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Neanderthals Were Right-Handed, We Place Our Bets On FB/FB Talking About Bigfoots Being Right-Handed Asians In Their Next Video




 Our Editorial On The Sierra Kills




 I wonder if Bigfoot is afraid of spiders?




 Bigfoot, The Mosaic Evolution




 The Bigfoot Chicks Competition Doesn't Have a Blog, But They Do Have Horses




 4-Wheeler Bigfoot Back In The News Again, Probably Stolen This Time




 Preserving the African Bigfoot of the Maasai




 Skamania Bigfoot Bash and Bounty




 Ohio Bigfoot Video Filmed a Month After Multiple Sightings Reported on Local News




 "Office" Spin-off will feature Dwight's Bigfoot Hunting Brother




 The Top Ten Paranormal Beasts In Britain ShukerNature

Some of Karl Shuker's beasts defy explanation with no plausible analogue in reality. Yet stories abound from the UK covering a broad menagerie full of horse-men, horned cats, among other horrors. One shouldn't be entirely surprised considering England's strong faerie tradition, rivalling the USA's native son Bigfoot. In fact, there's New Footage Of Bigfoot In Conifer, Colorado. It's totally not staged since everyone loudly announces, "It's a sasquatch" without a single hint of panic in their voice. If they were non-plussed by the encounter, why not walk up to it and invite them to the camper for tea? Some questions need no answers.

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Help contribute to a worthy cause

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Yes I said it: "I believe in Bigfoot"




 From Our Forum: Are we special?




 Loren Coleman Will Make You Believe There Is Such A Thing As The Bridgewater Triangle




 Mysterious Unidentified Screams Caught On Video: Bigfoot?




 Not A Bigfoot Story, Don't Click!: This Is What Makes The GoPro Camera So Amazing




 Aussie Discovers A Yowie's Amazing Visual Acuity




 Snackin' With Sasquatch: Sasquatch Not a Morning Person




 10 Extraordinary Questions With Ron Morehead of Bigfoot Sounds Extraordinary Intelligence

It's safe to say that these recordings are the weirdest sounds you'll hear today. And if they aren't, then we'd sure like to know what is. Ron Morehead recorded several hours of what he claims is Bigfoot "speech" back in the early 1970s while camping in a remote, undisclosed area. The examples contain snarling, growling, howling, moaning and very fast vocalization unlike anything we've ever heard. The reel to reel recordings have since been tested and retested and confirmed authentic, in that they haven't been sped up or tampered with. Recently, an experienced crypto-linguist announced he hears an underlying language within the babbling. Go have a listen and think of the implications of those sounds if they are real...Bigfoot may have also yelled at a group of campers recently in Sequoia National Forest: Mysterious Unidentified Screams Caught On Video: Bigfoot? The Bob Ross-like composure and calmness of the narrator as he quietly declares, "It seems to be getting closer" is almost as inexplicable as the sounds themselves.
Obama, Romney Beef Jerky Portraits For Jack Link's Put To A Vote (PHOTOS)
Huffington Post
Jason Mecier, the San Francisco-based muralist who created beef jerky Sasquatch, is also responsible for these political protein portraits, which used approximately 50 bags of jerky each. In case you're having trouble deciding who to vote for this ...
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"Which 'Meathead' Will You Vote For?"
U.S. Politics Today
Earlier this year, Jack Link's and Mecier unveiled a meathead portrait of Sasquatch, star of Jack Link's award-winning Messin' With Sasquatch advertising campaign, and now have added Meat Romney and Barack Obameat to their artistic gallery. Each ...
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10 Extraordinary Questions With… Ron Morehead of ‘Bigfoot Sounds’




 Here's 14 Glorious Minutes of The Bottle Tosser Bigfoot Video From M.K. Davis




 Bobo's Life Changing Experience




 ESPN's Colin Cowherd Claims "Patterson-Gimlin film was confirmed as a hoax"




 This Skull Pushes Back Human Occupation Of Southeast Asia And Australia By 20000 Years io9

It seems to be an almost monthly occurrence now--researchers uncovering even more evidence that points us further back along our own evolutionary trail. This time, a fossil find in Laos inside a remote cave reveals modern humans spread out across the globe 20,000 years earlier than previously assumed and indicates that earliest modern man went in several directions as he migrated out of Africa. Astonishingly, some people, such as Creationists, staunchly question such evidence and flat-out deny the cold, hard facts. Although it's easy to mock such firmly held and mostly wrong beliefs, science itself is sometimes just as hard-headed and mired in erroneous belief systems: Biologist Rupert Sheldrake Explains the Ten Dogmas Holding Science Back.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Anomalist Short Review Of Tim Fasano's Finding Skunk Ape Video




 Tyler Huggins: Why I Believed Justin Smeja




 This New Skunk Ape Documentary Won't Disappoint You Because You Won't See Any Skunk Apes




 Ferocious Wild Man Cracks Woman's Skull And Kills Her Child (1883)





 New Photo: Rocky Mountain Bigfoot From August 18th




 London Trackway Revisited



 Tim Fasano's Finding Skunk Ape Video Bigfoot Evidence

We waited all day yesterday for this much-hyped video of undeniable proof of the Skunk Ape's existence and ended up with this, 23 minutes of badly filmed footage of...swamps and a few rhesus monkeys in trees. The quality is terrible, the audio is even worse and the music is beyond irritating and distracting. Worst of all, Fasano provides absolutely no proof of the Skunk Ape except for some admittedly interesting print casts. However, the prints have nothing to do with the small monkeys shown that Fasano seems to be indicating are Skunk Apes. Actually, we aren't sure what Fasano is implying because his narration and "theories" are as clear as the swamp mud he seems to enjoy filming. All his work seems to be doing nothing more than clouding the water for other Bigfoot researchers and casting a negative light upon the entire community. Is Fasano trolling us all? If so, he's the only one laughing.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A proposal in the interest of garnering greater general credibility for the online Bigfoot community



 Mysterious Finned Creature Sighted Skegness Standard

A three-finned unidentified animal was caught on film in a short but intriguing video from a UK beach recently. The video clearly shows three "fins" bobbing in the ocean just a few yards from beachgoers. It was confirmed as a basking shark by a biologist soon after seeing the video, but we wonder why no one reported seeing a shark? And why is it so close to the beach? At any rate, it's a great mystery to ponder with solid evidence, which is in itself more of a rarity than spotting a possible giant sea creature. On the subject of firm evidence of mysterious underwater cryptids, The Week urges us to Listen to the scientist who gave the Loch Ness monster credibility. Robert Harvey Rines first spotted Nessie in 1972 while on vacation and then devoted much of his life to chasing down further evidence. Rines firmly believed that Nessie was a leftover plesiosaur, a genetic throwback from the Jurassic period. Rines was a former military intelligence officer, inventor, scientist and lawyer. He also gave frequent lectures at MIT and was admired and considered quite distinguished among his academic peers. In other words, his testimony is unshakable. Sadly, his theory was generally ridiculed, and Rines died in 2009 still believing Nessie existed but without his much sought after concrete, unquestionable proof.

Photo Of The Day: Bigfoot Between Trees




 Don't Hate: Survivorman Is Back On Discovery Channel. And Yes, He Believes In Bigfoot






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