Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Squid and the Ape
Wired News
For the November 11 th show, RadioWest producer Doug Fabrizio interviewed Idaho State University anthropologist and Sasquatch devotee Jeff Meldrum. The stated point of the interview was to see how Meldrum applied scientific reasoning to the search for ...
Tim Fasano got an early Christmas present, wept when Rex Dutton announced he was leaving

Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy group have blood on their hands

The Paranormal Report: Justin Smeja's original post on

The Bigfoot Obsession

Humor: New camera can pick up Bigfoot better than your regular camera

After Scary Bigfoot Encounter Man Invents Fire Ball Gun

James "Bobo" Fay Asked to do Conan O'Brien Show

Andrew Nicholson has a collection of reports from the archives concerning some of the creatures reported to swim, hop and crawl across the southern continent. From the widely different descriptions of the fearsome Bunyip to the Hawkesbury River creature that favors descriptions of the Loch Ness Monster and to the many reports of sea serpents, Australia is gifted with cryptids as varied and strange as the continent's better known fauna. And there's more from Australia's wide range of creature reports today as Tim the Yowie Man tells of a creature snapping low flying sea gulls out of the air above the surface of Canberra's Lake Burley Griffin in Our Lake Monster. And the folks at CFZ-Australia direct you to Brian Switek's report on the supposedly extinct thylacine, Not a Wolf, But a Tiger, before adding their own commentary and a video in Thylacine Continues to be a Frustrating Mystery. Elsewhere, Micah Hanks explores the connection between cryptozoological and spiritual entities and folklore in Top Hats and Bad Luck Beings: Fear and Folk Devilry in America.

Bigfoot Lunch Club: Theologian Converted After Watching Finding Bigfoot

Friday, December 09, 2011

Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot Film- Bill Munns Analysis
I Don't Think There's A Sasquatch In These Woods. Review Finding ...

TimberGiantBigfoot's right-hand man Rex Dutton quits, says to beware of Men In Black

Most powerful quote of the day: Dr. John Bindernagel

Mitchell Waite explains the difference between Bigfoot Hunters versus Bigfoot Researchers

Cheers to Matt and Justin

Survival expert Jim LeBus shares his Bigfoot experience, says he will try to capture the creature

1st Review of Finding Bigfoot Pop-ups

A trip down the online corridors of cryptozoology today begins with Paul A. Trout's adaptation of a segment of his new book, Deadly Powers, in which he gives his explanation for why we're hard-wired to believe in fierce and terrible creatures, from dragons to were-beasts. The gist is that humans are carrying evolutionary memories from the days raptors from the skies and big cats and snakes from the ground attacked and fed on our ancient progenitors. All of which leads us to the field of cryptozoology, where things turn bookish as Dr. Karl Shuker, who's celebrating his birthday today, reveals the cover art and the inside workings of his new book, as seen in The Encyclopaedia of New and Rediscovered Animals - A First Glimpse of My Latest Book. And Loren Coleman, responsible for some of the bestselling cryptozoology books of all time, strings together many great titles in a multiple effort with lots of cover art and some short reviews, to be found in The Top Cryptozoology Books of 2011, as well as The Top Cryptozoology Books for 2005 to 2011 and Top Coming CryptoBooks For 2012: Boggy Creek to Abominable Skeptics. Several of the titles Coleman points to in his three lists are available in time for Christmas giving through online orders from the Anomalist Books Catalog.

Bigfoot Lunch Club: Finding Bigfoot: Top 10 Bigfoot Sightings

The Top Cryptozoology Books for 2005 to 2011

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Bigfoot Gets Official Recognition from US Army

Top 20 Bigfoot Sightings

Gifts for Sasquatch Hunters

1970's Documentaries on YouTube

Latest Books

Cliff Barackman found at Sasquatch Brewery review of Michael Rugg from Bigfoot Discovery Museum

Robert Lindsay: Matt Moneymaker’s purported drug problems

Results of the nuclear DNA testing for the Bigfoot Steak [Sierra Kills]

Indiana Bigfoot Hunters, Tyler Vance and Austin Hutchison live on Wild World radio tonight (10pm ET / 7pm PT)

Dale Drinnon checks reports of dinosaur-like creatures in the Sunshine State and throughout the New World, all the way down to southern South America. Is there a chance some shy dinosaur is lurking in the wilds? Elsewhere, Chris of The Bigfoot Forums talks with a man who has delved deeply into both the presence of Bigfoot in a particular part of the state of Kentucky and into the area's seemingly enhanced paranormal backdrop, as revealed in an Interview with Author and Paranormal Investigator Philip Spencer. Meanwhile, Nick Redfern continues to celebrate the release of his new book that enumerates the many super secret chambers maintained by the governments of the world by exploring the tales of monstrous creatures associated with some of these bases in Lair of the Beasts: Keep Out!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

SPECIES X: PART 2 now available! [Free Bigfoot Movie]

Magani's BigfootMaps: One of the most comprehensive overview Map of North American Bigfoot Sightings (Updated)

Bear Tracks? Sasquatch or Bigfoot Tracks? Strange things happening on Tony Dean's farm in Marion VA

There's a trend going on with anomalous videos and photos of late. Strange things make appearances in them when taken by folks who aren't even looking to make a name for themselves in Fortean circles. A bunch of boys being boys appear to have spooked something from the forest and inadvertantly caught it on tape. Loren Coleman also has the story on Who Was the Spirit Cave Man, where two groups have been at odds over the lineage of one of the oldest mummies found in North America, which may redefine who and what settled there first. Rounding out your visit to CryptoMundo is a Cartoon that Characterizes the Entire Erickson Project.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Cartoon Characterizes Entire Erickson Project?

Help Fund a New Bigfoot Book!

Did anyone notice the BFRO's new website banners? (Updated)

Humor: Cloudy with a no chance of Bigfoot DNA [Video]

Someone overheard this on a bus in Seattle...

What author and paranormal investigator Philip Spencer thinks about the Sierra Kills and Dr. Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA study

A short story about Brenda Leask, Bigfoot witness featured on Finding Bigfoot Alaska episode

YouTube personality Tom Simon talks about the Sierra Kills and Tom Biscardi [Video]

Matt Moneymaker claims to have seen Justin Smeja's "Bigfoot steak," says he will bet a whole lot of money that Justin Smeja is lying

Bigfoot Vocalizations from Kentucky

Mangy Mutt Chupacabras Frontiers of Zoology
Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. Dale Drinnon, our latter day Sherlock Holmes, picks apart the evidence behind the chupacabra and makes a case for something far less strange and more sad. But there's a cause for celebration in the news that Loren Coleman's cryptozoology Museum Showcases Expanded Quarters. And voila, Malcolm Smith translates from a French account a description of the Mythical Beings of Madagascar. Smith notes: "Readers cognisant with European fairy lore will notice some familiar themes eg changelings, the luring of mortals into water to be drowned, and the water spirits who own submarine cattle and marry human males."

Monday, December 05, 2011

impossiblevisits: "To viewers seeking visual drama, this video is not for you."

Humor: Are you Team Justin Smeja? Ten tips and hints to fill your Bigfoot tag this season

Robert Lindsay: "Clearly, Matt [Moneymaker] is jealous" [Bigfoot DNA]

Does Bigfoot migrate? [Video]

10 other mythical creatures from around the world, other than Bigfoot

The lady at the heart of the analysis of DNA samples alleged to have come from Bigfoot has posted some information that indicates the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that had been impeding joint announcements of her research efforts in what has become known as the "Erickson project" and those of "Adrian" are in the process of being set aside. Does this mean a disclosure is imminent? The answer to that may be what is found in the response of Matt Moneymaker on Sasquatch DNA Project. Meanwhile, Nick Redfern has a suggestion for those who'd like to take to the road in search of avian anomalies in The Winged Fiend of Winona, and Ken Summers points out some ill-advised detours among the reports of larger-than-they're-supposed-to-be discoveries claimed by less than reliable sources before revealing he doesn't discount all reports of huge humans in ancient times, as explained in Dem Bones: They Might Be Giants.

Sasquatch Exhibit And New Book

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Book Review-Big Footage by Mike Quast 001.MP4
Matt Moneymaker on Dr. Melba Ketchum: "The paper was submitted to a major scientific journal and was under serious review by several top shelf scientists around the world." [Bigfoot DNA Study]

Dr. Melba Ketchum sets aside NDA to reassure everyone that Adrian Erickson and her are still friends [Bigfoot DNA Study]

Skookum Report from the 1800’s

1995 Puerto Rico Chupacabras Frontiers of Zoology
Dale Drinnon may have solved the perplexing Puerto Rican Chupacabras Benjamin Radford claims is the first mention of the creature. And Drinnon's solution, as you'll see, may be as elementary as anything ever declared by Sherlock Holmes. But is it correct? Drinnon also addresses reported sightings of dinosaur-like creatures in Texas and a giant three-toed track from Australia in Leftovers: Texas Mini-Rex Report and 'Burrunjor' Track, suggesting some more easily acceptable identifications for the creatures in the Texas sightings and a supposedly extinct giant bird in Australia. That giant bird Drinnon mentions show up again in the latest from Dr. Karl Shuker as he carefully riffles the pages of a book he obviously appreciates, as seen in Moa for Your Money - Reviewing the Best Book on the Cryptozoology of New Zealand's Avian Giants. Tracks are at the core of a recent dispute about the famous Bigfoot film of 1967, leading to Bill Munns releasing of some seldom seen images to be found in Patterson-Gimlin Filmsite Trackway. And there'll be much more about the disputed film when Eric Altman and Lon Strickler welcome this guest to tonight's 8 o'clock ET online broadcast of 'Beyond the Edge' Radio: Patterson-Gimlin Film Researcher Jeff Hilling. Meanwhile, a brace of Colemans team up for a remembrance evoked in the prose and photos provided by Jerry D. Coleman for Loren's Early Fieldwork, and another Coleman is featured in Nick Redfern's posting of information about a new book, The Bigfoot Filmography by David Coleman, with foreword by Loren Coleman. The book is due out in January.