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Editorial: Was Grendel a Sasquatch?

In the classic English epic Beowulf the title hero has to overcome many challenges, including the challenge of a large, hairy, manlike creature called Grendel, which was vicious and known to kill soldiers of the army. According to Wikipedia, "Beowulf begins with the story of King Hroðgar, who built the great hall Heorot for his people. In it he, his wife Wealhþeow, and his warriors spend their time singing and celebrating, until Grendel, who is angered by the singing and an outcast from society, attacks the hall and kills and devours many of Hroðgar's warriors while they sleep. Hroðgar and his people, helpless against Grendel's attacks, abandon Heorot.
Beowulf, a young warrior, hears of Hroðgar's troubles and with his king's permission then leaves his homeland to help Hroðgar.
Beowulf and his men spend the night in Heorot. After they fall asleep, Grendel enters the hall and attacks, devouring one of Beowulf's men. But Grendel dare not touch the throne of Hroðhgar, because he is protected by the almighty God. Beowulf, feigning sleep, leaps up and grabs Grendel's arm in a wrestling hold, and the two battle until it seems as though the hall might fall down due to their fighting. Beowulf's men draw their swords and rush to his help, but their swords break upon Grendel's arm due to the thorny spikes and iron-tough skin of the monster. Finally, Beowulf tears Grendel's arm from his body at the shoulder and Grendel runs to his home in the marshes to die." Then, Beowulf and the Danes have to deal with Grendel's mother, again from Wikipedia: "The next night, after celebrating Grendel's death, Hroðgar and his men sleep in Heorot. Grendel's Mother appears, however, and attacks the hall. She kills Hroðgar's most trusted warrior, Æschere, in revenge for Grendel's death.
Hroðgar, Beowulf, and their men track Grendel's Mother to her lair under an eerie lake. Beowulf prepares himself for battle; he is presented with a sword, Hrunting, by a warrior called Unferð. After stipulating a number of conditions (upon his death) to Hroðgar (including the taking in of his kinsmen, and the inheritance by Unferð of Beowulf's estate), Beowulf dives into the lake. There, he is swiftly detected and attacked by Grendel's mother. Unable to harm Beowulf through his armour, Grendel's mother drags him to the bottom of the lake. There, in a cavern containing her son's body and the remains of many men that the two have killed, Grendel's mother fights Beowulf.
Grendel's mother at first prevails, after Beowulf, finding that the sword (Hrunting) given him by Unferð cannot harm his foe, discards it in fury. Again, Beowulf is saved from the effects of his opponent's attack by his armour and, grasping a mighty sword from Grendel's mother's armoury (which, the poem tells us, no other man could have hefted in battle), Beowulf beheads her. Travelling further into the lair, Beowulf discovers Grendel's corpse; he severs the head, and with it he returns to Heorot, where he is given many gifts by an even more grateful Hroðgar." According to these legends, Grendel and his mother lived in an underwater lair. Now, these do sound very much like modern descriptions of Sasquatch; if indeed Beowulf is a true story and not just a fanciful poem, then it is an early description of Sasquatch in Europe. We all had to read this story in High School English class, but might not have realized we were reading about early descriptions of Sasquatch, if indeed that is what Grendel and his mother were. There is no evidence of these creatures today using underwater lairs, but the legend of Grendel had to come from somewhere. As Rene Dahinden said once, "It couldn't just pop out of a Kellogg's Corn Flakes Box." The name Grendel is used in several mediums today, including a novel and a Sci-Fi Movie. It has also been connected to Sasquatch as well, with John Johnsen from Florida naming his production company "Grendel Films," as well as a certain well-known controversial Sasquatch/UFO researcher from the Bay Area who used the name for a project in the past. We will never know if Grendel was a Sasquatch or not, but it is certainly interesting to think about.

Links on the possible Bigfoot/Grendel connection

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Schedule for the next five weeks of the Sasquatch Experience

June 10-Rick Noll (?)
June 17th-Monica Rawlins
June 24th-TBA
July 1st-Todd Neiss
July 8th-Stan Gordon

Review: Let's Talk Bigfoot 6-6-07

Dr. Jeff Meldrum was the guest, and did a wonderful job. He answered questions from the SFB forum about footprints, the Skookum Cast, the Patterson/Gimlin Movie, his research and several other topics. He also answered a caller named Dan about footprints. It was a wonderful near-2-hour program, and Melissa and Teresa did a great job. Their next program will feature professor Alton Higgins of the TBRC and AIBR. The program starts at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central and can be found at the link to the right. Please tune in and support great research.

New Bigfoot radio show on Blog Talk Radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Longtime researcher and head of the American Anthropological Research Foundation Robert W. Morgan now has a new home on Internet radio, with the AARF show, on Blog Talk Radio. He has already produced two shows, one on why a Sasquatch body was never found, the other on the footprints and various questions about them. His show airs at and airs on Thursday nights at 6:00 EST/5:00 Central. I do recommend people tune in and support great research, even if it is during your dinner hour (as it does during mine, LOL).
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Should the last Ivory-Bills be collected?

Larry Lund has proof the Memorial Day Video is a hoax, Refer to last night's "Sasquatch Experience"

Updated DVD List

1. Squatching/Journey Toward Squatchdom
2. Bigfoot: Man? Myth? Monster?
3. Bigfootville
4. BIgfoot (Bob Gray Productions)
5. Three By Keating: Discussions of Bigfoot in Ohio (In The Shadow of the Sasquatch, Ohio's Abominable Snowman? and The Evidence Mounts)
6. Sasquatch Horror Triple Feature (Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot, Snowbeast, Snow Creature)
7. In Search Of...Manlike Monsters (Bigfoot, Monster Hunters, Swamp Monsters, Abominable Snowman; In Search Of... (2000) with Jeff Meldrum, Paul Freeman, Loren Coleman and Thomas Steenburg; Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World: Missing Ape-Man)
8. Swamp Apes
9. Bigfoot FAQ
10. National Geographic: Bigfoot: Is It Real?
11. Monsters! Mysteries Or Myths?
12. Keeping The Watch
13. Oregon Bigfoot: Search For A Living Legend Part 1
14. Abominable (Anchor Bay Release)
15. Bigfoot: Man or Beast?
16. Bigfoot: The Mysterious Monster
17. Harry and the Hendersons
18. Sasquatch Science: Searching For Bigfoot
19. Shaawanoki: The "Skunk Ape" Florida's Bigfoot
20. Todd Douglas Bailey's Bigfoot Lives
21. Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science (Signed by Doug Hajicek)
22. 2003 International Bigfoot Symposium (Discs 1-4, 2 sets)
23. Bigfoot; The DVD
24. Sasquatch Odyssey: The Hunt For Bigfoot
25. The Honey Island Swamp Monster
26. Sasquatch (Don McCune Productions)
27. Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot/Creature From Black Lake
28. Clawed: The Legend of Sasquatch
29. The Legend of Boggy Creek
30. The Force Beyond
31. Mysterious Encounters: The WIldman Collection
32. A Walk In The Woods: Sasquatch Evidence
33. Holdbrook Film: M.K. Davis
34. 2005 Bellingham, Washington Sasquatch Research Conference (2 Discs)
35. Operation Nightscream
36. Rocky Mountain Bigfoot
37. The Quest: Bigfoot/The Legend of Bigfoot/Hour Northwest: Sasquatch
38. IBS Meeting: 5-29-04 Larry Lund, Don Monroe
39. IBS Meeting 3-27-04 Greg Long
40. 2nd Annual Texas Bigfoot Conference 2002 (Signed by Craig Woolheater) (2 Discs)
41. Man Beast: Myth or Monster
42. WBS Conference 2001
43. IBS 2005 Longbow Conference
44. Lake Monsters
45. UFO-TV Bigfoot
46. On The Trail of Bigfoot
47. Sasquatch Hunters
48. Ivan Marx Movies (The Legend of Bigfoot, In The Shadow of Bigfoot)
49. Sasquatch (2003)
50. Patterson/Gimlin Film Revisited
51. X-Creatures: Bigfoot and Yeti
52. The Hunt For Bigfoot
53. Giganto: The Real King Kong/In Search Of...Bray Road Beast/Fox News Channel Segment on Bigfoot
54. M.K. Davis Travelogue Footage of Bluff Creek, California
55. Mystery of the Human Hobbit
56. Sasquatch Mountain (Sci-Fi)
57. Sasquatch Lake: The White Bigfoot Video
58. Sci-Fi Investigates: Mothman
59. Sci-Fi Investigates: Bigfoot
60. Abominable (Sci-Fi)
61. Deep Sea Detectives: Loch Ness: Great Monster Mystery
62. Corwin's Quest: Realm Of The Yeti
63. The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas
64. Bigfoot Programs: Entertainment Tonight Segment with Bob Heironimus (2004); Evening Magazine Segment with Bob Heironimus (2004); National Geographic: Bigfoot: Is It Real? (2005) and Mysterious Encounters (Patterson/Gimlin Film Segment)
65. Bigfoot Programs 2: Animal-X (Chester Moore, Kriss Stephens, Jeff Meldrum and Jimmy Chilcutt, 2005); Squatching and Wild West Tech Bigfoot Segment
66. Secrets and Mysteries: Bigfoot
67. Unsolved Mysteries: Bigfoot (1994)
68. Unsolved Mysteries: Yeti (1992)
69. Strange But True
70. The Mothman Prophecies
71. CMT Small-Town Secrets: Bigfoot
72. Bigfoot Stuff
73. In Search of Bigfoot/Hour Northwest (Larry Lund, Cliff Crook and Rene Dahinden (1994)/Encounters: The Hidden Truth (1994)
74. Sightings (1995)/Hard Copy (1995)/Bob Daigle Footage/Bigfoot: Man or Beast?
75. Monsters: Mysteries or Myths?/The Mysterious Monsters/Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World/Unsolved Mysteries Bigfoot (1987)/Those Incredible Animals (1991)
76. Those Incredible Animals (1991)/Sightings (1993)/Ancient Mysteries (1994)/Sightings (1994)/Sightings (1995)/Unsolved Mysteries (1994)
77. World's Greatest Hoaxes/In Search Of...Bigfoot (2000)/Countdown W/ Keith Olbermann (Bob Heironimus, Bob Kiviat, 2004)/Humanzee (1998)
78. Bigfoot Programs 5
79. Bigfoot Programs 6
80. Inside Edition 1996 Segment
81. Unexplained Mysteries: The Monster Show (2004)
82. CNN Bigfoot Segment (Scott Herriott)/Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science (Recorded off TV)
83. Eyes In The Dark: The Sasquatch Experience
84. Best Evidence: Bigfoot/Giganto: The Real King Kong
85. Sasquatch Mountain
86. Bigfoot Miscellaneous: World's Greatest Hoaxes/Scare Tactics: Bigfoot and UFO/Real Monsters: Bigfoot/Hulk Vs. Sasquatch cartoon/Weird Travels: Werewolves and Bigfoot
87. Bigfoot Miscellaneous 2: Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science/Segment 7: Scott Herriott/Capital One: Bigfoot Commercial/Evening Magazine: Bigfoot In California/Pecola: Yeti Or Not/In Search Of...Dr. Matt Johnson/Paul Freeman Film/California Dreams (sitcom featuring a Yeti)/Dexter's Lab (Sassy Come Home)/Sightings: Lizardman (Krantz/Gimlin/Freeman)/Now (Geraldo Rivera) featuring Bob Gimlin/Sightings: Anonymous Film (Crook/Gimlin/Krantz/Greenwell)/Those Incredible Animals (Lizardman/Charles Edson)/Unsolved Mysteries (Bigfoot In Colorado)/At Noon (Ernest Montiel (Interview from Ivan Marx)/Sightings: Bigfoot Research Project (Byrne/Bindernagel/Owen/Herriott)/Fox News (Bigfoot in California)/Freaky Links: Skunk Ape! (thriller/drama)/Out and About: Daniel Perez/On The Trail of Sasquatch (Green/Neiss/Perez/Bindernagel/Sasquatch)
88. THE OTHER SIDE secrets & mysteries of Sasquatch + bonus's
89. TRUTH OR SCARE: Bigfoot
WEIRD PLACES: Bigfoot / Jersey Devil [travel channel]
X-CREATURES: Bigfoot/Yeti/Orangpendak/Patterson [dsc. ch]
INTO THE UNKNOWN: Unknown creatures [discovery ch.]
giant snakes
deloise' ape
lake monsters
jersey devil
giant crocodiles & lizards
peter byrne
the mapenguay
lummi nation
bigfoot bounty!
bigfoot film footage
richard greenwell
ANIMAL-X: Skookum cast / Dr Matt Johnson
AL HODGSON interview [first person to talk to Patterson, after his sighting & film]
BIGFOOT~DAYS PARADE, California 2001 & road trip to Patterson site [friends stock footage]
92. BIGFOOT: Best Evidence yet
93. Bigfoot: An Encounter With Reality
94. The Mystery of...The Sasquatch Triangle
95. Harry and The Hendersons 20th-Anniversary Edition

My Bigfoot/Cryptozoology/Unexplained Phenomenon Bibliography Updated

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Peter Hocking's big cats: where are you now?

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Monster or imagination, Bigfoot still stirs mind

TRUTH OF YOUTH: Do you believe in the existence of Bigfoot?

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Review: Squatch Detective Radio 6-04-07

Steve Kulls returned to the helm of his show after a six-week absence, with new co-host Billy Willard (congrats, Billy!!!!!!!!!!!!). He had sort of an open-mic show, which I called into and also brought Bill Green onboard. Mike Killen also called in, and we discussed such things as the recent possible "Nessie" footage, the Tom Biscardi controversy, the happenings in the Bigfoot field and Steve's new lease on life and Bigfooting. It was very informal and fun, and very enjoyable as well. Steve is wonderful and giving, and it shows in his program. The next show will have a guest who Steve is working on. The show can be found at Please tune in and support great research.

Headlines from Cryptomundo

Hey, Disney: Where Are the Yeti Books?

Missing Books

Bones of unknown animal unearthed

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New Indian “Bigfoot” Reports

Dragon Kills Boy

Survey: Almost 60% Say Sasquatch Unsnatchable

Cryptomundo Headlines

Reward For Nessie

Nessie Footage Questions Focus On Filmmaker

Big Foot search begins afresh
  • Bigfoot Stomped Through the West Elementary School Gymnasium
  • All those tracks in the woods lead to enduring mystery

  • Squatch Detective Radio Tonight...

    Steve Kulls returns to take the helm of his show, with no pre-determined guest. However, it should be a good show, which begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. The show can be found at Just click the schedule button, and remember, as always, to tune in and support great research.

    Cryptomundo Headlines

    The Lord God Bird Trailer

    This Week in Crypto History

    Sunday, June 03, 2007

    Review: The Sasquatch Experience 6-03-07

    This was a wonderful show, with the guest "The Sasquatch Sleuth" Larry Lund, discussing such things as the Patterson/Gimlin Movie, the Memorial Day Footage, Rene Dahinden and his friendship with him, some of the behind-the-scenes happenings within the Bigfoot community and his theories of what the Sasquatch could be. Larry took questions from Corey Alairie, Bill Green, Don Keating and an anonymous listener. We got a call from Billy Willard who also asked Larry a question or two. It was a fun show, full of great info and opinion. Our next program will feature our "Spring Sweeps Pick," which means we will have a choice of either Ray Crowe, M.K. Davis, Tom Steenburg or Rick Noll. The voting can be done at We hope that everyone will continue to tune in and support great research.

    This Week In History

    Notes on a Minor Set of Correspondence from Bernard Heuvelmans

    Cryptomundo Headlines

    The Automatic Automatic’s Monster

    Yeti Hunter’s Involved Brother Dies

    Sasquatch, The Great Conspiracy Chronology

    What happened to Sasquatch Man of Kings Pond Park?

    Sasquatch Experience Tonight...

    Our guest will be the "Sasquatch Sleuth" Larry Lund. The show starts at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central and can be found at the link to the right. Please tune in and support great research.

    SI Review, on "Legend Meets Science"