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Photos of The Day: Bigfoot Footprints in North Cotswolds, England And Bigfoot Appears In Gulf Shores, AL




 "Impressive" Photographs of Two Bigfoots From Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Surfacing




 Melba v. Sykes: Calling on Dr. Melba Ketchum to Concede




 Indian Legend of Hairy Man (AKA Bigfoot)




 Comedian Bill Engvall: Bigfoot Hunters Are Probably Single




 Dad Captured Audio Of Possible Bigfoot Howling, Daughter Never Going Out To Woods With Dad Again




 Bigfoot Attacks Hunter And Steals His Horse (1856)




 How To Tell If You're Looking At Bigfoot Hair




 Dr. Jeff Meldrum Will Pre-Screen Purported Bigfoot Samples For Sykes Before Sending To Oxford-Lousanne Collateral Hominid Project




 Discovering Georgia's Legendary Altamaha-ha Cryptomundo

While Lyle Blackburn was researching a follow-up to The Beast Of Boggy Creek, he took a left turn at Darien, GA to scout around for Georgia's homegrown beastie. Lyle goes into detail of the legends and lore surrounding Altie. As one will discover, it's worthy of more than a mere footnote. Altamaha-ha's cousin is about to be hogging the headlines, according to Glasgow Boy. Late summer is the start of Nessie And The Silly Season when the teletypes and wire services are silent, leaving journalists to scare up news in any way they can. G.B. demurs considering the longevity and persistence of Nessie sightings over the past eightysomething years. The critters of Australia are no less strange than lake monsters. One felid has been making headlines of late according to Angus Thompson. The Big Cat Mystery Deepens As Zoo Keeper Claims A New Panther Sighting In Mt Macedon. A former Parks Victoria ranger spied the cat, giving her the scare of her life.
Approaching Sasquatch hunt as an academic
Sacramento Bee
Meldrum, who teaches anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University, might be the only college professor in the U.S. researching and publishing work on Bigfoot, or at least the only one putting his name to the subject. Meldrum brought attention to ...
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Friday, August 31, 2012

Listen To Bigfoot Bluff Charge BFRO Investigators While They Were Asleep




 We may have caveman genes but we don’t have caveman brains




 Check Out This Cool Presentation About Bigfoot




 Little Ghost Girl Standing Behind Ranae Holland On Finding Bigfoot?




 Not The First Ghillie Suit Hoax Linda Godfrey

Linda Godfrey reminds us that the recent death of a Bigfoot hoaxer isn't the first time hoaxers have attempted to fool people. Godfrey says that hoaxers of that sort are wasting their time and putting themselves at risk for no good reason, as hoaxes like that are not given the kind of attention they crave by serious investigators. Elsewhere, the question arises: Are these prints evidence of Bigfoot in the north Cotswolds? Bigfoot rarely makes an appearance over the pond, so these large barefoot prints found in a park are puzzling. And over in Scotland, Glasgow Boy wonders Will Kevin the Witch make a return to Loch Ness? Kevin Carlyon is a white witch and self-professed "Nessie charmer" who believes Nessie is a ghost-like paranormal manifestation.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Deadly Virus Outbreak In California's Yosemite National Park




 Pareidolia Exists On Mars Too [Mars Curiosity Photographs]




 I Was At The Shaver Lake Filming Of Finding Bigfoot Where There Was No Mention Of The Sierra Kills




 62 Year Old Yeren Researcher Shares The Secret To Finding The Legendary Creature




 Bigfoot Trackway Found in the Cotswolds of England




 The Human Side of the Randy Lee Tenley Tragedy




 The London Trackway: First Publication North American Bigfoot

Chris Barackman debuts the London Trackway Bigfoot prints and he is beyond impressed and has launched an indepth investigation on them. Many experts, including Jeff Meldrum, agree with his assessment that the Oregon prints are the real deal. One of the prints even seems to show a toenail imprint, which is unique among Bigfoot evidence. In other Bigfoot news, Phil of Snohomish Sasquatch takes A Serious Look Into The Eerie Screams at Hockett Meadow. He presents several examples of animal sounds that might explain the creepy sounds on the Hockett Meadow video and he leaves his final startling conclusion open to possibility of either a hoax or the real thing.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Bigfoot Movie Being Produced As China Unbans "Monster" Movies




 Here's The Official Poster For The Bigfoot Documentary Squatchin' Featuring Derek Randles




 Cliff Barackman Launches Website Devoted To London Bigfoot Trackway




 What Lessons Can We Learn From The Bigfoot Hoaxer Death In Montana?




 First Ever Researcher To Solicit A Response From Bigfoot Using Sierra Sounds



 Cliff Barackman Launches Comprehensive London Trackway Bigfoot Research





 New $2.4M Yeren Movie Begins Shooting in China this October




 The Essex Lion Farce Kent Online

Big Cat researcher Neil Arnold is annoyed about all the excitement over the supposed big cat sighting in Essex, UK and says that all the fakery gets in the way of legitimate research. He also says that the authorities aren't helping either, by showing up and laughing at the reports instead of launching a proper investigation. Arnold thinks it is possible that a lion is roaming the English countryside but not likely an African lion as described. He also thinks that the hoaxing locals might make a nice afternoon snack for a big cat...



Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Watch This: Motorcyclist Spooked By Bigfoot Tracks On Road



 New Footage: Colorado Bigfoot Filmed By A Couple Of Dudes



 Steve Kulls On Lie Detector Tests And Justin Smeja



 This Is The Location Where 44-Year-Old Randy Lee Tenley Was Struck And Killed By Two Passing Vehicles While Hoaxing



 Montana Man Attempting To Create Bigfoot Hoax Was Struck And Killed By Two Cars On Sunday Evening



 Women Bigfoot Hunters Don't Have To Be Afraid Of Bears Anymore Than Men




 Two Teenagers Kill Bigfoot Hoaxer in Montana




 Man Pulling Off Bigfoot Hoax Killed Cryptomundo

Nope, he wasn't shot as the TBRC has been advocating of late. According to Loren Coleman, this poor guy was trying to get to the other side of Highway 93 outside of Kalispell, MT like so many chickens. Even though he was in a ghillie suit, used by snipers, Randy Lee Tenley's friends insist he was hoping to pull the legs of some cryptozoologists. In happier news, Rachel Nuwer Celebrates 1,447 Years Of The Loch Ness Monster. August 22nd, 565 A.D. was the fateful day when St. Columba first spied the elusive lake monster and saved one of his congregation. Rachel's got a brief roundup of Nessie's history which really heated up nearly eighty years ago thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Spicer. Also in Nessie news, Glasgow Boy continues to ruminate upon The Lachlan Stuart Photograph. In part two, Glasgow Boy looks at the convoluted conspiracy that really isn't there. Many questions arise from Lachlan and Frere's association which make the prospect of a hoaxless likely. Get yourself up to speed by checking out Part 1 here.


List of Speakers at the upcoming Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference, October 5, 6 and 7.

R. Scott Nelson

Beth Heikkinen

Thom Cantrall

Ron Morehead

Lyle Blackburn

Ernest Able

Pete Buffalohead

Arla Williams

Troy Hudson

More speakers are to be added!!! Go to Honobia Bigfoot for further details.

A Cautionary Tale...


Monday, August 27, 2012

 Bigfoot Times, August 2012

Sasquatch Alert Posted In Local Campgrounds In Eastern Sierras




 Wild Man Seen Eating Raw Grouse (1893)




 Ukrainian Villager With Torch-and-Pitchfork Allegedly Stabbed A Chupacabra To Death




 National Geographic: The Truth Behind Bigfoot




 Sasquatch Alert Posted In Local Campgrounds In Eastern Sierras Bigfoot Evidence

We are being led to believe that the U.S. Forest Service has issued a bulletin with the headline "Sasquatch Alert" for the Big Pine Creek area. Has anyone tried to authenticate this? Well, we did and here is the reply we received: "The only time the USFS had a publication called 'Bulletin' was during its first years. I took a look and there is no Bulletin '7-12' and looking through #7, there is nothing that relates to Sasquatch. The USFS publications are far more professional in appearance (even back in the late 1800's). There seems to be a former USFS employee who believed he had seen a sasquatch and he may have been the person who posted something like this -- but I believe that was in the 1970's and that he was acting on his own authority." In an editorial, Loren Coleman asks: Sierra Kills ~ Folklore, Makelore, Or Fakelore? His opinion, in short, is that too much of this case relies on blind faith. And that's not science. Scare details are also a problem with a youtube video posted back in April of a large, dark and hairy creature running across a path in the woods of Northeast Ohio:Bigfoot Sighting or Big Joke? You Decide We've decided. If you haven't heard by now, Yes, We’re Actually Still Looking for the Yeti. All about the much more promising Oxford-Lausanne Collateral Hominid Project, which has been the focus of much media attention of late. Let's hope something worthwhile comes of it. Finally, in a lighter vein, the work of Ken Craig, a Washougal wood carver, portraying a Sasquatch family for the children of North Bonneville, Oregon, has been a Bigfoot big draw for small town.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Samurai Chatter: Have you used it in the field?




 Season 3 Hasn't Aired Yet And Finding Bigfoot Has Already Wrapped Up Their First Episode Of Season 4




 Go On a Chinese Bigfoot Expedition for Less Than $500




 New Reports Of Old Upright Canine Sightings Linda Godfrey's Blog

Noted lycanthropologist, Linda Godfrey, has a pair of old cases from the Great Lakes region which made her prick up her ears. For nearly thirty years something continues to stalk those frosty forests, stealing game, and frightening teens. The similarities are intriguing but is there more than one beast? Meanwhile, back in the former U.S.S.R., a potential Cuban import has made headlines. A Fabled 'Chupacabra' Or Mutant Fox Poisoned By Radiation? Hunters Baffled By Dog-Like Animal Found In Former Soviet Republic per Will Stewart's story. Since the photos are clear, one can be sure it's nothing so fantastic as a chupacabra. Of course a professional like Dr. Karl Shuker could wrap up the case like Christmas if mainstream media outlets knew enough to get a photo of the critter's dentition. Still Karl's stymied over the Mystery Of The MinaSkull - A Mislaid Bigfoot Relic. Dr. Robert Denton's surprising discovery from 1965 went missing, but is this a case of absent-minded professors or a conspiracy to keep sasquatch under wraps?