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Book Review-Bigfoot Research The Russian Vision

Is there a definite starting point with regard to the study of unknown animals? The first photo of Nessie? The first book by Heuvelmans? Or does it go much further back in time? In any case, the first documented cryptozoological case in the history of Spain is probably recounted by Roman author and scientist Pliny the Elder (23-79 B.C.E.). In the third volume of his Historia Naturalis, he mentions an apparent giant squid encounter, as told by another Roman naturalist from the previous century, Trebius Niger. Elsewhere, in Here Be Monsters, a reporter from the Guardian attends a lecture at the Zoological Society London entitled "Cryptozoology: science or pseudoscience?" Chairing the event was Naturesenior editor Henry Gee, with speakers Michael Woodley, Charles Paxton, and Darren Naish, who presented their crypto data. The three speakers confirmed that their modelling indicates there are between 10 and 50 large species of marine animals yet to be described. Of course, the real question was: How should science deal with low-frequency phenomena that might well be real?

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Friday, July 15, 2011

After months of searching a team of herpetologists at Conservation International recently found three individuals of the long-missing toad species and took the first ever photographs of the brightly colored amphibian. The slender-legged critter is only the second species on the “World’s Top 10 Most Wanted Lost Frogs” list to be found. Even more surprising perhaps is the story about a Researcher finding bioluminescent fungus not seen since 1840. Researchers from San Francisco State University have found new specimens of the luminescent mushroom in Brazil and reclassified it as Neonothopanus gardneri. It's not known how a fungus make its glow—and why it would even glow in the first place.

A twisted story of two dead Sasquatch, DNA that's human and some that's not, a vet who is closely associated with the Horse Genome Project, rumors of national security implications, cries of hoax, and much more. And then we have someone selling an enlargement of an old Bigfoot photo, although he didn't take the photo and doesn't know who did, in Bigfoot Photo on eBay Update, and the Huffington Post interviews former Sheriff Liston Truesdale in Lizard Man Reportedly Mauls And Bites Through South Carolina Couple's Car. Elsewhere, a three-part series on Cressie and Chessie: Part 1,Giant Eels of the (US) East Coast; Part 2, Giant Eels in Scotland and Ireland; and Part 3, Great Orms, Lindorms and The Rest of The World.

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A villager in Chengkou county reports seeing a six-foot creature with human-like eyes, nose, and mouth, and red and yellowish hairs covering its body. Then 20 days later county police came to the corn field where the wildman was seen and they found five footprint believed to have been left by the legendary "Shennongjia Wildman." Elsewhere, the video in New Bigfoot Evidence Filmed in Kansas looks like a man in a monkey suit to us. Then in A Monster of the Deep Nick Redfern shares a report of coiling water-monster seen shuffling into the Upper Klamath River, Oregon, in 1969. And University of Portsmouth palaeontologist Darren Naish's remarks on cryptozoology recently sounded like it could just as well apply to ghost sightings, according to Roy Stemman in Sea serpents and synchronicity.

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After the last installment of the series--Meaningless Reports Of Sea Monsters. Part Ten & Last--the Professor sums up his review of 115 cases. "Several of the serpent stories are very impressive to me as solid witness testimony --- BUT, I'm not sure about where to go with my guess as to what they represent... We have good testimony to a reality which is seeable, hearable, smellable, and affects the watery environment with physical force, BUT we can never catch it nor hold any of it for the lab. And you folks know what that sort of thing sounds like to me," i.e., the folkloric entities of yore. On the same general subject we also have Gambian Sea Elephant and other Sea Elephants, Art by Pristichampsus, and further afield in cryptozoology, a review of Monsters of Wisconsin by Linda Godfrey, the latest volume in the series from Stackpole Books, which just happens to contain "a wealth of data--from the modern era and the past--on strange and unearthly long-necked critters said to lurk within the deep and murky waters of certain Wisconsin lakes."

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Monsters in MonsterQuest

Review-MNBRT Radio 7-11-11

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China's 'Bigfoot' Leaves Big Footprints in Chinese Cornfield
A number of sightings, supposed footprints, and samples of coarse hair have hinted at the possibility of a bigfoot-like creature existing deep in the wilds of Shennongjia. Anecdotal evidence paints a picture of a very tall, bipedal, ape-like animal ...
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Bigfoot Filmed In Kansas?
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While palms are bare on bigfoot, not the backs of their hands. The arms are also of average human length not bigfoot. I have to ask who was dong the filming of this “history making” video – a six year old or someone with a neurological condition? ...
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Ghost Theory
Georgia Bigfoot Adventures
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by TGAPHtvRADIO Join Jan Allen, Dr"J", and his co Host as they search the land for the proof of the existence of Bigfoot. GBRI (Georgia Bigfoot Research Investigation) was started in 1962 by Jan's brother, William Lamar Allen and was taken over by Jan ...

In an email "EW" describes her encounter with something that "resembled a man with large bat-like wings" and eyes that glowed a bright red. Lon Strickler has no doubt that this Georgia woman witnessed a winged humanoid, most likely a mothman. "I will say that EW has experienced many of the same anomalous events claimed by a few of the original Point Pleasant, WV witnesses," writes Strickler. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman (Happy Birthday, Loren) asks: Is The Government Hiding Evidence Of Bigfoot?Which leads to another question: Why do people feel the need to keep repeating such silliness? And Dale Drinnon displays a 28-inch feather inThunderbirds in Indiana. Also from Drinnon: Re: News From The Erickson Project.

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New Bigfoot Evidence Filmed in Kansas (Video)

Monday, July 11, 2011

An interview with Charles Paxton, a fisheries ecologist and statistician at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, who believes that by using the right methods, anecdotes about mysterious monsters can become scientific data to tell us about human perception and the odd reports that science can't fully explain. Some key quotes: "If you look at the distribution of reported distances of sea monster accounts, they're much closer than you would expect by chance alone... I thought people were reporting monsters because they'd seen familiar things at a distances. But the reported distances are much closer than you'd expect." He also warns of misinterpreting a whale penis, which looks quite serpentine, for a sea serpent. Elsewhere, in Mid Atlantic Frogs, our historian of the bizarre wonders what it is some Irish monks from the Middle Ages saw when they described an encounter with some "exceedingly dangerous small creatures covering the sea." He doesn't think it was a species unknown to science, but more likely a confused encounter with some quite conventional animal. The question is: which one?


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