Saturday, August 20, 2011

North American Bigfoot: The Cleverness of the Apes

Recent claims of the killing of an adult female Bigfoot and a juvenile Bigfoot in California and the subsequent transfer of body parts from the cadavers to a group seeking Bigfoot DNA could be compromised by information made available to Mike Rugg of Bigfoot Discovery Museum. Could the Bigfoot body parts under DNA analysis actually come from two black bears, an adult and a juvenile, killed by hunters in the same vicinity and on the same day? Elsewhere, Dale Drinnon continues his review of dragon lore as seen through scientific eyes, noting the similarities between oriental dragons, the feathered serpent of the Americas, the mokele mbembe of the Congo and the perpetual tales of a particular kind of sea serpent from around the globe, detailing his conclusions in Quetzalcoatl is Euryapsid, Too. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman releases statements from Russian hominologist Igor Burtsev pertaining to Burtsev's belief that sufficient evidence of shy hominids exists in the wilds of the world to require recognition of the creatures by the United Nations, World Wildlife Fund and other organizations, hoping such recognition will protect these creatures. The details of the new group which already has a presence on FaceBook can be found in International Society of Forest People's Friends. Coleman also reveals the visit of some celebrities at his popular Portland, ME, cabinet of curiosities today inSwamp Thing's Bissette and Vermont Monster Hunter Citro Visit Museum Today.

Book Review-Bigfoot Encounters in New York and New England

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, watch yer step

Khlose Enkhounters Gets a New Look

Trail Cam-O-Rama for Conservation

New book by George Turner, to be reviewed and no...

Erickson Project Photo Released

Showing that the hippopotamus is not solely a freshwater denizen, Dr. Karl Shuker begins on a comprehensive description of the huge creatures before revealing that there may be an as yet undiscovered third species of hippo, a pygmy forest dweller on the island of Madagascar. With images. Meanwhile, a newly discovered denizen of the deep is shown in video with the report New Pacific Eel is a 'Living Fossil', Scientists Say. Elsewhere, Rob Morphy describes a creature said to be from 60 to 90 feet in length, having a vague humanlike form and occupying the depths of the Pacific, as explained in The Ningen: Myth, Monster or Make Believe? And Dr. Beachcombing visits the news archives of tales of humanlike creatures of the sea for The Famous Benbecula Burial of a Mermaid.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is that Bigfoot in Washington County?

Joe Nickell, PhD, author of Tracking the Man-Beasts, says he is "the world's only full-time professional paranormal investigator." With forty years studying "mythological, folkloric, and literary monsters" in remote regions of the world, including carnival midways, Nickell releases a slide show "to track the man-beasts - to separate fact from fancy." And Nickell's efforts and those of several other skeptical researchers are spotlighted by Sharon Hill in her tribute to a change she says is taking place within the science that seeks unknown animals, as you'll see in New Cryptozoology: Less Credulous, More Scientific. Will this new wave change cryptozoology for the better? Or is it just more debunkery in disguise? Says Hill: "No more credulous collecting of stories. We examine the culture (the popular depictions of monsters, the psychology of monster hunting, and the activities of people who search for them) and the events (sightings, purported evidence) in books, magazines, blogs and podcasts." Seems to us they are forgetting to investigate the real subject matter of cryptozoology, the reported "hidden animals." Elsewhere, some out-of-place animals are making the news in the reports Capybara Caper! The Bigfoot of Rodents Spotted in California and Mountain Lions Turning Up All Over. Meanwhile, a creature we first saw in this news footage has been identified according to Maryland "Chupacabra" ID'd as Fox with Mange.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bigfoot Lunch Club, Bigfoot News and Research: Joe Nickell Promotes his Patterson Debunking Book
PossibleTwist Revealed in the 'Sierra Kills' Incident
Tony Morrill gently introduces a new documentary film to which he gives some cryptozoological love. The film tells the story of Southern Tier Bigfoot Watch founder Timothy Holmes as he's joined by "the Who Forted?gang" on a search for North America's most famous cryptid in the forests of southern New York. With movie trailer. And Doug Gibson has an interesting report on the figure the Latter Day Saints considered to be Cain, of the Bible, and others may have taken to be Bigfoot, as noted inAwareness of Racism Eased Mormon Folk Tales Regarding Cain, Bigfoot. Elsewhere, Dale Drinnon gives his take on the announcement of the discovery of an important paleological find "in the basement of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County" in Pregnant Plesiosaur Fossil. Drinnon thinks the plesiosaur may be responsible for some of the many sea serpent reports from mariners, ancient and modern, and thinks these sightings may have influenced boat builders in ancient days, as noted in Long- Necked Sea Serpents In The Viking Age, and even today, as represented by boats from China and Southeast Asia, including India and Indonesia, as seen, with images, in Oriental Dragon Boats. Meanwhile, at CFZ Australia a series of ancient maps show the creatures early cartographers thought shuffled around on land and slid through the waters of the Land Down Under, as noted, with images, in Terra Australis Boasted Griffins, Reindeer and Sea Monsters; and at CFZ Canada an after action report reveals the proceedings from last weekend and what the organization took home from it, as revealed in PSICAN Crypto Day: Lessons Learned. Elsewhere, a strange looking animal trapped and released in Maryland has people asking Is Bizarre Creature Caught on Video a Chupacabra?
Bigfoot Lunch Club, Bigfoot News and Research: The Making of Letters from the Big Man: Exclusive Vid

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sasquatch: Is it out there?

From the maverick science news: First a fossil tooth (2000) and a fossil finger bone (2008) were found in Siberia's Denisova cave, and scientists have already begun to separate the original owners of these bones from the other known hominins of the Stone Age, early humans and Neanderthals. Now a toe bone found at the same site appears to be leading researchers to further develop the theory that a third hominin species, designated the Denisovans, lived and interbred with early man and Neanderthal. Did all three of these hominins spread out of Africa? Elsewhere, there's much today concerning the possible assumption of godly aspect by ancient man when the aurorae were spotted prowling the heavens, often above prominent geological features, as pointed out by comparative mythologist Rens Van der Sluijs in Mountains of Evidence and his two-part observations Seeing Things - In the Sky Part One and Part Two. Polar aurorae aren't confined to Earth, either, as Stephen Smith explains in Jove's Glowing Mantle.

Review-MNBRT 8-15-11
Stillwater Sasquatch video arouses skepticism

Monday, August 15, 2011

A farmer has posted footage on YouTube he originally thought was a deer until reviewing the tape later. Now he thinks he may have captured a Bigfoot, and at least one Sasquatch believer who reviewed the sequence thinks he could be right. What do you think? Meanwhile, there's quite a bit of background to the Erickson Project that's attempting to prove the existence of Bigfoot through DNA samples, as reported in Is the Sasquatch Out There? Elsewhere, the largest gathering of people interested in esoterica of all kinds is set for the coming weekend, as Jon Downes reminds us in Weird Weekend 2011: Only a Week to Go.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sasquatch and Semantics

Most murders aren’t that difficult to solve, at least over time, but that doesn't apply to the case of a body found on a beach in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, in December 1948. We still do not know the victim’s identity, have no real idea what killed him, and cannot even be certain whether his death was murder or suicide. Add to that a coded message that has never been cracked and why a nurse kept fainting when confronted with a likeness of the dead man’s face. This may be the most mysterious cold cases of all time. Mike Dash leads us through the maze. Against this case even a subject like cattle mutilations looks fairly straightforward. Cattle Mutilation, Trinidad, Colorado details an investigation which began after a rancher reported that one of his cows had been mutilated during the first weekend in August. This rancher has had three separate mutilation cases on his ranch. Here are the notes from the investigation, including tissue and soil samples taken. Finally, we have a review by Billy Cox of a crop circle documentary in Messengers cloud the message, which is something that could be said about the mystery of the body on Somerton Beach.