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FB/FB So Far Has Made $7,999 From Book Sales-- Cost To Produce Book: $130,000




 The Orang Bati, Indonesia's Bipedal Flying Primate




 The Bigfoot Whisperer Announces New Radio Show: What's Up Bigfoot?




 Childhood Encounters Of Bigfoot




 Boston University Professor: Pursuit of monsters is a male obsession



 Bigfoot Witness Says Ozzy Osbourne's Son's Investigation was Contrived




 New Human Species Identified From Kenya Fossils BBC

Move over Homo floresiensis because there's a new hominid on the block. Deep in the cradle of humanity, Africa, another one of our cousins has been unearthed according to Pallab Ghosh. The latest discovery grants new insight on the evolutionary process and our predecessors. H. rudolfensis isn't the only discovery making headlines. Dr. Karl Shuker has uncovered something neato, The Bonobo or Pygmy Chimpanzee - A New Ape, Incognito. Karl gives the history behind a subspecies who was in our midst but evaded classification 'til the 1920's! With this data, it's no wonder we know in our bones that more of our relatives are waiting to reveal themselves. Our pals over at Disinformation go In Search of the Fouke Monster: Boggy Creek Revisited. They explore the legacy of this landmark and its enduring influence on pop culture.

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A New Beginning For Bigfoot Enthusiasts, Join Our Bigfoot Forum




 Watch This: Rabbit Decomposition Time-Lapse-- Yes, It's Bigfoot Related




 THE LOST COAST TAPES Hits U.K. Stores September 3rd




 FB/FB Confirms Blobsquatch In Cornfield As 100% Sasquatch




 An invisible, smell, lingering around reading minds in the trees




 Evidence For New Human Species Confirmed




 We've Just Returned From The Sierra Kills Site




 Nick Redfern on 'Hounds of the Baskervilles From Demon Dogs to Sherlock Holmes'Examiner

The hounds of the Baskervilles were fictional, of course, but Nick Redfern explains the truth behind the myth of the mysterious "black dog" that has been sighted over the centuries in all corners of the globe. The black dog is usually associated with death or is considered a warning in some cultures. Karl Shuker delves into the sordid history of yet another mythological beast and unravels the myth concerning Sex and the single satyr.
Let's get Bigfoot!
“Finding Bigfoot” on Animal Planet is currently filming its third season, an enigma, indeed, considering the robust inanity of this program, an inanity so pronounced — and of which its participants are so proudly oblivious — that the minds at “South Park” felt ...
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This Is The Machine They Use To Scan The London Bigfoot Tracks




 Bigfoot County, New Sasquatchploitation Movie Following Found Footage Trend




 WATCH: Trailers for New Bigfoot Movie; The Lost Coast Tapes




 SalonDotCom: Finding Bigfoot is Robust Inanity




 How to Become a Cryptozoologist eHow

Nick Redfern offers a tongue-in-cheek guide to hunting crypto creatures in the UK. With the growing popularity of cryptozoology lately, it might be easier just to hunt the hunters themselves! Speaking of hunting the hunter, Rick Dyer Reports Justin Smeja To The California DFG (Department of Fish and Game), adding yet another dramatic chapter to the soap opera. In other news, Glasgow Boy brings us A Nessie Article from 1934 and Karl Shuker attempts to solve the Riddle Of The Buru, And The Lungfish Link.

Research-Walking and Talking

,listening and waiting. ... redchun ... Redchun Stymie02 FathomFrontiers bigfoot sasquatch yeti yowie grassman skunkape wildman research evidence ...
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"The Most Convincing Nessie Photograph Ever" Only Convinces Some People




 Russian female Bigfoots looking to party...




 Listen To Tam Yamarone On The Bigfoot Field Reporter Radio, Tonight at 9PM EST / 6PM PST




 The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching Coming To DVD, Watch This Trailer




 Streetsboro Bigfoot event to offer tips on finding elusive beast

Ravenna Record Courier-20 hours ago
The Ohio Bigfoot Organization is among the top three Bigfootorganizations in America, Apinis said. DeWerth assisted the “Finding Bigfoot” ...

New Flat-Faced Human Species Possibly Discovered
Our human ancestors may have been a diverse bunch.

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Anonymous E-mail: Canoer Rescued By Bigfoot




 The George Edwards Nessie Photograph Loch Ness Mystery

Glasgow boy tosses in his 2 cents on the subject of the new Loch Ness Monster photograph taken by George Edwards that's being splashed across the mainstream media all over the world right now. He thoroughly dissects the evidence and Edward's testimony, and finds that it all falls short of being called genuine without further investigation. It's not the first time Edwards has photographed Nessie. Glasgow Boy points out three main problems in Edward's claim, which involve discrepancies in distance and depth of the lake; lack of more than one photograph, which indicates a stationary object; and most damning of all a quote from a witness in 1986 who remembered George Edwards complaining how hard it was to drag a water-filled tube into the water presumably to photograph a fake Nessie. Case closed. We wonder what Carl Linnaeus would make of such cryptid creatures like Nessie and Bigfoot. Linnaeus actually included cryptids in his exhaustive, detailed Systema Naturae, including dragons and manticores but also antelopes and narwhals which have since been proven to exist:Cryptids spotlighted in a text viewed as the foundation of modern zoology. If Linnaeus was correct about those creatures virtually undiscovered in the 18th century, what does that say for our cryptozoological research today?

Bigfoot Through Out History




 Did The Trapper In Alberta Canada Capture A Bear's Rear End?




 The Ethical View Of Bigfoots Humanity (What If Bigfoot Is Another Type Of Human Species)




 We Have Justin Smeja Hooked Up To A Polygraph Machine [Sierra Kills]

Bigfoot expert to share stories, video at park Aug. 11
Gateway News
This show is rapidly growing in popularity and is one of the reasons why Recreation Programmer Adam Apinis said he decided to have a Bigfoot Night in Streetsboro. The event will take place at the Streetsboro City Park Pavilion Aug. 11 at 8 p.m. Admission is ...
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Trail Cam From Alberta Snaps Surprisingly Clear Image of.. Bigfoot?

Trail Cam From Alberta Snaps Surprisingly Clear Image of.. Bigfoot?
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Bigfoot? Photo from Trail Cam

Saskwatch Bigfoot Abominable snowman Yeti
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Finding Bigfoot, Bigfoot, Bigfoot and MORE Bigfoot LETS TALK ABOUT IT!!! =3

I talk about Bigfoot.
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Aliens And Bigfoot S04E07 - Ancient Aliens Ancient Aliens the Series is brought to you by the History Channel & H2:
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Snowbeast 1977

Bigfoot terrorizes skiers in the Colorado Rockies. Made for TV. Bo Svenson Yvette Mimieux Robert Logan Clint Walker Sylvia Sidney ... radioblueheart ...
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