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Erskine Overnight Late-Night Tonight...

Christopher L. Murphy will be the guest beginning at 1:00 A.M. EST/12:00 Central at Erskine Overnight

And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Bigfoot Quest Review: 8-23-08

This was a GREAT show, with Mike live on location from Delaware County, New York, where sounds like lumberjacks with chainsaws have been heard, and also strange stick structures have been found. Mike and an associate, John Campbell, were out there investigating, although there have been no actual sightings in the area. I called in and asked about the stick structures, as well as other sign and other things. Bill Green also called in and asked about the area and things in it. There will be a show as scheduled Tuesday night, with a guest yet to be determined, starting at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at Bigfoot Quest

And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
A Sasquatch Field Project in Northern California: Report of the 1997 Six Rivers National Forest Expedition Bigfoot Museums
Bigfoot: Ancient Mysteries Footage transcribed...Bigfoot 1994...

50 years of Bigfoot Articles Part 1

50 Years of Bigfoot Articles Part 2

Editorial: 50 Years of Bigfoot

(NO, that does not read 50 Years WITH Bigfoot; this is not about the Janice Carter book).

August 1958. Northern California, in Del Norte and Humboldt Counties. A road building crew, contracted by the Wallace brothers (Ray, Roy and Wilbur) and owned by Thomas Sourwine, experiences unusual activity as they attempt to build roads through forest land. Strange and large footprints are found in and around road building sites, as well as camps, and occasionally sightings of large, hairy, manlike creatures are made as well. Catskinner (one who drives a bulldozer) Jerry Crew has seen tracks around his bulldozer for over a month and is very puzzled by these events, and decides to share this with the world, so his friend, taxidermist Bob Titmus encourages him to buy some Plaster of Paris and shows him how to cast with it, and Jerry casts one large 17 1/2-inch track, 7 1/2 inches across the ball of the foot and takes it to the local newspaper, the Humboldt Times, where editor Andrew Genzoli writes up an article about the strange footprint and also displays a photo of Crew holding the cast. The creature needed a name, however, and that name was provided by Rocky Bemis' Mom-Big Foot. The actual headline read "New Sasquatch Found-It's Called Big Foot," and it became a household word. Before this, the creature was known in the Pacific Northwest as Sasquatch, a phrase coined by former teacher J.W. Burns, and know variously as booger, wildman, gorilla, haints and a variety of other names nationwide. Before the name Big Foot came along, the most famous hominid was the Himalayan Mountains-dwelling Abominable Snowman, or Yeti. Of course, there were reports for thousands of years of giant hairy bipeds, including the Ape Canyon, Ostman and William Roe accounts which were all pre-1958, but finally in October of '58, there was a name, a marketable name, to go along with the creatures themselves. Sometime later (not sure when, possibly in the 1970's) the creature's nickname was shortened to Bigfoot, which is all one word and much more recognizable. Of course, the most famous sighting and recording of a Bigfoot is the Patterson/Gimlin Movie, but it is still today in dispute, over 40 years after it was taken. It is in dispute because of a certain Bob Heironimus who claims to have been in the suit. The original 1958 tracks are also in question because of the death of Ray Wallace in late-2002 in which his family "'fessed up" to Ray's hoaxing of tracks in the Bluff Creek area and the media ran with it and believed that Wallace's death destroyed Bigfoot once and for all. Well, maybe the one-two punch of the Wallace "confession" and the allegations from Bob Heironimus regarding the P/G Movie told the general public that Sasquatch is nothing but a myth, but it did NOT destroy the reports or the popularity of America's favorite hairy biped. Bigfoot is seen in many advertisements, such as the popular Jack Link's beef jerky franchise, as well as being used in various commercials such as Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Parlor, ads, a Canadian courier company and various other advertising campaigns. Bigfoot is seen practically all over TV and the Internet, sometimes in a humorous context, other times in serious scientific studies. Even if the creature itself does not exist (but I know differently, having seen one ten years ago today), it is still a great cultural phenomenon and a truly recognizable icon worldwide. Hail to Bigfoot-50 years and it still remains elusive.

Editorial: Looks like Bigfoot's a bust
Dallas Morning News - Dallas,TX,USA
And the two good ol' boys who found the supposed Sasquatch cadaver made Larry the Cable Guy look like Stephen Jay Gould. And so, to almost no one's surprise ...
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Bigfoot searchers carry on
San Gabriel Valley Tribune - West Covina,CA,USA
By Troy Anderson, Staff Writer Palmdale resident Richard Hucklebridge, was frustrated when news of a Sasquatch discovery earlier this month turned out to be ...
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If Bigfoot Isn't In Georgia, Where Is He?
Cryptozoologists, people who study unknown animal species, are no strangers to a good Sasquatch hoodwinking. But Jeffrey Meldrum, a professor of anatomy and ...
100s Of SoCal Bigfoot Sightings Reported Annually
CBS 2 - Los Angeles,CA,USA
More than 100 reports of Sasquatch sightings are made every year in Southern California, and local members of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Association say ...

Bigfoot’s 50th Anniversary: August 27th!

Rex Gilroy is one of Australia's most famous searchers for cryptid creatures. The "self-proclaimed 'Yowie Man'" is on the hunt again with a desolate area of Australia in mind as he looks for traces of the continent's version of Bigfoot and Yeti. Be sure to check out the comments section of this article. Meanwhile, the recent Bigfoot hoax hasn't eliminated the creature from the news in the US, as seen in Hunt for Bigfoot Near Trinity River and If Bigfoot Isn't in Georgia, Where Is He? Elsewhere in the world of hairy hominids and other cryptid creatures, Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo lists upcoming events you may wish to attend, with emphasis on the events where he will be lecturing, in Forthcoming CZ and Bigfoot Events. With colorful event posters.

Photos of Mr. Sasquatch

Links on John Green

John Green Sasquatch at Amazon
Buy books at and save. Qualified orders over $25 ship free.
Sponsored by: • Found on Ads by Yahoo!
Sasquatch Odyssey - The Hunt for Bigfoot - John Green
JOHN GREEN. Considered by many to be "Mr. Sasquatch", Green is renowned for his collection of numerous sighting reports (more than 3000) and a definitive ... • Found on Google, Windows Live, Yahoo! Search,
Cryptomundo » John Green: Sasquatch Chronicler
Cryptomundo » John Green: Sasquatch Chronicler ... John Green (right) interviews Albert Ostman about Ostman’s 1924 Sasquatch abduction incident in British Columbia. • Found on Windows Live, Yahoo! Search,
Bigfoot: The Case for Legal Inquiry into Sasquatch Evidence -by ...
By John Green 1989. Abstract:. Consistent failure to persuade zoologists or anthropologists to investigate Sasquatch phenomena may be explained by the fact ... • Found on Google, Windows Live,
Bigfoot: Meet The Sasquatch, by John Green 1969
Meet The Sasquatch By John Green, 1969. Meet The Sasquatch (Please note: The following is the first chapter in Mr. Green's book which contains a total of ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search
John Green is a very conscientious individual. He has the enviable talent of thinking before he speaks! A tall man, who in another lifetime, could have been a southern gentleman ... • Found on Windows Live, Yahoo! Search
Cryptomundo » John Green: Sasquatch Closer to Ape Than Man?
Cryptomundo » John Green: Sasquatch Closer to Ape Than Man? ... This article was originally presented at the 2003 International Bigfoot Symposium by John Green.
John Willison Green - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John Willison Green (born February 12, 1927) is a retired Canadian journalist and a leading ... Sasquatch". Green first began investigating Sasquatch sightings and track finds in 1957 ...
Sasquatch Research Initiative - 20 Questions with John Green
Sasquatch Research Initiative - An association of researchers independently investigating the Sasquatch / Bigfoot phenomenon in the US and Canada.
HANCOCK HOUSE PUBLISHERS - Sasquatch the Apes Among Us (2nd Reprint)
@MetaDescription ... (Home) (Current Cart) Sasquatch the Apes Among Us (2nd Reprint) By: John Green ... The bible of Sasquatch/Bigfoot, reprinted in it's ...
Evaluating photographic evidence
Interview: John Green
By Gerry Matthews

The famed sasquatch chronicler weighs in on debunkers, the media, the best evidence to date, and the need for a bigfoot body (or not).
read the interview

Bigfoot and John Green talk radio show | GUEST: John Green
Listen to Sasquatch Experiences online radio show about Bigfoot and John Green John Green Journalist Author and Pioneering Investiagtor tells his story about this ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
John Green (VII)
John Green was born in 1927 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Green... more ... Other Works: Book: "Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us" (1978/Hancock House) more
John Green's thoughts on the Patterson Film
John Green is a veteran researcher into the question of Sasquatch or Bigfoot. He was among the first to view the film captured ... • Found on Windows Live

Links on Bob Gimlin

Bigfoot: John Greens Interview with Bob Gimlin... 1992
The following interview is Bob Gimlin’s account as told to John Green about the events that led up to and exactly how the Roger Patterson Bigfoot film was ... • Found on Google, Windows Live, Yahoo! Search,
Bigfoot: Roger Patterson-Bob Gimlin Interview addendum
Bigfoot Encounters Radio Interview Transcript With Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin. November, 1967. The following is a partial transcript of a radio ... • Found on Google, Windows Live, Yahoo! Search

Gimlin Bigfoot: Gimlin gives talk about Bigfoot
Bob Gimlin of the famous Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot film which started the Bigfoot ... Bigfoot researchers cite the 1967 Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin famous Bigfoot ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
Bob Gimlin
... Bigfoot (1967) ... Find where Bob Gimlin is credited alongside another name ... You may report errors and omissions on this page to ... » Bob Gimlin Sighting » Bob Gimlin Sighting ... Sarah Utter doesn’t say much about what happened at the Bigfoot gathering, but does report she had a Bob Gimlin sighting in her town.
Wednesday Night on Television: Bob Gimlin Interviewed
Bob Gimlin was Roger Patterson's riding partner when Roger filmed the sasquatch ... died in the 1970's and Bob Gimlin hasn't given interviews in years, until ...
YouTube - Mysterious World: Bigfoot Footage
Footage of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film from Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World. ... Bullshit, you saw ONE programme but no proof, it's no limp it's their normal walk and ... • Found on Windows Live, Yahoo! Search,

Special Bigfoot Quest Tomorrow...

Hello Everyone

Please join your hosts Bob Coyne and Mike Killen for a special one hour show this Saturday night 8/23 at 9PM. Mike will be at the Delaware County, NY property where he is currently conducting an investigation and he will be calling in with a live on scene report to update us all on his progress. As always, we hope many of you will join us in our show chat room. It's always a lot of fun and we love to interact live with our listeners.


When: Saturday, August 23, 2008

Time: 9:00 P.M. EST/8:00 Central

Duration: 60 minutes

Bob Coyne
Mike Killen

And as always,we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Footprint Photos

Bigfoot Pictures

The Four Horsemen of Sasquatchery

Bob Gimlin Photos

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  1. Bigfoot: More Information on Bossburg Tracks - Skew Foot

    Bigfoot Encounters More on the crippled right-footed Bossburg Tracks: Bossburg, Washington 1969 near northeastern Washington's Colville National Forest ... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
  2. Bigfoot: The cripple Bossburg tracks, the way it went down...

    Bigfoot Encounters The Bossburg, Washington (Cripple) Tracks The Way The Saga Unfolded and photos... November 24, 1969. In addition to the discoveries in ... - 67k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
    More results from »
  3. Bossburg, Washington - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Bossburg is a ghost town in Stevens County, Washington and is located on the ... to be a Bigfoot by some and was dubbed by locals as the "Bossburg Cripple". ...,_Washington - 19k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this


In 1970 a trail of 1089 consecutive footprints was discovered in snow near Bossburg, Washington. The 17-inch-long tracks were unusual in that the right foot ... - 12k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

''Sasquatch | Outside Online

In the late fall of 1969, Rene Dahinden, John Green, and other Bigfoot hunters descended on Bossburg, Washington, an old mining town on the Columbia River ... - 81k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Review: Beyond The Edge Radio 8-22-08

This was an absolutely WONDERFUL show, with the one and only Mr. Sasquatch, John Green, who discussed his beginnings in Canada where Rene Dahinden came into his newspaper office in 1956 and asked him what he knew about the Sasquatch, which Green replied was most likely a hoax. He then talked of his going to Bluff Creek, California and seeing the tracks shortly after the Jerry Crew photo appeared in newspapers. He then discussed his ongoing research and his theories, and got some great questions from the chat, including from ShBoom2. In the second hour, I was the first caller, and got to ask John how the events of this week compared to a case in Bossburg, Washington where a gentleman claimed to know where a Sasquatch was in a cave, and then later a story of an alleged foot in a freezer. I also asked him about Ivan Sanderson and his organization which there was some confusion over the name of it and also about "The Great Debate" of pro-kill versus no-kill. Bill Green also called in and asked how the Minnesota Iceman case compares to recent events. Brian Seech called in and asked John some great questions, as did Indy, and also our own Sally (ShBoom2). Next week is a rerun, and I dunno what is planned for September 5th, but it should be a great one, beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central at Beyond The Edge Radio And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Sasquatch Triangle Schedule for next few weeks...

August 28th-Bill Brann
September 4th-Eric Altman
September 11th-Doug Hajicek
September 18th-Brian Gosselin
Is Bigfoot roaming the Valley?
Milton Daily Standard - Milton,PA,USA
Scott Snook of Lewistown said his interest in Bigfoot was peaked when his grandmother took him to see the movie “Sasquatch, Legend of Bigfoot” in the 1970s. ...
Interview with Dr. Karl Shuker There's Something in the Woods
Nick Redfern, who wrote the foreword to Dr. Karl Shuker's new book, Dr. Shuker's Casebook: In Pursuit of Marvels and Mysteries, interviews the author about his new work, which delves deeply into not only cryptozoology, but a whole range of other Fortean mysteries, as well. In another post, Redfern provides a complete rundown of the upcoming Mass Monster Mash where he, Loren Coleman and others will be speaking on Saturday October 18.
Interview with Nick Redfern The Blogsquatcher
First part of an interview with Nick Redfern on Bigfoot and the paranormal, a subject that features heavily in his new book There's Something in the Woods. He discusses the issue of strange phenomena associated with Bigfoot, as well as the surprisingly large number of reports of the so-called "British Bigfoot." Elsewhere, Redfern plans new investigation of Mysterious Cannock Chase.

Christopher L Murphy will be interviewed on Erskine Overnight

The Murphy FileBigfoot Film Journal E-book author Christopher L Murphy will be interviewed on Erskine Overnight by radio show Host Erskine Payton
The interview will be on Saturday August 23, 2008 10:50am

Editorial: What should you do if you find a body?

(This question is indeed inspired by recent events, but I am taking a different tack with it, so bear with me. )

Let's just suppose that we wake up tomorrow morning and it is announced on CNN or Fox News or MSNBC that a Sasquatch corpse has been found and is in a safehouse somewhere where it is being examined by credible scientists and credible Bigfoot Researchers. Who would be the most credible organizations and scientists for one to let examine the corpse? Well, if the corpse is found in the south, I would contact the Alabama Bigfoot, Stocking Homind Research, the TBRC and the nearest credible scientist in the South, such as Dr. Roy Wagner and Dr. Wilson Wheatcroft. If found in the Midwest/east/Northeast, contact NESRA, PBS, EOBIC, Sasquatch Watch of Virginia and Dr. Esteban Sarmiento. In the west and Pacific Northwest, most assuredly contact The American Anthropological Research Foundation, the BFRO, the AIBR, Bobbie Short, Autumn Williams, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Dr. John Bindernagel and Dr. Henner Fahrenbach. In Canada, contact John Green, Chris Murphy, Thomas Steenburg and Gerry Matthews, along with Dr. Bindernagel. The events of the last week showed what NOT to do with a Bigfoot corpse, even though it turned out to be a huge hoax. I think it is important to know who to trust and who not to trust, and I hope this has helped.


Sasquatch Watch of Virginia

Dr. John Bindernagel

Bigfoot Field Researchers' Organization

Stocking Hominid Research, Inc.

Bobbie Short's Bigfoot Encounters

Oregon Bigfoot

Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers

Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center

Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society

Alabama Bigfoot

West Coast Sasquatch

Official Website of the American Anthropological Research Foundation (AARF) and the one and only Robert W. Morgan
Bigfoot hunters must change tactics
Crosscut - Seattle,WA,USA
I'm sure tucked in their somewhere is a copy of the book that has all the Sasquatch answers. I am referring, of course, to The Pyschic Sasquatch and their ...

Of Bigfoot and big cats – is the truth out there?
Evening Sun (subscription) - Norwich,NY,USA
I was fishing in the North Country when all the Georgia Bigfoot hoopla was occurring, but when I heard about it, I couldn't help but crack a wry smile (it ... - ‘We believe we saw Bigfoot’

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Reviews I have written of Bigfoot Books from Amazon

Soul Snatchers: A Quest for True Human Beings
by Robert W. Morgan
Edition: Paperback
Price: $12.24
Availability: Not in stock; order now and we'll deliver when available

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely wonderful tome, really well-written!!!!!!, August 19, 2008
I finished this book in four days, and what a terrific journey the author takes us on. From the deserts of New Mexico, where he gets guidance from a 102-year-old Native American named Nino Cochise, to the Swamps of Florida, where he meets a most unusual evangelist and has encounters with things he cannot explain, to the wilds of Washington State, where he and his team experiment with a method known as "dowsing" to attempt to track the Forest Giants, Robert W. Morgan has had a life's journey most would be rather envious of. He has met with Native American elders, elderly cowboys who were around in the time of the Wild West, disbelieving skeptics, scientists and other luminaries, and over his life's journey, he has experienced unusual phenomenon, which may or may NOT be connected to the Forest Giant People (Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Omah-ah, Dsonoqua and many other variations of names for these unique beings). Morgan writes in a style of absolute comfort and a sense as if he is sharing private secrets around a campfire. The only rating I can give on this book is an 11 out of 10!!!!!! GET THIS BOOK!!!!!! It is available at Product Listing - and is terrific for Summer reading, or for curling up beside a roaring fire in colder weather.

The Ape Cave Horror: The Sasquatch Encounters Two
by Clint Romag
Edition: Paperback
Price: $14.35
Availability: In Stock

10 used & new from $9.97

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Worthy sequel to The Unleashing, July 24, 2008
This is the second of Romag's Sasquatch Encounters Series, and it is another thriller worthy of its predecessor The Unleashing. It picks up three years after the events in the previous book with our hero Chad Gamin, who is contacted by a fellow named Andrew to track down and capture a Sasquatch at the Ape Caves near Mount Saint Helens. Andrew believed the slaughter in Canada which Chad barely escaped was merely a fluke event, and operates under that premise, but as the adventure begins, he finds out how horribly wrong he truly is. These Sasquatches are cold-blooded killers in this story and most assuredly commit a good deal of slaughter, even on characters the readers think will survive the story. The events take place deep in the Ape Caves, where Chad and Andrew's daughter Sherrie and Andrew and two workers come across the killer Sasquatches and begin a harrowing horrifying adventure which leaves the reader glued to each page. There are narrow escapes, thrilling chases, truly chilling moments and even a bit of romance in between the thrills. There is also a short preview of the next book which details that a character from Unleashing (Spoiler Alert ahead) survived that slaughter and was abducted by the Sasquatch creatures. I do recommend this second in the series Romag is writing, even though again it is not exactly an accurate representation of the true nature of the Forest Giants.

The Unleashing: The Sasquatch Encounters One
by Clint Romag
Edition: Paperback
Price: $9.85
Availability: In Stock

19 used & new from $6.84

5.0 out of 5 stars Terrific Crypto-Horror Novel, July 22, 2008
This book, clocking in at just over 100 pages, is a true page-turner which keeps the reader glued to each page. It follows the story of Chad Gamin, his friend Shane and his father Willard, along with a group of campers and hunters, in the forests of Canada, who seem to be settling in for a good hunting trip for a week, when everything goes horribly wrong when Shane shoots what he thinks is a bear, but turns out to be a young Bigfoot. When he cuts off a part of the hand of this youngling and he and Chad return to camp, they are followed by a large Sasquatch, possibly the father or mother, and this sets off a chain reaction of terror and slaughter unlike any seen in even the movies. The entire clan of Bigfoot individuals in that area goes completely ballistic against any human and they willfully prey on humans, which leads to a most interesting conclusion and many narrow escapes. This book is written in the vein of The Shadowkiller and Dark Woods, with a touch of Jaws thrown in for good measure. I do recommend this crypto-fiction novel, even if it is not exactly an accurate portrayal of the true nature of the Forest Giants.

Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us
by John Willison Green
Edition: Paperback
Price: $34.95
Availability: Not in stock; order now and we'll deliver when available

14 used & new from $34.95

5.0 out of 5 stars The DEFINITIVE volume on Hairy Bipeds!!!!!!, March 11, 2008
This book, out of print for 25 years, is now back in print (I received an early review copy of it this past week) and is basically unchanged, but it is still great to see the book back in print. The scholarly look at Sasquatch by author Green is sober and well-researched. Green, once a skeptic who even put hoax stories on Sasquatch in his newspaper, became convinced in 1958 when he saw tracks in the Bluff Creek area and began to receive reports. Now, over 4,000 reports later, he is thoroughly convinced. The earlier book review I gave for this 492-page tome still stands.
This is a classic for a whole new generation of researchers and is excellent source material for anyone interested in the subject. A worthy edition to any cryptozoological library.

The Shadowkiller: A Novel
by Matthew Scott Hansen
Edition: Hardcover
Availability: Out of Print--Limited Availability

51 used & new from $1.66

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Exciting and hard to put down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , February 20, 2007
This is a tremendously exciting page-turner which leaves the reader glued to every page. I could not put this one down. The story follows several mysterious disappearances, and an obsessed millionaire, Ty Greenwood (a native of Mississippi, as revealed in the book!) who after his own encounter, sought answers, and was surprised to hear of these disappearances, but knew what was causing them. The Sasquatch in the story, a massive 10 1/2-foot tall, over 1,000-pound behemoth wreaks absolute death and destruction everywhere he goes, having had his family taken from him in a forest fire. Now, he is angry and getting even with all the "small two-legs," as they are described in the creature's thoughts (the book looks at the world not only through the eyes of the protaganists but also the massive creature). A pair of Snohomish County, Washington Deputy Sheriffs, Mac Schneider and Karl Carillo, look into the strange disappearances along with a nosy TV reporter, Kris Walker, who tries to get close to Schneider and gets more than she bargained for. Schneider is convinced after finding large humanlike footprints that there is something more than just a simple abduction at work here, but his partner is unconvinced. Greenwood is even thrown in as a suspect in the abductions/murders. An old-time movie actor, Ben Campbell, is having visions of the homicidal rages of the creature, dubbed "The Shadowkiller" and feels he must take action by joining forces with Greenwood, whose obsession is taking a toll on his family as well. Three paths cross (Schneider, Greenwood and Campbell), more disappearances/murders occur and the exciting and breath-taking conclusion leaves the reader wanting more. Good job, Matthew Scott Hansen. I truly enjoyed this first-time novelist's effort.

The Scientist Looks at the Sasquatch (Anthropological monographs of the University of Idaho ; no. 3-)
by Roderick Sprague
Edition: Unknown Binding
Availability: Out of Print--Limited Availability

5 used & new from $74.50

5.0 out of 5 stars Very good and scientific tome, January 14, 2007
This 1977 tome is quite scientific and presents papers from Krantz, Wayne Suttles, Dmitri Bayanov and Gordon Strasenburgh. Subjects such as Sasquatch footprints, handprints, Cultural Native American and First Nations legends and the study of hominology in Russia. I do recommend this book if you can find it, because it is a rare and historic look at the subject which is quite enthralling.

Valley of the Skookum: Four Years of Encounters With Bigfoot
by Sali Sheppard-wolford
Edition: Paperback
Price: $12.24
Availability: In Stock

18 used & new from $9.99

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent book!!!, December 28, 2006

Fascinating and hard to put down. Two terms I would use to describe this excellent book, which is written in first-person narrative. Wolford, mother of Sasquatch researcher Autumn Williams, writes of four years of strange encounters that she and members of her family and close friends experienced near Orting, Washington in the mid to late-1970's. Not just Sasquatch, but strange lights and nightly dreams of walking with a Native American into the past and present. The Sasquatch are called "Skookum" here, and sometimes they are said to vanish (!) into thin air. Wolford, I do not believe, is saying that Skookum are shape-shifters or connected with UFO's or the strange lights seen by the family or friends, but each phenomena occurred in that area. I do recommend this book highly, and read it with an open mind, even if it seems a bit fantastical.

Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science
by Jeff Meldrum
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $18.45
Availability: In Stock

28 used & new from $9.99

14 of 16 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars If you believe in Science...History is about to change forever, September 23, 2006
It took me only 3 1/2 days to finish this book, the third-most important Sasquatch book to have in your collection (followed closely by "Meet The Sasquatch" and "Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us"). Meldrum covers so many topics that were covered in the TV special that preceded this handsome volume, but the book goes beyond the TV special. Meldrum discusses the Ray Wallace fiasco, the Patterson/Gimlin Film (with an exclusive interview with Bob Gimlin), video footage, footprint morphology and dermatoglyphics, bear/Sasquatch misidentifications, Great Ape behavior and its parallels to Sasquatch behavior, statistical data and information and several other different topics. I would say if you only buy one Sasquatch book this year, make it this one. It's terrific, well-written and scholarly and sober. Would make a great Christmas or birthday gift for the skeptic in your family or circle of friends.

Meet the Sasquatch
by Christopher L. Murphy
Edition: Paperback
Availability: Out of Print--Limited Availability

10 used & new from $34.91

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars The Definitive Modern Book On The Subject!!!, June 26, 2006
I received this book in August 2004, and read it in 4 days. The pictures in the book are excellent, over 600 of them. Some of the things covered in this book are the old Indian Legends, including a look at the Yokut Indian tribe's "Hairy Man" legend by Kathy Moskowitz; the classic encounters with Sasquatch by such men as Albert Ostman, Fred Beck, William Roe and others; the Patterson/Gimlin film, with Cibachrome prints photos shown; other evidence such as hair, footprints, handprints, the Skookum Cast, sounds and possible nesting areas of the Sasquatch; the Washington state environmental atlas entry, as well as the law in Skamania County, Washington, prohibiting the killing of a Sasquatch; tributes to different researchers, such as John Green, the late Rene Dahinden and Grover Krantz, Bob Titmus, Daniel Perez, Ray Crowe, Richard Noll and several others; and the Russian Almasty and the Yeti. This book is highly-recommended to those even with a casual interest in the subject. The book can be purchased from [...] for [...] (softcover edition); [...] (hardcover signed edition) and [...] (leatherbound signed edition).

Bigfoot Casebook updated: Sightings And Encounters from 1818 to 2004
by Janet Bord
Edition: Paperback
Price: $12.24
Availability: In Stock

22 used & new from $10.98

13 of 17 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Great update to a true Cryptozoological classic!!!, March 17, 2006
I received a copy of The Bigfoot Casebook Updated: Sightings and Encounters from 1818-2004, which is supposedly to be released March 30. Somehow, I got a copy of it two weeks early. Just flipping through it, I can see several new photos, some never-before-seen, as well as two chapters with updated information from 1981-present day. The list at the end of the book is the same as the one in the original volume, but the sighting reports have been divided into different time periods, interestingly enough, which makes it easier to navigate.
# This book, first released in 1982, was well-acclaimed and well-received by the Sasquatch community. My earlier review of the original volume reflects the earlier times this book was written in. My original review still stands, but this book goes further than the original volume. There are new photos, rarely seen in any other book, as well as new information picking up where the original volume left off (1980; the new volume covers reports from 1981-2004). There is also a new foreword, written by Loren Coleman, as well as contributions to the book from Coleman, Chris Murphy and John Green. This book, available from Idyll Arbor Press, is $18.00 and well-worth every penny. A wonderful update to a true classic in cryptozoological reading.

In Pursuit of a Legend: 72 Days in California Bigfoot Country
by T., A. Wilson
Edition: Paperback
Price: $14.00
Availability: In Stock

22 used & new from $10.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars An entertaining travelogue centered around this great mystery, November 6, 2005
This is a really excellent book, a great read for a cold fall evening. First-time author Wilson weaves a story of a 72-day jaunt into the backwoods of the California Sierra Mountains and points further north. He and his friend, a firefighter named JT, encounter a strange set of tracks, 21 inches long, that do not appear to be of bears. After JT leaves to fight a raging forest fire, Wilson has several strange encounters on the trail alone, including a strange call in the middle of the night, a dung sample he cannot identify, some strange happenings on the trail and a possible sighting of his own. Wilson's style of writing is comfortable and easy to read, and the book really takes us deep into the territory he is exploring. We can almost picture the trails he takes into the mountains of the High Sierras and the other points he explores. This book is highly recommended even for those who are non-believers. It can be ordered through