Saturday, June 20, 2009

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Laurie, Lauren, Luke and Bryan will have a special Father's Day Roundtable show beginning at 7:00 EST/6:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
So, whatever happened to Bigfoot?

A guest post by Matthew Colborn, who has a PhD in experimental psychology. Richard Wiseman's recent remote viewing study on Twitter with 7000 participants leads Colburn to ask: Why is it that skeptics in the UK at least seem to have a far higher profile in the pop science literature than academic parapsychologists? He thinks that academic parapsychologists are absolutely lousy at self-promotion, especially when compared to those in the skeptical camp, who are far more articulate and media friendly.


MonsterQuest: Season Three, Set One : DVD Talk Review of the DVD Video
Bigfoot revisited

Friday, June 19, 2009

A follow-up on a Cryptomundo posting about the Carter Farm in Tennessee, the site of supposedly frequent contacts between “Bigfoot-type” creatures and members of or relatives of the “Carter family.” A neighbor sets the record straight: "I have lived on this road for 15 years, and my husband was born and raised here. We own a farm of 78 acres, and there are no creatures anywhere in this area that Janice Carter claims. Never have been." Also on Cryptomundo: Mokele-Mbembe On TV, Grover, His Bones, and Kiwis, abd More On Merbeings.

Episode 75 Bigfoot Discovery Mus...
Mike talks about some local sightings that have been reported this week.
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C2C Guest Blows It On Patterson-Gimlin

New Mystery Ape Fossil

Neighbor Writes About Carter Farm “Lies”

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scoftic Is A Word

Grover, His Bones, and Kiwis


Pacific Report | Program | Television | CBC Archives

Some MORE New Vids

BFGTV-Video Vault-René Dahinden and John Green
BFGTV-Video Vault-Ruby Creek Incident
Evening Mag Part 2
Evening Mag Part 1

A Few More New Videos


Some MORE Vids

A brief chat with Dr. John Bindernagel
Southern Fried Bigfoot
Video and Audio
Video and Audiohome.clara.net1:25



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Beyond The Edge Radio

Beyond The Edge

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Hosts Sean Forker, Eric Altman and Joe Biello take you into the world of the Paranormal, interviewing the everyday investigator to the seasoned researcher. Director of Legend Trackers and Demonoligst Rick Cassidy is our guest this week. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

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tenacious D-sasquatch

Messin' With Sasquatch

Bigfoot prints? Or just big footprints

The "Sasqwatch"!

British Man-Beasts

Episode 74: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show
It is accepted without question that the closest relatives to humans are two chimpanzee species - the common chimp and the bonobo. But two scientists publishing in the Journal of Biogeography this week argue that the DNA evidence for that conclusion is flawed and that, based on traditional taxonomy, orangutans are clearly closer to us than chimps. Their paper leads to an Editorial in the magazine entitled In praise of scientific heresy, which states in part: "Ideas that mainstream opinion 'knows' to be wrong occasionally turn out to be right. The insights of Galileo, Stan Prusiner - who discovered prions - and many others were once denounced as heresy." Ironically, the same issue, carries AIDS denial: A lethal delusion, with a cheap shot about Professor Henry Bauer being a leading authority on the existence of the Loch Ness monster without saying a word about the findings of his HIV/AIDS work.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Even MORE MORE New Vids

Discovery Channel Manitoba Bigfoot Jeff Meldrum
media bigfoot
Video from SquatchInc
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Dr. Jeff Meldrum Jimmy Chillicut footprint analysis
bigfoot research
Video from SquatchInc
1 year ago 1,121 views SquatchInc

Q & A with Dr. Meldrum
Q & A with Dr. Meldrum: Part 2 of a presentation by Idaho State University professor Jeff Meldrum on Bigfoot tracks.
Video from saultrain
2 years ago 2,336 views saultrain

Bigfoot Footprints Cannot Be Hoaxed
, was displaying a bigfoot casting showing dermal ridges, Chilcutt decided that he wanted to examine these prints in order to prove they were fake ...
Video from saultrain
2 years ago 30,500 views saultrain

meldrum examining casts
I stop in at ISU at meet with Dr. Meldrum. He believes that there is in fact three...
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BFGTV - Dr. Jeff Meldrum gives a presentation at Honobia Oklahoma Bigfoot Conference 2008
Dr. Meldrum presents Sasquatch: the footsteps and the film on the second day of the Honobia Oklahoma Bigfoot Conference 2008 to a standing room ...
Video from darkwinglh
3 days ago 16 views darkwinglh
BFGTV - Dr. Jeff Meldrum's 1st Day Presentation, Honobia Oklahoma Bigfoot Conference 2008
Dr. Jeff Meldrum gave a presentation on day 1 of the Honobia Bigfoot Conference 2008, talking about the Chinese Wildman episode of MonsterQuest ...
Video from darkwinglh
3 days ago 30 views darkwinglh

Even MORE New Vids

Unknown Animals with Dr. J. Richard…

Sasquatch: Dr. Jeff Meldrum T.V. News Coverage
Dr. Jeff Meldrum is featured on a Salt Lake City local news television station discussing bigfoot prints. For more detailed info on Sasquatch ...
Video from saultrain
2 years ago 7,594 views saultrain
Bigfoot Footprint Evidence: Dr. Jeff Meldrum Presentation
A short clip of a presentation by Dr. Meldrum on Bigfoot tracks. For a detailed, illustrated, analysis of Sasquatch footprint casts, including ...
Video from saultrain
2 years ago 11,427 views
Dr. Jeff Meldrum Part 1
Meldrum's presentation at the TBRC conference of 2005. It is in six parts.
Video from RichardLNoll
5 months ago 690 views RichardLNoll

Dr. Jeff Meldrum Part 2
The second installment.
Video from RichardLNoll
5 months ago 402 views RichardLNoll

Dr. Jeff Meldrum Part 3
The third installment of Jeff's talk at the 2005 TBRC
Video from RichardLNoll
5 months ago 348 views
Dr. Jeff Meldrum Part 4
Fourth installment.
Video from RichardLNoll
5 months ago 322 views RichardLNoll

Dr. Jeff Meldrum Part 5
Fifth installment
Video from RichardLNoll
5 months ago 308 views RichardLNoll

Dr. Jeff Meldrum Part 6
Final segment.
Video from RichardLNoll
5 months ago 385 views RichardLNoll

MORE New Vids

YouTube - MM2007 - Don Keating 1

YouTube - MM2007 - Don Keating 2

Best Evidence: Patterson Gimlin Sasquatch Film
Best Evidence: Bigfoot
Best Evidence: BigfootHowStuffWorks3:00
Best Evidence: Sasquatch Feet
Best Evidence: Sasquatch Sightings