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Scientists Converge For Sasquatch Hunt In Russia

Recent Sighting Report: A Bigfoot caught staring at a lady with her puppies in Hocking Hills

Loren Coleman says it's unlikely they'll find the Yeti due to limited time

New Footage: Creston Flats Bigfoot

Scott Nelson gives his prese
Siberian Yeti Conference Seeks Out Elusive Hominid
Those familiar with the Holy Bible revered by Christians the world over have probably read the references to giant humans in the Old Testament. During the Exodus, the Hebrews reported spying on "the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight." Chris Parker examines the evidence that there once lived humans far larger than even the giant Goliath who was slain by the shepherd boy David later in the Old Testament. Parker presents a series of archived newspaper reports and some images that purport to show human footprints up to 10 feet long. Meanwhile, Brent Swancer turns attention to mysterious sightings that followed the undersea earthquake and resultant tragic tidal wave in Japan, as well as similar sightings that accompanied other disastrous earth movements. Did these disasters stir up previously unknown large creatures that dwell in the upper atmosphere, often mistakenly taken for spaceships of alien beings, as Swancer speculates, with many images, in Tsunamis and Sky Beasts? Elsewhere, Dale Drinnon uses a magazine from six decades ago to point out some of the cryptid information making the rounds at the time in Another 1950s Cover Story. Also, Australia's ABC Radio has a report describing the sighting of the supposedly extinct Tasmanian Tiger, and the link to the report is included in the CFZ-Australia revelation of A Queensland Tiger Spotted Near Ipswich.

Friday, October 07, 2011

World's cryptozoologists converge in Russia to hunt for Bigfoot | DVICE
Brian Hatton

Watch Finding Bigfoot: Birth of a Legend Preview

Is this the most amazing time lapse video of Utah and Arizona yet?

Cliff Barackman's Vietnam Bigfoot story as relayed through his father

DT Fan Radio: Josh Gates, Monster Hunter, Tonight!

Bigfoot Experts Gather in Siberia to Hunt for Hominids

Benjamin Grundy sits down with two of the new batch on the Fortean block, Greg Newkirk and Jason Gowin of Who Forted Blog, to talk about their foray into the world of esoteric subjects. The pair are also touting their new film "The Bigfoot Hunter" and you can watch the entertaining trailer for the film before either downloading the podcast or listening online. And the Who Forted Blog shows up, again, as the group's creators, Greg and Dana Newkirk, chat with fellow Fortean Tony Morill during an Interview With Some Forteans (No Garlic Required). There's also news about the man all Forteans look to for inspiration in their efforts to explain the anomalous and bizarre, as Robbie Graham releases information about an upcoming Hollywood production in Charles Fort: The Movie!

The meeting of researchers from around the world to consider evidence of the existence of manlike creatures in the planet's out-of-the-way places continues in Tashtagol, Siberia, and should run through the weekend. But, while the scientists continue to compare notes, there are those who don't think too highly of the effort, as can be seen in a blast thrown the way of the organizer of the conference and the news organizations which dared mention the Russian meeting, posted by human evolution specialist Darren Curnoe of Australia's University of New South Wales in Media Puts Its Bigfoot in It Yeti Again: It’s Abominable. And Southern Fried Scientist, a graduate student in North Carolina, adds his condemnation of the entire field that seeks unknown animals with I *Heart* Cryptozoology. Fortunately for the field of cryptozoology, Matthew J. Didier sits in at CFZ-Canada to provide a rebuttal to the naysayers, in general, as seen in Can You Satiate The Pseudo Sceptics?

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Unsolved Mysteries: Yeti

Do you heart cryptozoology?

'Samurai Chatter', the spoken language of Bigfoot

The much talked about conference on the existence of elusive hominoids in the world's wilderness areas brought together many notable scientists and researchers in Moscow, Russia, yesterday. The international conference is the brainchild of Professor Igor Burtsaev, one of the world's leading authorities on the subject of these elusive creatures. Professor Burtsaev's comments on the creatures, certain to raise many eyebrows, are included in this report assembled by Loren Coleman. Also included is the schedule of speakers during the first day of the meeting and the subject of each address. Attendees flew out of Moscow yesterday bound for Tashtagol in Siberia where they will visit locations the Siberian version of the creatures is reputed to live. The Director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology in England, Jonathan Downes gives some background on the creatures in the broadcast via BBC News with Scientists Set Off to Find the Abominable Snowman. Other news of such creatures can be found today in the archived tales assembled at Weird Australia in The Wild Hairy Man of the Blue Mountains, and Dale Drinnon offers an image of a female Bigfoot in an illustration that pre-dates the famous Patty film of Patterson and Gimlin in The WHOLE Picture This Time. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman has the latest on a frightening encounter with a supposedly out-of-place feline in Illinois Mountain Lion Attack and shows what has Municipality Authority of Westmoreland County in Pennsylvania all adither in Beaver Run Has An Alligator. Elsewhere, bizarre history collector and commentator Dr. Beachcombing offers some thoughts on the Little People of myth and legend in Fairy Gifts.

Book Review-No Return by Pete Travers
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Yeti Search: BREAKING BIGFOOT NEWS – Sasquatch Hunt is On!
July 24, 2011 The best Bigfoot documentary ever produced [VIDEO]

British Columbia man recollects multiple Bigfoot encounters from 1970 to present, may be the luckiest person alive

British Columbia man recollects multiple Bigfoot encounters from 1970 to present, may be the luckiest person alive

Study shows humans still evolving

Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Bindernagel goes Yeti hunting in Russia

Finding Bigfoot Halloween Special

What people think of the Yeti expedition taking place in Russia this week

Lee Speigel has the latest on this week's planned meeting in Russia to bring together many scientific voices that have been speaking out about the suspected existence of an elusive hairy hominoid in the wild places of the world. A photo gallery of evidence is included, as well as words from International Cryptozoology Museum (ICM) owner Loren Coleman, who, with co-author Patrick Huyghe, penned the classic The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates. Coleman reveals that he was invited to attend the upcoming meeting but was not offered complementary travel arrangements and also has the move of the ICM to larger quarters to supervise. Also, Nick Redfern has the numbers from his just concluded survey about his readers' views of the mysterious manlike creatures in Bigfoot Poll Results and the beginning of a new poll seeking participants' views of the Loch Ness Monster. There's more, too, about colossal cryptids in Loch Ness and another Scotland lake in Previously Unknown Land Sighting of Nessie and Loch Awe Monster. Meanwhile, the thylacine may be extinct, but many residents of Australia don't think so, claiming to have glimpsed the furtive creature, as they all assert in Tasmanian Tiger Witnesses Speak Out... Elsewhere, there's what could be a shock to some, offered in a recent news video shown as Scientists Plan to Reverse Evolution 2011. What next, A Unicorn Rabbit?

Huffington Post: U.S. And Russian Scientists Target Elusive Siberian Snowman

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Search is on for Yeti, Russian Researchers Say

New One-Sheet for The Lost Coast Tapes Gets to the Point on Bigfoot

'Footprints' gives new noir life to urban legends

Nick Redfern knows his way around some of the most mysterious tracts of ground in the world, sites like Cannock Chase, Rendlesham Forest and Loch Ness in the British Isles and Texas' Big Thicket in the United States. The sheer magnitude of strange creatures and weird events attributed to such sites leads Redfern to join others interested in such "hot-spots" in wondering if "certain parts of our planet act as portals or 'doorways' to other realms of existence (extra-dimensions, in other words), through which all of these strange creatures come as the mood takes them." Does Earth harbor zones where strange events and weird encounters are the rule and not the exception? Elsewhere, Jim Miles focuses creature comments onto the ocean off the coast of Georgia and on the waters of the state's Savannah River with Weird Georgia: Sea Serpents 3. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman reports the sad news of the passing of an important figure in the recording of Bigfoot footage, as seen in Connecticut Cougar Maps.

Yeti Institute Director, Igor Burtsev: Around 30 Yetis live in area of Kemerovo

Finding Bigfoot: Ohio Town Hall Meeting, Sharon Lee gives behind-the-scene detail of entire event

NatGeo: Russian Bigfoot

Erickson Project: Dr. Melba Ketchum backed out of Bigfoot DNA talk? (Updated)

Russian and American Yeti hunters join forces to track down '30-strong Siberian tribe'

Movie: Just discovered in the wild, the first poster for new Bigfoot film "The Lost Coast Tapes"

Monday, October 03, 2011

W Siberia Yeti country?

Man behind Memorial Day Bigfoot film has died

Blips and gossips from 2011 Texas Bigfoot Conference

Russian tourists captured photo of Bigfoot (Yeti) on April Fools' Day

What's a Fouke Monster?

Bigfoot Hunters: How to Split Wood with a Knife

Two women tried to lure Bigfoot with candy and learned Mike Greene's trick does not work

The Biggest Controversies in Bigfoot Research

Finding Bigfoot Fan Page

Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World: The Missing Apeman (1980)

Bigfoot Hunters: Discovery Channel getting their own rugged phone called the Discovery Expedition

Finding Bigfoot town hall meeting in Ohio open to the public, Tim Fasano can't hold back his excitement

Finding Bigfoot looking for the Ohio Grassman, Tim Stover will show them where

Famed Chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall Live at your local movie theater! Don’t miss it on 9/27!

US Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer encountered Bigfoot 15 years ago in Tillamook County, new video takes another look

Watch SyFy's Paranormal Witness: Deputy Sheriff chased in the wilderness by Bigfoot episode

Cooper the chimp goes scuba diving, he's also the only chimp in the world to go under water

Finding Bigfoot coming to New York Comic Con: October 13 - 16, 2011

Recent Sighting Report: Woman finds Bigfoot teeth marks on apple, gift of mice wrapped in grass and gets hit in the hand by a rock near Napavine

New Footage: Bigfoot roaming the woods of North Carolina? I'll be a monkey's uncle

Different names for Bigfoot (A to Z)

Remote Viewer says PBS sound recordings from Fayette County belongs to "non-human hominid like creature"

Sasquatch flick SAVAGE hits DVD today

Henry Franzoni on the Patterson film

Autumn Forest goes Bigfoot hunting in Sedona, AZ

Movie: The Bigfoot Election, October 23rd Screening

I Still Believe in Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot: Tim Stover's personal experience working with the show

Finding Bigfoot filming Tim Stover, recreating 1992 sighting in Salt Fork Ohio

Bigfoot Hunters: Amphibious camping trailer morphs from tent into boat

Ohio Bigfoot Hunter Tim Stover finds a footprint, has never been so excited

New photographs have surfaced claiming to have captured the countenance of a Russian Bigfoot. According to, the photos were taken by tourists. The report, collected for Cryptomundo by Craig Woolheater, also links to an article calling for a price of a million rubles on the Russian Sasquatch's head for a gunman willing to risk killing one. Meanwhile, there have been continuing reports of a Bigfoot-like creature in Siberia, the North Caucasus mountains and the Altai Range, leading to an upcoming conference which will see a gathering of experts on the subject of huge, hairy hominoids lurking through the wilderness, as described by Nina Dmitriyeva in W(est) Siberia Yeti Country? Elsewhere, a Nevada County, CA, expedition to pan for gold in 1997 has led to an obsession with finding North America's most famous cryptid for William Barnes. Barnes has plans to search for the creature with a stealthy airborne platform, and his ideas are revealed in the report St. George Man Searches for Bigfoot. Also, high tech gear has come to the search for the Yeti, as reported in Scientists Install Webcam On Mt Everest.

Crush on a Yeti

Finding Cody

Scientists from Seven Countries Gather in Russia to Discuss Yeti

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Coming tomorrow: Local man searches for 'Bigfoot'

Bigfoot Researcher Believes US Forest Service Covers-up Bigfoot

The latest version of the monthly video from the Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ) stretches just over 37 minutes long and is filled with reports on the 2011 Sumatra expedition and a wealth of information about odd creatures from the natural world and the latest happenings at CFZ headquarters in England. Meanwhile, Dale Drinnon reveals some more of his correspondence with Richard Freeman of the Centre for Fortean Zoology Sumatra Expedition 2011, this time examining the claims of rhinocersoses in Sumatra, all explained in Sumatran Tidbit From Richard Freeman. And Dr. Beachcombing finds more evidence of cryptid claims from 19th century Britain in Mermaid at Exmouth Eats Boiled Fish. Elsewhere, there's a programming note for tonight, as Eric Altman and Lon Strickler welcome an active participant in the search for unexplained creatures to their online broadcast, as detailed in This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio - Cryptid Researcher/Author Linda Godfrey.