Saturday, April 14, 2007

Are Cell Phones Wiping Out Bees?

Flyer for the upcoming "Squatch-Fest"

Anomalous Headlines

Serval sightings prompt big cat stories

Ridicule vs. Integrity

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Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Footage: CZ’s Zapruder Film

An Insider’s Secret

Don Keating's Conference Coming Next Month...

Go to for more details.

M.K. Davis Confirmed To Be Speaker at...

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Photo 2

More Photos From Bluff Creek, California by M.K. Davis

Review: USBRA Radio 4-13-07

Bill Green and I were Indy's guests, and we discussed various things, including plugging my show as well as different things. Don Keating called in and asked Bill and I different questions. There was another caller who was asking me various questions about the Sasquatch mystery which I answered for him as well as I could. Bill and I were honored to be on Indy's show, and we enjoyed it. Thanks, Indy.

Don’t Jack With Sasquatch! Part 4

Friday, April 13, 2007

Anomalous Headlines

  • Is this Nessie?

  • Big cat sightings a shock for residents

  • Swan feeds fish at zoo
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    Don’t Jack With Sasquatch! Part 3

  • Various Sasquatch Videos
  • USBRA Radio Tonight

    Steve Pickett will be interviewing myself and Bill Green at 10:00/9:00 Central at Please tune in and support great research.

    Thursday, April 12, 2007

    The other photo from Bluff Creek

    This is of a constructed shelter found in the area. Human? Sasquatch? You decide.

    Three photos from M.K. Davis from Bluff Creek, California

    This is a beautiful photo of a rainbow over the trees and snow, along with a gorgeous flower.

    Special Announcement

    Next Wednesday night, The Sasquatch Experience Lite will expand to one hour for one night only, with a special early start time of 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. Our guest will be Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Information Center founder Don Keating, who will promote his new DVD "The Mystery of...The Sasquatch Triangle" as well as discuss Bigfoot in Ohio. The show can be found at As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

    Cryptomundo/Anomalous Headlines

    Don’t Jack With Sasquatch!

    Oglala Sioux Police Talk: Bigfoot Update

    Don’t Jack With Sasquatch! Part 2

    Bigfoot and High Strangeness: Forbidden Territory

  • At night all cats are grey.... sort of

  • Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    Book Review: The Yowie: In Search of Australia's Bigfoot

    Cryptomundo Headlines

    Jane Goodall Speaks Out For Bigfoot

    Sasquatch Comic Book Hot off the Press!

    Laverty on Bigfoot Claims of Heironimous

    My Bigfoot Books

    1. On the Track of The Sasquatch-John Green
    2. Year of the Sasquatch-John Green
    3. The Sasquatch File-John Green
    4. Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us-John Green
    5. On the Track of the Sasquatch: Bigfoot-John Green
    6. The Best of Sasquatch/Bigfoot-John Green (Signed)
    7. Sasquatch/Bigfoot: The Hunt For North America's Incredible Creature-Don Hunter with Rene Dahinden
    8. The Evidence for Bigfoot and other Man-Beasts-Janet and Colin Bord
    9. The Bigfoot Casebook-Janet and Colin Bord
    10. The Bigfoot Casebook Updated: Bigfoot Encounters from 1818-1980-Janet and Colin Bord
    11. In Pursuit of a Legend: 72 Days in California Bigfoot Country-T.A. Wilson
    12. North America's Great Ape: The Sasquatch-John Bindernagel
    13. Still Living? Yeti, Sasquatch and the Neanderthal Enigma-Myra Shackley
    14. In Search of Giants: Bigfoot Sasquatch Encounters-Thomas Steenburg
    15. Bigfoot Is Alive!-The Davis Expedition
    16. Meet The Sasquatch-Chris Murphy, John Green and Thomas Steenburg (Signed)
    17. Bigfootnotes-Daniel Perez (Signed)
    18. Bigfoot at Bluff Creek-Daniel Perez (Signed)
    19. Bigfoot 4-Issue comic book series-Rob Zombie, Steve Niles (Signed)
    20. The Sasquatch in Minnesota-Mike Quast
    21. Bigfoot in Mississippi-J. Michael
    22. The Making of Bigfoot-Greg Long
    23. California's Bigfoot/Sasquatch-Tom Morris (Signed)
    24. Sasquatch/Bigfoot: The Continuing Mystery-Thomas Steenburg
    25. The Big Bigfoot Book-From Mojo Press
    26. Big Footage: A History of Claims for the Sasquatch on Film-Mike Quast
    27. Monsters of the Northwoods-Bruce Hallenbeck, Bill Brann and Paul and Robert Bartholomew (Signed)
    28. On The Track of Bigfoot-Marion T. Place
    29. There Are Giants in the Earth-Michael Grumley
    30. Bigfoot: America's Abominable Snowman-Elwood D. Baumann
    31. The Locals: A Contemporary Investigation of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon-Thom Powell
    32. The Bigfoot Film Controversy-Roger Patterson/Chris Murphy
    33. Do Abominable Snowmen of America Really Exist?-Roger Patterson
    34. Big Footprints: A Scientific Inquiry Into the Reality of Sasquatch-Grover Krantz (Signed)
    35. Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence-Grover Krantz
    36. Field Guide to The Sasquatch-David George Gordon
    37. Track of the Bigfoot-D. L. Tanner
    38. Boyfriend-Bettie Charville
    39. Sasquatch Apparitions-Barbara Wasson
    40. The Search for Bigfoot: Monster, Myth or Man (Hardback & Paperback)-Peter Byrne
    41. Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing The Dark Divide-Robert Michael Pyle (Signed)
    42. Bigfoot Exposed-David Daegling
    43. Smokey and the Fouke Monster-Smokey Crabtree (Signed)
    44. Swamp Bigfoot: Tales of the Louisiana Honey Island Swamp Monster-Dana Holyfield (Signed)
    45. Raincoast Sasquatch: The Bigfoot/Sasquatch Records of Southeast Alaska, Coastal British Columbia and Northwest Washington from Puget Sound to Yakutat-J. Robert Alley
    46. Bigfoot South: Examining Cryptozoology's Greatest Mystery in the Southern United States-Chester Moore, Jr. (Signed)
    47. Bigfoot Lives: Deal With It!-Chester Moore, Jr. (Signed)
    48. Manlike Monsters on Trial-Marjorie Halpin and Michael M. Ames
    49. Bigfoot Across America-Philip L. Rife
    50. Bigfoot Sightings of east Central Alabama-James M. Smith
    51. Dark Woods-Jay Kumar
    52. Bigfoot: The Mysterious Monster-Robert and Frances Guenette
    53. Bigfoot and Nessie: Two Mysterious Monsters-Angelo Rescinitti and Duane Damon
    54. Bigfoot: The Yeti and Sasquatch In Myth and Reality-John Napier
    55. Other Origins: The Search for the Giant Ape in Human Prehistory-Russell Ciochon, John Olsen and Jamie James
    56. Bigfoot-B. Ann Slate and Alan Berry
    57. Bigfoot in the News-Daniel Murphy
    58. Bigfoot Encounters in Ohio: Quest For The Grassman-Chris Murphy, In Association with George Clappison and Joedy Cook
    59. Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us (2006 reprinting)-John Green
    60. Bigfoot: A Personal Inquiry Into A Phenomenon-Kenneth Wylie
    61. Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come To Life-Ivan T. Sanderson
    62. Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science-Jeff Meldrum
    63. No Return-Pete Travers
    64. The Historical Bigfoot-Chad Arment
    65. Valley of the Skookum: Four Years of Encounters with Bigfoot-Sali Sheppard-Wolford
    66. The Scientist Looks at The Sasquatch-Roderick Sprague and Grover Krantz
    67. Everything You Know Is Wrong: Book One: Human Origins-Lloyd Pye (Signed)
    68. The Yowie: In Search of Australia's Bigfoot-Paul Cropper and Tony Healy
    69. The Shadowkiller-Matthew Scott Hansen

    Updated DVD List

    1. Squatching/Journey Toward Squatchdom
    2. Bigfoot: Man? Myth? Monster?
    3. Bigfootville
    4. BIgfoot (Bob Gray Productions)
    5. Three By Keating: Discussions of Bigfoot in Ohio (In The Shadow of the Sasquatch, Ohio's Abominable Snowman? and The Evidence Mounts)
    6. Sasquatch Horror Triple Feature (Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot, Snowbeast, Snow Creature)
    7. In Search Of...Manlike Monsters (Bigfoot, Monster Hunters, Swamp Monsters, Abominable Snowman; In Search Of... (2000) with Jeff Meldrum, Paul Freeman, Loren Coleman and Thomas Steenburg; Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World: Missing Ape-Man)
    8. Swamp Apes
    9. Bigfoot FAQ
    10. National Geographic: Bigfoot: Is It Real?
    11. Monsters! Mysteries Or Myths?
    12. Keeping The Watch
    13. Oregon Bigfoot: Search For A Living Legend Part 1
    14. Abominable (Anchor Bay Release)
    15. Bigfoot: Man or Beast?
    16. Bigfoot: The Mysterious Monster
    17. Harry and the Hendersons
    18. Sasquatch Science: Searching For Bigfoot
    19. Shaawanoki: The "Skunk Ape" Florida's Bigfoot
    20. Todd Douglas Bailey's Bigfoot Lives
    21. Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science (Signed by Doug Hajicek)
    22. 2003 International Bigfoot Symposium (Discs 1-4, 2 sets)
    23. Bigfoot; The DVD
    24. Sasquatch Odyssey: The Hunt For Bigfoot
    25. The Honey Island Swamp Monster
    26. Sasquatch (Don McCune Productions)
    27. Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot/Creature From Black Lake
    28. Clawed: The Legend of Sasquatch
    29. The Legend of Boggy Creek
    30. The Force Beyond
    31. Mysterious Encounters: The WIldman Collection
    32. A Walk In The Woods: Sasquatch Evidence
    33. Holdbrook Film: M.K. Davis
    34. 2005 Bellingham, Washington Sasquatch Research Conference (2 Discs)
    35. Operation Nightscream
    36. Rocky Mountain Bigfoot
    37. The Quest: Bigfoot/The Legend of Bigfoot/Hour Northwest: Sasquatch
    38. IBS Meeting: 5-29-04 Larry Lund, Don Monroe
    39. IBS Meeting 3-27-04 Greg Long
    40. 2nd Annual Texas Bigfoot Conference 2002 (Signed by Craig Woolheater) (2 Discs)
    41. Man Beast: Myth or Monster
    42. WBS Conference 2001
    43. IBS 2005 Longbow Conference
    44. Lake Monsters
    45. UFO-TV Bigfoot
    46. On The Trail of Bigfoot
    47. Sasquatch Hunters
    48. Ivan Marx Movies (The Legend of Bigfoot, In The Shadow of Bigfoot)
    49. Sasquatch (2003)
    50. Patterson/Gimlin Film Revisited
    51. X-Creatures: Bigfoot and Yeti
    52. The Hunt For Bigfoot
    53. Giganto: The Real King Kong/In Search Of...Bray Road Beast/Fox News Channel Segment on Bigfoot
    54. M.K. Davis Travelogue Footage of Bluff Creek, California
    55. Mystery of the Human Hobbit
    56. Sasquatch Mountain (Sci-Fi)
    57. Sasquatch Lake: The White Bigfoot Video
    58. Sci-Fi Investigates: Mothman
    59. Sci-Fi Investigates: Bigfoot
    60. Abominable (Sci-Fi)
    61. Deep Sea Detectives: Loch Ness: Great Monster Mystery
    62. Corwin's Quest: Realm Of The Yeti
    63. The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas
    64. Bigfoot Programs: Entertainment Tonight Segment with Bob Heironimus (2004); Evening Magazine Segment with Bob Heironimus (2004); National Geographic: Bigfoot: Is It Real? (2005) and Mysterious Encounters (Patterson/Gimlin Film Segment)
    65. Bigfoot Programs 2: Animal-X (Chester Moore, Kriss Stephens, Jeff Meldrum and Jimmy Chilcutt, 2005); Squatching and Wild West Tech Bigfoot Segment
    66. Secrets and Mysteries: Bigfoot
    67. Unsolved Mysteries: Bigfoot (1994)
    68. Unsolved Mysteries: Yeti (1992)
    69. Strange But True
    70. The Mothman Prophecies
    71. CMT Small-Town Secrets: Bigfoot
    72. Bigfoot Stuff
    73. In Search of Bigfoot/Hour Northwest (Larry Lund, Cliff Crook and Rene Dahinden (1994)/Encounters: The Hidden Truth (1994)
    74. Sightings (1995)/Hard Copy (1995)/Bob Daigle Footage/Bigfoot: Man or Beast?
    75. Monsters: Mysteries or Myths?/The Mysterious Monsters/Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World/Unsolved Mysteries Bigfoot (1987)/Those Incredible Animals (1991)
    76. Those Incredible Animals (1991)/Sightings (1993)/Ancient Mysteries (1994)/Sightings (1994)/Sightings (1995)/Unsolved Mysteries (1994)
    77. World's Greatest Hoaxes/In Search Of...Bigfoot (2000)/Countdown W/ Keith Olbermann (Bob Heironimus, Bob Kiviat, 2004)/Humanzee (1998)
    78. Bigfoot Programs 5
    79. Bigfoot Programs 6
    80. Inside Edition 1996 Segment
    81. Unexplained Mysteries: The Monster Show (2004)
    82. CNN Bigfoot Segment (Scott Herriott)/Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science (Recorded off TV)
    83. Eyes In The Dark: The Sasquatch Experience
    84. Best Evidence: Bigfoot/Giganto: The Real King Kong
    85. Sasquatch Mountain
    86. Bigfoot Miscellaneous: World's Greatest Hoaxes/Scare Tactics: Bigfoot and UFO/Real Monsters: Bigfoot/Hulk Vs. Sasquatch cartoon/Weird Travels: Werewolves and Bigfoot
    87. Bigfoot Miscellaneous 2: Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science/Segment 7: Scott Herriott/Capital One: Bigfoot Commercial/Evening Magazine: Bigfoot In California/Pecola: Yeti Or Not/In Search Of...Dr. Matt Johnson/Paul Freeman Film/California Dreams (sitcom featuring a Yeti)/Dexter's Lab (Sassy Come Home)/Sightings: Lizardman (Krantz/Gimlin/Freeman)/Now (Geraldo Rivera) featuring Bob Gimlin/Sightings: Anonymous Film (Crook/Gimlin/Krantz/Greenwell)/Those Incredible Animals (Lizardman/Charles Edson)/Unsolved Mysteries (Bigfoot In Colorado)/At Noon (Ernest Montiel (Interview from Ivan Marx)/Sightings: Bigfoot Research Project (Byrne/Bindernagel/Owen/Herriott)/Fox News (Bigfoot in California)/Freaky Links: Skunk Ape! (thriller/drama)/Out and About: Daniel Perez/On The Trail of Sasquatch (Green/Neiss/Perez/Bindernagel/Sasquatch)
    88. THE OTHER SIDE secrets & mysteries of Sasquatch + bonus's
    89. TRUTH OR SCARE: Bigfoot
    WEIRD PLACES: Bigfoot / Jersey Devil [travel channel]
    X-CREATURES: Bigfoot/Yeti/Orangpendak/Patterson [dsc. ch]
    PARANORMAL INVERSTIGATION: Stan Johnson interview
    INTO THE UNKNOWN: Unknown creatures [discovery ch.]
    giant snakes
    deloise' ape
    lake monsters
    jersey devil
    giant crocodiles & lizards
    90. SIGHTINGS:
    peter byrne
    the mapenguay
    lummi nation
    bigfoot bounty!
    bigfoot film footage
    richard greenwell
    ANIMAL-X: Skookum cast / Dr Matt Johnson
    AL HODGSON interview [first person to talk to Patterson, after his sighting & film]
    BIGFOOT~DAYS PARADE, California 2001 & road trip to Patterson site [friends stock footage]
    91. UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: Skunkape
    RENE DAHINDEN interview
    SIGHTINGS: Bigfoot
    92. BIGFOOT: Best Evidence yet
    93. Bigfoot: An Encounter With Reality
    94. The Mystery of...The Sasquatch Triangle

    Anomalous Headlines

  • Waiting for Bigfoot

  • Now, What About the Ape-Women?

  • Cougar sighted in Shelburne County
  • Cryptomundo Stories

    The Return of Bigfoot">The Bionic Woman The Return of Bigfoot

    Coelacanth Pop Culture Reference

    New “Paddler” Photo Surfaces

    Fed Nominee Has Bigfoot Links

    Sasquatch Experience Lite Tonight...

    Steve "Indy" Pickett will be sitting in for Sean, and our topic will be the Oklahoma Casino Video (which has never been seen except as a CGI Recreation on "Mysterious Encounters"). The show starts at 9:30 EST/8:30 Central and can be found at As always, please tune in and support great research.

    Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    Articles of Interest

  • Boston Pizza signs sasquatch as company's new spokesbeast

  • Gearing Up for 2007 Field Investigations
  • Anomalous Headlines/The Murphy File Newsletter #29

    Loony and Loving It

  • “Big, black beast” spotted

  • UFO and Bigfoot Sightings:
    Faith Has Nothing to Do With It

  • Authorities hunt for 'mystery animal' in attacks

  • Murphy File Newsletter #29
  • Cryptomundo Headlines

    Cryptomundo Wins A Webby

    More on Louie, Boston Pizza’s Spokes Squatch

  • Dermal Ridges and Casting Artifacts - Does Temperature Really Matter?
  • Updated Schedule for "The Sasquatch Experience April-June 2007*

    April 15th-International Bigfoot Society President Ray Crowe

    April 22nd-Filmmaker Todd Partain ("Eyes In The Dark: The Sasquatch Experience")

    April 29th-Autumn Williams (Oregon

    May 6th-Michael Worth (producer/star, "Sasquatch Mountain")

    May 13th-Daniel Perez ("Center For Bigfoot Studies")

    May 20th-Thomas Steenburg (Canadian Researcher)

    May 27th-Larry Lund ("The Sasquatch Sleuth")

    June 3rd-Chris Murphy ("Meet The Sasquatch")

    June 10th-Monica Rawlins (Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy)

    June 17th-M.K. Davis ("Bigfoot: An Encounter With Reality")

    June 24th-Open-Mic on Jan Klement's "The Creature"

    *All scheduled shows are subject to change

    Steve "Indy" Pickett will be substituting for Sean Forker until Sean is ready to return.

    Review: Squatch Detective Radio 4-9-07

    Steve's guest was Dr. Henner Fahrenbach, a scientist and retired biologist from the Oregon Primate Center. Dr. Fahrenbach discussed such things as ecology for different species of animals, including the Sasquatch, as well as how each species relates to each other. I called in and asked about what characteristics he looks for in different hair samples, as well as about the Skookum Cast and why scientists were reluctant to examine it. The show was going great till Steve decided to pull out that old chestnut of the Patterson/Gimlin Movie and ask Dr. Fahrenbach about his thoughts on it and how it relates to a real species. Steve, if you're reading this, the show is always great, but the P/G Movie is an old and rehashed subject. That is why Sean and I really don't like to discuss it very often if at all on our show. Other than that, the shows are always terrific, with a little pearl of wisdom in them. Tonight's show was great and enjoyable, as well as educational. Steve's next show will be next Monday, with his guests Chris Bartow and Chuck Adinolfi to discuss their expedition coming up next weekend in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State. The show starts at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central and can be found at As always, please tune in and support great research.

    Cryptomundo Headlines

  • Kalanoro, Yeti and Lux

  • “Monkey-Headed Baby” or Not?

    The Return of Bigfoot">The Six Million Dollar Man The Return of Bigfoot

    Monday, April 09, 2007

  • The Biz: SpongeBob Absorbs Two More; Sasquatch Spotted At Sci Fi

  • Climate Crisis Skeptics And The Sasquatch

    Bigfoot and the Cherokee Hill

    Cryptomundo Headlines

    One Million Species & Counting

    Harry and the Hendersons DVD Release

    Thoreau: Listen For New Species

    Local Dallas Reporter Attends Biscardi Expedition

    Fahrenbach, Bartow, Andinolfi, and Strain-Moskowitz on Radio

    Bigfoot Wears Chucks?

    More articles on Ray Crowe

  • The Australian Yowie, Ray Crowe

  • Early Man as a Model for Bigfoot

  • Articles on Ray Crowe

  • Ray Crowe


  • Bigfoot Believer Keeping the Faith
  • More Articles of Interest

  • Dr. W. Henner Fahrenbach
    on the
    "Patterson-Gimlin Film Resolution"

  • A Medieval Sasquatch
    by Dr. W. Henner Fahrenbach

  • Articles of Interest

  • Bigfoot Biology

  • Status of the DNA Analysis
    of Hair Samples at Ohio State Univ.

  • The Use of Archaeological Methods
    in the Collection of Data Related
    to Alleged Sasquatch Activity
  • Squatch Detective Radio Tonight...

    Steve Kulls' guest will be Dr. Henner Fahrenbach, retired primatologist from the Oregon Primate Center. The program begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central and can be found at As always, please tune in and support great research.
  • The Six Million Dollar Man The Secret of Bigfoot