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Bigfoot or Henry?
2 Chattanooga Men Say They May Have Landed "Bigfoot"
'Yeti' footprint shot fetches £3,500
Fossett’s searches may solve Bigfoot and Loch Ness monster mysteries - Whos Watching You? - 99 - Female - Washington - www ... new window
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    Yeti Track Photos Sold

    Giants in the Mountains; The Search for Sasquatch

    Review: Sasquatch Triangle 9-27-07

    This was a great show, with paranormal investigator John Horrigan, who discussed the upcoming Mass Monster Mash event, as well as discussing Sasquatch reports, UFO's, Phantom Pumas, Phantom Clowns and other paranormal subjects. We did not get any phone calls, but there were several questions in the chatroom, more especially from Bill Green. I enjoyed the show a great deal. Don's next program will have a guest to be announced, next Thursday night at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at the link to the right. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
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  • Thursday, September 27, 2007

    Review: Let's Talk Bigfoot 9-26-07

    Melissa Hovey and Sam Rich interviewed Ron Morehead of Sierra Sounds fame, asking him various questions as what kind of studies were done on the recordings, where the location of the camp was/is, which investigators looked into investigating the recordings and the area in which they were taken and various other things. Ron said that he and Peter Byrne went there once in the '90's, and that Alan Berry and Byrne went there in the '70's to investigate. Ron also played some of the sounds, such as a grunting and hooting display, and also a whistling display which was instigated by Warren Johnson. Footprints were also found in the vicinity, and brief glimpses were made of the creatures by almost everyone except Berry. It was a great show, full of great information. I truly enjoyed it. The next guest will be Jason Valenti next Wednesday night at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central at the link to the right. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

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    Bio/Resume on Jesse D'Angelo

    Here's my resume, and I'll write a little bio thing as well. So anyway, here's some info on what we've been doing.

    Our primary project has been compiling the book "Who's Watching You? - An exploration into the Bigfoot Mystery". The book will be a collection of eyewitness Bigfoot reports, expert interviews, quotes from people around the world, articles, photos, my artwork and a lot more. The book is nearly done, and we'll start showing it to publishers soon.

    We also sell Bigfoot related products online at: -- t-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, postcards, etc.

    I've been seriously studying Bigfoot for the last three years, though I've been interested all my life. I was born in NY and lived most of my life in LA, working in the film business. I've done storyboards, special fx, props, character designs, a little bit of everything in Hollywood. I've also done some comic book work and write screenplays. This book will be my first professional foray into crypto-publishing.

    I live in NY, and make a living doing freelance art in several areas: Storyboards, photoshop, portraits, police composites and comics. I like monster movies and rock n' roll, cats instead of dogs, chunky peanut butter, long walks by the lake, and big hairy primates.

    Hope that'll do it! I look forward to the show; let me know if you need anything else --

    Jesse D'Angelo

    Links on this Sunday's guest, Jesse D'Angelo

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  • Sasquatch Triangle Tonight...

    Don's guest will be paranormal investigator John Horrigan, organizer of the upcoming Mass Monster Mash. The show starts at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at the link to the right. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

    From Russia, With Love: New Snowman Photo

    Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    Photos of Peter Byrne and his van taken by Larry Lund

    Upcoming exhibit in Olympia, Washington

    For Immediate Release, September 24, 2007
    Press Release

    Contact: Susan Rohrer, State Capital Museum, srohrer@wshs.,

    Giants in the Mountains; The Search for Sasquatch
    A new exhibit at the State Capital Museum
    Opening October 6, 2007

    State Capital Museum and Outreach Center
    211 21st Avenue SW
    Olympia, Washington 98501

    (360) 753- 2580
    WashingtonHistory. org

    Opening is free and open to the public

    (Olympia, WA--) Who or What is Sasquatch? Why are sightings in
    Washington the highest in the nation?

    This exploration of the Sasquatch story focuses on the Pacific
    Northwest environment which has created a rich setting for the
    traditional beliefs that have grown up around this being. The
    relationship of Northwesteners to the land, particularly its deep
    forests and imposing mountains, has led explorers and travelers
    further into the depths of our region.

    A year-long exhibit, opening on Saturday October 6, 2008 with a day
    and evening program of special events and activities. See the
    schedule below.

    How have scientists attempted to explain and investigate the Sasquatch
    phenomena? Physical evidence collected in the field by anthropologist
    Dr. Grover Krantz will be on display. Discovery Channel expert and
    Bigfoot author, Dr. Jeffery Meldrum of Idaho State University has
    contributed to the exhibit recently gathered field evidence including
    special foot and hand casts.

    Supposed hoaxes and popular cultural interpretations of Bigfoot are
    featured in the exhibit including memorabilia from the Sasquatch Music
    Festival, Bigfoot Ale, Sasquatch Press, and the Seattle SuperSonics
    Squatch Collection. Squatch himself will be on-hand to greet
    children and tour the exhibit.

    World-wide and across time, tales of larger-than- life creatures have
    been believed. Tribal artifacts and artworks will convey Native
    cultural beliefs. On loan from the Maryhill Museum of Art is a
    prehistoric, ape-like Stone Head found in the Columbia Basin. Created
    especially for the exhibit is a full size mural of the legendary
    Dzoonokwa or Basket Women of the forests. Carved mask by renowned
    Native Artist Pete Peterson, Sr. and artwork by Sean Peterson are
    featured in the gallery. From werewolves to wild men, stories of
    beings both animal and man have been told across time. Some of these
    legends are explored in the exhibit.

    Discover the unique Northwest connection to Sasquatch and Bigfoot. A
    display of rare, early images of Washington’s old growth forests
    compliment student learning. Designed to introduce children to the
    connection between our environment and regional culture, students can
    explore the mysteries of the Pacific Northwest through hands-on

    Of special interest is the appearance in western Washington of three
    giants of the story of Sasquatch. Dr. Robert Michael Pyle, Dr.
    Jeffrey Meldrum, and Mr. Peter Byrne.

    Dr. Meldrum of Idaho State University and author of Sasquatch: Legend
    Meets Science. Dr. Meldrum is frequently seen on the Discovery
    Channel, the History Channel, and the National Geographic Channel
    among others. His book is the companion volume to the highly
    successful Discovery Channel documentary of the same name. A
    professor of anatomy and anthropology, his work encompasses the
    evaluation of hominid footprints, including those attributed to
    Sasquatch, both in the lab and the field. The exhibit features casts
    made recently by Dr. Meldrum in eastern Washington.

    http://www.bigfootf media/Sasquatch. pdf

    Dr. Robert Michael Pyle, a world-renowned naturalist, wrote the
    definitive study of Sasquatch in the northwest in his book Where
    Bigfoot Walks, Crossing the Dark Divide. In this work Dr. Pyle
    chronicles his own personal story of searching for Sasquatch in the
    Cascade Mountain range near Mt. St. Helens and his essays have
    provided the inspiration for this exhibit. He writes on page 17:

    “If we manage to hang on to a sizeable hunk of Bigfoot habitat, we
    will at least have a fragment of the greatest green treasure the
    temperate world has ever known. If we do not, Bigfoot, real or
    imagined, will vanish; and with its shadow will flee the others who
    dwell in that world. Looking at that tangled land, one can just about
    accept that Sasquatch could coexist with towns and loggers and hunters
    and hikers, all in proportion. But when the topography is finally
    tamed outright, no one will anymore imagine that giants are abroad in
    the land.”

    http://books. books?id= HJDC79NbiQsC& dq=robert+ michael+pyle+ bigfoot&printsec =frontcover& source=web& ots=6etpI2MC2Q& sig=fi4UOcCutjM0 fNPmd84CMRrT7F4# PPP1,M1

    Special guest is Mr. Peter Byrne who has led two expeditions to hunt
    for Bigfoot in the Northwest, one in 1960s. The second in 1990 was a
    full-scale monster search, complete with helicopters, infra-red
    sensors and 1-800-BIGFOOT phone number. Today, Byrne is semi-retired
    in the Bigfoot field and continues his tourist/adventure work around
    the world. Famous for his on-going search for Yeti in Nepal Mr. Byrne
    will speak about his adventures searching for Sasquatch and Yeti. He
    is featured in the film Sasquatch Odyssey, The Hunt for Bigfoot which
    is an important part of the museum’s exhibit.
    http://www.sasquatc hodyssey. com/hpeter. html

    Exhibit Opening Schedule, Saturday, October 6, 2007. 11 AM to 8 PM

    Events are free and open to the public, donations appreciated.

    11 AM: Hands on Explorative Activities for Children
    1 - 2 PM: Meet Squatch of the Seattle SuperSonics
    2 to 3 PM: Native Storytelling with Harvest Moon of the Quinault tribe
    2 to 3:30 PM: Book signing and informal author conversation with Mr.
    Peter Byrne, Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, and Dr. Robert Michael Pyle
    3:30 to 4 PM: Presentation by Mr. Peter Byrne

    4 to 5 PM: Sasquatch, Legend Meets Science- Presented by Dr. Jeffrey
    7 to 8 PM: Where Bigfoot Walks; Crossing the Dark Divide- Presented by
    Dr. Robert Michael Pyle

    The State Capital Museum is located in Olympia six blocks south of the
    Capitol Building at 211 21st Avenue South West. The State Capital
    Museum is a division of the Washington State Historical Society. The
    museum presents exhibits, programs, and events that bring to life the
    stories of Washington's history. For more information, please call the
    State Capital Museum at 360-753-2580, or visit us on the web at
    Washington State History Museum - Discover the stories of Washington's ... new window

    Exhibit photos and author photos available upon request.

    Photos from The "Meet The Sasquatch" Exhibit


    Photos from the Willow Creek-China Flats Museum Exhibit

    Pictures from Larry Lund's Recent Visit to The Bigfoot Discovery Museum

    Witness chart

    Grover S. Krantz

    Grover S. Krantz

    1931 - 2002


    John W. Green

    BFRO Home

    In the fall of 2000, when the Skookum cast was shown to a group of sasquatch researchers who had not been present when it was found, four out of the five newcomers were scientists with doctors' degrees. It is hard for old-timers to remember, and probably even harder for others to appreciate, how different things were 30 years before.

    That is how long ago that Grover Krantz, then an associate professor of anthropology at Washington State University, risked his career, and the PhD he did not yet have, by advocating that evidence for the existence of a huge bipedal primate in North America deserved scientific study.

    Then, and for years afterward, he was the only member of the academic community prepared to face the ridicule of his peers and jeopardize future prospects for tenure and promotion by insisting publicly that 'Bigfoot' tracks are made by real animals, and that the people who tell of seeing enormous, bipedal apes should be taken seriously.

    His courageous example did much to stimulate participation in the study by both scientists and laymen, and for that he deserves the respect and gratitude of everyone involved, and he did a great deal more than that. While a lot of his extensive research and published work paralleled what others were also doing, he brought to it a set of skills and qualifications that no on else had. In addition some of his contributions were entirely unique.

    Grover stands before his impressive collection at his home.
    Photo by Richard Noll.

    Grover was the first person to establish, from the study of casts and tracks, that the makers of the big footprints have a foot structure differing significantly from that of humans.

    He was also the first to note and study the patterns of skin ridges that show up on a few of the casts, establishing that footprints laid down far apart in both space and time show patterns that are the same, and that differ from those of humans or any other animals.

    While not the first to suggest that sasquatch might be Gigantopithecus, not extinct after all, he was the first to point out that the shape of their fossil jaws indicates that those giant apes probably walked upright. And he had the skill and knowledge to do an authoritative reconstruction, based on the largest jawbone, of a matching skull that demonstrates strikingly that Gigantopithecus was as huge as sasquatch are reported to be.

    Grover enjoys time with another of his favorite animals... his Irish Wolfhound, Ralph.
    Photo by Richard Noll.

    He showed his courage also in enduring the abuse to which he was subjected for maintaining the increasingly unpopular opinion that it is justifiable to kill one of the animals, because nothing short of physical remains will convince science of the existence of the species. While far from being alone in that position, he was almost alone in being prepared to defend it in public.

    Lost in the uproar was the fact that he spent a lot of money and effort trying to locate remains from a natural death, and also twice tried to prove himself wrong, with major attempts to obtain scientific acceptance based on the tracks, and then on the skin ridges.

    It is a matter for great regret not only that he did not live to see a successful conclusion to his work but also, for the rest of us, that his work was interrupted when he still had so much more to contribute.

    Grover with long-time friend and colleague John Green.
    Photo by Jeffrey Lemley.


    BFRO Home