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Leave Bigfoot Alone
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription) - Nov 23, 2008
Hair, the bane of every plumber, the glory of woman, the stuff that rolls around like tumbleweed on the floors of the homes of everyone who’s addicted to ...
Indiana Deer Chased By Invisible Bigfoot?
Oklahoma Bigfooter Dies
Professor Irwin Horace?
How Does Nessie Feel When Seen?
Ian Brockwell addresses an August, 2008, report with accompanying NASA photograph. Does the photo show a piece of lumber on the Martian surface? According to the report, made independent of NASA, the shot does show Martian lumber, and Brockwell goes even further, saying, "Although the Viking Orbiters photographed what appeared to be forests on Mars, there has been no mention of this recently." Meanwhile, a tongue-in-cheek video makes mention of forests and wood on the Red Planet in item five of the Top 9 Excuses for No UFO Disclosure.
Mason Dixon Paranormal Society spent two nights investigating the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum in Frederick, MD, and came away convinced it has evidence of paranormal activity at the facility. With slide show. There's also video here. And there's more haunting footage in Video: German WWII Underground Bunker - Jersey, Channel Islands.
Bluff Creek in October - Harrison Hot Springs, B.C...

Review: Cryptid Hunt Episode II: Sasquatch Encounter

This was a really good five-parter, found only on YouTube, featuring a look at the Sasquatch reports from the Whitehall, New York area, with such luminaries as local researcher/author Paul Bartholomew, local witness former Whitehall Police Officer Dan Gordon, groundskeeper of the Skene Country Club Clifford Sparks, John Green, John Bindernagel and Thomas Steenburg (all those 3 via telephone) and some great scenery of the area of Whitehall. The Albert Ostman story is once again recreated, this time by a friend of Jordan's, as is Dan Gordon's sighting. I do highly recommend seeing Jordan's productions, both of them, and you can do so Here

Friday, November 28, 2008

Sasquatch Encounter, Episode 2 of Cryptid Hunt, now up!!!

YouTube - Cryptid Hunt- Sasquatch Encounter (Part 1)

Cryptid Hunt- Sasquatch Encounter Part 2

Cryptid Hunt- Sasquatch Encounter Part 3

Cryptid Hunt- Sasquatch Encounter Part 4

Cryptid Hunt- Sasquatch Encounter Part 5

Review: Beyond The Edge Radio 11-28-08

This was a great first hour, with Dusty Smith of the Daytona Beach Paranormal Research Center, who discussed her ghost research, as well as her interest in the Paranormal. I called in and asked her about ghost lights and also stone statues coming to life, so to speak. Bill Green called in and asked if she investigated Bigfoot and also about the Lady In White. Dusty told a good bit about encounter stories with spirits. Dunno what Sean, Eric and Monica have planned for next week, but it begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Application to the United Nations to have Scotland's Loch Ness declared a World Heritage site could be jeopardized by inclusion of the Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) in the request, according to an expert from the organization taxed with deciding the application's fate. The High Priest of the United Kingdom's White Witches, Kevin Carlyon, is not amused.
UFOs and ghosts are joined by non-native big cats among the strange encounters United Kingdom citizens continue to report. Now a panther-like creature has been spotted in Fenland, joining other sightings for the area from "Manea, Chatteris, Wisbech and March".
Japan’s Yeti : Hibagon

`Bigfoot’ expert says creature is alive and well in U.S. wilderness
Hiding in Plain Sight
Sasquatch Fingerprint ? ? ?
Can Bigfoot hear cameras ?
http://monstersandm ?p=387

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Beyond The Edge Radio Tomorrow...

Sean, Eric and Monica welcome from Tampa Ghost Hunters Dusty Smith beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central for Black Friday. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: Sasquatch Triangle 11-27-08

This was a terrific but short show, with Don talking about recent activity in Salt Fork State Park. I called in and wished Don and his audience a Happy Thanksgiving, and also asked him about his opinion on woodknocking and whether he had gotten responses to it (he has). Billy Willard also called in and told of some activity which occurred a couple of weeks ago at Salt Fork and Don discussed that he has some photos from that outing on his MySpace site. He also announced that the Triangle will be switching to Wednesday nights at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Bring Back The Mammoth?

Bigfoot Massacre: Update

We Are Cryptomundo!

Needed: Marine Cryptid Sighting Net

Smiles For Thanks

Happy Birthday, Jerome Clark!

The current home of the DeKalb History Center in Decatur, GA, was once the Decatur Courthouse. Those who work in the building have experienced so many abnormal occurrences they've called in Georgia Research of Apparitions, Sightings and the Paranormal (G.R.A.S.P.) to investigate. Are former prisoners haunting a stairway in this historic building?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Don will be having a special 30-minute live show on Thanksgiving night beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

More Bigfoot Videos

Skunk Ape

Yowie, the Australian Bigfoot - Part 1

A scientific study published in the American Mineralogist has identified a sudden explosion of mineral diversity after the emergence of life on Earth, and advanced the revolutionary theory that rocks have been evolving -- much like plants and animals -- throughout the planet's history. This idea is generating major buzz in the scientific community.
Profile of a Haunted Church The Paranormal Pastor
The church Pastor Swope attends, St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Erie Pennsylvania, is haunted. A very professional paranormal investigation team set up shop on November 1st and found a great deal of evidence: disembodied shadow beings, EVPs, and other high strangeness. Check out the videos.
Nothing weird about moviemaker's interest in science, which he ...
Reading Eagle, PA - Nov 20, 2008
By Rebecca VanderMeulen Peter von Puttkamer has traveled the world to film and document stories about strange creatures such as Sasquatch, vampires and the ...
Secret clan continues 'Great Pumpkin' prank in North Miami, FL - Nov 1, 2008
Yeti P. Sasquatch -- an original member of the clan -- who spoke with The Miami Herald under condition of anonymity -- said it's just something they don't ...
Joe the Bigfoot Hunter
Crosscut, WA - Nov 10, 2008
Plus: tales of ravenous locusts, obese bears, Bigfoot's BC invasion, and more animal news. By Knute Berger Just because we've all been distracted by a ...
"Yes Man," There Is a Bigfoot Lodge
International Business Times, NY - 21 hours ago
"We are thrilled to have Bigfoot Lodge featured in 'Yes Man,'" commentedCara Brechler, Operations Manager for The 1933 Group which owns Bigfoot andseveral ...

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Review: Bigfoot Quest 11-25-08

This was a terrific show, the One-Year Anniversary show, with a lot of callers, including Bill Green, Billy Willard, myself, John Cartwright, Diane Stocking and Donna Cohrs, Reverend Strone, Smiter, Marc Footery (who told a very interesting encounter story), Sean Forker, Melissa Hovey and Karen O. A lot of the callers were basically congratulating Bob and Mike, but I also mentioned the new article from Bill Dranginis published on Cryptomundo asking if Bigfoot can hear cameras. Bob and Mike do have a guest for next week whose name I cannot recall at the moment. It begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central, and as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science in Paperback & on DVD

http://www.myfoxdc. com/myfox/ pages/News/ Detail?contentId =7947690& version=2& locale=EN- US&layoutCode= VSTY&pageId= 3.2.1
The Turlock Investigation Alien Seeker News
A family has a long history of witnessing paranormal events. An investigation produces numerous digital photos showing orb activity, if you believe that sort of thing means something significant. EVPs are recorded. Conclusion? "This home is truly haunted." Elsewhere, Is our City Hall haunted?

A Haunting Questionnaire The Spirit Guide
A dozen questions to answer if you feel your house is haunted. Your answers will tell you if its a typical ghost haunting, if your home if inflicted with residual energy from former tenants, if it's haunted by a redundant ghost, or if a poltergeist is involved. It won't tell you if you are imagining the whole thing. For some, the spectral involvement is limited to one piece of furniture: 'Our sofa is haunted.'
Can Bigfoot "sense" human activity through the electronic items that humans bring into the interactions? Can Sasquatch "hear" cameras, for example? Guest blogger William M. Dranginis looks at the issues.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bigfoot Quest Tomorrow...

Apparently, it is the one-year Anniversary show, and it starts at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. Come celebrate with Bob and Mike, and please tune in and support great research.

Review: Sasquatch Watch Radio 11-24-08

This was a terrific show, with longtime New York researcher Bill Brann, who discussed his longtime research as well as some of the footprint casts he has, and also about other researchers he corresponds with. Bill Green called in, as did Smiter and myself, and asked various questions (I asked Bill his opinion on the possibility of the Adirondacks being a migration route and also about the legitimacy of 3-toed tracks). Next week, Billy and DB welcome Philip Spencer (The Wildman of Kentucky), 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. 
Extinct Pygmy Tarsier Rediscovered
The Science Gene Beyond the Blog
Anthony North notes that while curiosity is praised in science, when it comes to the paranormal, there is a form of mental block. Elsewhere, a print interview with Ardis Stembridge at and, at Exploring Unexplained Phenomena, a podcast interview with Rosemary Ellen Guiley
http://www.geocitie footSociety
http://science- books-evolution. blogspot. com/2008/ 11/sasquatch- legend-meets- science.html

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Sasquatch Watch Radio Tomorrow...

Billy and DB welcome longtime New York researcher Bill Brann beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Roger Patterson
Roger Patterson, a former rodeo rider had become deeply fascinated with Bigfoot after reading press reports about the creature in 1957. ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search,
Bigfoot: Roger Patterson's Interview with Fred Beck, 1966...
Most people already know the name Roger Patterson. Fred Beck was one of a party of five gold miners who say they were attacked by Bigfoot type creatures in ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search
Bigfoot video
It was taken by Roger Patterson, a Bigfoot hunter, who, along with another man, ... the 1967 Bigfoot movie filmed by the late Roger Patterson, demands a response. ...
Bigfoot: Roger Patterson's Own Words...The Province Oct 25, 1967
Contacted at his home in Yakima, Washington, Roger Patterson told The Province ... This article was made available to Bigfoot Encounters by his long time ...
Bigfoot article: The Roger Patterson Affair in Pursuit Magazine - ...
What actually happened in the Patterson Case was that a mutual friend, - Jim McClarin rang me (Ivan Sanderson) late one night from California to say that word had come out that Roger had ob...
Roger Patterson (II)
Director: Bigfoot. Roger Patterson was no ordinary filmmaker, he managed to film a shaky... Visit IMDb for Photos, Filmography, Discussions, Bio, News, Awards, Agent, Fan Sites.
Cryptomundo " Patterson's Old Woman Bigfoot
... Bigfoot, Loch Ness, and More. Patterson's Old ... If Patterson wanted a "duck-walking" bigfoot his actor may have been restricted ... Just ask Roger Patterson. ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film - 'The Most Important Wildlife ...
Re: "Rebuttal To Patterson Bigfoot Hoax Claim Due On Monday" http://www ... One of them has a piece of film attached, shot in California by the late Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in Octobe... • Found on

Leave Bigfoot Alone
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription) - USA
Hair, the bane of every plumber, the glory of woman, the stuff that rolls around like tumbleweed on the floors of the homes of everyone who’s addicted to ...
POSTCARD USA: Sarah Palin bags Bigfoot —Khalid Hasan
Daily Times - Lahore,Pakistan
Bigfoot, or Sasquatch as it is known in scientific circles, was found dead on the outskirts of the park, just south of Wasilla, Alaska. ...
See all stories on this topic

Anomalous Headlines/Coast To Coast A.M. Late Tonight....

Is this the first clear evidence of an index finger imprint from an unknown hairy hominoid? Image. Elsewhere, more people have come forward claiming to have seen a Bigfoot-like creature in the Redbridge area of the U.K in 'Bigfoot' spotted again. Also, you've heard talk about regenerating a mammoth from ancient DNA, but how about a Neanderthal or Hobbit? Read: Fossils Are Fine; a Live Beastie Is Better.

Author George Knapp is sitting as guest host for tonight's session, with guest author David Paulides (The Hoopa Project) beginning at 1:00 A.M. Eastern/12:00 A.M. Central. Should be most interesting. Coast To Coast A.M.