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Review: Proof of Evidence Seminar 2-25-12

I watched it today, and the stream was pretty flawless. Jeff Meldrum started it off, after Wally Hersom was presented with a couple of awards by William Barnes and by Melba Ketchum in absentia. Meldrum talked about his specialty, the mid-tarsal break, tying in with the Laetoli tracks and the P/G Film tracks and his own ichnotaxonomic name Anthropoidipes Ameriborealis. Then after a lunch break, John Bindernagel gave a talk about the evidence aspect and how it applies scientifically and the implications of discovery. Two good presentations, but familiar to most of us. John Mionczynski gave perhaps the best presentation of the entire conference, talking about food sources and several different types of plant life which are indigestible to us humans but can be digested by animals such as bears and goats. He also discussed other forms of food sources such as other animals and pinenuts and also certain bark species, and made comparisons with bears and their calorific intake and Sasquatches (he has worked with bears and goats, so he is talking from experience in those areas). Then after John M. there was a short break, a short presentation by Jason Valenti about his research and the Falcon Project's goals. and a Q & A Roundtable where audience members who were present at the event and also online participants in a chatroom were able to ask questions. All in all, a very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon online. The entire event gets a **** 1/2 out of *****.

Speakers' Presentations: Meldrum- *** 1/2 out of *****
Bindernagel-**** out of *****

Mionczynski-***** out of *****
Valenti-**** out of *****

London in Oregon

London, OR Footprint Find

Bigfoot Evidence: Cliff Barackman: "London footprints are the most significant footprint find in the

Real Bigfoot photos?

Bigfoot Photo From 2008 Probably Captured By One Of These Game Cameras [Melissa Hovey]

SnowWalkerPrime Thoughts On Recent Game Cam Bigfoot Photo Released By Melissa Hovey

Should The Sasquatch Community Have Commandments of Proof?

Sightings of a strange hovering "half-man half-owl" figure (bearing a resemblance to the Mothman seen the United States) near a church in the UK sometime in 1976 is still a source of intrigue. Seen by two young sisters walking through the woods, the girls were floored by the sight and fled. Not long after, another sighting of the Owlman was reported in the same area. But many suspect that the whole ordeal was more fiction than fact, as notorious charlatan Tony Doc Shiels lived in the area during this timeframe and may very well have masterminded the sightings. Could a recently discovered 200-year-old article describing the capture and killing of a mermaid sate the cryptozoologist’s quest for a genuine cryptid? The 1812 article, described in Mermaid Killing in Exeter, mentions the sighting of a mermaid that (curiously) had not only a human torso and a fish’s lower half, but legs with which to flee it’s pursuers! But mermaid evidence has a tendency to run into the mundane, as Buxton Mermaid origins probed at University of Lincoln reveals: her hair, it turns out, is human. In more sombre news, Manuel “Manny” Solorio, 39, a brave and adventurous Bigfooter Dies While Bigfooting.

Ohio Ape: 1930

Bigfoot Conference Online Today...

This weekend, beginning at 1:00 Eastern Saturday afternoon is the Proof of Evidence Seminar. Speakers will be Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Dr. John Bindernagel, John Mionczynski, William Barnes and Jason Valenti. The website will start streaming it at 1:00 EST/12:00 Central/11:00 Mountain. The website is Unfortunately, the stream is full, but those who signed up for it will be able to see it. Should be good.

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Melissa Hovey Bigfoot Photo Preliminary Breakdown: The Good And The Bad

Sierra Kills Update: Bigfoot Steak From Both Father And Child Being Used In Ketchum DNA Study

Extremely Boring Video By Henry May Shows Bigfoot Costume Similar To One Released By Melissa Hovey

Not To Be Outdone By Melissa Hovey, TeamTazerBigfoot Planning To Release New Bigfoot Photo [Humor]

A little under two weeks ago, two men near Eugene, Oregon came upon a unique discovery: over 120 telling footprints in the clay-mix substrate, which may have been made on February 11 but not discovered until a day later. Two separate measurements were taken; the length of the print and the length of the stride. But are the "Bigfoot" prints a little too flawless to be true? Likewise The Clearest Photo Of Bigfoot Since Patterson-Gimlin Released By Melissa Hovey? is just a little too clear of the backside of a Bigfoot to be believed, especially for a trail cam photo. And we are not alone in our doubts: A Photo Is Not Worth A Thousand Words. So we’d better just move along to the New Flying Manta Ray Sighting seen roughly 1/10 of a mile from the local airport in Lynchburg, Virginia. Though it appeared featherless, it also had no tail, as a stingray normally would. It seemingly did nothing more than swoop in front of a windshield and vanish into the dark of the night. Sightings of this strange creature have been reported on a stretch from KY to NY. Finally, we have an Extremely rare whale filmed for the first time ever off the coast of Australia recently. The Shepherd’s Beaked Whale (or, the Tasman Beaked Whale) is so rare that it has only been spotted a minute amount of times; it’s known mostly from dead specimens that have washed into view. And an update on a prior story reveals that Destination: Truth Producer Died Of Coke OD, Report Ugandan Police. Even when it comes to ordinary matters, the truth is hard to find.

Jeff Rice Murdered: New Theory

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Episode 201: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show

BlurFoot & BlobSquatch Photos by Melissa Hovey

Editorial: Possible Sasquatch Photo

New bigfoot photo?

Bill Munns' Opinion On Bigfoot Photo Released By Melissa Hovey

Melissa Hovey Republishes Bigfoot Photo Sans Watermarks

Where To Get Your Hands On The Ketchum Bigfoot DNA Paper When It's Published

A Photo Is Not Worth A Thousand Words (Thoughts on the Recent Sasquatch Photo Release)

The Clearest Photo Of Bigfoot Since Patterson-Gimlin Released By Melissa Hovey?

Melissa Hovey To Release Bigfoot Photo At 1PM EST

While We Wait For Melissa Hovey To Release The Golden Bigfoot Photo [Humor]

San Juans Bigfoot Video

DT Producer Died Of Coke OD, Report Ugandan Police

Back in 1962 Captain G.T. Court reminisced of a large black bird bearing superficial similarities to two other birds. Now Karl Shuker's caught wind of this anomalous avian, wondering what the captain saw, and ate, so many years ago. No one has yet to flush one out or delineate its range, but leave it to Dale Drinnon who has More Abominable Maps of hairy hominins across the globe, breaking down their range according to their species. Not the least of which is the Legend of the Kentucky Yeahoh because according to Lon Strickler there are some tales in them thar hills of hairy women and the gentle Yeahoh.

Dear Witness.

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"Lord Of The Rings artist" Speaks Out About Sierra Kills Involvement

Holy Matt-Moneymaker-on-a-pogo-stick! Over 120 Sequential Bigfoot Prints Found Near Eugene, Oregon!

Melissa Hovey: "This witness has sent me a photo. A photo which could either be the clearest image we have to date of a possible bigfoot – or a very clear image of a big hoax"

The Falcon Messenger: Is Bigfoot real or not?
According to the same website, In 1967 Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, Bigfoot buffs, announced they'd captured Bigfoot with a movie camera.
Despite a dearth of physical evidence for Bigfoot, there is no worry they're going anywhere soon. This is fortunate because the first order of business for this latest and greatest invention in the pursuit of hominology will be put through its paces hunting down a suspected killer hiding in the mountains. Should luck be on our side, sasquatch may help in the apprehension. Also at Bigfoot Evidence, Damien Bravo has heard that 'Project Sasquatch' Creator Joe Mastroianni Says His Show Will Be Better Than Not 'Finding Bigfoot'. Let's hope so. Right now it's uncertain if they'll have a booth at the upcoming Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2012. Craig Woolheater shares a message from Marc DeWerth about the April shindig, which is shaping up to be the biggest in recent memory. And this just in: Destination Truth Producer Killed. Producer Jeff Rice has died from poisoning in Uganda.

International Society of Cryptozoology ~ Updated

Huffington Post: Finding Bigfoot

A Lord Of The Rings Artist May Be Trying To Bring The Sierra Kills Story To Life [Rumor]

'Finding Bigfoot' coming to Cenla
Alexandria Town Talk
A television show featured on the Animal Planet network will be coming to Central Louisiana in search of Bigfoot. "Finding Bigfoot" will be in the area in late March, according to Melissa Compton, advanced field producer for the show.

Cliff Barackman will be on a Blog Talk Show Tonight!!!!!! (Click on the description to go to the site).

He will be discussing Finding Bigfoot, plus a new trackway that was found south of Eugene, Oregon. It begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central, and should be fascinating.

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Bigfoot Meetings

Episode 200: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show

Buffalo Bill's Story About Bones Possibly From A Bigfoot

True Bigfoot Researchers Stick Together, That's Why Tim Fasano And Rick Dyer Are Kickin' It At Disney World

This Chick Has Been Converted To The Church Of Bigfoot

Bigfoot Hunting Airship Developed By Falcon Project Now Funded, First Order Of Business: Hunt Down Suspected Killer Hiding In Mountains

Finding Bigfoot Co-Host Cliff Barackman to Speak in Portland

Caddy Debunked? CFZ-Canada
How can something be debunked when it has its own taxonomical name? The history of the Cadboro Bay creature shows some glaring inconsistencies in the skeptical attacks on Caddy's existence. And what's not explained are the continued sightings of the lake monster--more than 300 sightings in the last 200 years. Our next story isn't about Champ but if the Lake Champlain Emu isn't careful, she might end up as a snack. Keeping with our watery theme, Loren Coleman has More on the Mammoth Hoax. Since there isn't a body, he dissects the hoaxer's deceptive techniques. A bit more curious is Dale Drinnon's Return to The Long Walk. He wonders if sometimes having a ghostwriter is a good thing, and raises the question: Could Slawomir Rawicz have seen the two large "Snowman" creatures in Tibet in 1942, as he said he did?"

Sasquatch and Suds

Finding Bigfoot - Virginia Video Debrief

Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2012

Listen to Robert W. Morgan on MNBRT Radio Tonight at 6PM PST [Bigfoot Shows]

SnowWalkerPrime's Philosophy on Bigfoot

Review: MNBRT Radio 2-20-12

Sighting Report from 02/18/2012

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New bigfoot novel & members’ update

Bigfoot Hunters Book Is FREE for Presidents' Day!

This Is Why We Can't Find Bigfoot Bones

Dale A. Drinnon notes the resemblance between a witness sketch of the "Abominable Snowman," or Yeti, from The Long Walk and a photo of a Bornean orangutan with broad cheek pads. He notes that most reports of the Yeti speak of it as being "only" about the size of an ordinary orangutan, though people often, but wrongly, assume it is a gigantic creature. And speaking of which, Loren Coleman finds that Sunday was the perfect day to say: Happy Birthday, The Abominable Snowmen’s Eric Norman!? Eric Norman, of course, is a pen name for Brad Steiger, the incredibly prolific author of pararnormal, UFO, and fortean books who was born on on February 19, 1936. In other cryptid news, Another 'big cat' spotted in Gloucestershire by a woman and her dog. The news comes after the Countryside and Community Research Institute, based at the University of Gloucestershire, announced it was planning a survey to find out more about the phenomenon. We also have a very detailed Analysis of the Peter MacNab Photograph taken of a "Nessie" on a balmy summer day in 1955. It could be argued that after the Surgeon's Photograph, this is the second most iconic picture of the Loch Ness Monster.

New Blog on Peter Byrne

Peter Byrne Tribute

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In Search Of... Monster Hunters - Season 3, Episode 57 (Leonard Nimoy) Uncut

'Finding Bigfoot': Moneymaker, Holland speak out on sasquatch roundtable (VIDEO)
Moneymaker, the leader of the group, is a 100-percent believer in the existence of the sasquatch, which he confirms again in the roundtable discussion. "People have been describing these types of animals in many different parts of North America for ...

Review: Finding Bigfoot 2-19-12

The team heads to Kentucky to investigate a piece of footage of eyeshine. Bobo seems convinced that it is a 'Squatch, but Cliff is a bit pragmatic about it, and Ranae seems convinced it could have been done by an owl. Matt seems to be ambivalent that it was a 'Squatch, and also Bobo does acknowledge it COULD have been an owl. Cliff believes it was ambigous at best, but could have been a 'Squatch. In night operations, they hear some kind of sound which sounds like something heavy being dropped. The team scans with a thermal and sees a rodent, but nothing 'Squatchy. Cliff does a call, as does Bobo. They do hear a gunshot. The team decides that discretion is the better part of valor and head out. They decide to go for the town hall meeting approach. But first, they head to see Bobo's cousin and some good ol' boys who make 'shine. The folks they visit have heard strange sounds behind their house, sounds they can't explain, and also have had the cabin peppered with rocks. The team decides to try some of the local adult beverage. Then they go to hold the town hall meeting, where they get several reports. They investigate these reports, more night operations, and...well, another hit and miss episode. Not exactly one of their best. I would give it a 2 1/2 out of 5 stars. Just not a very good one this week. Next week is the Best of Finding Bigfoot, 10:00 EST/9:00 Central on Animal Planet. Check local listings for time and channel.

New blog about the 24th-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference!!!

Announcement: The Ohio Bigfoot Conference is NOT Dead!!!!!!

To all my Bigfoot friends,

I would like to pass some great news on our upcoming Ohio Bigfoot Conference The "Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2012" will be taking place on Sunday, April 29th from 12 noon until 6 PM at the very spacious and state of the art Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center located at 7033 Glenn Highway in beautiful Cambridge, Ohio just minutes from the I-70, I-77 interchange in beautiful Guernsey County.

As most of you know, my longtime friend Don Keating has began the process of stepping away from the Bigfoot field so he may be able to pursue his lifelong dream of working in the weather industry. Don has asked me this past fall to be his successor which after some thinking and family discussion I gladly accepted. For over 20 years Don has grown the "Annual Bigfoot Conference" into the largest event of its kind anywhere in the world. I would like to say "thank you Don" for your many years of dedication to Bigfoot research, the Bigfoot Conference, and promoting the great Buckeye state of Ohio.

My group, the Ohio Bigfoot Organization is 100% dedicated to continue the event every Spring for many years to come. We have plans in the works to continue growing the event to a full three day event (Friday to Sunday). Once the 2012 event is over, we look forward in continuing our working relationship with Salt Fork State Park. Due to scheduling errors the event had to be moved to accommodate our needs.

This years Ohio Bigfoot Conference features four world class speakers including for the first time ever east of the Mississippi River, the one and only Mr. Peter Byrne , Dr. John Bindernagel from British Columbia, a speaker to be named shortly, and a "very special" secret speaker with over 30 years experience in the field that wishes to remain anonymous that you don't want to miss.

As always, there will be VIP reserved seating made available for purchase to ensure the best seats in the house. They will be made available on a first pay first come basis for $35 per seat, $50 for a couple, and $25 per additional seat. The cost for the VIP seats will include an official 2012 Conference DVD, and an entry for a very special VIP only Raffle prize. Paypal will be available within a few business days so check the web site frequently to reserve your seating.

General admission to the event will be $10 for adults, and $4 for children age 12 and under.

Vendor tables will be made available for $125 per 8' table, additional tables will cost $50 each. The Vendor space will be open from 12 noon until 7 PM. Please contact me at to secure your vendor table. I look forward to an awesome event.

If you would like to be a Conference Sponsor for 2012, please contact me ASAP for complete details. If you or your group would like to sponsor a speaker please let me know what benefits you would receive.

To conclude, The Ohio Bigfoot Organization and I are looking forward to seeing all our friends new and old at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2012. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you very much!

Happy Squatching,

Marc A. DeWerth

Ohio Bigfoot Organization

Bigfoot Of The San Juan Breakdown Video

The Making of a Work of Art - “Why Follow Me” by Steven DeMarco [Bigfoot Sketch]

Clips From Finding Bigfoot "Moonshine And Bigfoot" Kentucky Episode

Why You Should Watch The Kentucky Episode Of Finding Bigfoot Tonight

Finding Bigfoot - Virginia Video Debrief

Bigfoot hunting isn't so much about evangelizing as it is about the grind of ordinary tracking, though sometimes you might not know it. A profile of some South Carolina members of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), with their experiences, including a look back at the last time South Carolina made it on the map, Bigfoot-wise, in 1988. Even if roadkill was BFRO's only find, David Claerr attempts to lay a groundwork for analysis of Bigfoot's structural anatomy, based on current evidence both from still and video imagery, as well as "what may be the actual physical, skeletal remains that have been exhumed in a few rare instances," in Bigfoot Bones: Sasquatch Skeleton Analyzed and Compared to Human. Regarding one such piece of video evidence, Finding Bigfoot Producer Says "San Juan Mountain Bigfoot" Footage Appears To Be Authentic, wherein the beast strides by a stream in southwestern Colorado. Bigfoot hunting can be a dangerous sport, but for reasons unrelated, as this incident in which 'Bigfoot Tracker' RV ignited on Interstate 4 down in Florida. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Happy Birthday, The Abominable Snowmen’s Eric Norman!?

Finding Bigfoot: “Moonshine and Bigfoot” Tonight

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Remainder Episodes of Season 2 of Finding Bigfoot

When Matt Moneymaker Tells You Facts Like, Some Vehicle Collisions With Deer At Night Are Caused By Bigfoots, You Should Believe Him