Saturday, June 11, 2011

Muddy prints bring Bigfoot researchers to Gibsonville
Ape-Man Home Invasion
A mountain lion that had been spotted around the town of Greenwich, Connecticut, is thought to be the one that was later struck and killed by the driver of an SUV in Milford. The usual "story" was proffered--that it was either escaped or released from captivity, as there is no native population of mountain lions in Connecticut, and the eastern mountain lion was declared extinct in March by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. But sightings of the animal have continued. Elsewhere, Lars Thomas spottedThe bird that shouldn't bee during a visit to New Zealand in 1991. He made a note of his sighting of a bird with an unusual tail and made a drawing of it. Seven weeks later, he sat down with an identification guide and realized that the bird he had seen was the Hula--a bird that became extinct in New Zealand sometime in the 1920s.

Cyclops Origins Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
Where do Cyclops actually come from? If there never were 20 foot one-eyed giants running around the Greek islands, which is something that even the most enthusiastic cryptozoologist would be unwilling to support, then what mythic need did they fulfill or what misunderstanding were they inspired by, asks our historian of the strange? The best explanation was proffered by the Austrian palaeontologist Othenio Abel who suggested that the Cyclops myth was inspired by the discovery of fossilized pygmy elephant skulls. Abel believed that the Greeks did not know elephants, but did they? And speaking of cyclops, the Bizarre, unexplained creature photographed in Mexico looks like a cyclops-eyed chihuahua. It's only a step away to ask, as John Carlson does in his latest post, Do Fairy Horses Exist?He talks with Irish author Herbie Brennan, who once had an encounter with "a herd of approximately twenty to twenty-five tiny, white horses 'no bigger than cocker spaniels'." It was Desmond Leslie, George Adamski's co-author on Flying Saucers Have Landed, who told him he had seen fairy horses! Finally, we have Dale Drinnon on Some Late Dragons and Dragon-Slayings.

How smart is a Sasquatch

Experts Say Thermal Image Video Likely Shows a Bigfoot

Herbert Jim

Finding Bigfoot - Florida Episode Debrief

Friday, June 10, 2011

Muddy prints bring Bigfoot researchers to Gibsonville

A group searching for proof of Bigfoot is alert for reports along the Missouri River, where they believe heavy flooding could disrupt the legendary creature’s normal comings and goings. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization investigates sightings and looks for patterns, and one pattern, says Rachel Luffman, a BFRO investigator, is clear: where there’s water, there’s Bigfoot. This story set off skeptic Sharon Hill who sees this as further evidence of Bigfoot researchers making big leaps. She says she is fed up with Bigfoot proponents pulling “facts” out of thin air and telling us what Bigfoot likes and doesn’t like, where he sleeps at night, how he avoids detection, how he communicates. "HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SAY IS FACT?" she screams in all caps. "Show me the data! Publish it! Open it to review by biologists and take your lumps." Of course, they are not facts, but reasonable deductions from the evidence at hand. Nothing short of a body will convince Sharon Hill.

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Jack Links Commercial- Wanna Ride

Guys in a pick-up piss off sasquatch and sasquatch throws the guy out of the truck. ... truck pick-up sasquatch Jack Links beef jerkey commercial

Jack Links Commercial- Cold One

The golfers piss off sasquatch by giving him a shooken up can of beer and sasquatch owns them. ... Jack Links Beef Jerky commercial golf cart beer ...

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