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Link on Joedy Cook

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Also according to information from Daniel Perez's Bigfoot Times newsletter, due to family health problems, David Murphy, author of the upcoming biography on Roger Patterson, has pushed the publication date of that volume back to 2008, which means it will not come out in time to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Patterson/Gimlin Movie. The biography is authorized by Mrs. Patricia Patterson and Bob Gimlin, and the source material is from Mrs. Patterson herself.

Couple of News Items First...

According to information from Daniel Perez's Bigfoot Times newsletter, Christopher L. Murphy is updating his new classic Meet The Sasquatch to include biographies on Peter Byrne and Robert W. Morgan.
Scientists Say 'Hobbit' Was Not Modern Human

the Achilles tendon
Man - Monkey

Mysterious Kentucky.

Review: Let's Talk Bigfoot 9-19-07

Sam Rich (Bittermonk), a Matthew McConaughey soundalike, sat in for Melissa, and co-hosted with Teresa Hall and talked to Gerald McCraney soundalike Scott Schubbe, who discussed tracks and how to cast them, activity that has occurred on his territory, experiences that his friends have also had, his tips on casting and various other things. He answered questions from a fellow named Jeff, as well as questions from the chat. Great show. The next program will have Ron Morehead of the Sierra Sounds fame, at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central, at the link to the right. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: The Sasquatch Triangle 9-20-07

Scott "'Squatch" Herriott was the guest and was a great one. He discussed several things, such as his encounter in 1992, his evaluation of the state of Bigfooting today, his various documentaries and of course, a rather sore subject for Scott, the Patterson/Gimlin Movie (which he leans in the direction of being a hoax). Callers were Eric Altman and Steve Kulls, who had some great questions for Scott pertaining to his encounter and videotape. Don also made the announcement that he will NOT be discontinuing the Sasquatch Triangle, that it will continue on every Thursday night at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central, and Don's next guest, after this great show, will be John Horrigan, organizer of the upcoming Mass Monster Mash. Click the link to the right to access the show next Thursday night, and continue to tune in and support great research.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Expedition: New Orang Pendek Discovery

Global Warming and Ancient Gnostic Research

Sasquatch Triangle Tonight...

Don's guest will be former stand-up comedian/documentarian/Bigfooter Scott "'Squatch" Herriott, at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at the link to the right. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Cryptomundo Headlines

Cryptozoology’s Subdivisions

The Best Evidence: Patterson-Gimlin Footage

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Full and Revised Schedule for The Sasquatch Experience October 2007

October 7-John Green
October 12-2-Hour Celebration for our 1-Year Anniversary!!!
October 14-Remembering Grover Krantz w/Richard Noll (T)
October 20-40th-Anniversary Patterson/Gimlin Movie Celebration Part 1 with M.K. Davis
October 21-40th-Anniversary Patterson/Gimlin Movie Celebration Part 2
October 23-Remembering Rene Dahinden
October 28-Panel Discussion on the Four Horsemen of Sasquatchery, Roger Patterson, Bob Gimlin, Bob Titmus and Al Hodgson with Bobbie Short and Larry Lund (T)

Join us for this special month of programs. Times will be 9:00 EST/8:00 Central except for our October 12th show, which will run from 8:00 EST/7:00 Central to 10:00 EST/9:00 Central.
Seekers of ivory-billed woodpecker have gone out on a costly limb

News about John Green

It is indeed true that "Mr. Sasquatch" (and one of the nicest guys you can run across in this field of inquiry) has prostate cancer. This is a sad turn of events, as many of us can credit John with getting us started in active research, and a lot of us consider John a mentor, a friend and a colleague and would love for him to be around for many more years, but he is 80 years old and only has so many years left in his life. We should all remember to keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers, and just try to keep a positive attitude and know that John has led a very full life.

Cryptomundo/Anomalous Headlines

Black Mystery Cats Terrorize Oz

A Pig in Sheep's Clothing?

Skeptic James Randi Remains Doggedly Opposed to Any Claims of the Paranormal

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Let's Talk Bigfoot Tonight.../Special Announcement Concerning John Green

Melissa will be away from her computer and cell phone, so Teresa will have a guest-co-host to sit in for Melissa, Sam "Bittermonk" Rich, and they will be talking to Scott Schubbe (Scotto on Bigfoot Forums and the Search For Bigfoot Forum). The show begins at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central at the link to the right. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

John Green’s Health

Review: The XZone 9-18-07

Rob had in his second hour Paranormal Investigator John Horrigan, who discussed the upcoming Mass Monster Mash, as well as some of the speakers attending the event. Bill Green called in and asked John about any other Cryptozoological speakers besides Don Keating and Loren Coleman. Then, Don himself called in and he and John discussed their longtime friendship as well as Don's part in the upcoming conference, as well as the white entity filmed accidentally by Don in 1992 (Rob expressed interest in having Don on his show later this week sometime). Then, I sent an e-mail question in about John's opinion of out-of-place big cats. The second half of the show entailed the UFO Conference that will be held the Friday night before the Mass Monster Mash. It was a great show, full of great info. I will be announcing as soon as I find out Don's appearance on the XZone later this week.

Fall Is Conference Season!!!

No, not College Football, Paranormal Conferences!
First, on October 13th, in Watertown, Massachusetts, John Horrigan is holding the 2nd Annual Mass Monster Mash, with several speakers discussing various topics as ghosts, strange creatures, UFO's and other subjects. Two featured speakers from the world of Cryptozoology, Don Keating and Loren Coleman will be part of it. Information on that particular conference can be found at

Then, on October 20th, the 40th Anniversary of the Patterson/Gimlin Movie, in place of the recently cancelled symposium, "Singin'" Tom Yamarone will organize a get-together in Willow Creek, California at the VFW Hall to celebrate that event. Tom will be featured as musical entertainment, along with speakers Daniel Perez, James "Bobo" Fay, Cliff Barackman, David Murphy and Scott MacClean. Information on that event can be found
  • Here

  • Finally, Craig Woolheater is organizing the 6th Annual Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson, Texas on November 10th. The featured speakers at this event will be Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Dr. Henner Fahrenbach, Kathy Strain, Richard Noll, Alton Higgins, Peter Aniello and a late addition, Dr. Duane Schlitter. Full of information on this event can be found
  • Here

  • Cost for the Mass Monster Mash is $25.00; cost for the P/G Movie get-together is also $25.00, including a catered BBQ lunch and cost for the Texas Bigfoot Conference varies, but the least expensive price is $15.00 at the door, and the most expensive price is $55.00, which covers reserved seating, lunch Saturday at the event, the catered BBQ dinner the night after the Conference and other things. So get out there and support our friends putting together what I like to call Conference Season!!!

    XZone Show of Interest Tonight

    11 pm – 12 am Eastern / 8 pm – 9 pm Pacific

    JOHN HORRIGAN - MASS MONSTER MASH Paranormal Infotainment that puts the fright back into Halloween! EVENT DETAILS FOR THE 2007 MASS MONSTER MASH Four Outstanding Researchers Set To Speak On Paranormal Phenomena Watertown, MA -- When darkness falls on Saturday, the 13th of October, 2007, and if fate is on your side, you could be lucky enough to get a ticket to hear four experts speak about unexplained phenomena at the Hibernian Hall in Watertown, Massachusetts. You are hereby invited to come hear about some unusual encounters and unexplained incidents that have taken place in the Northeastern United States , for the "Mass Monster Mash" is holding its second annual pre-Halloween paranormal conference!

    Paleo Primer #1: Gigantopithecus

    Bigfoot’s Steatopygia

    For The Reporter

    Review: Squatch Detective Radio 9-17-07

    Bigfoot Mystery's host Thunderhawk was supposed to be the guest of Steve and Billy, but he did not make it, so Billy and Steve, encountering some technical problems due to the new Blog Talk Radio server, made it an open-mic show, discussing different topics such as the Museum of Hoaxes Website which includes the Patterson/Gimlin Movie as one of the hoaxes, first going with the John Landis story, then to Bob Heironimus' tall tales. Steve has invited the webmaster of that site onto the show for October 1st. The bulk of the first half discussed the different legends of Bigfoot, including the story of Jacko, the supposedly captured Sasquatch in 1884 in Yale, British Columbia. The second half was dedicated to a caller named Dan Gordon, who was a former police officer that saw a Sasquatch in 1982 near Whitehall, New York. Bill Green was also brought on by Billy Willard and congratulated Steve on his one-year anniversary, which that show will be next week, with guest Sean Forker. This was a great show. The next show is next Monday at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central and will run for two hours, and can be found at the link to the right. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

    Texas Bigfoot Tidbits

    Sunday, September 16, 2007

    Full October 2007 Schedule for The Sasquatch Experience

    (Editor's Note: Bob Gimlin will not be joining us October 7th, as he does not do interviews out of respect to his wife. For our October 14th show, we may have Rick Noll on to help with our tribute to Dr. Krantz. For our October 28th show, we may try to get Bobbie Short, Larry Lund and Esther Schritter for the roundtable discussion. We hope you will tune in and support great research.)

    Big Foot Notes Volume 2, Number 2

    Inside this Issue:
    Profiles Pg 2
    Radio Notes Pg 2
    “Challenges” (con’t) Pg 3
    The Symposium Pg 3
    escAPEe's Hideaway Pg 4
    Thoughts Pg 5
    A personal note… Pg 5
    Web Resources Pg 6
    Big Foot Notes
    The Official Publication of Volume 2 Issue 2
    Spring - Summer
    Well it was a cold
    April in New York’s Adirondack
    Park, host of the
    Spring NESRA expedition.
    Typically in the high 30’s
    for the time of year at the
    coldest, the NESRA Team
    was treated to lows in the
    teens for the 3 day expedition
    to the 6 million plus
    acre park.
    The expedition
    was held in an area of the
    park plagued with
    Sasquatch sightings over
    the last three decades.
    Unfortunately, the Squatches were hiding from
    the cold weather, as most people were. Pheremones listening
    stations and night vision and thermal detection
    were used but produced no conclusive results although it
    was a great outing and fun was had by all.
    The NESRA Spring Expedition.
    Challenges of the 21st Century
    Recently Discovered & Unknown
    New Guinea (2006)
    Unknown Cat Species
    Borneo (2005)
    Snake (name not available)
    Bolivia (2003)
    Bigfoot Hot Line: (518) 663 - 4487
    Report Encounters or Press Inquiries
    A contemporary look at the Bigfoot Mystery - by Steve Kulls
    As we approach the
    40th Anniversary of the Patterson
    Film it leads to a lot
    of speculation, at least to
    me as to what has the last
    40 years brought us in
    terms of research and discovery
    of this magnificent
    The mystery itself
    began in the public eye
    eleven years earlier with the
    track discoveries of Jerry
    Crew on a construction site
    being run by Ray Wallace.
    That in of itself has its issues,
    although, John Green
    has dispensed my initial
    thoughts that Wallace had
    anything to do with those
    tracks it does lead to some
    interesting speculation. As
    an investigator it would be
    Irresponsible of me
    to discount the motives
    belief a possible
    hoax in that
    But if we are
    to put that particular
    case aside, and
    focus on events
    since then it becomes
    more palatable
    and tangible
    that a large primate
    walks the forests of North
    Now a lot of folks
    here may consider it blasphemy
    to state the following,
    but the Patterson film
    is no longer current
    events, nor should we
    consider it our number
    one piece of evidence
    when examining this mystery.
    Not withstanding I
    do hold the film meritoriously,
    as I feel the whole
    Heironomus story a bit
    thick to chew.
    But after forty
    years one would think we
    as a research community
    would have more than just
    (continued on page 3)
    (347) 996 -5800 - Call In Number
    Mondays 9:00 PM (Eastern Time)
    What People Are Saying:
    I just wanted to drop you a line to
    let you know that I download all
    your pod casts and they help me
    get though the night as a baker.
    Glad to see you back in the saddle
    - “Scottie”
    Check out the all new enhanced
    show page as we bring the mystery
    to your home every week!
    Visit or at
    for more info.
    The Squatchdetective has been
    taking some flack from a small few for
    belonging to this co-op of organizations,
    nonetheless, the Squatchdetective remains
    vehement in the project’s, integrity and
    N.A.P.E is a cooperative effort
    between Searching For Bigfoot, Inc, The
    Pangea Institute, Granite State Paranormal, and MK Davis.
    It was formed for several reasons.
    The reasons are simple, first is to educate
    folks about what we do in research, and
    how to properly go about research while
    maintaining the integrity of forensics,
    proper interview techniques, knowledge
    about origins of apes and where this creature
    may fit in the evolutionary chain of
    Profiles - The North American Primate Expedition
    Squatchdetective Radio Notes
    Volume 2 Issue 2 Page 2
    And our sister show the Sasquatch Experience,
    Wednesdays at 9PM!
    Official Site:
    October 5 - 6, 2007 (8AM - 8PM)
    Apes. Various myths that exist about the
    creature. Also hands on use of technology,
    casting techniques and land navigation.
    The other kick is that included is 14
    hours of field expedition time in areas
    not open generally to the general public,
    and activity is recent and active.
    Finally all housing and food costs are
    covered in the Expedition as well.
    NAPE has decided to call this project
    “Bigfoot Boot Camp, due to the cramming
    of all the education in this project.
    For more information and details go to:
    Upcoming Bootcamps:
    1. Oct. 25 - 28, 2007 Paris,
    2. Nov. 15 - 18, 2007 White
    River, AZ (Apache Res.)
    3. Dec. 5 - 8, 2007 Paducah,
    KY (LBL)
    4. Jan. (date TBA) Fresno,
    5. Feb. (date TBA) Enterprise,
    6. Mar. (date TBA) Deer
    River, MN (Chippewa Res)
    7. Apr. (date TBA) Miami, Fl.
    (Ten Thousand Is.)
    On the 40th anniversary
    of the Patterson Gimlin
    Film, a packed conference was
    to take place in Arcata, California.
    Speakers were to include:
    Christopher Murphy
    M.K. Davis, Kathy Strain,
    Thom Powell, John Miles
    Jason Valenti, Roger Knights.
    The ticket prices
    were originally $210.00 a
    piece, but not enough tickets
    were sold to keep the conference
    in the black, so the symposium
    was cancelled so refunds
    are being promptly handled
    at this time.
    What went wrong?
    Well, I have some beliefs, but
    not as fringe as some would
    I’ve heard the scuttle
    on the forums that blamed
    particular researchers’ speaking
    personal beliefs which did
    not conform to their own as
    being the reason, but to believe
    that is utter non-sense.
    People in this field,
    have to realize that it is number
    one...we don’t have that
    big of a mainstream public
    Challenges of the 21st Century - (continued from page 1)
    a film as considered the number one piece
    of evidence.
    The Skookum cast once hailed as
    a breakthrough by some, and getting bolstered
    by the likes of Dr. Esteban Sarmiento,
    has long faded already.
    No one holds as their number one
    piece of evidence the investigative work of
    Jimmy Chillicut and his dermal ridge evidence.
    A skeptic when first entering the
    project, it soon changed his mind base on
    physical evidence, not subject or inconclusive
    The statistical data, by Dr. Henner
    Fahrenbach also is seldom cited. But
    Dr. Fahrenbach using science, and approved
    methodology, formed to statistics
    that the creature most likely exists and
    that a vast majority of the data collected
    was comparative and not speculative.
    The Alan Berry tapes, never did
    get a fair and headlined look by mainstream
    science and often sits on the shelf.
    What of the unknown hairs that
    have been found and documented? Not
    much has ever been said much of them and
    themselves seem clouded in mystery.
    There HAS been physical evidence collected,
    but the prevalence of the community to espouse
    the Patterson Film as the number one piece of
    evidence is embedded in our American cultural psyche,
    as we demand something that is exciting and
    appeals to our sense of sight.
    Talk of science and lab reports and statistical
    and scientific analysis does not catch front page
    headlines, and not occupy the interest of the mainstream
    DNA recovery would most likely yield the
    same results today, as DNA, in the late eighties and
    early nineties was exciting stuff, but with shows such
    as CSI and Cold Case Files, DNA has become less
    exciting and more “ho-hum” to most.
    Take for example the Space Shuttle Program.
    They’ve become so commonplace, that the only
    major media coverage attraction it receives is when a
    major tragedy occurs.
    We have to challenge ourselves as we
    A Great Symposium That Never Was….What Went Wrong?
    Page 3 Big Foot Notes
    reach. We are, our biggest fans.
    Next is the fact, that
    ticket prices were a little steep for a
    symposium. ($210)
    Lastly is the fact that the
    main focus was the P/G film and
    many in the mainstream public
    have been duped by media reports
    of the likes and of Wallace, Heironimus.
    However a lower ticket
    price may have brought out more
    folks. But would have hurt the
    speaker schedule.
    Well my condolences to
    the have so much
    into effort, blood and tears in a
    venture only to have it cancelled is
    painful. Thumbs up for trying
    On the upside, Tom Yamarone, has organized a P/G film
    celebration, and speakers include, Danny Perez, Cliff Barackman,
    Tom Yamarone, David Murphy, James Fay and Scott McClean.
    Ticket prices are only $25.00 and even includes a catered barbecue
    Oct. 20 - 10AM - 3PM at the VFW Hall in Willow Creek,
    enter the last couple of years of the 1st
    decade of the twenty-first century to NOT
    be quiet about the scientific work.
    To challenge ourselves to bring
    this mystery to closure by the end of the
    second decade.
    To say, “Yes the Patterson Film is
    interesting, but what about this and that.”
    To say to the skeptics, show me
    the proof that this doesn’t exist, when new
    species discoveries are being made numerous
    times every year.
    To challenge ourselves to over
    come petty grievances with one another,
    to cooperate.
    To challenge ourselves to more
    time in the brush versus time commenting
    on others work.
    To challenge ourselves from being
    just mere spectators and becoming
    team players instead.
    That is the challenge of the next decade.
    “EscAPEe’s Hideaway” - by David Gay
    Even here at the threshold of
    the 21st century, the debate continues
    over whether mankind should or should
    not collect a "dead" specimen of any
    previously unknown animal. Until it is
    proven to exist and is recognized as an
    endangered or vanishing species, wildlife
    laws offer no protection to any
    cryptid from being killed.
    For example, should scientists searching
    for the noted marine creatures seen
    from time to time at Loch Ness in Scotland
    or Lake Champlain in upstate New
    York hunt these animals and kill them
    on sight to prove their existence? More
    to the point of my interests, should
    field researchers be plotting ways to
    capture or kill a Bigfoot creature? Is the
    best aim for our research to collect a
    specimen; dead or alive?
    Observations of Bigfoot creatures reveals
    that they are social animals that
    operate in groups and somehow communicate
    with each other. They watch
    human beings, especially hikers and
    hunters and people living near their habitat
    areas, and have proven themselves at
    being adept in eluding us. They have
    adapted to our modern technologies;
    exercising caution to avoid dangers posed
    by trains or automobiles or artificial
    lights or cameras. They could prey on us,
    but for whatever reason they don’t. A
    peaceful coexistence is maintained–
    though for the vast majority of people,
    we as a race remain blissfully unaware of
    their proximity and presence.
    Now if someone ever managed to kill and
    collect the body of one of these creatures
    as a dead specimen, we should not
    dare to presume it will go unnoticed.
    These creatures watch us; adapting and
    learning. Once we demonstrate our intentions
    and capabilities of successfully
    hunting them, we will become their enemy.
    The table is turned. How do you
    think this will change their apparent indifference
    toward people? Will they become
    more active in defending themselves
    and their habitat areas? Will
    they become offensive or aggressive?
    This is certainly one species of creatures
    that no one would want becoming
    hostile towards people.
    As a community of investigators who
    are developing field expertise and
    techniques for finding these creatures,
    our primary aim should be to
    improve our surveillance of the living
    Observations of living animals
    in their habitat areas are the
    only way we will find out how many
    of them are there, how do they live,
    how do they communicate, and what
    behaviors can we expect from them.
    You cannot learn the answers
    to any of these questions from
    a dead or captured specimen.
    Page 4 Big Foot Notes
    Many of you may have noticed
    some subtle changes on the website.
    After countless hours of
    research and discovery many new
    tools and features are available on Also taking
    advantage of the ease of video and
    audio embedding.
    On the home page you’ll
    find many banners to read the live
    feeds to the Squatchdetective’s
    blogs and the radio show pod
    This was made available
    due to the fact that Feedburner.
    com in July went to an all
    free service as opposed to a paid
    one. This not only adds convenience
    to the fans of the site and
    blogs, but opens them up as well
    to a vaster audience.
    The other great thing is it’s
    easy to get to the feeds:
    Squatchdetective Blog:
    Squatchdetective Radio Blog:
    Squatchdetective Radio Podcast::
    Thanks to the use of the
    feeds, has now
    created a news room, with an interactive
    widget, to read and travel to
    other sites in new windows, while
    listening to the latest edition of
    Squatchdetective Radio. Included
    are Bigfoot and Cryptid News, Science
    and Technology News and the
    days Top Headlines.
    Where did the archives go?
    To conserve home page space the
    archives are now on their own
    page, as it has grown enough to
    support its own page….
    As always all the new functions
    have been placed on the drop down
    menu titled: Department and Archives. …. adding advanced features & “stuff”
    One of my favorite gadgets in the
    field I can recommend as it is really great at
    detecting “critters” in the field when it is
    completely dark is the “Aim Shot” Heat
    Light and compact, working on a 9
    Volt battery that never seems to do dead, it
    is reasonably priced at $159.95 at
    Easy to use as well, and the sensitivity
    is adjustable as well.
    that’s the name of the
    At least that’s
    what some organizations
    at least.
    Recently, my
    good friend Bill Brann
    discovered a report on
    the BFRO website, that
    specifically quoted from
    his book, “Monsters of
    the Northwoods.”
    Bill at that time
    didn’t have much complaint
    about such, but
    wanted really badly to
    interview this woman.
    Through contacts,
    I got him contacted
    with the BFRO
    Investigator, Mike Aragona,
    from New Jersey
    who investigated the
    Needless to say
    Aragona, would not allow
    Brann to speak to
    the witness or give up
    any precious information.
    Knowing Bill,
    he WILL get the information
    through other
    means eventually, but
    again we see how some
    organizations perceive
    every little thing, even
    the slightest of sightings as top
    secret, even though this report was
    from years past.. The Organizations
    leader did not seem to mind capitalizing
    on Bill’s stories, when it benefited
    I have problems when
    information goes one way with organizations.
    I myself have kept
    things under wrap until the investigations
    are complete. But I begin to
    doubt the veracity of any of the
    BFRO’s reports if only “one” investigator
    spoke with a witness and
    then refused to let any other bonafide
    investigator, such as Bill, even
    speak with them.
    It goes against
    the grain of any “Scientific” organization
    to keep things confidential for so long after investigations
    are complete. Unless it is cultivating such reports for future use
    in their expeditions.
    Again the BFRO’s leadership, shows there belief in
    that they are “elite” amongst everyone else. To benefit from others
    and leave nothing but scraps, for those whom have worked
    all their life in the field, and whom do not get a share of the
    $400 a person for field trips it charges.
    There was a time, in the late 90’s and early
    00’s. when the BFRO had a chance at being the organization to
    bring the creature into focus. But that time has passed. The
    iron grip of confidentiality, and functions more like a government
    agency rather than an organization of field researchers.
    Yes there are good people in the BFRO still. Why? Is not my job
    to speculate.
    And it is interesting how my name was removed from
    investigations I conducted for them, including one I gave
    “Ce la vie” I guess.
    “Big Foot Notes” Staff
    Editor - in -Chief
    Steve Kulls
    The “Co-Host”
    Billy Willard
    Research Director
    David Gay
    Special Consultant
    Bill Brann
    Tools of the Trade
    Volume 2 Issue 2 Page 5
    Steve Kulls
    To Report a sighting:
    Call the Squatchdetective
    (518) 663 - 4487
    Email in submissions:
    Next issue due out:
    Dec. 15, 2007
    Covering the Honobia, Okalahoma
    Bigfoot Conference
    The North East Sasquatch
    Research Association fall expedition
    And Much, Much More !!!
    American Bigfoot Society
    Title 17
    Not withstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords
    or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies
    for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.
    Georgia Bigfoot
    Great Resources On Sasquatch
    Volume 2 Issue 3 due out….December 15, 2007

    Review: The Bigfoot Mystery/Sasquatch Experience 9-16-07

    On the Bigfoot Mystery, Thunderhawk's scheduled guests never showed up, so Mike Killen called in and he and TH and Bob discussed the signs of Bigfoot, such as the stick structure discussion from last week, scat samples, footprints and other items of interest. There were several questions from the chatroom, including from Bill Green and Duke and several others. Pretty good show.

    The SE got a late start, but once we got going, we had our guest Ray Crowe, who answered questions such as how in the world he ever got started in his research, the differences in researchers and how some don't get along, his thoughts on the Patterson/Gimlin Movie, what is new with his newsletter, and various other topics. He also discussed his most recent Bigfoot Daze event, which had M.K. Davis as a speaker, and his assessments on M.K.'s work on the P/G Movie. A couple of promos were played during the program, one being our new SQuatchMEDIA promo from last week and also a new promo for Beyond The Edge Radio. I also got to discuss the new Bigfooting In Oklahoma DVD as well. It was a great show, full of great information. Next week's guest will be Joedy Cook, co-author of Bigfoot Encounters in Ohio: Quest For The Grassman. The show will be back in its usual timeslot of 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at the link to the right. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
    The truth is out there

    My sighting reports

    Sighting Report: Cherokee County, Georgia, Woodstock
    Date: 1-31-84
    Time: around 10:00 P.M. EST
    Witness: Henry M.
    Henry saw a large, rust-brown-colored Sasquatch-type creature, standing approximately 8 feet tall, behind a residence, standing under a porchlight. The creature's face was apelike and humanlike, flat nose, thin slit for lips and large black eyes.

    Terrain: Wooded, mountainous region
    Activities of witness: Standing on elevated back patio, watching creature 50 yards away at bottom of hill; witness left first.

    Sighting Report: Bolivar County, Mississippi, 3 miles south of Shaw, on Highway 61
    Date: 1-13-98
    Time: 1:15 A.M. CST
    Witness: Henry M.
    Henry saw a large, dirty-white-colored Sasquatch-type creature walking across the highway approximately 150 yards ahead of him from left to right. When he reached the point where the creature had crossed, saw large, approximately 7 1/2-8 foot tall creature standing in a ditch with its back turned. Witness saw creature for approximately 15 seconds.

    Terrain: 4-lane highway, going towards wooded area
    Activities of witness: Driving north from Greenville, Mississippi towards the town of Shaw


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