Saturday, August 06, 2011

Loren Coleman spotlights this day in history with sea serpent lore and the notation that this the date of the birth of "the great American intellectual who has given his name to the entire study of unexplained phenomena, Charles Hoy Fort (August 6, 1874 – May 3, 1932)." Coleman also has the tales of two mysterious briny beasts from the archives, with illustrations, in August in the North Atlantic: Sea Serpents and Merbeings.
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Friday, August 05, 2011


From the maverick science annals: Brad Steiger is noted for a prolific range of books on esoteric subjects, including the classic Worlds Before Our Own. Here Steiger says that in that well-received book he posed "a two- pronged question: Did a race of early humans exist during the Age of Reptiles, something like 70 million years ago; or did a certain number of the giant reptiles survive until a few thousand years ago?" Steiger goes on to list quite a few instances of evidence that seems to prove humans of gigantic size co-existed with dinosaurs, a supposition that runs totally counter to Darwin's theory of evolution. Should the fossil evidence be discounted as just a set of "anomalies"? Or should the evidence be brought to the fore for serious thought and inspection by a wide range of scientists? And, although Steiger doesn't broach the question, is there a concerted effort to cover-up evidence of mankind and dinosaurs co-existing? There's more about ancient man - but not involving dinosaurs - in Alasdair Wilkins' notations of new evidence that says There Were Just Too Many Humans for Neanderthals to Survive.

Freshwater Monkeys Frontiers of Zoology
A recent posting about merbeings from Dale Drinnon brings forth a response from Tyler Stone, presented in its entirety and replied to by Drinnon. Stone hypothesizes that reports of freshwater merbeings, as depicted by Loren Coleman and Patrick Huyghe in the "Merbeings" chapter of their now-classic work The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates, "are descended from short-tailed Macaque monkeys, which have evolved to have webbed hands and feet." Stone presents the reasoning behind his hypothesis, and Drinnon says the idea has merit. Elsewhere, Allen Stasch is no fan of cryptids, but he has photos of something that is unidentified, so far, in the waters of a Villa Park, IL, waterhole, as seen in Unidentified Creatures Sighted in Twin Lakes. Meanwhile, Cryptozoology Online presents a preview of a new film in Yowie Movie Trailer.
Bigfoot In Georgia

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Around Sussex County, New Jersey, many of the residents believe there could be a huge, hairy biped stalking the woods and sporting two glowing eyes that are large and red. There's more, including interviews about the creature in an accompanying news video. Talk about the creature was elevated by the first ever Big Red Eye Festival at Fireman Dan's Sports Lounge in Sussex on July 9th. Meanwhile, a recent report out of Texas that a 13-year-old boy shot and killed a "chupacabra" leads the director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology to lament that the creature in question isn't the "chupacabras" first reported from Puerto Rico over twenty years ago and should be studied, not demonized, as set forth in At Night All Dogs Are Blue, and Benjamin Radford's newest book is reviewed by Peter Rogerson in Chasing Chupacabra. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman gives a detailed overview of the strangeness that struck rural Maine in 1973 with Durham Gorilla Revisited, and Tracey Parece reports on the strange antics of a Tasmanian marsupial in Small Kangaroo-like Creatures, Not UFOs, Blamed for Crop Circles in Tasmania. Also, "the largest gathering of esoteric natural history scholars in the English-speaking world" gets underway in England, August 18 - 21, 2011, and is highlighted in the report of the 12th Annual Weird Weekend revealed in Weird Goings-on in Woolsery.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Russia's Loch Ness Monster Frontiers of Zoology
Ancient tales of a "dragon" devouring people, horses and boats on Lake Brosno in West Russia get hoisted on a pike, so to speak, in this illustrated treatment by Dale Drinnon. And Drinnon also offers a recent op-ed piece from Representative David Deen, D-Westminster, river steward for the Connecticut River Watershed Council, in which he discourses on the historic record of a monstrous, serpentine creature within his state's waters known as the Connecticut River Monster. With the volume of reports of such a presence in the waters of the Nutmeg State, could it be an unknown species of large creature has been swimming there for centuries? Meanwhile, Seabury Blair, Jr., who bills himself as Mr. Outdoors, refuses to allow the "anecdotal evidence" presented in Animal Planet's "Searching for Bigfoot' to influence his opinion of the huge, hairy hominid, as he says inBigfoot 'Researchers' - Show Me the Evidence, and perrennial tales of a tentacled terror in the freshwater confines of cowboy country leads Rick Couri to ask Have You Seen the Oklahoma Octopus? Elsewhere, our favorite examiner of bizarre history evokes a spirited response from his readership, extolling other accounts of fabulous maritime creatures, when he presents the tale of a Mermaid Sighting in Caithness.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Seabury Blair Jr.: Bigfoot 'researchers' — show me the evidence

The latest presentation of the popular monthly video roundup includes segments on "Identifying the aequidens;" "Baby caecilians;" "Brian Regal interview;" "Corinna looks at out of place birds;" and "The 2012 Yearbook;" as well as a sequence on such "New and Rediscovered" creatures as a new spider and desert tortoise and the rediscovered rainbow toad and freshwater limpet. Meanwhile, from CFZ-Canada, guest blogger Sue St. Clair tells of a 1978 encounter with the unknown by a man known only as "Ernest" that shook him to the core, as she describes in Not Your Typical Canadian Cryptid. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman remembers an alleged trailcam image from Louisiana as he asks What Did This Ever Turn Out to Be?, and Mystery Man takes you on a tour of mysterious specimens in the Land of the Rising Sun, as seen in Crypto Japan at the Tokyo National Science Museum. Also, despite a "coven" of wiccans camped in her backyard, Naomi West has secured more photos she offers in the ongoing saga of the puddle monster, as seen in Puddle Monster V - The Terror Continues.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Scott Corrales of the Institute of Hispanic UFOlogy steps away from the subject of UFOs - but only slightly - as he writes a lengthy report on the evidence of gigantic, manlike beings reported in the myths of the native cultures found in the New World. From Canada and Alaska to Central America, there are reports of a giant race responsible for some of the megalithic structures found in Mexico and even unexplained cairns found in the regions of the Eskimos that would have required the efforts of beings of prodigious strength to construct. And Corrales warns against believing tales of giants in the New World are typical myths of the past, saying "it is perhaps worth noting here that the remains of physical giants continue being found in contemporary times." Elsewhere on the cryptid scene, Russian news stories are pointing to something preying on domestic animals in a strange manner, as seen in 'Vampire' Stalks Siberian Livestock, while a prolific high strangeness author takes center stage for an interview in Exclusive Interview with Brad Steiger of The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings. Meanwhile, Craig Woolheater reprints a climatological review by Katatrepsis entitled In Search of Sasquatch, and Loren Coleman notes the passing of a scientist who was a friend of a key figure in cryptozoology and may have had a hand in researching the "rock apes" of Vietnam, as seen in Georges Condonminas Dies.
Giants in the Americas: Yesterday and Today
Reviews: Squatch Detective Radio 7-31-11/Book Review: Bigfoot Casebook

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Searching for Big Red Eye, the New Jersey Sasquatch
An attendee at a San Antonio, TX, Nick Redfern lecture approached the author with a question: "What will happen if we find Bigfoot?" Redfern tries to imagine the ramifications of that scenario, from the impact on the dire unemployment situation in North America to the possibility the discovery involves a hunter shooting and killing the elusive forest giant. Meanwhile, if recent blog claims are to be believed, a hunter may have already completed one of Redfern's scenarios and DNA analysis by Dr. Melba Ketchum is supposedly being peer reviewed to decide just what the hunter killed, as revealed in The Mystery Over the Existence of Bigfoot Continues. Ketchum's research figures in the final moments of the news video Bigfoot in Kentucky. Elsewhere, the early episodes of a popular new television show about the elusive, hairy hominid are reviewed in Finding Bigfoot Makes a Big Impact in its First Season. Also, Darren Naish is forced to go on the defensive after reporters get their facts scrambled, as seen in Naish's Dear Telegraph: No I Did Not Say That About the Loch Ness Monster; and Dr. Beachcombing unearth's a report of a most unlikely monster in Dragons in Switzerland.

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