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USBRA Show for tonight is cancelled due to illness...

Editorial: Independent Documentarians: Doing a great service to Bigfooting

We have all seen these specials on TV countless times, the ones which take a more skeptical look (sometimes TOO skeptical), with sneering skeptics and loaded narration which implies that anyone who studies hairy bipeds worldwide is a candidate for the looney bin and cannot be taken seriously. However, some independent documentarians have stepped up to the plate and bucked the system, with fair and balanced productions which give Bigfooters the time they need to explain their side of things. Some examples of terrific independent documentarians are Jay Michael Long from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, who has produced 3 excellent DVD's on cryptids (Swamp Apes, Bigfoot FAQ and The Honey Island Swamp Monster) and is at work on a fourth on Bigfoot in Oklahoma; Scott Herriott, who has principally produced documentaries on the Pacific Crest Trail and also on strange places in the U.S., but also produced two Bigfoot docs (Squatching and Journey Toward Squatchdom, with the latter being more a hilarious "mockumentary"); Autumn Williams, former host of Mysterious Encounters, produced an excellent DVD called Oregon Bigfoot: Search For A Living Legend Part 1 of 3; Peter von Puttkamer, producer of the terrific Sasquatch Odyssey: The Hunt For Bigfoot, as well as a Learning Channel series on monsters; John Johnsen, producer of Keeping The Watch, which featured profiles of six independent researchers; Todd Partain, producer of the terrific Eyes In The Dark: The Sasquatch Experience and Don Keating, chairman of the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center, who produced 5 documentaries (In The Shadow of The Sasquatch, Ohio's Abominable Snowman?, The Evidence Mounts, Sasquatch Lake: The White Bigfoot Video and The Mystery of...The Sasquatch Triangle) which are also great. These individuals are part of a new breed of filmmakers who give us Bigfooters a true chance to tell our stories without being edited or cut off by a sneering skeptic or loaded narration which makes us look like nutjobs. I would say the future of true independent cryptozoological filmmaking is safe and secure.
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  • John Keel: A Rare Appearance

    USBRA Radio tonight...

    Indy and Robin will host myself and Bill Green in a bit of a roundtable-type discussion. The show starts at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central and can be found at
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  • Pre-Registration for the Arcata, California Patterson/Gimlin Movie Symposium, October 20-21, 2007
  • Friday, June 22, 2007

    Yeti Yard Sale

    Slight Correction: The editorial I wrote earlier in the week about the possible film footage credited M.K. Davis as being part of the release of this work. I have been corrected by producer John Johnsen that M.K. was not part of the release of this information. The Southeast Sasquatch Association regrets the error.

    Bill Green's review of the 19th Annual Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Conference

    here my editoral- don keating s resent resent ohio bigfoot conferance on vhs was realy wonderful to watch & informative. it worth getting for any researchers dvd or vhs library, the guest speakers gave great presantations about sasquatch. wonderful job don A++++ please put that in your blog
  • East vs West?
  • DVD Review: The 19th Annual Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2007

    This event, held on Saturday, May 19th, 2007, featured speakers Tony Healy of Canberra, Australia, who discussed the Yowie phenomenon in the Land Down Under. His talk was a bit abbreviated on this DVD presentation, but we do get a feel for what he is looking into. The next speaker is Lorena C. from Camden, Ohio, who discusses the two sightings she has had close to her folks' property. Finally, filmmaker/producer Pat Holdbrook speaks about the film he produced based on M.K. Davis' work on the Patterson/Gimlin Movie, Bigfoot: An Encounter With Reality. Holdbrook also discusses his ongoing projects with One Step Beyond Reality, pertaining to Bigfoot, as well as more paranormal subjects. Healy and Holdbrook also take audience questions. The DVD ends with a question-and-answer session, as well as one lady coming up to give her eyewitness account. All in all, this is a really wonderful 2-hour presentation of a terrific Conference which gives a great insight to the research being done by independent investigators. I give this DVD 4 out of 5 stars. Excelsior, Don Keating!!!!!!!!!

    Great Editorial by Billy Willard (Used with Permission)

    Over the past few years, I have seen, observed and sometimes even
    participated in the badgering of other Bigfoot researchers and
    investigators. I feel that we can easily be put into the mold of
    doing this on a regular basis. It wasn't until speaking and
    discussing this issue with Steve Kulls that I really began to realize
    that we all do this at one time or another. Well, THAT IS OVER FOR

    Do you know how much valuable research could be done and accomplished
    if all the researchers out their spending their long, wasted hours
    trying to figure out which researcher did this or that wrong, or this
    researcher is hoaxing or not on and so much
    valuable research could be done on actually FOCUSING ON BIGFOOT
    RESEARCH!!! I have seen some recent posts on other forums that
    simply disgust me!

    Guess what? We are ALL human. We are ALL going to make a mistake
    now and then. We ALL hopefully LEARN from our mistakes. Why do we
    have to LOWER ourselves by talking bad about other researchers or
    groups? Why do we have to lower our standards and cooperate with
    other so-called researchers who in my mind make big jackasses of
    themselves daily with their belittling comments about others? And
    guess what? Then you have others coming in and jumping on the band
    wagon in support of the stupid belittling claims. HEY, I USED to be
    molded that way myself, I am in no way completely innocent in this
    type of behavior. Well, NO MORE! What a damn waste of time and what
    do you accomplish? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

    We are always going to have hoaxers, we are always going to see the
    mistakes of our peers (sometimes its hard to see our own mistakes,
    isn't it?), but it doesn't mean we have to focus all our time and
    energy on pointing these things out.

    I believe that alot of the main stream Bigfoot researchers need to
    grow up and do what we all do best. BIGFOOT RESEARCH! And that
    comment includes MYSELF!

    I want to thank my good friend Steve Kulls for helping me to open my
    eyes and see, hey, life is too short and there is GOOD in ALL people
    if you look for it. Thanks alot Steve!

    Billy Willard
    Sasquatch Watch of Virginia

    Cryptomundo/Anomalous Headlines

    Famed Cryptozoologist to Prison: 14 Years

    D-Rock’s Tripp With Cryptozoology

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  • Youth of Today and Bigfoot

    Men in Cryptozoology: Blake Mathys

    Review: Let's Talk Bigfoot 6-20-07

    Melissa and Teresa had Rick Noll as their guest, who discussed mainly the Skookum Cast, as well as footprints, field research and other things. Scotto of the BFF called in and asked about field research as well. It was a great show, full of terrific information. The next show will be on a special Tuesday night at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central with Bigfoot founder Brian Brown (Bipto). That can be found at As always, please tune in and support great research.

    Review: The Sasquatch Triangle 6-21-07

    This was a near-90-minute show, with Don and I shooting the breeze in the first half-hour because the scheduled guest, Daniel Perez, could not get away from work till the 9:30 EST hour. When he did show up, he discussed such controversial subjects as the Patterson/Gimlin Movie, the Memorial Day Footage and the Skookum Cast. He was asked a question via e-mail by Larry Lund, and also another e-mail question by Mike Feltner of Ohio. It was a great show, full of great information. Don's next guest will be filmmaker Pat Holdbrook next Thursday night at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at the address to the right. As always, please tune in and support great research.

    Thursday, June 21, 2007

    More links on Daniel Perez

    20 Questions With Jeff Meldrum, Interview by Daniel Perez, from the June 2006 Bigfoot Times Newsletter

    Some reasons for caution about the Bigfoot film expose: for skeptics, the revelation of a hoax can provide valuable insights

    Exclusive Interview with Daniel Perez

    Biography of Daniel Perez from

    Links for tonight's "Sasquatch Triangle" guest, Daniel Perez

    Daniel Perez The Tireless Investigator

    Daniel Perez Bigfoot Times article about "The World's Greatest Hoaxes"

    The Patterson/Gimlin Film Pioneers

    GIF files showing an alleged mask being pulled off the MDF subject

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  • Thoughts on the Memorial Day Footage

  • Updates and Thoughts on the Memorial Day Footage
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  • Nessie makes yet another splash

  • Cryptomundo Headlines

    Nessie Video Due to Black Holes?

    Editorial: Has a "Swamp Ape" Finally Been Captured on Film?

    A new videotape has recently come to light from a most unlikely source-controversial Bigfooter Tom Biscardi, who, along with M.K. Davis, has presented video of two creatures which appear to be "Swamp Apes." One creature appears to be in a tree and is shaking the trees and screaming. That in and of itself is a pretty good piece of evidence, but it is not the most shocking piece of footage; that is reserved for a clip of what appears to be a large apelike creature with long arms which gets up from a prone position and rises up on two legs, then proceeds to alternate between bipedal and quadropedal walking. It is quite a shocking piece of video, and fits into some researchers' theories of what we have in the South which is referred to as "Swamp Apes." The creature on the ground also barks almost like a dog but not quite, which spooked M.K.'s dog when he heard it. The footage is interesting, though to skeptics will still be considered inconclusive until a body is brought in. The best place to see a high-quality moving .gif of the ground-walker is at Tom Biscardi's website, Now, I know some are going to question the authenticity of this footage, seeing as how Biscardi is involved, but if that footage is faked, it is absolutely stunning to me how it could have been faked, in the wild, with an extremely long-armed person in a gorilla suit? To me that possibility is highly unlikely, and Biscardi had no involvement with it until now. And, who would be foolish enough to climb a tree in a hot, heavy, cumbersome gorilla suit and shake it and scream? That does not make sense, so this is possibly the real deal, another film to add to the 40-year-old Patterson/Gimlin Movie. I cannot conceive of it being a hoax, especially since it was shot at night (the video was lightened by Davis for better viewing) where it would most likely go unnoticed. It seems that now there is another film to talk about besides the old chestnut of the P/G Movie.

    Is this a "Swamp Ape?"

    Image copyright 2007 Tom Biscardi and the Searching For Bigfoot Team and M.K. Davis

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  • Gimlin's Memory Intact

    From Daniel Perez's Bigfoot Times Blog

    Written by Daniel Perez

    I am just off the telephone with Cheryl Schuchman, who I tracked down. She is the daughter of the late John Schuchman (see photo below in previous post). She tells me she met Roger Patterson ONE time, when he came to their 40 foot long trailer around 1964 with a Volkswagen bus with two horses in it. He was a "nice gentleman," "short" in size with a cowboy hat. Roger was there, by himself, to interview her dad about his sighting. Cheryl was "enamored" by the short horses.

    She now has a copy of the Bigfoot Times, May 2007, with the story of
    Roger and Bob stopping by after the film was shot. She told me "I had
    to laugh," and that it is "pure fiction." "I was their only daughter
    and I was always with them, so if this happened [Roger and Bob stopping
    by for a shower after the film] I would have known about it." My only
    regret here is that I became aware of Cheryl Schuchman after we went to

    She also stated that her dad "told it soooo many times [his sighting]"
    that she could remember it "verbatim." With that she told me that if
    Roger and Bob did stop by for a shower without her being present, that
    her dad would have told her. "I would have known about it..." Her dad
    was a Bigfoot "enthusiast" after his sighting.

    The story supplied to the Australian Penthouse magazine by Tony Healy
    is without merit. When I talked with Bob Gimlin, in person, September
    2003 (Willow Creek, California) and May/June 2005 (Bellingham,
    Washington) about this so-called shower, he told me, while shaking his
    head back and forth, he doesn't remember a John Schuchman or ever
    stopping by anyone's home so Roger could have a shower after they got
    their famous movie. So another test of Bob Gimlin's memory demonstrates
    his recollection of matters is very much intact.

    It would be interesting indeed if the late Rene Dahinden or John Green
    has an audio tape of John Schuchman, and I am told that one might still
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  • Daniel Perez
  • Sasquatch Triangle Tonight...

    Don will hopefully have Center for Bigfoot Studies founder Daniel Perez on the show tonight. The show starts at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central and can be found at the link to the right. Please tune in and support great research.

    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

  • Bigfoot researchers weed through hoaxes
  • Eric Altman on Sirius Satelite Radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Sorry for the selfish plug, but wanted to invite anyone who is
    interested and if you have Sirius Sattelite radio, to tune in to the
    program on Maxim radio channel 108, I will be a guest talking about the
    Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon. I will be on Tuesday July 10 at 9 pm
    with host Devore and Diana. They called me today to ask me to be part
    of the outdoors/cryptozool ogy/survival/ nature week. They wanted to
    know about Bigfoot, Bigfoot on the east coast and about the
    Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. You can also listen online by visiting and finding channel 108 the Maxim channel and tuning in
    on Tuesday July 10."

    Nessie Seen at Rock Ness!

    ChampQuest Director’s Disappearance Deepens

    Monsters of the Ozarks and Missouri - Information Wanted

    Big Cats Loose in Britain - Just Published

    Updated, revised schedule for "The Sasquatch Experience"

    June 24th-Ray Crowe
    July 1st-Todd Neiss
    July 8th-Stan Gordon
    July 15th-Smokey Crabtree-(Awaiting Confirmation)
    July 22nd-Peter Byrne-(Awaiting Confirmation)
    July 29th-Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Bindernagel (2 hours, Awaiting Confirmation)
    August 5th-Loren Coleman-(Awaiting Confirmation)
    August 12th-Melissa Hovey and Teresa Hall
    August 19th-Billy Willard and Tom Lancaster
    August 26th-Steve Kulls
    September 2nd-Larry Lund
    September 9th-Ron Schaffner
    September 16th-Don Keating
    September 23rd-Jason Valenti
    September 30th-Scott Herriott
    October 7th-Tim Cassidy
    October 14th-Autumn Williams
    October 20th-M.K. Davis and Chris Murphy (2 hours)
    October 28th-Dr. Henner Fahrenbach

    "Let's Talk Bigfoot" Tonight...

    Melissa and Teresa will have independent researcher Rick Noll, at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central at Please tune in and support great research.

    Tuesday, June 19, 2007

  • State says mystery fish a piranha

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    Strange Wilderness: In Search of South American Bigfoot">Strange Wilderness: In Search of South American Bigfoot

    Why No Sasquatch Sightings?

    Cryptomundo Headlines

    Nessie Caught on Video?

    Search For The Mothman">Search For The Mothman

    Pygmy Giant Panda Skull Found

    Review: Squatch Detective Radio 6-18-07

    This was a great show, with Farlan Huff of Oklahoma, who discussed vaqrious things with Steve and Billy, including me calling in and asking about the Oklahoma Casino Video, as well as giving my opinion on whether Sasquatch should be in a zoo or not. It was a great show and a lot of fun. Steve continues to do great shows, and will continue on in that grand tradition next Monday night, although he has not yet announced who his guest will be. Still, should be a good one. 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at the address to the right, and as always, please make sure to tune in and support great research.

    Monday, June 18, 2007

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  • Tracking the Bigfoot trackers

  • Despite hoax report, the Sasquatch hunt is still on

  • Ray Crowe and the International Bigfoot Society

    All those tracks in the woods lead to enduring mystery

    More links on Ray Crowe

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  • Famed Bigfoot Group Shuts Down

    Links on this Sunday's "Sasquatch Experience" guest, Ray Crowe

  • The Search for Bigfoot Ends



  • Squatch Detective Radio Tonight...

    Steve has not announced a guest for our sister show yet, but it should be a good one. It starts at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at the link to the right. Please tune in and support great research.

    Movie Review: The Mothman Prophecies

  • The Mothman Prophecies

  • Flatwoods ‘monster’ might be turned into a movie
  • Update: Rock Ness & Nessie

    New Conference available on VHS or DVD!!!!!!

    Don Keating is now selling copies of his 2007 Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Conference on your choice of either VHS or DVD for the low cost of $20.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling. Inquire at Speakers at the recent Conference were filmmaker Pat Holdbrook ("Bigfoot: An Encounter with Reality") Australian Yowie Researcher Tony Healy (The Yowie: In Search of Australia's Bigfoot") and BF witness Lorena C. Cryptozoologist Craig Heinselman was supposed to speak at the conference as well, but had to turn around at the last minute due to a family emergency. Being a longtime supporter of Don and his research, I strongly urge everyone to get their copies of this one before they're gone.

    dbly's "Top-Ten" List

    Stolen from David Letterman.. The Top Ten List on How to tell if the
    Creature is a Real Bigfoot and not someone in a monkey suit.

    10) - After being shot with a 44 mag handgun. It
    Growls at you and takes your weapon while
    attemping to shove it down your throat.

    9) - You are 6.5 foot tall and the Creature is able
    to reach the basketball hoop and then some
    above your head and reach

    8) - The Creature picks up your vehicle with you
    . inside it and throws it in the river.

    7) - The Creature stinks stronger than your 80
    year old grandma's arm pits.

    6)- The Creatures footprint size is bigger than
    Both your feet heel to toe lengthwise inside
    the footprint

    5)- The Creature looks scary enough to instantly
    cure your consitpation on the spot when you
    see it

    4)- Your trained killer dog attacks the Creature
    and tastes like chicken to it

    3)- You attempt to take a picture and can't keep it
    In focus, as the Creature is way too fast for
    you to keep up

    2) - As the Creature snatchs and grabs you and
    starts to squeeze the very life out of you..
    Your Last living thoughts “ Gee there is no
    zipper anywhere"

    And the Number One Reason you can tell its the real
    Bigfoot and not someone in a monkey suit..

    1) - you get invited BACK to speak at a Bigfoot
    conference, on a internet radio show and you
    Get rich beyond all means. as what-ever-the-
    hell- proof-stood-up-against-all-the-
    critics. Including everyone on this list :-)

    Review: The Sasquatch Experience 6-17-07

    Our guest was Monica Rawlins, who discussed such things as the upcoming Texas Bigfoot Conference, the varied diet of the Sasquatch, the most credible report she has investigated, what her percentage of credible reports is, her thoughts on the dichotomy between West Coast and East Coast tracks and other subjects. It was a great and fun show, and I enjoyed it. Thanks, Monica. Our next guest will be International Bigfoot Society President Ray Crowe, next Sunday at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central and can be found at the link to the right. As always, please tune in and support great research.

    Father’s Day Recap: Hooray For Cryptozoology