Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Boys Are Back in Town Cryptozoology Online
The Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ) expedition into India's Garo Hills seeking evidence of one of the subcontinent's hairy hominoids, the Bigfoot-like creature known as the Mande-Burung, has returned to England, and CFZ Director Jonathan Downes gives a quick rundown of the group's accomplishments, promising a more detailed accounting soon. Elsewhere on the subcontinent, a cyclical scourge is being studied for the first time, disspelling the myth that the scourge, itself, was a myth as you'll see in Massive Plagues of Rats Swarm Across India Every Fifty Years. Meanwhile, Oll Lewis gives a history of another hairy hominoid from the Mande-Burung's general vicinity in How the West Learnt About the Yeti: Part 1 and Part 2.
A Stump Doesn`t Do This
A Stump Doesn`t Do This

I tried showing some chewing and mouth opening and closing video but some say it i...
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Barack Obama Admits Hunting Bigfoot, “Grazing” Him
Glossy News (satire)
Obama chose Boise because, in the words of his aide, “Mr. Obama wanted to return to the area where he hunted and killed Bigfoot on his last big game hunting ...

Meet Michael Greene - Two "Illuminating" Media Lin...

Back in the area where I caught the Megawhoop call that's on my sight under the Di...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Skookum the Movie

Yeti Spotted in Washington State in Clint Romag's "The Yeti Incident"
Friday Night Blooper 11/19/10
Friday Night Blooper 11/19/10
Didn't know I hit the record button. I always prepare my cameras on standby just i...
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Bigfoot Eating.wmv
Bigfoot Eating.wmv

Sorry about the blurry footage.I thought this was interesting.This guy looks to be...
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Bionic Blowout #1 - The Secret of Bigfoot
Aired on the Sci-Fi channel in either Nov or Dec of 1995. Over 4 nights, Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner hosted four two-part episodes of the Six ...
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Bigfoot Busters Radio
Please welcome our special guest on 11/21/2010! Link:
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Skookum Short... Very Short.... ...
Skookum Short... Very Short.... Teaser....

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"One Awesome Night" Bigfoot Yells/Howls/Screams 4/10 [HQ]

For the young & up & coming Bigf...
For the young & up & coming Bigfoot Researchers to be!
Some basic insight on creature known as Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti, Skunk Ape, etc. ...
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The Face of Bigfoot -- As Found on Timbergiantbigfoot's You Tube Channel
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Bigfoot Pics
I spotted this guy about 150yds up a steep cliff.I watched him for about 5hrs.He was laying back and sitting up and I have footage of him eating.I ...

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Preview of film coming in future
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All Messin' With Sasquatch Commercials Combined

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Boy and Girl Get a Scary Surprise on Logging Road The McDowell News
The latest edition of "Mike Conley's Tales of the Weird" tells of a Bigfoot encounter over the past summer in Wilson County, TN. Although the sighting was made by two twelve-year-olds, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization investigator who interviewed the two youngsters separately three days after the incident finds their tale of the encounter to be very convincing. Was a Tennessee Bigfoot so curious about a young boy and girl it followed them down a lonely logging trail? Elsewhere, Loren Coleman reveals new evidence from the jungles of Malaysia about footprint photographs and research into the existence of the Orang Dalam, a Bigfoot-like creature, in Johor Tracks: Four Years Later and suggests the answers to the mystery of huge hairy hominoids in Malaysia and elsewhere may rest with his and Mark A. Hall's soon- to-be-released book True Giants: Is Gigantopithecus Still Alive? from Anomalist Books.

The Bigfoot Songs.mpg
The Bigfoot Songs.mpg
Excerpts from the Bigfoot songs of songwriter Lenny Green, including; "Piney Woods...
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Mike Conley's Tales of the Weird: Boy and girl get a scary surprise on logging ...McDowell NewsThe Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) maintains a Web site where folks can post their sightings of the strange creature known as Bigfoot or ...See all stories on this topic »
Chasing Butterflies: Gray's River author travels US to document nation's speciesLongview Daily NewsBut if you haven't read any of his books, "Where Bigfoot Walks" or "Sky Time in "Gray's River," a charming 2007 work about living in that community, ...

Hairy Man by Lenny Green

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thylacines Vanish from Loch Sport, Victoria CFZ Australia
To those who have been told the Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine) has been extinct since the first half of the last century, claims from Loch Sport township in Victoria, Australia, will come as a shock. According to this account, "During the late 1990s and even through to 2009 thylacine sightings were spasmodically recorded during most months and years." Those sightings, however, have disappeared, according to this report, and the possible reasons for diminished thylacine sightings in the neighborhood, as well as the disappearance of more common creatures in the area, is revealed in this account. Meanwhile, the authors of Australian Big Cats - An Unnatural History of Panthers reveal out-of-place big cat accounts in Panther Stalks Blue Mountains, and Michael Williams and Rebecca Lang's book is reviewed in Tracking Down the Panther. Elsewhere, there's more about an upcoming book from Mark A. Hall and Loren Coleman that may blow the lid off reports of even larger hairy primates than Bigfoot, as explained in Breaking a Cryptozoological Taboo! True Giants! Also, there's footage from the recent Fortean Times presentation of UnConvention 2010 that reviews one of the expeditions from the Centre for Fortean Zoology in Richard Freeman - Return to Sumatra and a delayed report of the September passing of a respected cryptozoologist in Norwegian Monster Hunter Dies.

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Part 2 Grand Theft
... yowie bigfoot investigation feild voice recorder ...
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Still pixs of the 16-11-2010.wmv
Stills of the day guys.. ... yowie bigfoot investigations voice recordings still pix feild use ...
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CrippleFoot Bigfoot
Live Update-11/16/10 afternoon investigation. ... Tcsjrbigfoot Sasquatch Bigfoot Footprints ...
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Anatomy of a Bigfoot Hoax from Bigfoot Discovery Museum

Special Delivery - Bigfoot Discovery Museum from Bigfoot Discovery Museum

American Bigfoot Society Journal VBlog 1 from American Bigfoot Society Blog

Wildman of Kentucky from Reality Entertainment

Bigfoot caught on tape from Denton Rose

Bigfoot Alive & Well in California - SD Explorers from Sometimesdaily with Amanda Congdon

EP3: Bigfoot Conference with Henry May from Conundrums

EP#18: Eric Altman: East Coast Bigfoot; UFOs; Cryptozoology from Conundrums

Revelation 13 Podcast Episode 25 Bigfoot Encounters 1 pt1 from Revelation 13 Podcast Duration: 10:00 Episode: n/a -->

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4395901 603 Revelation 13 Podcast Episode 25 Bigfoot Encounters 1 pt2

Revelation 13 Podcast Episode 25 Bigfoot Encounters 1 pt2 from Revelation 13 Podcast

Ep#16: Abe DelRio; MNBRT; "Sasquatch Hunting In Iowa, Ohio, & Minnesota from Conundrums

EP#19: Conundrums News with Eric Altman & Jay Michael from Conundrums

EP#7: Jeffery Wells; Bigfoot In Georgia from Conundrums

FilmCatcher: Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie-Jay Delaney from Film Catcher

The Mysterious Yeren from Daily Planet Clips Episode: n/a -->

We Do Monsters - Episode 1 - "A Problem of Bigfoot" from We Do Monsterss

RetroVision Theater Present Snowbeast from RetroVision Theater

Cranky Kong's Cryptid Creature Feature: Creature From Black Lake from Space Monkey Mafia Presents

Revelation 13 Podcast Episode 25 Bigfoot Encounters 1 pt3 from Revelation 13 Podcast

The Search for Bigfoot - EPISODE #1 from The Search for Bigfoot

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Grand Theft Yowie!!!
Grand Theft Yowie!!!
WoW Guys From Food being left to Voice Recorders be nicked, what a Day out there...
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A & E's Strange Days With Bob Saget Bigfoot Segment airs November 30, 10:30 Eastern/9:30 Central!!!

Various News: Old School Raw Update, ECW Talent Working Japan, More

Texas Bigfoot Conference, October 30, 2010, Tyler,...

Joe Beelart Weighs In On The Skookum Cast

BFRO Kingpin Questioned

Monday, November 15, 2010

December 6, London - Hope for Apes

lost tapes episode 29 YETI part-2
3 views - 47 minutes ago
lost tapes episode 29 YETI part-1
493 views - 3 days ago

Bigfoot Mike Rugg talks about Bigfoot Busters and Dr Melba Ketchum 10 31 2010
by CoffeeBill 3 hours ago 1 views

lost tapes episode 29 YETI part-2
lost tapes episode 29 YETI part-2

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Review: MNBRT 11-15-10/Overview of Bigfoot Truth N Lies for tomorrow

Footprint Trackway Found
Footprint Trackway Found

My goal was to reach the cove area and look for footprints. I hit the jackpot. Thi...
1 hour ago 36 views tcsjrbigfoot
Lair of the Beasts: More Monsters of the Woods Mania
Nick Redfern blogged about mysterious creatures of England's Rendlesham Forest last week, sparking such interest among his readers he's back again with more of the spooky creatures from these eerie woods. Redfern, the author of many books, including his latest best-seller Final Events and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife, not only details out-of-place big cats in the forest, he also takes a side trip to the subject of ghosts, ending with an account of the capture of a "wild-man-of-the-woods-style creature" in the year 1200 A.D. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman unveils the cover art for the new book he and Mark A. Hall have put together in True Giants Cover. The book is due out before the first of the year from Anomalist Books, and Coleman's International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, ME, will soon feature a new exhibit on "True Giants." Meanwhile, as the Centre for Fortean Zoology awaits further word from the CFZ India Expedition, Oll Lewis has been filling the gaps with strange tales from the subcontinent, the latest of which is The Sea Monsters of India. BREAKING NEWS: Victoria's Channel 9 news unveiled footage from 2009 that leaves cryptozoologists asking Is This a Thylacine?

The Bigfoot Museum
Original video of the Willow Creek-China Flat Museum taken by Todd Waye. Source:
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Bigfoot Days from the past
Willow Creek, CA Bigfoot Days parade 1960-1970.
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Tracking individuals
, tons of vitamin A (needed for night vision) and has a significant amount of protein and not bad tasting. ... "jaime avalos" bigfoot "sierra ...
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North Carolina Thermal Video

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Draco Classification System: Categorizing Alleged Dragon Sightings Cryptozoology Online
Raheel Mughal makes a splash with his first posting for the Centre for Fortean Zoology weblog, addressing the subject of a creature that may be part real and part mythological. Mughal pays tribute to Richard Freeman's Dragons: More Than a Myth as he delineates the various forms in which draconian creatures have been depicted and includes sightings of creatures from around the world that fit certain profiles that could place those creatures within the classification as dragons. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman offers tales of an African creature that could appear among Raheel Mughal's dragon classifications - and always appeared in King Kong type cinematics - with King Kong's Playmate: Kongamato. Coleman also takes a look at reports of Sasquatch-type creatures taking captives in Have Hairy Hominoids Kidnapped Humans? Meanwhile, in a nearly hour-long video presentation filmed at the recent Fortean Times event UnConvention 2010: Jonathan Downes Lectures on the Texas Blue Dogs.

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Cast Comparison and growth rates IX
can be small adults and slow growth, something that must be considered. Do they look like a match to you? ... "sierra sasquatch" "jaime avalos ...
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Messin' With Sasquatch - Towel Whip (Extended)
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Messin' with Sasquatch - Cold Pole
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Messin' with Sasquatch - Football Kick
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Messin' with Sasquatch - Fish Balls
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Messin' with Sasquatch - Camp Fire
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Messin' with Sasquatch - Flaming Bag
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Messin' with Sasquatch - Salt Shaker
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Messin' With Sasquatch - Towel Whip
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Messin' With Sasquatch - Mud
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Messin' With Sasquatch - RC Plane
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Messin' With Sasquatch - Cold One
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Wilderness Area of SFSP Research...
Wilderness Area of SFSP Researching .wmv
stacy and myself enjoying the wildness area hiking and Researching this area.great...
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Bigfoot Truth N Lies.wmv
Bigfoot Truth N Lies.wmv

Hi Guys, Bigfoot TruthNlies its a Great Show check it out Tuesday Nights on Blog T...
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Reviews: Nite Callers and Squatch Detective Radio 11-14-10/Overview of upcoming shows
Nov 13, 2010 6:46pm