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Possible Neanderthal Hand Stencils vs Anthropomorphism





Trailer For $130,000 Book By FB/FB Promises To Make Skeptics Look Naive And Uneducated





New Outdoors shots June 2012

Matt LeBlanc on the possibility of a 'Friends' reunion special, season ...
Entertainment Weekly
On how his Bigfoot obsession made it into an upcoming episode. ... shooting a scene with Mangan, “we started talking about how I kind of believe in Bigfoot.
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Minaret Skull Mystery interview of Dr. Robert W Denton
I go and visit Dr. Denton in his home on a hot August day. I talk with him about how he came to find...
 Sasquatch sighting in Harrison Memorial Hall
Agassiz-Harrison Observer
The elusive Sasquatch shows up to take part in First Nation circle dance.
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You Are Sasquatch and The Smarter Ape Theory The Book by FB/FB

This is a promotional video that talks about the new book by FB/FB. It boldly describes not only the evidence for the existence of a Sasquatch. B...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Almost Forgot...

Today is Flag Day and the 235th-Anniversary of Old Glory. May she fly today and always.

Photo of The Day: Bigfoot Watching Researchers From Hill In Ontario, Canada





"Forest Boy" showed up last year in Berlin claiming he had lived in the forest for the past 5 years with his father. His father died and the boy says he buried him and returned to civilization according to his father's last wishes. Interestingly, Forest Boy had unusually clean hands and trimmed fingernails, an oddly clean tent and was able to use cell phones and computers quite easily. We don't think there's much of a mystery behind this kid, other than why he is spinning this bizarre tale about himself. We're also awaiting the inevitable "Boy raised by Bigfoot" and "Alien boy appears in Berlin" Weekly World News-esque stories to show up.

Damien Bravo suggests that Bigfoot may be the distant cousin of the Ground Sloth as opposed to primates. He presents a well-thought out list of evidence to support his theory and it's an idea that we've never considered, especially the fact that Bigfoot are never sighted running or even moving all that fast. Bravo thinks this could possibly be due to Bigfoot having a sloth-like skeletal system. His theory is certainly "out there" but shouldn't be too quickly dismissed. After all, there are also theories that link Bigfoot to UFOs and other dimensions so a theory of a different species not too much of an unrealistic leap in logic. In other Bigfoot news, Bigfoot museum founder, behind on taxes, hopes attendance will rise; county sets June 29 deadline in Felton, California and Loren Coleman informs us that Phillip V. Tobias, Former ISC Director and Famed Palaeoanthropologist Dies.

Klamath Hillside Bigfoot Sighting Proves The World of Bobsquatches Will Never Change





Robert Lindsay And Bigfooters





Artist Creates National Jerky Day Mosaic Of Sasquatch With Beef Jerky [Video]





Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Book Reviews
Gaining a firmer foothold on those Yowie sightings - Local News - News - General - Goulburn Post

KATOOMBA man Rex Gilroy is a man on a mission. He is planning to come to the Goulburn region soon to...

The Sierra Sounds Are Even Creepier When Played Back By A Campfire





Benjamin Radford Writes Predictable Critique on Bigfoot Conferences





Fundraiser: Bigfoot Discovery Museum





The very title of this article echoes our doubt as to the veracity of this particular report. Along with the fact that the woman deliberately ran over what could possibly have been a person in a costume, she also claims the she made a phone call to 911, records of which could not be found later. Nor was any hair or blood found at the site but she did find hair on her car and threw it away--and perhaps most unbelievably, was driving a Honda Civic at the time which was undamaged. After reading of Karl Shuker's exhaustive and impressive attempts to solve the decades old mystery of Loch Watten's Missing Monster - Whatever Happened To Wattie? we think maybe he should take a stab at cases like the Honda Civic vs Bigfoot. Meanwhile, Nick Redfern reports recent encounters with The Little Bigfoot Phenomenon, a legendary creature that for centuries has caused mischief and stalks its victim of choice, teetotalers in Wales. It is apparently staging a comeback by now terrorizing local villagers. Loren Coleman also revisits a legend-- the Wampus: Mystery Cat, Swamp Monster, or Booger Bigfoot? Also known as the cattywampus, the mysterious cat-like creature is featured as school mascot in four states.

Bigfoot Research - Washington Sasquatch Research Team Expedition 7-10Jun12 Part 1 of 2

visit: The Washington Sasquatch Research Team (WASRT) 4-day, 3-night Bigfoot Research Expedition North of Mount Rainier. The Te...
TheMojo1963 TheMojo1963 uploaded

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Read Bigfoot On The East Coast by Rick Berry HERE!!!!!!

Berry Bigffoot in the East Coast
If we were to dismiss all of the eastern (Bigfoot) reports then we would also have to di...
Portions of this website are reprinted and sometimes edited to fit the standards of this website und...
If we were to dismiss all of the eastern (Bigfoot) reports then we would also have to dismiss all re...

Take Your Eyes Off The Chick For A Second, And See If You Can Recognize This Man In The Video





Listen Bart Cutino Admit To Having Justin Smeja's Boots With Bigfoot Blood Stain





A Woman Decided To Drive Over a Bigfoot After She Watched It Waved It's Arms





Finding Bigfoot Season 3 Premiering Thursday, June 21





Dr. Jeff Meldrum Speaks in North Bonneville Tomorrow Night





Primate Breeder: Bigfoot — the Legend Analyzed





We watched this entire video waiting for Bigfoot to show up. He didn't but a nice, tall blurry blobsquatch did pose quite nicely in the background for the camera. As the late, great Mitch Hedberg said, "I think Bigfoot is blurry, that's the problem. There's a large out-of-focus monster roaming the countryside." Loren Coleman tells us of a very different sort of animal encounter, in what seems like a scene straight out of a low-budget horror film likely titled, Attack of the Giant Otter, as a zoo worker was attacked by a 6 foot long giant otter in a German zoo that had mysteriously escaped its enclosure. We've gone from blurry blobs to angry otters so far this morning, so at this point when Gordon Rutter tells us I talk to the trees... we have no problem believing him. Rutter cites a fascinating new experiment on plants that suggests sound may play a part in the development of certain plants.

Following Bigfoot along Crow Pass Trail, quintessential Alaska hike

Alaska Dispatch - 5 hours ago
Hiking the 24-mile Crow Pass crossing in early summer involves passing from spring to winter and back to spring, especially after a winter of ...

Alaska Dispatch

'Bigfoot' talk kicks off Oroville speaker series

Enterprise-Record - 1 hour ago
OROVILLE — The "Bigfoot Legend Analyzed," presented by Ron Brown, will kick off the Lake Oroville summer speaker series Wednesday at ...

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Sasquatch researchers resolved to finding elusive creature
Mission City Record
Bill Miller (left) and Thomas Steenburg speak with the public at Sasquatch Days in Harrison Hot Springs on Sunday morning. By Jessica Peters - Agassiz Observer "Don't go anywhere without your camera," Thomas Steenburg advised during Sasquatch Days in ...
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America to Celebrate National Jerky Day on June 12
MarketWatch (press release)
Leading up to National Jerky Day, Jack Link's will unveil a brand new Snackin' With Sasquatch advertising campaign in honor of the new snacking holiday. The new TV spots find Sasquatch out of his natural surroundings, but still interacting with jerky ...
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Joeb Black Captured Possible Bigfoot on Plot Watcher Trail Camera





Jack Link’s Jerky Celebrates National Jerky Day with Sasquatch Art.





The Professor thinks we should take a closer look at the Iceland "sea serpent" before dismissing it as an odd formation of melting ice. He points to the farmer who videoed the strange sight as proof it's the real deal because the farmer is a local who has lived next to the lake for decades and would know the difference between ice and a living creature. There is also its snake-like undulations to consider, which, as far as we know, is not a trait of melting ice floating in water. Discovery asks the same question-Is this the Icelandic Lake Monster? and concludes that no, it is not. Or at least it's not a snake because snakes require a warm climate to survive so the least likely location for one to be spotted is in a lake full of ice. No one really knows what it is but at least it's a welcome break from zombie outbreak reports. 
This article positively reeks of trying to fill a writing quota by taking the theory of Bigfoot=alien and stretching it so thin it becomes completely ridiculous. The theory isn't that strong in the first place and this badly written piece just adds fuel to the fire in the war of words between believers and skeptics, giving skeptics points just for showing up to the discussion. The ever controversial FB/FB Analyzes Mink Creek Idaho Bigfoot Footage Sent In By Dr. Jeff Meldrum and creates quite a stir. Most of the debate is over the footage itself, which some say has been clearly proven to be a bear. Cue the usual bickering in the comments.

 Abominable Snowman!

It’s the time of year when many fantastical creatures come to mind: red-nosed reindeers, singing and...
Bigfoot Evidence: The White Feet On The Creature In The Patterson-Gimlin Film Is Completey Normal        

Transcription of a News Article from the Delta Democrat Times, June 22, 1971 of a possible Sasquatch Sighting in Greenville, Mississippi

'Monster' reported in Greenville

By Sally Anne Nerlett

DDT State Editor

"I saw something last night that I have never seen before. I don't know what it was, I can just tell you what it looked like." Those were the words of Mrs. Mae Pearl Young of 215 S. Seventh St, Greenville, as she told the Delta Democrat-Times Monday about a "monster" she had seen earlier in the morning. "It was about 2:30 this morning," she said. "I had left home and gone over to my daughter's at 487 N. Colorado St. I went over there and stayed in the car for a while, then something told me I ought to get out of the car and go in the house." Mrs. Young said she got out of the car and went to the front door of the house, but decided since it was so late to walk around to the bedroom window on the side to call her daughter rather than knocking on the door and waking up the neighbors. "When I went around to the side of the house and got almost to the bedroom window I saw it," she said. "It was black and over six feet tall.
"It had a great big head and looked like it had broad shoulders and its hands on its hips," she said. Mrs. Young said that at first she thought it was her shadow, magnified and thrown out of shape, but that when she moved it didn't. "I went back to the corner of the house and turned around and it was still there," she said. "I screamed and it still didn't move. I have never seen anything like it before. It was jet black and I couldn't see the eyes or anything. It was the dreadfullest thing I have ever seen in my life." She said she made it on in the home without it moving, but that she was still extremely frightened. "My son in law would have called the police, but we were scared to go back out of the house and the closest phone was next door." Mrs. Young said the "thing" was gone this morning when she and her daughter went out to look after daylight. "My daughter said she could see some marks like something had been standing there but I was still so shook up I couldn't tell.

"I am still shook up from it," she continued. I have been trying to figure out what it could have been. It was the biggest thing I have ever seen and the blackest thing I have ever seen." Greenville Police Chief W.C. Burnsby said Monday that the police department had had several calls from people who had heard a rumor that there was a "monster in Arkansas" but that there had been no reports of anyone having seen anything here.-Delta Democrat-Times, June 22, 1971

Sunday, June 10, 2012

We're not saying it was Bigfoot, but rescuers were searching the Big Pines area after a hiker reportedly heard a crying baby





Curse The People Who Abandoned This Sweet Little Girl For Having A Rare Disease





Bigfoot museum founder, behind on taxes, hopes attendance will rise; county ...
San Jose Mercury News
FELTON - Michael Rugg, owner of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum at 5497 Highway 9, was surprised to learn the county had set a deadline of June 29 for him to pay back taxes of $4368 or see the property sold at auction. He thought he had more time.
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The Crypto Crew Breaks Down "Hey Bigfoot" In Georgia Video





This New Book "The Smarter Ape Theory" By FB/FB Costs $130,000 To Create





Mike Rugg and The Bigfoot Discovery Museum Still Need Your Help





Seeing isn't always believing, as you shall discover, when it comes to young boys and their fancies. Dr. Beachcombing has an anecdote where a young lad thought he spied a mermaid, only to have the fantasy dashed upon the same rocks where she sunned herself after some cad lent him a pair of binoculars. As a bonus he shares a tale of a helicopter pilot having fun at his friend's expense. One doesn't have to be Welsh or a boy to make these kinds of mistakes. What happens when a Man Calls Police On 'Cougar'; Turns Out To Be A House Cat? Eric Pfeiffer has the sordid tale of mistaken identity with a picture of the tubby tabby who recently caused so much grief. Continuing with our theme, CFZ Australia reports on The Hunter's Boolaroo Beast Re-Examined. In this case, The Newcastle Herald's crack blog team has come to the conclusion that the evidence makes a strong case for the beast's existence. Certainly helps when a member of the team witnessed the big cat first-hand. Encounters such as these will make people catch the cryptozoology bug, and no one knows this more than good ole Nick Redfern. This week he talks about his colleague Neil Arnold and how A Monster Hunter Is Born. Neil is candid about how The Legend of Boggy Creek and his family's ghost stories lit a fire in him to explore the frontiers of forteana. Goodness only knows what caught Linda Godfrey's imagination when it comes to lycanthropes. Find out with us as we download Episode 722 of Mysterious Universe for more details on her latest Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America, Jerusalem fever, and the ghosts of Roman soldiers.
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