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Only 33 Hours Left To Fund The "Utah Bigfoot Documentary" Project




 Could Bigfoots secret weapon be the same as a tigers?




 The "Fence Climber" Bigfoot Aka "Junk Man" Has A Wang!




 Watch: How The States Got Their Shapes: Bigfoot vs. Aliens [Free Episode]




 Cowboys Encounter A Wild Man And Give Chase (1882)




 Davies' Expedition Alleged Hoax Cryptomundo

Cryptomundo has finally weighed in on the alleged Adam Davis Bigfoot camp footage and Loren Coleman is calling foul on this image of a so-called Bigfoot. We don't see Bigfoot either. We see a man sitting up on either pulling on or off a shirt. Hopefully, this new publicity stunt by Spike TV will bring in slightly more impressive REAL evidence with their 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, but we aren't holding our breath on that one either as it's in the form of a reality show. After Two Days of 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty Media Frenzy we hope this show can live up to even half its own hype.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Bigfoot Discovery Day V - Round Table Discussion

Book Review: Notes From The Field: Tracking North America's Sasquatch By Will Jevning

This book, written and released in 2010, chronicles a little-known Sasquatch researcher's efforts to quietly and without seeking publicity attempt to prove the existence of the elusive hairy hominids of North America. The book is split into two sections-the first section covers the historical record, including the classic stories such as the Ape Canyon incident, narrated in Fred Beck's own words, as well as some stories included in other books on the subject. The second section covers the research Jevning has done into the subject, as well as his friendship with the late Rene Dahinden. He has also worked with John Green and Bob Titmus, especially in his youth. Jevning has had a few sightings himself, as well as finding tracks near his home when he was younger. He also describes the different bits of evidence, such as tracks (though he is dubious of dermal ridges in footprints), fecal matter, hair and the P/G Film. He also includes a very interesting and informative interview with Al Hodgson as well with a DNA expert Dr. David Coltman. He also addresses some of the most frequently asked questions and answers them with the maturity of experience, nearly 40 years, under his belt. All in all, a really good book, sort of coming out of left field with how good it is. One of the best Sasquatch books I have ever read. Definitely a 10 out of 10. I highly recommend it. It is available on Amazon and also from Mr. Jevning himself. His website is 

They Caught The Mystery Monkey, Tim Fasano Probably Smiled When He Heard The News [Video]




 Wow: These New DARPA Robots Can Now Climb Stairs And Leap Over Terrains To Hunt You Down




 Something to add to your "Squatching" gear




 Two Days of 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty Media Frenzy





How Can Spike TV Afford a 10 $Million Cash Prize? They Can't.

TV Column: An easy $10 million if you can proveBigfoot exists

Washington Post-6 hours ago
Poor Simon Cowell. Not only has his singing competition, “The X Factor,” been eclipsed in the ratings this fall by the NBC singing competition ...


The search for BIGFOOT

Dubuque Telegraph Herald-18 hours ago
The search for BIGFOOT. A father and son say they saw some of the creatures a month ago near Sundown Mountain. A national research ...

This Is The Grossest Thing An Ape Can Do




 The Sierra Kills Driver Speaks Out On Video, Tonight at 10:30pm PT




 The Ape-man of the Amazon [Photos]




 Listen to: Sasquatch Live Radio Interview With M.K. Davis About Bigfoot Videos and Infrasound





Thursday, October 25, 2012,60.117188&spn=151.933215,316.054688

M K Davis discusses frames 61 and 72 of the Patterson film
The information contained in only two clear frames from the Patterson film, compels a person to ask "could this be real?"

Reality TV Show Rewarding $10 Million Prize For "Irrefutable" Proof of Bigfoot




 Extreme Expeditions Radio Interview Tonight At 7:30 - 9pm Eastern




 This is what the human race could look like in 3012




 Exclusive Preview of Images From Extreme Expeditions Bigfoot Cam




 Question to Moneymaker: Is There a Bigfoot In This Photo?




 The Placebo Effect May Be Genetic Gizmodo

A while ago, reports popped up across the internets about the science behind placebos. Folks claimed these findings herald a new era of pharmacology, where the body could be fooled into healing itself. In the wake of a modest study of 104 subjects, Jamie Condliffe notes the results suggest only some people may be physically inclined towards the placebo effect. Down in Jason Offutt's neck of the woods, he invites you 'round the campfire to tell The Legend Of Workman Chapel. Legends of axemen and women in white aside, several investigations have returned some fascinating evidence of supernatural activity. Last, but far from least, is Guy Edwards sharing the announcement from the NY Dept Of Environmental Conservation: Do Not Harm Bigfoot. While the Empire State doesn't acknowledge the existence of bigfoot in New York, if it was found it'd be considered a protected species. Read on for the official word!
The unemployment rate went down early in October, no thanks to one "Tyler Reeves". Last month we crowed about his Craigslist job posting, and turns out it was too good to be true. Bigfoot Evidence has the tawdry details. Later in September, we tweeted about an archaeological find. No surprises here, Meteorite Nazi Buddha Exposed As Likely Fake. The uncertainty about its age is disappointing, per Nina Weber. Nazi involvement remains speculative, but it is composed of meteoric iron. A more recent item has us smirking: "Here’s Looking Back At You." Giant Eyeball Identified, says Henry Paterson. Here's a hint: the eye's too small to be from an architeuthis.
New Bigfoot sighting in 'Hotel Transylvania' short film
... unveiled a new short film about the ghoulish retreat called 'Goodnight Mr. Foot.' 'Goodnight Mr. Foot': Headed to Hotel Transylvania. Bigfoot finds big troubles after checking in to Hotel Transylvania in 'Goodnight Mr. Foot.' (Photo: Sony Pictures ...
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Wildlife official: Latest Texas Bigfoot photo is probably a hog [Video]




 Amazing Story Of A Bigfoot Captured And Released (1871)




 Texas Sasquatch Hunting Permit 2012-2014 [WTF]




 Photo of the day: This can't be real. Right?

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Leading Cryptozoologist, Adam Davies, Will Break Bigfoot News Tomorrow




 WATCH: The Travel Channel's Paranormal Paparazzi Argue Over Bigfoot


M.K.Davis discusses the best images from the first walk sequence of the Patterson film
The very best from the first "Walk Sequence" of the Patterson film. Footprints in the sand, fat on the back, glut muscles, falling over etc. Lots of action in this obscure part of the famous film.

Sky One 'sightings' Big foot investigation 1995

sightings the paranormal and unknown show...with Tim White a coming up...a paralysed boy sees the light and comes back, alien abduction discussed ...
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BBC News - Bigfoot hunters in Kentucky hope to save 'beast'.

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Next on Mi Mag BIGFOOT BASH 2012

Join us for a look back at the 2012 Michigan Magazine Museum Bigfoot Bash! Then we visit with a former player for the Grand Rapids Chicks, from ...
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