Saturday, December 15, 2012

We can't accuse the stars of the Jersey Shore of being bigfoot, considering how they're meticulously manscaped. Lorraine Ash has gone 'squatching with Richard Biggins, and had coffee with William Taylor, among other Garden State crypto-luminaries, exploring the possibility of hominids hiding along the Jersey Turnpike. In other out-of-place animal news, Nick Redfern finds truth is stranger than fiction when it comes toBritain's Big Cats. A character known as "Lion Man" confided in Nick about some people who released lions into the English wilderness. His tale is compelling, echoing the origins of urban alligators in sewers.

2013 Winter and Spring Bigfoot Conferences

Sasquatch in New Jersey?
Richard Biggins, of Clearfield, Pa., sighted a black Sasquatch in the woods of Sussex County whiledeer hunting in 1980 when he lived in New Jersey. Though he still hunts deer, he said the experience has haunted him. / Jeff Corcino/The (Clearfield, Pa ...
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wow! What a story! A dead Bigfoot in a freezer! You couldn't make this stuff up! No, wait...yes, you can: Men claim to have Bigfoot in a Georgia freezer [Hoax]. When this story came across our desk late last night, we honestly thought it was some sort of weird internet hiccup or glitch that was sending us Tweets from 2008. But no, it seems that Georgia has become official hotspot for dead Bigfoot in freezers...we aren't holding our breath on this one. In a weird twist of synchronicity (a concept that most Anomalists are well familiar with), Jeffery Pritchett shares this interview with author Jeffery Wells on Bigfoot in Georgia. Wells' new book has nothing to do with the new hoa...err, incident in Georgia involving the supposed dead Bigfoot in a freezer, but he does touch on the 2008 hoax. His work centers on Bigfoot reports throughout the entire state that date back two centuries, from Native Americans and English settlers to modern day sightings. He believes that there is nothing mythical about Bigfoot and that the creature is actually Gigantopithicus Blacki, a theory that a lot of researchers subscribe to.
It sounds like a new urban legend is brewing in Kentucky as people report livestock being mauled and killed but left uneaten. The strange creature is leaving huge odd footprints behind and evading traps as if were "smarter than we are", says one resident. We think that it's probably a coyote or wild dog and also a slow day at the news station. Perhaps if it evolves into a genuine unsolved mystery a la the Chupacabra, the area will also be visited by the Men in Black, or as Nick Redfern explains--Women in Black. Apparently, the agency that hires MIB has finally updated their 1950s business model and started hiring women and Redfern shares his experiences in Puerto Rico while filming a documentary in 2005 in From MIB to WIB. Men and women in black were spotted conducting their own interviews with local farmers after recent Chupacabra attacks.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ghost Theory does an admirable job of attempting to debunk that recent Trail Cam photo supposedly showing a humanoid figure and comes to the conclusion that the odd figure is, in fact, a cow. A cow's behind, to be more exact. Sorry, guys, we've seen a lot of cows in our time and we are relatively certain that this is no cow butt...unless it's a cow with severe anatomical issues because simple physics would not allow a cow to look like that, let alone be living and standing upright. Ghost Theory points out that it may have been heavily altered, but we think the simplest explanation is always best--it's no cow but it's not Bigfoot either. Karl Shuker shares the fascinating details of The Smile On the Face of The Manticore And The Leucrocota, two fantasy novel-eque Fortean creatures supposedly spotted in the 17th century. The more well-known manticore had a human face and cloven hooves and has found its way into actual fantasy novels over the centuries. And finally, Brad Steiger Reviews Monster Diary, the newestbook by Nick Redfern and gives the crypto investigator's book a hearty two thumbs-up.

Monday, December 10, 2012
'Finding Bigfoot:': Teenage Sasquatch takes soda from cooler, steals cookie
The video was not the best quality and the team really wanted to find out if it was a person or if it was actually Sasquatch. Mitchell, the person with the video, said that he didn't even realize he had recorded Bigfoot until he reviewed the tape when ...
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'Sasquatching' in the Sierra: Searching for bigfoot near Lake Tahoe
Sierra Sun
The report, leaked through Facebook, didn't follow the traditional methods of academic dissemination and it's unclear where the DNA came from. According to Langrill, the sample came from a piece of meat, called “The Steak,” that was cut off a Sasquatch ...
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A Navajo reservation in New Mexico is the site of several different types of mythical creatures, if local legend and eyewitness stories are any indication. Flying horses and centaurs are among the supposed beings sighted by the locals over the past two hundred years or so. Bigfoot is also a frequent visitor, according to some Navajo, and some still leave the creatures food as a gesture of goodwill, continuing an old tradition. As outlandish as the Native American legends sound, there is often a kernel of truth at the center of the tall tales, especially the ones regarding Sasquatch. He seems to be in a category all his own. Bigfoot may also be in a dimension all his own, as Lon Strickland explains in this indepth discussion on Interdimensional / Bio-Engineered Sasquatch and Cryptids.Strickland theorizes that Bigfoot may be just visiting our dimension and cites a few unexplained encounters in which Bigfoot (and once even apparently a saber-toothed tiger) disappeared into thin air. The interdimensional theory would explain the sparse evidence left behind and Bigfoot's uncanny ability to hide from even hi-tech equipment. There aren't that many places left in the world remote enough to hide hundreds or even thousands of an undiscovered creature. But on the other hand, that exact scenario does happen every day as new species of animals are discovered in remote locations like the rainforest. Of course, those are usually tiny mice or birds or even insects and not a 7 or 8 foot tall humanoid...

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Review: Finding Bigfoot 12-9-12

This was a bit of a disappointing episode this week, heading to Arizona to the Mogollon Rim which is well-known as a Sasquatch haven. They watched a video from Mitchell Waite which some of them said was a 'Squatch, but others said was a human (which is what I say it is). Their first night operation got what sounded like a possible howl, but not very clear. The team left Cliff out there, and he got something to scream at him, but it is possible it could have been a cougar or something else. The other team members held a town hall meeting and got some witness accounts, which could be real, or could be lies or hoaxes. In their final night operations, they got... well, I will not spoil it. All in all, a disappointing 5 out of 10 stars for this week. Next week, the team heads to Michigan, 10:00 EST/9:00 Central on Animal Planet. Check local listings for time and channel.

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