Saturday, March 13, 2010

First the report earlier this week about a phantom kangaroo in Japan, now this. A reader asks: "I came across a cryptozoology reference which claims Chicago police pursued a mysterious kangaroo or kangaroo-like creature in October, 1974, but the critter escaped. What was that all about? Did it even happen?" A run-down on the news stories that appeared on the incident follows in considerable detail--along with the expected guffaws, of course. For more information on phantom kangaroos, see Mysterious America: The Ultimate Guide to the Nation's Weirdest Wonders, Strangest Spots, and Creepiest Creatures.

A statue at the International Cryptozoology Museum raises the question: Could it be a stylized native art example of a Proto-Pygmy form of an unknown hominoid? Loren Coleman examines the questions and wonders if the answer to that question might be revealed by the calluses on its knees. Elsewhere, Lloyd Pye reviews and responds to the MonsterQuest episode in which the show’s producers linked the Starchild Skull to the Flatwoods Monster. At the same time he seeks to explain why such TV shows are shaped the way they are in Why TV Shows Distort Alternative Research.

Friday, March 12, 2010

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A hoax revealed. Or is it a hoax? Nope. It is. Through a confession on a web forum, Urso Ruíz reveals the true identity of the Metepec Creature. The story centers around a post and pictures of a creature in a steel trap found on wealthy Mexican rancher's land. Still alive and said to have been shrieking in pain, the ranchers decided to kill the creature and preserve it as they found it, or so the story went. But the story was suspect from the start and was called out for its lack of credibility. Elsewhere, Was Theodore Roosevelt – A Monster Hunter?

Thursday, March 11, 2010
The Grey Area Returns
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In this review of the new book by Mac Tonnies, Nick Redfern doesn't mince words about the reigning ETH theory for UFOs: "The extraterrestrial hypothesis is...entirely speculative and totally lacking in hard evidence." He goes on to talk about his friend Mac, who "right up until the time of his death - was chasing down the theory suggesting that the UFOnauts may actually represent the last vestiges of a very ancient race of distinctly terrestrial origins; a race that - tens of thousands of years ago may have ruled our planet, but whose position of power was thrown into overwhelming chaos..." He ends the lengthy review by calling The Cryptoterresrials one of the most thought-provoking UFO books, a a Messengers of Deception for the 21st Century and for Generation-Next."The Blogsquatcher also admires the book. Elsewhere, Redfern reviews another book Shock! The Black Dog of Bungay in Shockingly Good News! and presents a clip from an upcoming road-trip-style documentary on Bigfoot to be titled Modern Monster.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
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Sightings of kangaroo have been reported in the Mayama mountain district of Osaki city, about 200 miles north of Tokyo. There have been some 30 reports since December, but rumors of kangaroos in the area started about seven years ago. At that time, television crews and newspapers set up hidden cameras in the area, but have failed to capture an image of a kangaroo. Elsewhere, The Beast of White Lake Ontario and the Burlington Name Game, and in Something on the Prowl in East Texas Neighborhood, a farmer shows off a photograph of a claw print that he says proves that something strange is on the prowl on his land. Is it a mountain lion?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

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There have been more than 100 sightings of exotic and unidentified animals in England since 2005, according to Natural England, a government agency responsible for investigating such incidents. Of these, 38 were "big cats" reports. Though their investigations have yet to find conclusive proof of the presence of the mysterious creatures, they show the extent to which Natural England takes the reports seriously. Other reported animals include 14 coypus, a large South American rodent; 28 wild boar; and 2 cases of raccoon dogs, which are native to Asia and Russia. Elsewhere, we have an noted Englishman on expedition after the Texas blue dog in The Texas Chupacabras Y’all and a media report on a previously reported cryptid sighting in Maine: Coleman dubs new sighting 'Leeds Loki'.

"Professional Suicide" Oregon Bigfoot Blog
In this blog post and series of videos, Autumn Williams presents her case for leaving the field of Bigfoot research. Her long diatribe on the ills of Bigfoot research ends with Williams revealing that she no longer desires to be known as a Bigfoot researcher and that she will reveal her anecdotal evidence in a book. But is there something more personal involved? The blogosphere comments in OK....So You're Writing A Book and Story Telling and Dramatics in Bigfootery?

Monday, March 08, 2010

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New Vids

9 Weeks Till The 22nd-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference

The Envelope Please…Here Are The Zorgy Winners
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The Belogradchik Municipality wants to add another world-class tourist attraction (after its miraculous rock formations and the prehistoric Magurata Cave paintings) to its portfolio: the Monster of the Rabisha Lake. There are various legends about this lake monster, the most “credible” one dating back to the 18th century. What it describes is no dinosaur, however. It's more of a minotaur. The Rabisha Lake Monster, the so called Water Bull, has the head of a bull, the body of giant strong man, and the tale of fish. Could the legends have grown out of the real water monsters in the lake -– the gigantic wels catfish that have been caught there? Elsewhere, the question is asked: Is This a Chupacabra? The answer is: no, it's a raccoon with a very bad case of mange.

The Moha Moha Cryptozoology Online
Dale Drinnon revives the tale of a curious marine animal supposedly sighted in 1890 by a schoolteacher in Australia. Though the schoolteacher had other sightings of less anomalous creatures that went unquestioned, this sighting drew many skeptical charges. Was the moha moha a real beast? With images.

Has the P/G Film Been Proven to Be A Hoax? Parts 1-4

Has the P G Film Been Proven to Be A Hoax Part 1