Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dr. Jeff Meldrum analyzes sierra Bigfoot tracks over telephone [Video]

Why it is illegal to kill a Bigfoot in California

MonsterQuest: Swamp Beast [Free Streaming Episode]

Strange Flying Creature Live Pterosaur
Jonathan Whitcomb has been chronicling reports of pterosaur-like creatures in the skies from various spots around the world. The latest report is from a few weeks ago, according to Whitcomb, and comes from Pennsylvania. Like some reports Whitcomb has chronicled from New Guinea, the creature described by Whitcomb's Pennsylvania correspondent appeared to feature "bioluminescence," making the woman who reported it "one of the few eyewitnesses who have reported both a form of an apparent living pterosaur and a glow coming from the creature." Elsewhere, another primitive creature that appears to fit the description of encounters some have reported in the United States, the Caribbean islands and South America draws the attention of Dale Drinnon and a correspondent, with incidents and observations assembled in the accounts of Appalachian Groundsloths, and Others Southwards. Meanwhile, something is roiling what should be peaceful waters in England and dining on full-grown swans, leading to the report of the 'Olympic Monster' Lurking In Waters By London 2012 Site, which may have absolutely nothing to do with the tales Richard Muirhead has dredged up from the Victorian Era archives and presents in Cheshire Devil Fish and Eels in a Devon Pipe.

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