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Why would the government or anyone want to discourage the Sasquatch from being discovered?




"What the hell was that?!" "Did you hear that?!" "What the f**k is that?!" "Can you see that?!"




Troll Foot Print From Norway




What Is The Origin Of Bigfoot And Is The Creature A Relative Of Humans Or A Species Of Hominid Which Developed Parallel To Us?




How This "Bigfoot Chick" Was Introduced To Bigfoot




Set Your DVR: Bad Boy Monkeys of India By NatGeo




Hilarious Recap Of Syfy's Bigfoot




Chinese Bigfoot Expedition: What the News is not Reporting



The old Snake Scare of Summit County is the story du jour from our pal Ken Summers. Thrill to the yarns spun about the fabled Peninsula Python Posse, their misadventures, and the ophidian legacy celebrated every summer despite being a sore spot for old timers. Sadly Karl Shuker was barely a glint in his parents's eyes during that kerfuffle since he could've helped settle the score on Sarah the Snake. Today Karl toots his own horn, reminiscing on The Oldeani Monster - How I Helped To Rediscover And Identify A Lost Species Of Mystery Chameleon. More surprising is how Karl found the beast in the library, not in the field, where he connected the dots between two disparate sources that most mainstream biologists would've ignored. It's fitting that Rex Gilroy shares his wisdom, "You have to have enthusiasm for what you do, otherwise you find nothing." And if any citizens of Oz Got A Yowie Story then contact Rex or the Wingham Chronicle as the yowie is becoming the trending topic down under. For everyone north of the equator, there's a fine overview of the yowie and what's been suspected about its nature and behavior.


We Watched It For You: Syfy's Bigfoot (Caution: EXCELLENT .GIFs) (blog)
Bigfoot was not a very good movie. But don't worry, 'cause WE WATCHED IT FOR YOU.
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Bigfoot sculpture to be unveiled tonight
The Columbian
The biggest Bigfoot in North Bonneville will be unveiled at 7 p.m. today at the main entrance to the town off Highway 14.
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Yeren Expedition On Its Way.
Ghost Theory (blog)
If China is seriously considering looking for bigfoot they have given the rest of the world just cause to laugh out loud at them. Bigfoot bleevers are morons. Very eloquent indeed. What does China know that we don't? In all honesty, it would seem that ...
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Bigfoot - Patterson Gimlin Film- Do you Believe?

Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin may have created the greatest hoax or the greatest wildlife footage ever filmed. You just have to believe or not ...
by FindBigfoot 1 year ago 9,785 views

Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film (PGF) in So-Called Full Frame View

Here is a full-frame presentation of the version of the Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot film from the "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science" bonus features ...
by BigfootBooks 1 year ago 4,501 views

Episode 79 - The Patterson Bigfoot Film with Jeff Hilling

In Episode 79 we discuss one of the most scrutinized pieces of film ever: The 1967 Patterson Gimlin film that shows a purported Bigfoot walking ...

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Cryptic News from the Willow Creek View. Transhuman Sasquatch Strangeness from the Middle of Nowhere...
Bigfoot Evidence: Watch Preview Of Destination Truth Vietnam's Bigfoot Episode

DVD Review-PNW Conference on Primal People

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Rick Dyer Moving To California Because He Was Hoaxed In Florida





Writer Scott Sandsberry gives us a collection of first-hand encounters from people who have seen Bigfoot, from a professional trumpet player to a to a construction site contractor. Videos of some of their accounts are to the right. Meanwhile, Explorers embark on hunt for 'African Loch Ness Monster' Mokele-mbeme and Cryptozoology Online has another episode of On The Track (Of Unknown Animals) Episode 59 up with segments on Yowie and the Chupacabras.



Bigfoot And Fireworks, Did Matt Moneymaker Steal Someone's Idea?

Bigfoot Evidence: Dr. Jeff Meldrum To Host Project Sasquatch TV Show
Bigfoot Evidence: Matt Moneymaker Criticizes SyFy For Shamefully Sending Dr. Meldrum Fake Thermal Fo          

MonsterQuest - Mysterious Ape Island!/Cryp...
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SEASON #3 Episode #11
An expedition is lau...
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Early Hominids Ate Tree Bark




Skeptic Blog Runs Hit Piece On Bigfooters




NEW BOOK: Skeptics Analyze and Dissect the Psychology of Bigfooters




6 of the best July 4th Stories from BFRO




A team of 38 experts will set off on an expedition in China's Shennongjia Nature Reserve in search of rarely sighted and nearly extinct flora and fauna of the region. Also rumored to roam the area is the Yeren, a hairy bipedal primate that may well be Bigfoot's cousin. Meanwhile, Micah Hanks is Chasing the Beast to its Lair: The Wild Man in Myth and Culture and giving us some cultural background to the Yeren along with the Yeti and Sasquatch. 
2 hours ago

Down in The Valley

This is just a video showing what goes on here on a daily basis , looking for Bigfoot .
Yes I'm riding a fixed gear mountain bike . :-) 

Watch The Full Episode Of Cajun Justice Shaping Shifting Creature Episode




Bigfooting In Johnson County, Illinois At Wildcat Bluff Shows Us How Serious The Bigfoot Whisperer Is About His Job




California Bigfoot Researchers: Watch Out. Man Recently Became 15th Person Attacked By Mountain Lion Since 1890




Forestry Technicians Don’t Lie, Here’s One Example






May we always celebrate our country's independence today and always.
Naches Ranger District worker has heard it all, including his own Sasquatch ...
Yakima Herald-Republic
When it comes to Sasquatch tales in the Cascade foothills northwest of Yakima, Doug Jenkins has pretty much heard it all at the front desk or on the phone at the Naches Ranger Station. “You can pretty much tell the ones that are believable,” Jenkins says.
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Trues believers: People of all types are certain they have encountered Sasquatch
Yakima Herald-Republic
A teenage hunter who watched it through his rifle scope for longer than a half-hour. A trumpet player who surprised it — well, the surprise was certainly mutual — at the chicken coop behind his Blewett Pass cabin. A construction contractor who had ...
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July 3, 2012 9:13 PM

I check some of the surviving apple trees, and berry bushes, and set out some appercott seeds to gro...

SyFy to investigate Vergas Trails' Hairy Man claims | Paranormal Files

SyFy to investigate Vergas Trails' Hairy Man claims. The Vergas Trails has a myriad history of paranormal legends, myths and adventure. But the top legend of ... - 19k - Cached - Similar pages

Cryptomundo » Hairy Man of Vergas

2 days ago ... The Hairy Man of Vergas, Minnesota is going to be featured on SyFy channel on the Haunted Highway's debut event next Tuesday, July 3, ... - 56k - Cached - Similar pages

Hairy Man of Vergas SyFy episode airs Tuesday | INFORUM | Fargo, ND

1 day ago ... The episode of SyFy network's “Haunted Highway” series that was filmed in Vergas, Minn., is set to air Tuesday night at 9 p.m.. - 51k - Cached - Similar pages

The Hairy Man of the Vergas Trails – fact or fiction? | Topics

5 hours ago ... Until now, the Hairy Man legend has mostly been supported by eyewitness accounts; but now there appears to be some concrete evidence a ... - Similar pages

The Debris Field: Hairy Man of Vergas

1 day ago ... Hairy Man of Vergas. Cryptomundo » Hairy Man of Vergas. Posted by Lesley Gunter at 12:15:00 AM. Labels: bigfoot, cryptozoology, tv ... - 158k - Cached - Similar pages

Joe Black Breaks Down Grainy Freeman Footage, Sees Even More Detail Than FB/FB Has




Scientists Find Evidence That Suggests Ancestors of Higher Primates Originated in Asia, Not Africa




Is This Supposed Yeren Hybrid The Result Of A Rape?




Yakima Washington Newspaper Shares Local Bigfoot Stories




Beastly Madness Mysterious Universe
Nick Redfern brings us cryptid oddness in a slightly different form, with a collection of real werewolf reports, both historical and modern. Sufferers of lycanthropy have historically been treated with little respect or sympathy and many were put to death by burning at the stake. Since then, lychanthropy has been recognized as a real, genuine mental disorder but is still misunderstood. Meanwhile, Michael Higgins of Bigfoot Evidence exclaims Gigantopithecus? Hold on a sec... and attempts to dispel the theory that Sasquatch is an offshoot of a certain primate family tree and wonders that perhaps instead Bigfoot grew to gargantuan sizes because of evolution due to his environment. In crypto-cat news, Police Say Big Cats Seen In Northeast Ky where residents say only deer used to roam, and a Strange Cat Attack Isiolo Livestock in Kenya is panicking villagers. 


Big foot legend; myth or reality?
Chimpanzees vs. Humans: Sizing Up Their Strength

Humans Are Helpless in the Face of Chimpanzees, Who Are Overwhelmingly Stronger, Experts Say

Patterson-Gimlin Film Poll Results: Patty Wins




Photo Of The Day: Enhanced Photo Of Bigfoot In Texas




New Footage: Bigfoot Filmed In Northern Michigan During Firewood Gathering




Wouldn't It Be Hilarious If The Chinese Can Get To Bigfoot Before Moneymaker Does?

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Florida Man Recalls Bigfoot Slinging Dead Rabbit At Him [WTF?]




Skunk Ape Hunter Tim Fasano Shifts Focused To Ghosts And UFOs




Tom Oar From History Channel’s Mountain Men TV Show Hears A Strange Noise While Hunting




SyFy Channel's Bigfoot Film Was So Bad That It Crashed The BFRO's Website Last Night




HBO's The Newsroom will Pitch, "Bigfoot is Real"



In the 1990s, Mike Cleary was in a diving bell with a companion off the south-east coast of Japan, checking bottom sites for an oil rig, when a 25-foot-long creature with no visible scales approached the bell and circled it. The head was like a sea horse's, the eyes like a cow's, and teeth like a barracuda's, and it swam with horizontal undulations. What was it? In other cryptid news, the familiar question is posed: The Hairy Man of the Vergas Trails — fact or fiction? The new SyFy series Haunted Highway makes its way to the small community of Vergas, Minnesota, to try their luck at uncovering what is behind all the Hairy Man claims in the area that have intrigued many over the past five decades. The accounts tell of a humanoid-like figure, seven-to-eight feet tall, with long shaggy hair, and having a musky odor. The show airs July 3rd.


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MonsterQuest. - Chinas Wildman!/Cryp...
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SEASON #2 Episode #14
An investigation int...
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Poll: What is your opinion on the Patterson-Gimlin film?




Image Of Rougarou Creature From Episode Of Cajun Justice




Listen To James "Bobo" Fay On The Bigfoot Field Reporter Radio Tonight At 8PM EST




Gigantopithecus? Hold on a sec...





What is the best piece of evidence Matt Moneymaker has ever seen?




This Is Why We Love The Bigfoot Chicks




Photographs From Alleged Burnt Bigfoot Cover-Up In Colorado Springs




Is It 9pm Yet? SyFy's Bigfoot Movie Airs Tonight [Set Your DVR]




China to Explore Virgin Forest Home of 'Bigfoot'






Television Review: "Bigfoot"
The Trades
This is the fourth and final installment of what SyFy called part of its most Deadliest Month on Television -- and after three weeks of half-fish/half-snake creatures, giant fire-breathing spiders and killer sharks off the Jersey coast, "Bigfoot" had ...
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Bigfoot Expo Is Huge Success
Jamestown Post Journal
The big news of the first Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo was that Chautauqua County has Bigfoot/ Sasquatch living in peace and harmony amongst our...
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'Bigfoot's' Danny Bonaduce on 'Partridge Family' and having the 'weirdest ... (blog)
I'll have 65-year-old women come up to me and say, 'I've been watching you since I was a little girl,'” says “Bigfoot” star Danny Bonaduce. “And I'm like, 'Mathematically, no, you haven't ... but thank you.'”
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Big Foot (Syfy) Advance Review
TV Equals
Wrapping up its Most Dangerous Month, Syfy presents its final flick, Big Foot, tonight at 9 pm ET. Big Foot stars Danny Bonaduce, Barry Williams, and.
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TV Equals
China to explore virgin forest home of 'Bigfoot'
It is also referred to as "Bigfoot" after the legendary North American ape-man. More than 400 people have claimed to have seen the Yeren in the Shennongjia area over the past century, but no hard evidence has been found to prove the creature's existence.
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