Saturday, March 02, 2013

Melba Ketchum: Bigfoot is part human and part lemur

by BigfootEvidence23 hours ago875 views
Dr. Melba Ketchum thinks Bigfoot is part human and part lemur. According to a recent interview with Linda Moulton Howe of ...
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  1. Bigfoot Erickson Project 2

    by Mark Anders17 hours ago31 views
    Bobo is the number 2 bigfoot exert in the United states.
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  2. Cryptozoology, Finding Evidence of Bigfoot / Gigantopithecus

    by Cypher Jack14 hours ago14 views
    Cryptozoology is defined as the study of hidden animals. This video is about the study of the North American Sasquatch ...
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A member of BFRO states, “There’s ‘squaches pretty much everywhere," but where exactly in Kansas would Bigfoot hide? Most of the state is extraordinarily flat and virtually treeless, so unless he's lurking under hillsides in sod houses we don't think he's going to be counted on the Kansas census anytime soon. Meanwhile, Phil on Bigfoot Evidence takes on a 4-year -old supposed Bigfoot video and breaks it down surprisingly quickly (and amusingly) by announcing "Liar, liar, pants on fire" 5 seconds into viewing this one: Western Penn Forest Creature. We'd like for Phil to share his input on this new video released by Bigfoot hunter, M.K. Davis of what he says is a White Bigfoot [walking] quietly through the woods. The best part is how the camera pans to the left ahead of the pale Bigfoot out for a leisurely stroll...

Bigfoot Matilda SHOCKER: New Erickson Project PHOTO – Breaking NEWS (blog)
First shocking photos of aliens abducting babies from the Bronx Zoo in my email box, and now, a LEGENDARY picture of the Bigfoot Matilda has been sent in from one Martin Imposter, who says he is part of the Erickson Project that has garnered a ton of ...
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Friday, March 01, 2013

Feb 28 2013 - Mystery Booms, Bigfoot DNA & Phobos

by C2CVAULT4 hours ago105 views
Date: 02-28-13 Host: George Noory Guests: Linda Moulton Howe, Robert Hazen Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe ...

Dueling Scientists - The Ketchum DNA study debate

by RWRidley14 hours ago1 view
encapsulates my frustration. ... rwridley ... "bigfoot dna" "sasquatch dna" "melba ketchum" "bigfoot hoax" "sasquatch hoax ...
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SU gang with Greg Newkirk

by BigfootChicks13 hours ago
... Bigfoot Chicks ... #hangoutsonair "Hangouts On Air" #hoa ...
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Bigfoot Report Live Podcast - Bigfoot DNA - Sierra Kills

by thebigfootreport10 hours ago14 views
real, youtube bigfoot, real bigfoot, bigfoot pictures, sasquatch ... the bigfoot report ... "bigfoot sighting" "bigfoot video" " ...
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Bigfoot Says UNCLE
Who: Bigfoot - for over fifty years the hairy guy has been ducking, dodging and otherwise hiding from traffic. For fifteen years wheelchair bound Ray Crowe has been sleuthing the sasquatch via the Track Record, the most comprehensive catalog of North ...
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“Finding Bigfoot” Quest Leads to Clarksville teen
During a visit to Hosford just over a week ago, the film crew settled in at the historic Wesleyan Church where residents shared tales about their own Bigfoot encounters. Producers could not provide a firm airdate, but The County Record will post ...
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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The memo handed out by the American Embassy forbid killing a Yeti and advised turning over any photographs (or live Yetis) to the Nepali government. Quite a bit of trouble for a creature that "doesn't exist". The 50s were a simpler time. These days if you encounter a Yeti or Bigfoot, we wouldn't be surprised if the big guy whips out a stack of paperwork for you to sign before he poses for photos. On the flipside of the Bigfoot discussion is this confusing and somewhat condescending article:Crytozoology-no need for an apology. The article dismisses the possibility of Bigfoot right off declaring that is not possible for such a creature to exist without being captured or killed, claiming that with all the sightings reported people should be tripping over Bigfoot every time they walk out of their house. But Bigfoot aren't parading down main street therefore all sightings are declared moot and scientists would be wasting their time researching them. However, this ignores all the evidence that has been discovered, and the fact that plenty of scientists are indeed working on proving Bigfoot exists. The writer goes on to say that he'd prefer Bigfoot hunters out in the woods searching for something that doesn't exist rather than sitting in an easy chair watching TV. We say maybe he should get up out of his own chair and do a little more relevant research on the subject he's so gleefully attacking.

Sierra Sasquatch - The Search for Bigfoot (documentary)

by DocuCentral5 hours agoNo views
Documentary on the search for Bigfoot - Sierra Sasquatch
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Squatch Detective Radio Tonight...

Steve, Chris and Matt will have as their guest the President of the American Bigfoot Society Miss Melissa Hovey, beginning at 11:00 EST/10:00 Central at And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Kane man in TV spotlight for 'Bigfoot' research
Kane Republican
Seeing is believing. Claiming to have seen "Bigfoot" six times in the past three years, Jeff Anderson of Kane is convinced the mysterious ape-like creature exists in the Allegheny National Forest (ANF). Login or register to post comments; Printer ...
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bigfoot Erickson Project 1

by Mark Anders16 hours ago22 views
While focusing on Cliff Barackman and Jerry Garcia, this episode also matches the absurdity of "scientists" being fooled by a ...

The Man Who Cried Bigfoot Part 2

by J.R. Bob Dobbs Jr.22 hours ago112 views

igfoot Pushing a Tree over Then Screams - Oregon Feb 26 | |

by BackwoodsBigfoot18 hours ago3 views
All footage that is put up on this youtube are just little part of hours of footage, these are edited down to the exact moment ...

My Feelings About Bigfoot

by freddie5910018 hours ago2 views
This is how I feel about my belief in bigfoot.
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Dr. Melba Ketchum gets BODY SLAMMED by team of REAL Scientists!

by SnowWalkerPrime17 hours ago68 views
ketchum, dr. jeff meldrum, bigfoot dna, gorilla, extinct, mystery ape, ProvoBigfoot Bigfoot sightings Bigfoot, Sierra kill ...
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5 Mins with Rev Jeff S01E10 Dr. Meldrum, Muns and Moneymaker Is Matilda Real or Not?

by Jeffrey Kelley10 hours agoNo views
george noory" "coast to coast" bigfoot "bigfoot sightings" "big foot" "bigfootvideo" "bigfoot georgia" "guardia bigfoot" " ...

Let's Revisit R. Jacobs' Juvenile Sasquatch Photos!

by Sasquatch Watch Canada5 hours ago162 views
postures, was caught on an infrared game camera, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) is calling this a " ...