Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oh, The Anticipation! Tim Fasano Builds Up Hype For Florida Skunk Ape Documentary





Paul Hulsey's Sasquatch Grill Cam [Inventor Of The Year]





Here's An Example Of How Dangerous Bigfoot Calls Can Be If You Elicit The Wrong Response





Mapinguari, The Bigfoot of Brazil and Bolivia









MonsterQuest - Hillbilly Beast 





Searching for the Yeti_Dr. Anna Nekaris Lecture 








Bigfoot Evidence: Biblical Bigfoot

Tracks leave bigfoot imprint

Bonner County Daily Bee - 2 days ago
SANDPOINT — Bonnie Thompson never set out to look for bigfoot, but can't help but can't help but wonder if she stumbled onto a sign of the ...

Syfy movies are all about fear and fun

USA TODAY - 2 days ago
Toss pop-culture mainstays like Danny Bonaduce, Edward Furlong and Joey Fatone into a vat loaded with giant spiders, Bigfoot, killer sharks ...
'Brady' to 'Bigfoot' for Barry WilliamsNewsday (subscription)
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Why Do So Many Cultures Have a Version of Bigfoot?
Discovery News
Grover Krantz, physical anthropologist at Washington State University, displays casts of footprints he believed were made by a Sasquatch in a logging area of ...
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Bigfoot Evidence: Trivia: How Many Bigfoots Are In This Scene?

Friday, June 22, 2012

TYT University News Lady Asked Why People Care So Much About Searching For Bigfoot





Joe Black Agrees: Everyone sees something different





The Fering Bigfoot Film Breakdown By The Crypto Crew










Bigfoot Footage - The Fering Film (Del Norte Footage) 










Do Yetis Exist? Oxford Research




Attorneys Offer Opinion In Johnsen vs. Cryptomundo, Moneymaker, & Coleman Defamation Suit





Someone has broken their 35 years of silence. It's a good thing they chose Lon Strickler as their confessor. As you'll discover, Marlon Lowe has had it rough, being called Bird Boy and targeted with remedial puns. Yet Marlon wasn't alone in seeing the awe-inspiring avians that fateful summer day. We also stumbled across some New Footage: Bigfoot Seen In Algonquin Park. This incident was caught by accident, and the footage is brilliant. Just don't blink. And what's Bigfoot without footprints? As Keith Kinnaird learns, Tracks Leave Bigfoot Imprint. Thirty years ago Bonnie Thompson didn't give a second thought to tales of our hominid cousins. What she found next left an indelible impression. For a critical view of the media's mistake on this, however, check out How NOT To Publish Bigfoot Track Casts. And for Cliff Barackman, the other shoe has dropped with London Tracks - Another Update. We first covered this story back in late February. He was contacted by Jeff Meldrum, who also was interested in Bonnie's cast, making a stronger case for the authenticity of the tracks.
Bigfoot Evidence: Photos Of The Day: Pics From New Unknown National Geographic Bigfoot Documentary,.
41 minutes ago

The West Coast

A reflection upon the wild beauty of this rugged land, as it loses accessibility and once again becomes sacred land. May its inhabitants live on in...
Greenwave2010fb Greenwave2010fb uploaded 

Sasquatch In British Columbia Now Available on Amazon!!!
6 hours ago

M.K.Davis conducts footprint experiments at Bluff Creek June 10th,2012.mp4

These are experiments alongside Bluff Creek in the area of the Patterson film site. An effort was made here to emulate the walking style when drivi...
Greenwave2010fb Greenwave2010fb uploaded 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Guy Suing Cryptomundo and Matt Moneymaker Probably Won't Get Very Far





Watch This: Paranormal Investigator And His Kids Chased Out Of Woods By Rock Throwing Bigfoot





Cliff Barackman and Dr. Jeff Meldrum look at London Bigfoot Tracks





USA Today Promotes SyFy's Bigfoot Movie





Behold the latest cryptid to be reconsidered as a Lazarus taxon. Paraphrasing Sam Clemens, Robert Gonzalez wonders, along with his colleagues, where this anuran has been hiding for the past 136 years. Could the answer, as always, be "aliens"? And if you buy that, break out your credit card as Erin Pradia announces a Lufkin Man Puts 'Bigfoot Hair' Up For Sale. Disappointment reigns that he's not contributing to the Bigfoot DNA project, but to his credit he has a fortean state of mind about the veracity of the hairs. Read the rest for the auction date which is coming up fast. Disappointment is also what you might experience with the New Peter Byrne Book, coming soon. Some are wondering: how can you write a how-to book on monsters when you have never found one yourself?”
Bigfoot Evidence: Cliff Barackman London Tracks Update: "Many of these features point towards the au
Bigfoot Evidence: TheSquatchMaster Shoots Himself In The Foot
1 hour ago

News on Finding Bigfoot...

According to Bobo, he was contacted by execs at Discovery and the show will be airing in the Fall and not tonight as had been previously reported.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saquatch Footprint Casts 





New Footage: Southern Washington Bigfoot





Her Bigfoot Print Authenticated (Update: FB/FB Approves)





The Bigfoot News That Started It All





Texas Man Selling Bigfoot Hair For $30, Get It Before He Sells It To Cajun and Pawn Stars





Behold the cryptid that forteana deserves, not the one it wants to discover right now. Robin Pyatt Bellamy will hunt it because the critter can handle it. So far the good folks of NEPTUNE Canada haven't sussed out its secret identity. So take a gander at the video and see if you have an inkling of the Dark Knight of the Seas's identity. Meanwhile over the rooftops of Anomalopolis, it's the sasquatch signal! Now showing, thanks to Tim Ervick, is New Footage: Algonquin Park Bigfoot, which has remained under wraps since 2010. If watching hairy hitchhikers isn't your cup of tea, you'll be pleased to find that a group of Bigfoot Researchers Have Released A New Book Called You Are Sasquatch. In anticipation of the tome, Jeffery Pritchett had a sit-down with the authors for some answers about our ancestry, the hunt for our cousins, and why we're not smarter than the average bigfoot.
New Footage: Bigfoot Seen In Algonquin Park?
Ghost Theory (blog)
According to Tim Ervick of Ontario Wildlife Field Research-Ontario Bigfoot, a gentleman sent in a video to them depicting an alleged Bigfoot caught on video via ...
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pictographs, tribal tales add to lore of Sasquatch
Yakima Herald-Republic
YAKIMA, Wash. — Not far from the Tule River in Central California is a rock shelter used by tribal villagers long before the Sierra foothills began filling up with ...
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New book by Peter Byrne Coming this August!!!!!!

Listen To This Bigfoot Communication Captured By A Film Student, Upload By Some Alien Dude





Joe Back Addresses Critics About His Plot Watcher Bigfoot





The Smarter Ape Theory Explained In An Explosive Interview By Jeffery Pritchett





New Footage: Algonquin Park Bigfoot





The Smart Ape Theory As Explained By Jack Barnes Will Make You Feel Dumb





Get This App: National Parks by National Geographic





Who Will Be The First To Hit The Mythical 1 Million Views On YouTube?





Untimely Yeti Footprints found in Siberia





Bigfoot Hair Samples for 30 Bucks -- While Supplies Last





Recent Bigfoot News Used to Teach English





Yowies Living Near Lismore The Northern Star
A spate of sightings are luring Rex Gilroy and company to the banks of Australia's Northern Rivers. Tracks and more are raising a stir in New South Wales, but they pale in comparison to photographic evidence. Seeing isn't always believing, as Karl Shuker discovered on The Day He Saw A Unicorn On Safari. A trick of the eye and serendipitous synchronicity gave the illusion that a humble addax had a single horn. Even if you can't trust your eyes, can you believe your ears? A Mystery Sound In Upper Gwynedd Puzzles Residents. A remarkable roar has been pervading the countryside of eastern Pennsylvania, but the article suggests Heidi Lucas's plea for an investigation have fallen upon deaf ears. If this is a bellow from Bigfoot, it may be a precursor to a violent, inter-hominid encounter. No one would know better than Walter Higgins, a Retired Park Ranger Who Claims To Have Footage Of An "Attack". Bigfoot Evidence generously provides a link to the video for your approval. In sadder news, Glasgow Boy bemoans the 'denessification' of Loch Ness. He reminisces Of Monsters And Exhibitions from more open-minded times.
Bigfoot in Oregon
The Portland Mercury
A lecture about the Bigfoot myth in Oregon from Kick Ass Oregon History.
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The hunt is on for Bega Bigfoot
Bega District News
THE hunt is on again for the “yowie”, or “hairy man” in the Bega district. This winter, a large-scale search will be made by Rex Gilroy, who began research into ...
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New Outdoors Shots 6-18-12

Monday, June 18, 2012
Why has the Point Pleasant native been seen over Staffordshire, UK back in 2009? If anyone should know it's Nick Redfern, and he's stumped! Perhaps the flying fiend has upgraded to a jetpack, affording him the ability to streak across the ocean. A high-tech upgrade would explain Nick's high-concept Mothman Vs. Mothra. Not so much a production for Anomalist Films, but striking similarities between the myth cycle and the man in a rubber suit are titillating, to say the least. We can't really write anything about Mothman without mentioning John Keel. Turns out he had a sequel to Jadoo in mind, which the publishers were not interested in. On the other hand, if they had been, we might never have seen The Mothman Prophecies. Read all about it in Beyond Timbuctu.

Kick Ass Oregon History Presents: Bigfoots in Oregon


Bigfoot Evidence: Retired Park Ranger Claims To Have Footage Of An "Attack"
Bigfoot Evidence: Kids See the Abominable Snowman?         

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Listen To Robert Lindsay On The Bigfoot Tonight Show at 6PM PST





What The Hell: This Obvious Hoax Video Has Over 14,000 Views Since June 5th





Human vs Ape Theory Crap





This Image of Dr. Melba Ketchum Is From The Erickson Project Documentary





Stanley Dingle Apologizes For Adirondack Bigfoot Photo Hoax





Damian Bravo From TeamTazerBigfoot Calls Out The Team of FB/FB To A Debate on The Subject of Bigfoot on The Live Extinct Podcast


Day Trip - Bigfoot Museum + Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park 





Watch This Rare Video From FB/FB Described As Possible Hoax





Can You Guess Where This Photo of Cliff And Bobo Was Taken?





Trolls In Staffordshire (In The 1970s!) Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
We can't help but imagine tiny, furry humanoids in leisure suits and gold chains from this headline. Beach has had the pleasure of reading Nick Redfern's Creature of the Month article from May. Ever the expert, Beach knows his fairy lore, breaking down the habitats of hobgoblins, deducing the true identity of these bugbears which spooked Barry and Elaine. Another expert investigator is Karl Shuker, maintaining his enthusiasm for black beasts. Making the rounds on the internets are a trio of photoshopped images of black lions. Stories and sightings abound, yet none of them have been confirmed yet. The good Dr. Shuker gives his take on Manipulation, Melanism, And Mozaicism. Considering his serious approach to cryptozoology, Is It Time For A Cryptozoology TED? Loren Coleman believes the idea has ideas worth spreading. He makes a potent case for presentations to dispel the mistakes and misunderstandings promulgated by those who have good intentions, which provide grist for vocal skeptics with axes to grind.