Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sasquatch Experience Tonight...

Our guest will be recent CNN star and documentarian/comedian Scott Herriott, making his second appearance on our show. The show begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Editorial: What the Heck is that on Mars?

Recently, a new photo has surfaced which was allegedly taken in 2004 by a Mars Rover of what appears to be some sort of figure on the surface of the planet Mars which seems to resemble the classic Patterson/Gimlin Movie image. It is a dark image which resembles Bigfoot just a bit, but what is it doing on the Red Planet? Opinions have ranged from a Photoshop job to a rock formation to a deliberate hoax by NASA to make it seem that it was taken on Mars, but looks suspiciously like the surface of I believe Colorado or New Mexico or Arizona. What is it? Who knows? But it certainly has made for some interesting discussions in the Bigfoot Community.

New Feature: Quote of the Week

This is a new feature I am incorporating into this Blog, and may not be exactly weekly, but may run periodically. The quote of this week is:

Anderson Cooper: What is the difference between Bigfoot, Yeti and Sasquatch?
Scott Herriott: About six inches.

Appearing on the XZone Tuesday Night!!!

Rob McConnell has invited me to join him in a discussion of the recent so-called "Bigfoot on Mars" photo, as well as Robert W. Morgan's stepping into the movie business. The program will begin I believe at 1:00 A.M. EST/12:00 Midnight Central at Should be a most interesting conversation.
Also, Super Milk Baby Japanese Monster Mash-Up. And get an impression of the Hollywood and art world visions of Bigfoot: Breathing Life Into Bigfoot and Terminators and Forest Through the Trees at The Fabric Workshop and Museum.

Regional briefs for January 26
The Olympian - Olympia,WA,USA
Speakers include Robert Gimlin, who filmed an image supposedly of Bigfoot about 40 years ago in Northern California, and Ric Hjertberg of the Bigfoot Field ...

Forest Through The The Trees at The Fabric Workshop and Museum
Art Daily - USA
Standing over six feet tall, Gainer’s Forest Through The The Trees is a life-size embodiment of Bigfoot as captured in the famous Patterson-Gimlin Film. ...

Still Unsolved: Mystery Fish Postcard Photo

Posted by: Loren Coleman on January 26th, 2008

mystery fish small Despite speculations, theories, thoughts, rumors, ideas, hypotheses, and claims, this longest standing mystery at Cryptomundo has never been fully solved. New eyes sometimes see new things. Photos.

Investigate Further: Still Unsolved: Mystery Fish Postcard Photo »

Various Sasquatch Vids

Beyond Invention- Crypt ...

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The Mysterious Yeren

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  • Keith Olbermann Report on Jacobs Photos with Bob Kiviat
  • More Various Bigfoot Videos

    National Geographic Cha ...

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    Bigfoot: Is It Real? Na ...

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    More Clips from The Mysterious Monsters

    The Mysterious Monsters ...

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    Bigfoot and Boyscouts ( ...

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    Friday, January 25, 2008

    Review: Beyond The Edge Radio 1-25-08

    This was a great show, with guest Loyd Auerbach for the first hour, discussing his books, as well as some of his research into psychokinesis and how it affects people seeing spirits. He also discussed some upcoming events he is part of, as well as answering a question from myself regarding whether a person can have experiences in which they smell certain odors around a person such as cigarette smoke and cooking (which I myself have experienced and convinces me that my grandmother is still with me). Scott Hackenslash also checked in with a review of the new film Cloverfield which he gave 3 bloody stumps up to. He also discussed the death of actor Heath Ledger and how it will affect the upcoming sequel The Dark Knight this upcoming Summer which stars Ledger as The Joker. The second hour was devoted to guest-co-host Rick Fisher, who discussed EVP's as well as his investigations into things like Bigfoot, UFOs, Ghosts and other things he and the Paranormal Society of PA has investigated. It was a great show, very enjoyable. Next week, Eric and Sean bring on the controversial Robert W. Morgan, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

    Weird Travels: Bigfoot

    Posted by: Loren Coleman on January 25th, 2008

    It is on television tonight.

    Investigate Further: Weird Travels: Bigfoot »

    Super Milk Baby Japanese Monster Mash-Up

    Posted by: Loren Coleman on January 25th, 2008


    Artwork inspired by Japanese monsters. School girls will scream, the sushi will bite back, and buildings will crumble. Photos.

    Investigate Further: Super Milk Baby Japanese Monster Mash-Up »

    Update: Bigfoot Expeditions: the Search for Sasquatch

    Posted by: Craig Woolheater on January 25th, 2008

    Bob Gimlin, Rick Noll and Owen Caddy in attendance and speaking tomorrow as The Search for Sasquatch Continues at the State Capital Museum in Olympia, WA.

    Investigate Further: Update: Bigfoot Expeditions: the Search for Sasquatch »

    Martian Bigfoot: Updates

    Posted by: Loren Coleman on January 25th, 2008


    Well, it was only a matter of time before wicked smart people figured this one out. Photos.

    Investigate Further: Martian Bigfoot: Updates »

    While the St. Martinville, LA, home visited recently by Louisiana Spirits hasn't yet been called "haunted" by the paranormal research group, they are admitting that an unknown voice apparently reacted to questioning during EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recordings. What did the voice say? And, perhaps more important, what question was the voice responding to?

    Scientists announced they've been able to craft the longest strand of DNA yet, part of a bacterial genome. The bacterium that's DNA was sequenced is a common culprit in urinary tract infections. Were we running short of those? What purpose will synthetic life serve? And what impact will be felt if synthetic life takes up residence with non-synthetic life in the biosphere? Also, US Scientists Close to Creating Artificial Life.

    The laist is promising to cover all things weird about Los Angeles, CA, and starts out with tales of an 8-foot-tall hair-covered creature, or creatures, spotted on several occasions since the 1970s. Without telling who the observers were, the new feature strings together anecdotes allegedly involving a huge and hairy hominoid. Are these tales real or the product of the reporter's imagination? With photo.

    Last Chance: ABSM Book At Discount

    Posted by: Loren Coleman on January 24th, 2008

    itS ABSM cover

    Secure your Yeti classic while the price is right! (Updated with mailing address.)

    Investigate Further: Last Chance: ABSM Book At Discount »

    Underwater Mushroom Discovered

    Posted by: Loren Coleman on January 24th, 2008


    This is the first of its kind, the discovery of a new species of mushroom that stands straight up under flowing water. Photo.

    Investigate Further: Underwater Mushroom Discovered »

    Full details on the speakers for the 2008 20-Annual Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Conference

    Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum looks at a model of the creature captured in the Patterson / Gimlin Bigfoot film from October 20th, 1967. This model and numerous other artifacts were on exhibit in a Bigfoot Museum temporarily housed at Idaho State University where Dr. Meldrum teaches.

    Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum from Pocatello, Idaho... Dr. Jeff Meldrum is an Associate Professor of Anatomy & Anthropology in the Departments of Biological Sciences and Anthropology, and is an affiliate curator at the Idaho Museum of Natural History. His formal study of primates began with the terrestrial adaptations of African primates, and has since taken him from the dusty skeletal cabinets of far-flung museums, to the remote badlands of Colombia and Argentina in search of fossil New World primates. He has published extensively on the evolutionary history of the South American primates and has described several new extinct species. His attention returned to the emergence of modern human bipedalism. His co-edited volume, From Biped to Strider: the Emergence of Modern Human Walking, Running, and Resource Transport, redirects attention from the origins of simply walking on two legs, to the pattern of emergence of the innovations specifically unique to modern human gait. His interests in the footprints attributed to an unrecognized North American ape, commonly known as sasquatch, came into focus when he literally crossed paths with an enigmatic set of tracks in the Blue Mountains of Washington State. He has conducted collaborative laboratory and field research throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West, and has spoken about his findings in numerous interviews, television appearances, public and professional presentations. He is author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, which explores his and other scientists’ evaluations of the evidence suggesting the reality of this legendary primate.

    Eric Altman, director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society in Jeannette, Pennsylvania.

    Eric Altman from Jeanette, Pennsylvania... Eric Altman, age 37 is originally from Greensburg Pennsylvania and now resides in Jeannette Pennsylvania. Eric's interest in Bigfoot stems from watching the movies "Legend of Boggy Creek" and "Creature from black lake." Eric began researching the Bigfoot phenomenon in 1980 at the age of 10. Eric spent the next 17 years studying Bigfoot by educating himself through numerous books including John Green's Apes among us, and Marion T. Place's Bigfoot all over the country. Those books along with the previously mentioned films inspired Eric to persue the subject. Eric has read books, magazine articles, and watched countless movie and documentary specials on the subject. In the mid 1980's Eric met fellow Bigfoot investigator Stan Gordon from Pennsylvania and began to study Stan's research and was very surpised to learn about Bigfoot sightings in his home state of Pennsylvania. In 1997 after moving to Ohio, Eric found the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center on line and attended the 1997 Annual Bigfoot Conference. Don Keating and others researchers in attendance convinced Eric to begin field research of his own in Pennsylvania. Eric joined the BFRO as a volunteer point of contact for Pennsylvania. During his short stay with the BFRO, Eric met Steve Anderson and Henry Benton who had recently formed the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society and became a member. Eric became the director of the PA Bigfoot Society in January 2000 and has held the position since. Eric and the members of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society continue to research and investigate sighting reports received through the groups website at Eric is also a member and consultant for the Pennsylvania Paranormal Society, a member of the Pennsylvania Researchers Organization, the American Bigfoot Society, and the Center for Unexplained Events or C.U.E. Eric remains quite active in the field researching and travelled quite extensively across the country to various states including, Ohio, Texas, California and Oregon. Eric co hosts an internet talk radio program on various paranormal subjects on Blog Talk Radio entitled "Beyond The Edge Radio" and can be heard at

    MK Davis stands beside a poster of the Patterson film creature known as "Patty". Davis is one of the scheduled speakers at this years 20th Annual Bigfoot Conference / EXPO.
    M K Davis from Mississippi... M.K.Davis developed an interest in the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film, while pursuing astro-photography. Astro-photography is the discipline of taking space photographs through a telescope. M.K. owns two large telescopes that are outfitted for space photography. Astro-photography often involves unusual methods of film development and analysis. It was when M.K. recognized that some frames that he had seen from the film, had been treated in much the same way that an astro-photograph might have been, and that the frames were much improved, he decided to look for the better copies of the film. The general rule is that you can't get a good print, from a bad film. Yet … good prints did exist. So began an effort that was to last for ten years. M.K. has participated in various expeditions across the country, and has traveled to Bluff Creek in northern California, where the famous film was taken. M.K. has participated on documentary projects about Sasquatch and the Patterson film and has appeared on a variety of television projects on the subject. M.K. was recently named "Bigfooter of the Year" by Daniel Perez' Bigfoot Times" newsletter.

    M.K. lives in Mississippi and is 52 years old. He and his wife Debbie have been married for thirty years and are the parents of four children. "I've raised my children to be true to themselves" says M.K. "I've taught them to never stand down from anything, due to outside pressure." "If you know what's right, then do it, and you'll never regret it".

    (Editor's Note: The Sasquatch Experience will attempt to interview all three speakers individually in the month of April, so stay tuned to this blog for further details.)

    Newly Updated Bigfoot/Unexplained Phenomena DVD's

    1. Squatching/Journey Toward Squatchdom
    2. Bigfoot: Man? Myth? Monster?
    3. Bigfootville
    4. BIgfoot (Bob Gray Productions)
    5. Three By Keating: Discussions of Bigfoot in Ohio (In The Shadow of the Sasquatch, Ohio's Abominable Snowman? and The Evidence Mounts)
    6. Sasquatch Horror Triple Feature (Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot, Snowbeast, Snow Creature)
    7. In Search Of...Manlike Monsters (Bigfoot, Monster Hunters, Swamp Monsters, Abominable Snowman; In Search Of... (2000) with Jeff Meldrum, Paul Freeman, Loren Coleman and Thomas Steenburg; Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World: Missing Ape-Man)
    8. Swamp Apes
    9. Bigfoot FAQ
    10. National Geographic: Bigfoot: Is It Real?
    11. Monsters! Mysteries Or Myths?
    12. Keeping The Watch
    13. Oregon Bigfoot: Search For A Living Legend Part 1
    14. Abominable (Anchor Bay Release)
    15. Bigfoot: Man or Beast?
    16. Bigfoot: The Mysterious Monster
    17. Harry and the Hendersons
    18. Sasquatch Science: Searching For Bigfoot
    19. Shaawanoki: The "Skunk Ape" Florida's Bigfoot
    20. Todd Douglas Bailey's Bigfoot Lives
    21. Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science (Signed by Doug Hajicek)
    22. 2003 International Bigfoot Symposium (Discs 1-4, 2 sets)
    23. Bigfoot; The DVD
    24. Sasquatch Odyssey: The Hunt For Bigfoot
    25. The Honey Island Swamp Monster
    26. Sasquatch (Don McCune Productions)
    27. Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot/Creature From Black Lake
    28. Clawed: The Legend of Sasquatch
    29. The Legend of Boggy Creek
    30. The Force Beyond
    31. Mysterious Encounters: The WIldman Collection
    32. A Walk In The Woods: Sasquatch Evidence
    33. Holdbrook Film: M.K. Davis
    34. 2005 Bellingham, Washington Sasquatch Research Conference (2 Discs)
    35. Operation Nightscream
    36. Rocky Mountain Bigfoot
    37. The Quest: Bigfoot/The Legend of Bigfoot/Hour Northwest: Sasquatch
    38. IBS Meeting: 5-29-04 Larry Lund, Don Monroe
    39. IBS Meeting 3-27-04 Greg Long
    40. 2nd Annual Texas Bigfoot Conference 2002 (Signed by Craig Woolheater) (2 Discs)
    41. Man Beast: Myth or Monster
    42. WBS Conference 2001
    43. IBS 2005 Longbow Conference
    44. Lake Monsters
    45. UFO-TV Bigfoot
    46. On The Trail of Bigfoot
    47. Sasquatch Hunters
    48. Ivan Marx Movies (The Legend of Bigfoot, In The Shadow of Bigfoot)
    49. Sasquatch (2003)
    50. Patterson/Gimlin Film Revisited
    51. X-Creatures: Bigfoot and Yeti
    52. The Hunt For Bigfoot
    53. Giganto: The Real King Kong/In Search Of...Bray Road Beast/Fox News Channel Segment on Bigfoot
    54. M.K. Davis Travelogue Footage of Bluff Creek, California
    55. Mystery of the Human Hobbit
    56. Sasquatch Mountain (Sci-Fi)
    57. Sasquatch Lake: The White Bigfoot Video
    58. Sci-Fi Investigates: Mothman
    59. Sci-Fi Investigates: Bigfoot
    60. Abominable (Sci-Fi)
    61. Deep Sea Detectives: Loch Ness: Great Monster Mystery
    62. Corwin's Quest: Realm Of The Yeti
    63. The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas
    64. Bigfoot Programs: Entertainment Tonight Segment with Bob Heironimus (2004); Evening Magazine Segment with Bob Heironimus (2004); National Geographic: Bigfoot: Is It Real? (2005) and Mysterious Encounters (Patterson/Gimlin Film Segment)
    65. Bigfoot Programs 2: Animal-X (Chester Moore, Kriss Stephens, Jeff Meldrum and Jimmy Chilcutt, 2005); Squatching and Wild West Tech Bigfoot Segment
    66. Secrets and Mysteries: Bigfoot
    67. Unsolved Mysteries: Bigfoot (1994)
    68. Unsolved Mysteries: Yeti (1992)
    69. Strange But True
    70. The Mothman Prophecies
    71. CMT Small-Town Secrets: Bigfoot
    72. Bigfoot Stuff
    73. In Search of Bigfoot/Hour Northwest (Larry Lund, Cliff Crook and Rene Dahinden (1994)/Encounters: The Hidden Truth (1994)
    74. Sightings (1995)/Hard Copy (1995)/Bob Daigle Footage/Bigfoot: Man or Beast?
    75. Monsters: Mysteries or Myths?/The Mysterious Monsters/Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World/Unsolved Mysteries Bigfoot (1987)/Those Incredible Animals (1991)
    76. Those Incredible Animals (1991)/Sightings (1993)/Ancient Mysteries (1994)/Sightings (1994)/Sightings (1995)/Unsolved Mysteries (1994)
    77. World's Greatest Hoaxes/In Search Of...Bigfoot (2000)/Countdown W/ Keith Olbermann (Bob Heironimus, Bob Kiviat, 2004)/Humanzee (1998)
    78. Bigfoot Programs 5
    79. Bigfoot Programs 6
    80. Inside Edition 1996 Segment
    81. Unexplained Mysteries: The Monster Show (2004)
    82. CNN Bigfoot Segment (Scott Herriott)/Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science (Recorded off TV)
    83. Bigfoot; An Encounter With Reality
    84. Harry and The Hendersons
    85. Best Evidence: Bigfoot
    86. Eyes in the Dark: The Sasquatch Experience (signed)
    87. Destination Truth: Johor Homind/The Real Lost World
    88. 2007 Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Conference

    THE OTHER SIDE secrets & mysteries of Sasquatch + bonus's



    WORLDS GREATEST HOAXES -Bigfoot, LochNess, etc

    SCARE TACTICS -Bigfoot Prank

    BIGFOOT CARTOON -Real Monsters

    BIGFOOT CARTOON -Incredible Hulk

    WEIRD TRAVELS -Bigfoot & Werewolves

    BIGFOOT -19 misc episodes~~~~~~

    SASQUATCH: Legend meets Science

    SEGMENT 7 - Scott Herriott

    CAPITAL ONE Bigfoot commercial

    EVENING MAGAZINE -Bigfoot in California

    PECOLA -Yeti or Not [cgi cartoon]

    IN SEARCH OF -Dr Matt Johnson / Paul Freeman film

    CALIFORNIA DREAMS [sitcom featuring a Yeti]

    DEXTERs LAB -Sassy come Home [cartoon]

    SIGHTINGS -Lizardman [Krantz / Gimlin / Freeman]

    NOW [Geraldo Rivera] featuring Bob Gimlin

    SIGHTINGS -Eyewitness's / Anonymous Film

    [Crook / Gimlin / Krantz / Greenwell]

    THOSE INCREDIBLE ANIMALS -Lizardman / Charles Edison

    UNSOLVED MYSTERIES -Bigfoot in Colorado

    AT NOON -Ernest Montiel interview [from Ivan Marx]

    SIGHTINGS -Bigfoot research Project

    [Byrne / Bindernagle / Owen / Herriott]

    FOX NEWS -Bigfoot in California

    FREAKY LINKS -Skunkape! [thriller/drama]

    OUT & ABOUT -Danny Perez / On the Trail of Sasquatch

    [W/Green / Niess / Perez / Bindernagle / Dahinden]


    BIGFOOT misc dvd 1~~~

    TRUTH OR SCARE: Bigfoot

    WEIRD PLACES: Bigfoot / Jersey Devil [travel channel]

    X-CREATURES: Bigfoot/Yeti/Orangpendak/Patterson [dsc. ch]

    PARANORMAL INVERSTIGATION: Stan Johnson interview

    INTO THE UNKNOWN: Unknown creatures [discovery ch.]




    giant snakes

    deloise' ape


    lake monsters

    jersey devil

    giant crocodiles & lizards


    BIGFOOT misc dvd 2~~~~


    peter byrne

    the mapenguay

    lummi nation

    bigfoot bounty!

    bigfoot film footage

    richard greenwell


    ANIMAL-X: Skookum cast / Dr Matt Johnson

    AL HODGSON interview [first person to talk to Patterson, after his sighting & film]

    BIGFOOT~DAYS PARADE, California 2001 & road trip to Patterson site [friends stock footage]

    BIGFOOT misc dvd #3~~~~~




    RENE DAHINDEN interview


    SIGHTINGS: Bigfoot


    98. The Mystery Of...The Sasquatch Triangle

    99.. Spotlight on...The Patterson/Gimlin Film: The M.K. Davis Theory

    100. Encounters With The Unexplained (PAX-TV) with Jerry Orbach as the host

    101. A & E Ancient Mysteries: Abominable Snowman

    102. Bigfooting In Oklahoma

    103. Unsolved Mysteries and Sightings Bigfoot Segments

    104. Monsterquest Season 1-America's Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch Attack, Giant Squid Found?, Birdzilla, Bigfoot, Mutant Canines, Lions in the Backyard, Giant Killer Fish, Swamp Beast, Russia's Killer Apemen, Creatures From the Fourth Dimension, The Real Hobbit, American Werewolves
    105. CNN Segment on Bigfoot with Scott Herriott from Anderson Cooper 360
    106. Bigfoot's Reflection
    107. Unsolved Mysteries Bigfoot and Crypto DVD
    108. Countdown with Keith Olbermann segment on the Jacobs Photos with Bob Kiviat

    Updated Sasquatch Experience/Triangle Schedules

    Sasquatch Experience Schedule January 27th-February 24

    January 27th-Scott Herriott
    February 3-Sasquatch Experience Flashback
    February 10-Stan Courtney
    February 17-Doug Hajicek (special 90-minute show)
    February 24-Don Keating

    Sasquatch Triangle Schedule January 31st-February 21st

    January 31-Roundtable Discussion-Ron Schaffner, Diane Stocking, Bobbie Short
    February 7th-M.K. Davis
    February 14th-Thomas Steenburg and Bobbie Short
    February 21st-Bob Gray

    All shows begin at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central, on Sunday and Thursday Nights, located at Chat will open at 8:30 EST/7:30 Central.

    Beyond The Edge Radio Tonight...

    Eric and Sean will host Parapsychologist and author Lloyd Auerbach (Hauntings and Poltergeists: A Ghost Hunter's Guide) beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at And hopefully, Scott Hackenslash will check in with a review of the new film Cloverfield. As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

    Review: The Sasquatch Triangle 1-24-08

    This was a fair show, not one of the greatest, in which Blog Talk Radio decided to take a big steaming dump and go down temporarily, causing me to have to ramble for 15 minutes on the phone while trying to get things working correctly. Once everything was settled down, though, Don did about a 45-minute interview with London, Ohio Bigfoot/UFO researcher Jim Donahoe, who discussed some cases he investigated regarding both phenomena, including Bigfoot sightings close to London and sightings all over the Buckeye State, as well as UFO sightings in Ohio. This was a fair program, but could've been better. Hopefully, next Thursday, the bugs will be worked out, in time for a roundtable discussion with Ron Schaffner, Diane Stocking and Bobbie Short, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

    Thursday, January 24, 2008

    New website from Bill Brann


    Bigfoot Vid

    Sasquatch Vid

    Another Sasquatch Vid

    Yet Another Sasquatch Vid

    Another Bigfoot Vid

    Another Bigfoot Vid

    Video of Scott Herriott's Appearance on Anderson Cooper 360

    Cryptomundo/Anomalous Headlines

    Does NASA Photo Prove There's Life On Mars?
    NBC - Philadelphia,PA,USA
    Others said it looks like Bigfoot, a garden gnome or even the Virgin Mary. Distributed by Internet Broadcasting Systems, Inc. This material may not be ...
    See all stories on this topic

    Life on Mars? Jim knew it
    News & Star - Carlisle,England,UK
    The answer to the “Bigfoot” alien can be found close to home. The mystery figure is a dead ringer for that spaceman that popped up in the background of ...
    See all stories on this topic

    Upcoming movies
    Detroit Free Press - United States
    "Strange Wilderness": Jonah Hill and Justin Long in a comedy about trying to find Bigfoot. "Fool's Gold": Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey star in a ...
    See all stories on this topic

    Is Bigfoot on Mars?
    KSPR - Springfield,MO,USA
    Some say it resembles Bigfoot, walking in mid-stride with his head tilted to the side. The image was taken in 2004 by NASA's roving robot, "Spirit. ...
    See all stories on this topic

    Photo Proves Life on Mars?
    Associated Content - Denver,CO,USA
    If you look closely at the image said to be that of an alien, you will see that it looks very similar to a very famous photograph of Bigfoot, you know, ...
    See all stories on this topic

    Aliens Among Us: Did Mars Rover Spirit Find Evidence of ...
    Associated Content - Denver,CO,USA
    Space geeks and science fictions freaks were given the scoop, though, and before you know it, Elvis and Bigfoot will be visiting the little green guy for a ...
    See all stories on this topic

    Does NASA photo show 'Bigfoot' on Mars? - Los Angeles,CA,USA
    Recently, a space enthusiast enlarged a single frame from one of those images, and found a figure that some say resembles some sort of 'Bigfoot' creature.
    See all stories on this topic

    Is There A Man On Mars?
    WCSH-TV - Portland,ME,USA
    It resembles Bigfoot...a man walking in mid-stride with his head tilted to the side. The image was taken back in 2004 by NASA's roving robot, "Spirit. ...
    See all stories on this topic

    No. Bigfoot does not live on Mars (subscription) - London,England,UK
    ...continued in a similar vein by The Sun, freepaper Metro, the Daily Express, and others. I’m sufficiently upset about this to deny them the linkage. ...
    See all stories on this topic

    Talk of Bigfoot has Seeley abuzz
    Sawyer County Record - Hayward,WI,USA
    According to the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department, two deputies responded to an alleged Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, sighting on Highway 63 just south of Seeley ...
    See all stories on this topic

    Ledger’s Lafayette & Seely’s Sasquatch

    Posted by: Loren Coleman on January 24th, 2008

    ledger joker

    Musings on the twilight language in today’s Bigfoot and death news. Photos.

    Investigate Further: Ledger’s Lafayette & Seely’s Sasquatch »

    More Wisconsin Bigfoot News

    Posted by: Craig Woolheater on January 24th, 2008

    Farmington Wisconsin Bigfoot Tracks

    News out of Farmington, Wisconsin of possible Bigfoot tracks found. Photos.

    Investigate Further: More Wisconsin Bigfoot News »

    Another Bigfoot Sighting in Wisconsin

    Posted by: Craig Woolheater on January 24th, 2008

    “A lady called in and said ‘You probably think I’m nuts, but I’m not … I have not been drinking.’ She reported seeing a Bigfoot or someone dressed in an ape suit on Highway 63 near Stark Road,” Zeigle said. “We sent a couple officers up there and what they found was a set of foot tracks going from the road to the timberline and back to the road and they also found a long, black hair.” He affirmed that there have been no sightings since then.

    Investigate Further: Another Bigfoot Sighting in Wisconsin »

    Without Proof, an Ivory-Billed Boom Goes Bust.

    Talk of Bigfoot Has Seeley Abuzz Sawyer County Record
    Was something roused when clearing work was done to clean up the Uhrenholdt Memorial Forest near Seeley, WI? What has been disturbing dogs in the Seeley Hills area? What was the hairy, upright animal spotted by one woman and two snowmobilers near Seeley? And what left the giant footprints across a Town of Farmington, WI, homeowner's yard: Has Bigfoot Returned? Also, MonsterQuest: American Werewolf: Tonight at 10PM/9PM Central on The History Channel.

    Announcement about an event happening this weekend

    Saturday, January 26, 2008, 10:00am to 12:00pm, and 1:00pm to 3:00pm
    Bigfoot Expeditions: The Search for Sasquatch
    Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the ongoing search for Sasquatch from some recognized leaders in the field. The program features presentations by Robert Gimlin, Richard Noll and Owen Caddy. Gimlin was with Roger Patterson when they shot the now-famous Patterson-Gimlin film-24 feet of color film showing a female Bigfoot walking along a sandy creek, filmed forty years ago in Bluff Creek in Northern California. It is now among the most famous evidence of the creature's existence. Expedition partner and outfitter Gimlin will talk about his experience and the famous encounter on that trail. Noll, a longtime Bigfoot researcher, will talk about his work and the well-known Skookum cast. The cast was made from a partial body print found near Mt. St. Helens in 2000, believed to have been made by a living Sasquatch. A copy of the cast will be on display during Noll's presentation. Caddy will present "Digital Enhancement of the Patterson-Gimlin Film Subject." He will share the results of the film's digital enhancement, revealing for the first time many details of the film subject's face. All three speakers were featured in a recent Bigfoot episode of Monster Quest on the History Channel. Admission is FREE, with a suggested $2 donation.
    Bigfoot Field Research Organization will host a tabletop display in the museum gallery. Members of the organization will talk about BFRO and the many Northwest expeditions they have led. Learn about field equipment including night vision cameras, bionic ears and camera traps. Ric Hjertberg of BFRO will speak about research techniques and upcoming expeditions in 2008. Founded in 1995, BFRO is the world's largest Sasquatch organization and a leader in scientific research exploring Sasquatch, seeking to "resolve the mystery surrounding the Bigfoot phenomenon".
    Saturday, March 22, 2008, 9:00am to 4:00pm
    "Sasquatch: A Footprint in Time"
    Teacher workshop
    Prepare yourself for the CBA requirements. This workshop will feature a newly developed Classroom-Based Assessment in Humans and the Environment utilizing the themes of the Sasquatch exhibit. How has the environment of the Northwest contributed to the legends and myths of Sasquatch? Utilize this intersection between environment, history, and science to teach your students about the native peoples of the Northwest and their culture and the science of species discovery. Featuring presentations by archaeologists, foresters, wildlife biologists, and native storytellers. For registration information, call the State Capital Museum at 360/753-2580.

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008

    So You Want To Be A Cryptozoologist?

    Posted by: Loren Coleman on January 24th, 2008

    The answers to your questions about what to study, where to go, and how to learn to become a cryptozoologist are not simple ones to answer. Photos.

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    Review: Anderson Cooper 360 Scott Herriott Appearance

    This was done in the usual tongue-in-cheek fashion that we should be used to from the media, with Anderson inserting frames from the Patterson/Gimlin Movie into photos from the Giants/Packers game from Sunday, the Democratic debate from Monday night and in the 360 studios at CNN. Anderson brought on Erica Hill, who is apparently friends with Scott Herriott, and Anderson did not seem to take it too seriously, but Erica is apparently a bit more open-minded. Anderson talked to Scott, and Scott showed photos of a track from his Walk documentary, as well as showing his video of what he got on videotape in 1992. It was very tongue-in-cheek, but Scott acted admirably as always, and actually made jokes about it himself. Well-done, Scott!!!