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Both live or lived in the same chain of tropical islands in Indonesia, and stories about them among the local people go back many centuries. But the physical descriptions of the two creatures are altogether different, and behaviorally they differ as well: Homo Floresiensis was a sociable creature, while the Orang-Pendek seems to be predominantly solitary. Conclusion: they are clearly different creatures, according to Adam Davies, the author of Extreme Expeditions. In other cryptozoology news,More WaterMoose And Other Water Monsters wonders if swimming moose could be mistaken for lake monsters, and More Comments on Heuvelmans' Sea-serpents also deals with the issue of possible mistaken observations, but in the salt water realm. And what do you make of this "Nessie" photograph from the Loch Ness surveillance website? A bird perhaps? Click through toKen Gerhard Vs The Loch Ness Monster.

Replicating bigfoot

Review-MNBRT Radio 7-8-11

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Animal Planet extends hunt for “Bigfoot”

No one has seen anything but something mauled a car in rural Lee County on Monday morning. There are tooth marks right through the fender of the car. Former Lee County Sheriff Liston Truesdale recalls that this is how the 1988 lizard man sightings started. Another creature is the topic ofMothman: An Exposé in which it is told that the late John Keel, author ofThe Mothman Prophecies "went from a plain denial of any Mothman-Silver Bridge connection to one of the most elaborate and bizarre cryptid tales ever told, with himself as a central character." Meanwhile, Loren Coleman wonders whether an 1877 event recounted by Charles Fort is actually anEarly Mothman Account?

What Is A Sheep Squatch? Phantoms & Monsters
Lon Strickler received an unusual email a few days ago about the sighting of a strange creature in Virginia. "It looked like a medium sized bear but the fur was very light in color, almost a yellowish gray. The head was very strange also. There was a snout like that of a bear but the dark round eyes were set lower on the head." Strickler at first thought was a prank, but eventually discovered some local folklore on the beast, which is also known as the "white thing." The white woolly-haired cryptid has been reported throughout the southwestern Virginia. Elsewhere, some Merhorse reconstruction drawings by Tyler Stone in Tyler Tries For Merhorses Next. And some far more ancient cryptid artwork in More Classical-Age Plesiosaurs.

Bigfoot - Patterson Gimlin Film- Do you Believe?

July 2011 Lizard Man Returns to Lee County Eating Cars Up! lol ε( ...

Finding Bigfoot - "Frozen Bigfoot" Video Debrief

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The SF website io9 is offering a $2000 bounty to the person who sends them the best authentic photo or video of a mystery animal. Presented here are a few of the pictures people have sent them over the past two weeks, with the highlight being the White Cheetah. And the "Professor" continues peeking at Ivan Sanderson's SITU files in Part Nine ofMeaningless Reports Of Sea Monsters. This part focuses entirely on observations of the British Columbian critter nicknamed Caddy. The file left the Professor with this conclusion: "I believe that there is a VERY lot there to recommend that an anomalous creature of some nature is 'about' in the Georgian Straits and has been from folkloric times. Whether we are dealing with flesh [which Ivan would want], or with paranormal agencies [which he would not], there seems something to this one."

Marble Mountain Bigfoot "Original Video"

Patterson and Gimlin Bigfoot film (More facts)


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say. This video compilation also shows they "are" multilingual. ... (Sasquatch) (Bigfoot) (Sierra Sounds) (Bigfoot Recordings Volume 2) (Sasquatch ...

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A photograph of a recent sighting of what some believe is Ogopogo. Looks like a wave to us though. And from Mexico, Chupacabras? A Report from Parras, Coahuila. A property owner reports that eight sheep, seven mature goats, and a young goat were found dead, all of them displaying puncture marks on their necks. Their guard dogs never barked, and the intruder's prints were never found. Elsewhere, in Forteana and Failing Cars, Nick Redfern reports on the curious phenomenon of UFOs causing temporary disturbances to car engines, radios, and lights. Redfern then goes one step further, bringing a Texan Bigfoot and a Mothman-style beast into the vehicle-interference mix.

Charlotte Man, Tim Peeler's Beautiful Blonde Bigfoot Revisited

New Technology: No More Blurry Bigfoot Pictures

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The Sandewan of Zimbabwe, a legend of the local native trackers, leaves behind not footprints but a trail of blood for all to see. Could the sandewan be a hyrax, a very small hoofed mammal superficially resembling a burly guinea-pig yet taxonomically akin to the elephants? It's unlikely as these mammals are herbivorous, whereas the sandewan's trail of blood implies a carnivore. Karl Shuker mentions other cases on record of mysterious tracks left behind by elusive beasts of wholly unknown morphology. And from the Centre for Fortean Zoology comes On The Track (Of Unknown Animals) Episode 47, featuring the orang pendek song, launching the Sumatra 2011 expedition, the Indian deer DNA result, white cloud mountain minnows, and much more. And from Phantoms and Monsters, a report on Flying Cryptid Sightings: Weird Bat-Like Creatures / Large Bioluminescent Birds.


the Patterson/Gimlin footage & an audio clip from Ron Morehead's Bigfoot Recordings Volume 2 from high in the Sierra Mountains of California in ...

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All Jack Links Jerky Messin With Sasquatch Part 2

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to these commercials nor did I partake in the production of them. I simply put them together for viewer ...

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Todd Standing Offers $2 Million for Bigfoot Body Parts

Erickson Project: Bigfoot may be Erectus-Sapiens Hybrid

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Daddy and baby BF.mp4


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A very wealthy individual is offering a 2 million dollar reward to anyone who discovers the body of a Bigfoot that has expired due to natural causes. A new Sylvanic video is posted, which shows the face of a Bigfoot, which some commenters believe is either photoshopped or a mask. Also on Cryptomundo, another look at Nova Scotia’s True Giant. And Peter Rogerson reviews Joe Nickell's Tracking the Man-Beasts: Sasquatch, Vampires, Zombies and More and Bart M. Nunnelly's The Inhumanoids: Real Encounters With Beings That Can't Exist in Man-Beasts And Monsters. Rogerson finds the Nickell book "sensible but superficial" and the Nunnelly volume "detailed but daft."

Bigfoot Patterson Film Analogy 2011 New Thoughts & Ideas

I got these videos from the following youtube channels: shirtfag & drfloyd9000 Also interesting thing to point out, they always say that Bigfoot ...

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WASRT 2-day/1-night swamp investigation near Camp Raven 02/ ...

one sighting and some class B incidents. The most recent incident was the INFRASOUND event last year. ... Bigfoot Sasquatch Research "Washington ...

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yowie footage in HD.MOV

I just worked out how to get the HD working on this progarm.Its taken a year , but I got there in the end. ... yowie bigfoot footage ...

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