Friday, August 15, 2014

More News Items 8-15-14

Texas Bigfoot Conference 2014

The Falcon Project Blimp May Get Off The Ground After All

Searching for Bigfoot in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Coffee and Science Keeps Bigfoot Research Alive

It's time for another round of "Bigfoot or Tree Stump"! This time it looks like a Tree Stump is the clear winner in this Lake Tahoe video but hang on, take another look. That stump seems to have arms and a head. It's hard to tell because the glimpse is only a couple of seconds at most. So now it moves on to "Bigfoot or Creepy Guy Standing In The Woods"! Results are inconclusive. We await Phil's breakdown for more clarity. Let's move on from the woodsy mountains to the depths of the ocean and take a look at the mystery monsters of the deep, dark sea, where the creatures get stranger and stranger the deeper we explore. We've only explored a small fraction of the vast ocean floor and there could be anything down there, including whatever made the infamous "Bloop" sound back in 1997.

News Items 8-15-14

Bigfoot Revolution Webcast - Optical Illusions

Swamp Monsters - Premiers 8/22/14 on Destination America

Bob Gimlin Does A Rare Webcast Interview

Megan Fox Admits She Believes In Everything!

Bigfoot Monster Mystery - BBC Documentary

Friday, August 01, 2014

News Items 8-1-14

Sasquatch For Sale: Death, DNA and Duplicity



Finding Bigfoot: Rejection Letter



ThinkerThunker: Provo, Utah Bigfoot Video



Bigfoot Wars DVD Release



The Best 50 Bigfoot Books: 2014



Mike Greene Captures Alleged Bigfoot On Thermal Imager 



Bigfoot Hotspot Radio Interviews John Bindernagel at Beachfoot



Megan Fox Admits She Believes In Bigfoot



Kentucky Residents Say They Have Evidence Of Bigfoot



Rob Riggs is planning to pass down his decades of knowledge and experience to anyone who wants to learn more about the "Big Thicket-Lair of the Mysterious", a really weird area near Houston that not only may be home to Sasquatch but also the location of several other incidents of high-strangness like bright, white floating orbs. Meanwhile, Matt K of Bigfoot Crossroads presents both sides of the the great Bigfoot debate: Kill Or No Kill and asks a simple question, Why argue? 
Sykes clears the air and sets the record straight after Matt Moneymaker publicly announced that Skyes' results were "meaningless scientifically" and that the testing was corrupt at the sample stage. Not true, says Sykes. He says he had 95 hair samples to test and none of them were from organizations, just individuals, and that some of these were just single hairs. Take a listen to this radio interview about J.C. Johnson's Terrifying Encounter With The Mogollon Monster, told by Johnson himself. The incident happened back in 1999 during a fishing trip in Arizona and involved "deafening" screams and rocks being tossed at their canoe. He doesn't use the term "terrifying" lightly... 

Friday, July 25, 2014

News Items 7-25-14

When Roger Met Patty By Bill Munns now available!!!!!!



Further Updates on the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up 2014 from Tom Yamarone



Updated Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up 2014 Video!!!!!!



Finding Bigfoot 2-Hour Season Finale - Sunday 8/7C




Bobcat Goldthwait Talks Bigfoot On Jimmy Kimmel Show



What is a Bigfoot Researcher? Bigfoot Revolution Webcast



Into the Woods - Bigfoot Documentary



Mountain Monsters Season Finale - Destination America Friday 9PM E



Dr. Jeff Meldrum Looking For Sasquatch DNA Samples



Bigfoot Skeptic Says He Will Kill Bigfoot If It Comes On His Land



Mad Magazine: Finding Bigfoot Rejection Letter



Creatureplica at Comic Con



Anomaly Archives Presents Rob Riggs on Bigfoot



Historical Bigfoot Attack Site Rediscovered in Washington



Mountain Monsters: Yahoo/Grassman Hybrid Beast?



Teddy Roosevelt: Sasquatch Hunter



Zoologist returns to Oroville for talk on Bigfoot



World Conference on Relict Hominoids Program



Who or what has been chomping watermelons on this New Mexico farm? There's a nice array of evidence with bitten watermelons, footprints and the best part--a video of...something walking along the side of a hill in the distance. It's bipedal, which is about all that can be said about it from that distance. It could very easily be a perfectly normal human. It could also be Sasquatch. There's no real way to tell without a closer look, but we do know we've never seen a Sasquach on a leisurely midday stroll out in the open like that. We'd be curious to see what it would do if they'd startled it. Where would it go? Would it run or hide? Someone hurry up and do a video breakdown!