notorious Sammy Fernando? Tara MacIsaac has the rest of the story so you can judge for yourself. At last, we join Steve Vernon along the windswept, gray shores of Quebec in hopes of spotting The Phantom Ship Of Chaleur Bay. When the weather and light are just right, one can see the ancient, flaming hulk plying the waves along the horizon. Just beware of any misfortune that may befall you upon catching a glimpse.


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News Items 9-12-14

Team Rogue On The Hunt For A White Bigfoot



The Lizard Man of Lee County



2015 Ohio Bigfoot Conference Speaker Announced



2014 Original Texas Bigfoot Conference



Alaskan Man Has Video Evidence of the Massive Bush Man Monster



Alaskan Hunters Come Across A Gigantic Bush Man Monster Footprint



Monsters and Mysteries: The Blackburn Files



Alaska Monsters: Central Alaska’s Bigfoot



Sasquatch Revealed Revealed



Gruesome Scene Of Sasquatch Destruction



100,000 Bigfoots in North America?



Strange Occurrence After A Bigfoot Sighting!


The Anomalist

September 12

The appearance of a very strange light in the sky around 6 AM this morning in California near Vanderberg Air Force Base is puzzling many people, including experts like the FAA. There are no ready explanations for the eerie glowing object that zoomed across the sky leaving a bright trail behind it. It doesn't look much like a meteor and more than a few witnesses (two makes it true) say it looked more like a missile launch.

I think the question is more was this faked by Photoshop or was it an actual fake Nessie put into the lake? Because if this photographer spotted a lake monster that is in full view and snapped a photo, the likelihood of her not continuing to snap photos until it disappeared is pretty much zero. Where's the before shots too? It's impossible to imagine that this is the only shot she managed to snap. And here's a quick cryptid update-remember that skeletal arm that Stacy Brown found in Florida? Turns out it's not Bigfoot's but actually an an alligator arm. At least we all learned something new-that alligator arms spookily resemble primate arms.

A high school kid known only as Steven reported seeing a brass disc with rotating lights on top hovering motionless in the sky as he made his way home from school one afternoon. But not only did he see the UFO, he also said he watched F-86 fighter jets chase it away. His story made the local news briefly but it wasn't until four decades later that other details emerged from official sources. Steven had seen something truly remarkable and it had also been captured on radar. UFOs accompanied by military jets are not an uncommon sight in the realm of UFO sightings, and continue to this day.

September 11

In an occurrence so rare it's only happened 4 times in the last 100 years, not one but two new species have been hauled up from the bottom of the ocean that do not fit into any branch of known biology. These two mushroom-like organisms are entirely unique, and scientists have no idea how to categorize them yet. They've been named Dendrogramma Enigmatica and certainly are living up to their title. We've only explored a very small fraction of the deep ocean, and there are likely thousands of new species dwelling in the depths that we may not see for decades, if not centuries, and it puts the concept of alien life outside our planet into perspective as well. If something this alien can appear on earth and we aren't able to identify it, imagine what alien life may be like on other planets. In fact, we may not even recognize an alien lifeform as life at all.

A Florida woman has captured bizarre, tiny moving dots of light all throughout her house, which are only visible on video and not to the naked eye. An investigator confirms her claims after shooting footage and capturing the same tiny blue dots. So what are these glowing orbs? Are they just that--orbs that usually turn out to be dust or insects? But these seem to be self-illuminating and also they are lit only from the front end, like a reverse firefly. When zoomed in, they resemble the well-known rod formations that have been recorded all of the world. The resulting investigative video report is very through and detailed, and apparently indicates that these little spheres have mass and are "self steering" like tiny UFOs...On a somewhat related but much larger note, Mysterious Universe takes a look at the strange and disturbing case of Captured in Midair: The Carlos Antonio de los Santos Case , a man who experienced an encounter in midair while piloting a plane, much like what happened in the infamous Valentich case. However, Carlos survived his 1975 encounter while Valentich disappeared in midair never be seen or heard from again. Carlos was enroute to Mexico City when he found himself surrounded by 3 orb-shaped UFOs that seemed determined to interfere with his flight. Frightened, he contacted the airport and reported what he was seeing. Radar anomalies were later confirmed.

Alex Tsakiris talks to crop circle expert Suzanne Taylor about the theories regarding the origin of crop circles and why she believes it's virtually impossible for every single crop circle to have been the work of very human pranksters. Taylor says if even a few are of unearthly origin, then that would be basis enough for an entire paradigm shift in our thinking. And if you're in the mood to investigate another famous Fortean mystery yourself and you've got a mere 2.5 million dollars lying around, you could easily buy this Scottish pub that promises views of the Loch Ness monster. It's not clear how they can promise you'll see Nessie but it's safe to assume she didn't sign a contract agreeing to that.

September 10

The Bryan twins talk to HuffPo Live about their bizarre mental connection, explaining that they almost always know what the other is thinking and sometimes what they're doing, even buying the same exact couch while shopping separately across the country from each other. Twin telepathy is very common and has been studied numerous times. Many pairs of twins report this "Twin-tuition," feeling their sibling's pain when injured and also feeling strong emotions. Some studies suggest that up to 30% of twins feel this telepathy and the illusion of separation. Some researchers feel that this twin connection may be related to the theory of quantum entanglement, in which electrons continue to have "complementary spins" even when seperated.

At first glance, this appears to be an extraordinary sighting of some sort of cloaked and "invisible" aircraft, or UFO, but with a closer glance and a very detailed explanation MUFON says it's actually two military aircraft in the act of refueling. Their positioning and very high altitude explain both the shape and the fact that they are invisible to the naked eye. However, the president of Night Vision Ops disagrees and says it appears that the craft is rotating, which is not exactly normal jet behavior. Triangular craft are frequently considered to be of earthly military origin and are one of the most widely reported type of UFO around the world. Meanwhile, an unusual UFO encounter comes out of Loganville, Georgia, as cable tv, internet, and phones are among the electronics to go off as UFOs move over this Georgia town. These UFOs were described as bright orbs that pulsated and circled each other while less than 500 feet above the ground.

September 9

What leaves a 40-foot-wide crater 16-feet deep and disappears completely? A meteor, that's what. Another one in a rapidly growing long list of meteorite crashes that is quite frankly becoming a little bit worrisome if you pay any attention at all to the sheer number reported in the media. This time, the meteorite was possibly from our most recent near-miss asteroid that whizzed past earth at a mere 25,000 miles away, which is pretty much as uncomfortably close as you and that creepy close talker guy on the subway who ignores personal space. And if a 40-foot crater in Nicaragua isn't enough to alarm you at least a little, then take a look at this: UFO mystery as 'flaming space rock' falling from sky is feared to be alien craft in Spain. Spanish astronomers and astrophysicists suspect that whatever it was may have been too large to burn up in the atmosphere and has crashed somewhere in the area. The meteorite was in the air and visible for so long that plenty of people were able to record it, so there's a lot of video evidence to take a look at. The video that's featured with this article is simply stunning. It makes for a very apocalyptic scene.

Asks the Herald Sun in Australia, mainly about its own country's efforts, but the question really applies to all of us.. Short answer: No, we are not. The long answer is: not enough of us are doing enough. But Keith Basterfield, UFO Researcher calls for UFO investigation group in Australia with a quick response team much like MUFON dedicated to interview, take samples, and publish the results for the public to see...Now here's another UFO question to ponder--What connects Will Smith to UFOs? There's no deep, dark conspiracy here, Will Smith is simply an incredibly relatable actor who's starred in extremely popular movies about alien invasions like Independence Day, the 90s alien movie that has single-handedly kept the TBS channel afloat with dozens upon dozens of repeat showings, and the fantastically entertaining Men In Black series. Will Smith has put the subject of aliens front and center in popular culture for two decades, a phenomenon called the "Will Smith Effect".

If you've caught a glimpse of something peculiar in the waters of the 1000-foot-deep Loch Morar in Lochaber, a documentary film producer wants to hear all about it! Sightings of the serpent-like creature date back to the 19th century and gives Nessie a run for her money in the giant water cryptid department. Meanwhile, back in the states, Linda Godfrey shares several encounters both recent and not so recent with another sort of giant cryptid--giant birds. According to the number of reports she's gathered from the past couple of years, big birds [are] busting out all over and not of the friendly, yellow Sesame Street variety...Karl Shuker tells us all about furry giant cryptids that have left plenty of evidence of their existence, but the question is do some of these caterpillar bears, bulldog bears and god bears of Kamchatka still exist?

There seems to be quite a bit of this story left out, mostly the parts that make any sense whatsoever. We don't necessarily think this woman is lying because she isn't the first person to report encounters of the X-rated kind, but if a ghost is capable of ruining your marriage then it's likely you have far bigger issues than that in the first place. The best solution here would be to seek out a marriage counselor...for the living. The clever nickname did give us a chuckle though...This NY Times write-up on the newest additions to the "unmanageable" lengthy list of paranormal reality shows, Theories from Ghost Asylum and Angels Among Us gives us no earth-shattering information but we found one quote rather interesting. Rosie Cepero, the "star" of TLC's new show Angels Among Us says she could "make a lot of money doing this but I don't. It's not about the money, it's about the message that has to be given." Fair point, Mrs. Cepero but you are featured in a show on TLC, the channel that infamously gave us reality show "stars" like Kate Gosselin and Honey Boo Boo and plenty of others who are paid very well for their time. It's safe to assume this show is no different.

September 8

Once again, a profile of Washington-area Bigfoot researchers and hunters makes headlines, this time being focused upon for their unshakable beliefs based on their own personal experiences. The stories of Bigfoot sightings in Washington stretch far back into history to Native American legends of "Seeahtiks" and then "gorilla men" and "mountain devils" attacking prospectors on Mount St Helens in 1924. Researcher Rhettman Mullis estimates that there are likely 100,000 Sasquatch roaming wooded, secluded areas across the US. Another cryptid cousin, which was once rumored to prowl parts of Tasmania in numbers even larger than that (and may still be doing so, according to some reports), was last spotted in 1936, when the sad tale of the last Tasmanian Tiger came to a regrettable but not surprising end in a zoo due to human neglect. The very last remaining creature of his kind, named Benjamin, died in a zoo due to exposure on a very cold night in 1936. Luckily, someone captured the soon-to-be extinct creature on motion picture footage before that happened, and we now have a remarkable bit of evidence of the last of its kind, but it's a bittersweet reward knowing that the last example of species withered away in a cage. Meanwhile, a Loch Ness Mystery reader tracks down the elusive missing film footage from the Loch Ness Investigation Bureau from back in the 1960s. The films do still exist and some have been digitized but are not available for public view yet. Nor are the thousands of sighting reports. Most tantalizing of all is the confirmation of land sighting footage, but sadly, that's been lost in the decades since then. 




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Bathing Sasquatch Terrifies Kid
Mount St. Helen’s Bigfoot Caught on Video?
SasWhat: Letter from a Skeptic

Cliff Barackman seems impressed with this very brief audio of a possible Sasquatch and we find it intriguing too, but wish we had a little bit more background information from the British Columbia Sasquatch Organization (autoplay of more Sasquatch vocalizations at this link) member who recorded it. Meanwhile, Inlander reporter Deanna Pan talks to 82-year-old Bob Gimlin, half of the Patterson-Gimlin duo that shot the most famous Bigfoot video in the world, and also Mel Skahan, who Gimlin considers to be "the best there is" among researchers hot on Bigfoot's trail. Pan also speaks to several other Bigfoot hunters throughout Washington state, follows along on a overnight hunt, and presents it all in a fair and balanced way with nary a wisecrack to be found, making this darn good writing and one of the best Sasquatch-centric articles we've read in a very long time. FIle this under "Must Read."

Yep, that there is indeed an arm. But of what? It seems too small to be that of a Skunk Ape or Sasquatch, so does it actually belong to a monkey? Or is it from a bear, which is what a lot of people suspect. The gruesome discovery has been sent off for DNA testing. But whatever creature this very small arm came from, it's definitely not from a huge, intimidating creature like the one that made these disturbing human-like sounds in this"Tree Shaker" video.

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Attenborough Reveals Yeti Ambition
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Today in Bigfoot History

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