Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dale Drinnon presents the images used by Tim Dinsdale for his book The Leviathan which was published in the United States as Monster Hunt. The images are purported to be those of an anaconda reported to be of truly epic size. Dinsdale thinks the images are real, but what does Dale Drinnon think? Drinnon adds to the South American serpent size interpretations with More on Giant Anacondas. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman points to a 19th century newspaper article from Australia which appears to be reporting on the subject of the book The Yowie: In Search of Australia's Bigfoot by Tony Healy and Paul Cropper, as seen in February 26, 1848: Bundyilcarno.



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Roger Patterson documentary

Roger Patterson documentary. BBI copyright 2007 to 2011 ... Leroy Blevins Bigfoot Roger Patterson Bob Gimlin analyze photo film show tv truth hoax ...

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Bossburg Cripple

the tracks in Bossburg and later put the footage in his 1976 film "The Legend of Bigfoot". ..."Rene Dahinden" "John Green" "Ivan Marx" Sasquatch ...

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UFOMANSCOTLAND Stuff They Don't Want You To Know Why Can't We ...

... Stuff They Don't Want You To Know Why Can't We Catch Sasquatch geographic military repair weapons space horror ufo wildlife nature gardening ...

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New Details About THE BIGFOOT FILMOGRAPHY Publication Date & Format « Dave Coleman, Author

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Sonya Harvey reviews the new DVD "Eyes of the Mothman" from Virgil Films that's supposed to cut through the clutter around the odd events that seemed to permeate the small community of Point Pleasant, WV, during the period 1966 - 67. The documentary, according to Harvey, attempts to "cover all possible angles of the still-unsolved mystery" and "at least succeeds in formulating every feasible explanation one could fathom." From the curse of Chief Cornstalk, to Men In Black, to a mutated Sandhill Crane, to UFOs, to Woodrow Derenberger's telepathic communication with the strangely garbed Indrid Cold, to the Silver Bridge collapse - Harvey says it's all in the film. But does any of that explain the bigeyed, winged being that set the mystery in motion? Elsewhere, a sighting of a huge, hairy hominoid 32 years ago has a Cricket, NC, man organizing a March 5, 2011, hunt for the creature, as reported in Bigfoot Search Is On In Wilkes County, with videos. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman collects what is known from news sources about reports of a large, melanistic feline roaming in the vicinity of The Big Easy, with images, inLouisiana Panther Hysteria: Fever Pitch.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stalking the bigfoot boomers

Bill Green's Review of Bigfoot in Kentucky (Because I wanted to, Bill!) LOL

hey everyone i just finished reading awesome inspiring new book called bigfoot in kentucky. it has great chapters of old & new sightings etc of ky sasquatches. it has photos & drawings trust it definetly worth getting it at this new book is the sequel to bart first mysterious kentucky. i give his new book A+++++ yall might find his new book on amazon or local book stores thanks bill g :) :rolleyes:
A report from Mexico's southernmost state is raising speculation among the region's residents that the legend of the Chupacabras lives on. According to the article, translated by the Institute of Hispanic UFOlogy's Scott Corrales, there haven't been any reports of Chupacabras activity in the region since 1999. Now a number of exsanguinated sheep have been found with bite marks that don't match the bite marks of any animals known to inhabit or pass through the region. Authorities confirm the sheep were all drained of blood, apparently through holes in their necks. There's more cryptid reporting from the Hispanic community today, too, as Javier Resines reveals an item from the newpaper archives and seeks information about a strange sea beast in the Straits of Gibraltar spotted by numerous observers, as detailed in Spain: A Sea Monster in Tarifa (1955). And, in another tale of a briny beast no one can identify, Loren Coleman pulls up another archived report in Sea Serpent Off Boston. Meanwhile, Dr. Beachcombing nets a reference to manlike creatures from the sea in an early 18th century book that tells of the capture of one of the merfolk in Catching Mermaids on Man. Elsewhere, cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard, co-author with Nick Redfern of Monsters in Texas, lectured on the search for unknown animals February 18, 2011, in North Austin, TX, as reported, with video, inMonsters in Texas? S.A. Man: Some Things I Can't Explain.

Wineka column: Don't hunt Sasquatch any more; he's right here